Chris Hedges: "U.S. Citizens Are Living In An Inverted Totalitarian Country"

Submitted by Erik Sandberg of NewsVoice

Chris Hedges

The mainstream media deflects attention from where power resides: corporations, not with the leaders of the free world. The arguments posed by Chris Hedges, that the U.S. is neither a democracy nor a republic but a totalitarian state that can now assassinate its citizens at will, are pertinent ones. Scary ones. Especially as consecutive governments seem equally as impotent to invoke any real change for the States. If the media won’t stand up to the marionettes who pull the strings of the conglomerates causing deep, indelible polarisation in the world abound; then so we must act. Together.

Listen to the full interview in our weekly Newsvoice Think podcast.

We were delighted to have Chris Hedges on an episode of the Newsvoice Think podcast as we seek to broadcast perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum. Right, left, red, blue and purple.

In our interview with Chris, we discussed a range of topics facing the U.S. today as the Trump administration looks back at a year in power, and forward to the November ’18 midterms where Democrats will be looking to make gains. Chris was scathing of that party describing them as a “creature of Wall Street, which is choreographed and ceased to be a proper party a long time ago.”

As a columnist with Truthdig, and a big advocate of independent media. Chris Hedges was the perfect interviewee for us to draw on the benefits of crowdsourced journalism and the challenges facing sites at the mercy of Facebook, Google and Twitter algorithms.

Chris’s ire against the corporate interest of Facebook et al didn’t let up saying dissident voices were being shut down and that corporate oligarchs were only too happy to let them. The neutralisation of the media platforms that seek to provide independent opinion on U.S. current affairs is in full pelt.

North Korea was the hot topic in 2017. Commentators said it was like a return to the days of the Cold War. But Hedges pointed that we need to remember what happened during the Korean War — how the North was flattened by U.S. bombs — and that as a result they, as a nation, suffer from an almost psychosis as a result. Trump, he said, is an imbecile and only deals in bombast, threats and rhetoric.

Not surprisingly, Trump got it hard from Hedges. Describing his administration as a “kleptocracy” who will seek to attack immigrants and up the xenophobia stakes as it distracts and covers for the unadulterated theft of U.S. natural resources.

As young people look to estimable journalists, activists and politicians in the States to help give them a voice, Hedges sees the democratic system as utterly futile. Encouraging mass civil disobedience instead, the ex-NY Times foreign correspondent states that railroads should be blocked and shutting down corporate buildings, for example, is the only way forward.

The perennial argument between Republicans and Democrats is just that; is the U.S. a Republic or a Democracy? Hedges thinks neither. He told Newsvoice that the States is an inverted totalitarian country where the government regards the public as “irrelevant”.

Unlike Ben Wizner from the ACLU who sees hope in delaying Net Neutrality, at least until a new administration is in power, Chris feels it is hopeless — that it is a dead duck, and as Net Neutrality slows down independent media platforms, the public will be at the behest of corporate social media sites such as Facebook who’ll increasingly deem what you do and don’t read or see.

You can read more of Chris’ work at Truthdig where he has a weekly column every Monday.



Tarzan beepbop Sun, 04/08/2018 - 07:30 Permalink

....that can now assassinate its citizens at will

This is the problem with hyperbole, it taints the rest of what you say with skepticism, it blunts the effectiveness of everything else you say, true or not...

beepbop is a great example.  I've never once clicked on his links, and my attitude is mutual toward the author of this piece, I don't trust them from the start, because they're loose with the facts.

Has the American government assassinated citizens?  Yes, of course they have, and when they do, it should be shouted from the roof tops.  But, to say they can now assassinate us "at will", as if something recently changed, as if they had disarmed us already....

This evil Government is well capable of being so evil, but not until they take our guns!  And no stupid local ordinance demanding we turn them in is going to work. 

Hang on to your guns. If you don't own a gun, buy two, and hoard bullets!  It's your duty as an American Citizen to arm yourself, IMO.  Being armed is the citizens equivalence to nuclear mutual destruction.  As long as we're armed, we deter them from the evils they've planed, we deter the government from being able to, assassinate its citizens at will!

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amadeus39 Tarzan Sun, 04/08/2018 - 07:46 Permalink

Do we have to arm ourselves with guns? Are guns the most effective way to kill people? What about grenades, bombs, armored attack vehicles, flame throwers, poisonous chemicals, biological weapons?  How wonderfully we have invented things to kill each other.  Progress is our most important product.


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Tarzan amadeus39 Sun, 04/08/2018 - 07:55 Permalink

Are guns the most effective way to kill people?

No they are not the most effective way to kill people, but killing people is the opposite of the purpose. 

The reason to arm yourself is to DETER people being killed!  If you know I'm armed, your not likely to attack me....  If we were not armed, they would be able to kill us at will!

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wildbad Moski Sun, 04/08/2018 - 11:25 Permalink

how could hedges get the Trump take so wrong?  also, has he not noticed the radio silence on north korea?  he, as a socialist is rightly complaining about the sensorship of his idea of how things should move ahead citing the ACLU among others.  I wonder if he really thinks that HIS type of socialism is so vastly different from Bernie's or the Democrat's versions.

i have appreciated his tkae on some things in the past but he fails to see or mention the commonalities between the globalist attacks on his pet groups and those on the right.

his lumping in of patriots with oligarcs and corporate giants is not only unhelpful but deluded.

chiris, with all respect, you need to smell some strong coffee and drop some of your 1930's socialist ideology.  come on over to the patriot side..the details will sort themselves out witha good solid constitutional reboot.

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Endgame Napoleon MagicHandPuppet Sun, 04/08/2018 - 01:19 Permalink

He used to sound more like a Marxist. Now, he sounds more like an identity politics Dem. I agreed with some of his article about NYC’s taxi cab medallions. It reminds me of the way the insurance industry and government collude to create a no-win market full of pyramid schemes, debt-based franchise-buying “opportunities” and low-wage churn jobs for most licensed people. 

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DipshitMiddleC… WernerHeisenberg Sun, 04/08/2018 - 02:43 Permalink

hes been pro palestine for a long time.


he never delves into name calling or xenophobia but he does speak out against israel/zionism


i dont care for him that much; im a jew and i support israel and their apartheid system but i do respect his courage to speak out.


the twits who support bds or palestinianism in general tend to be marxists and very childish in general (..the golden rule is for the pleebs/goyim and the corporate oligarchs and (((them))) take what they want via force.

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BringOnTheAsteroid DipshitMiddleC… Sun, 04/08/2018 - 04:12 Permalink

Hey if you are Jewish do you have any contacts in Israel who know the Dancing Israelis from 9/11 fame or know anyone who knows them? If so can you ask them if they knew of 9/11 in advance as they stated on live TV they were there to "document the event".

Either the video of these Israelis on Israeli TV was fabricated or they were actually there to document the event. Should be pretty easy to get to the bottom of this.

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atomic balm Toshie Sun, 04/08/2018 - 14:42 Permalink

marxism = communism = judaism  see quote from rabbi wise [below]


abolition of private property [actually means abolition of non-jewish property] from communist manifesto

centralization of credit in hands of the "state" [means in the hands of jews- jewish federal reserve]

labor theory of value- idea that basic source of profit is underpaying workers

basic idea of marxism is dialectical materialism [class struggle]

dialectical materialism modified from hegel's dialectical idealism, which is formed out of German Idealism- the base of most twentieth century philosophies   idealism means true reality is "ideas" not the trash you see with your lying eyes-  yes the claim is the senses are invalid. . .to be replaced with literal non-sense. . . father of this nonsense is Plato- the first commie

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squid malek Sat, 04/07/2018 - 23:18 Permalink

yah, i agree....

Hedges is a smart guy but he takes away from his argument by getting adhomimum about Trump. He is part of the problem, socialist to the core lefty loney democrat but at times spills the beans. 

Trump is the problem? He was the only choice.


The ownership of congress is the real issue.



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css1971 Oldwood Sun, 04/08/2018 - 05:59 Permalink

Fascism was originally seen as "the middle way" between classical liberalism (libertarian) and socialism. The Democrats are not real liberals, classical liberalism died decades ago. They are instead "progressives", which is little more than reheated fascism.

Both socialists, progressives, value equality over liberty. The result of both socialism and progressivism is inevitable totalitarian tyranny.

And here we are, after 85 years of progressivism.

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MrBoompi css1971 Sun, 04/08/2018 - 10:32 Permalink

The only thing progressive about the Democrat Party is they help make things progressively worse, which by the way is the modus operandi for the Republican Party as well.  But we must remember things are definitely not worse for everyone.  For some it is much better, even if these folks make up about .1% of the population.  These are the modern version of the slave masters who own 90% of the world's wealth and believe the rest of us still have too much.  They will pay you very well to do their bidding and if you refuse would not lose a minute of sleep if you end up committing "suicide".  

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NiggaPleeze AllBentOutOfShape Sun, 04/08/2018 - 03:36 Permalink

The problem with leftist twits like Hedges is that it's all the fault of the "corporations".

Corporations are a legal fiction.  They exist only on paper, and laws govern legal rights between various individuals.

But what makes corporations do things is people.

Who owns them?  Who sits on the boards, and who controls who is there (the shareholders)?  Who are the executive officers, and who controls who they are (the board)?  So, when we speak about a corporation, we are speaking about their owners.

And these are people.  The oligarchs.  The oligarchs use corporations like they use lobbyists and the mass media and the foundations and the politicians, etc.  They are but tools in a war chest of tools.

To blame "corporations" for our troubles is worse than blaming "guns" for crime.

But for leftists it serves a purpose.  It distracts from the real problem (oligarchy, wealth inequality, etc.) and provides a scapegoat that is (ludicrously, but effectively) linked to "right-wing" folks.  If we only got rid of the corporations and implemented socialism, the problems would be solved, is the logic.  NOOOO!   The oligarchs would still be there.  But with even fewer restraints on their control (because at least in a corporate world, non-oligarchs can also own corporations, even if in terms of power they are much weaker, it is still an oppositional force).

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