Russian Navy Gets New High-Tech Vessel

Authored by Arkady Savitsky via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Vasily Bykov, the first project 22160 corvette, started sea trials in April to join service this year. The Black Sea Fleet is to receive six patrol ships of the class by 2022, with two vessels already under construction. Tyler Rogoway, the highly respected military correspondent of the prestigious Drive (War Zone), believes that Project 22160 patrol ships’ “concept is innovative enough that it should be studied by western navies as a source of inspiration for their own future multi-role combat vessels.” He says the ship has “a pretty genius design” with its relatively small frame providing great strike power.

The vessel is 94m-long, 14-m-wide, and 3.4m-high. Patrol speed: 16 knots. Maximum speed: 30 knots. Displacement:1,700-1,800 tons (according to different sources). Endurance: 60 days. Range: 6,000 miles at patrol speeds. Complement: up to 80. The sailors will be quite at home in special design cabins. They’ll have a gym with basketball nets, a library and a sauna at their disposal when off duty.

The armament is really strong to include 57mm А-220М automatic duel-purpose deck gun with a rate of fire of 300rpm installed on the bow of the main deck. Two 2 × 14.5 mm MTPU machine guns and two DP-65 grenade launchers add more punch. Container modules include 324 mm Paket-NK torpedoes.

The 22160 class ships will be armed with the Kalibr-NK land attack cruise missiles that can carry conventional or nuclear warheads. The use of this weapon by Russia in 2015 against terrorist targets in Syria caused jitters in the West. The missile has a second stage that performs a supersonic maneuver at the terminal phase of trajectory to reduce the time for air defense systems to react.

It can deliver a 450 kg (990 lb) warhead to a land target located at a distance of 1,500–2,500 km (930–1,550 mi). The US Navy needs destroyers or cruisers to do it but Russia can use much smaller surface platforms to carry out such a mission. With this corvette in service, the Russian Navy will employ the concept of distributed lethality - something the US Navy littoral combat ships (LCS) have failed to achieveThe Drive article notes that the US Freedom class “don't pack anywhere near this must punch “though they have over double the displacement”.

The new state-of-the-art can fire up to 12 Igla surface-to-air interceptors.The vessel can be equipped with the Shtil-1 vertical launch system to fire 9M317ME missiles. It can simultaneously engage up to 12 targets flying at altitudes between 5 to 15,000m at ranges between 3,500m and 50km and at speeds below 3,000km/h.

The ship has a hangar and a deck at the aft to operate a multipurpose helicopter of Kamov Ka-27/28/29/30/31 series. Modernized Kamov Ka-27M multipurpose rotary wing aircraft started to enter service a year ago.

An inflatable boat can be used by commando teams if the mission is to liberate a civilian vessel with hostages aboard from pirates.The boat can carry 10 commandos plus two crew members. It is protected from small arms fire and is fast enough to catch up with the ship on the move after the mission is accomplished.

The Pozitiv-ME1 3D active surface and air search radar can detect air targets at a range of 110km at flight altitude of 1km. It can engage incoming anti-ship missiles at a range of 15km at an altitude of 15m and surface targets at a range of 250km. The data is fed to missile fire control and jamming systems. A Pal-N navigation radar installed atop of the bridge is also used to detect and track air or surface targets to prevent incidents and ensure safe passing and maneuvering.

A Vinyetka-EM active/passive sonar system detects the surface ships, submarines and torpedoes. The sonar has a flexible trailing antenna and a towed emitter. The ship is also fitted with aMGK-335EM-03 hull-mounted mid-frequency sonar and a flexible extended towed array sonar.Subversive actions are countered by Pallada underwater scanning system used to detect and track divers.

The patrol ship features a PK-10 close-range decoy dispenser to protect against electro-optical guided threats and radars. A TK-25 ship-based electronic countermeasure system is used to deceive sonar, radar and lasers.The station can detect up to 256 targets simultaneously and carry out interference on four of them.

The ship features a CODAG (combined diesel and gas) type propulsion system with a total output power of 25,000kW. Electrical systems include four 300kW generators and one 100kW emergency and harbor diesel generator.

Stealth technology is used to reduce the visibility of the hull. The ship modular design makes it a real multi-mission vessel capable of blue water and brown water operations. It can protect the nation’s maritime borders and also act as an element of power projection task force with the capability to strike enemy at great distances from home base.

The Black Sea has become a region where tensions are running high as NATO boosts war preparations. There are numerous examples to illustrate this fact. It makes Russia take steps to ensure its security. The Black Sea Fleet today is not the force it was just a few years ago. Ships homeported in Sevastopol or Novorossiysk can sail on the Volga or Don rivers and in the Caspian Sea. Armed with Kalibr missiles installed on rather small platforms - something no other navy has - the Black Sea Fleet units can strike enemy in most of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. If need be, the ships can deploy far beyond the Black Sea basin to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and any place they need to go demonstrating the Russian flag in remote maritime areas. The 22160-class ships will become a credible deterrent to make anyone who harbors aggressive plans against Russia think twice before implementing them. 


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I want one too!

Austal USA have been building some nice littoral cats for the USN, very speedy but without as much firepower.

But if V. V. Putin wants to do a 'good will' cruise around the Med on of one these new Russian boats then I volunteer to be shipboard guide to all the really hot spots and even hotter ladies that grace the region.

This vessel would have greater 'pulling' power than a wanky fat-assed lazy playboy tub.

Vlad old son you know where to contact me, so lets put the frighteners up the Med dwellers and sand bitches alike, and make a bloody good time of it!

Even do the 'king of the world' bit on the bow as we make port. That'll put the fear of god into the locals and the USN alike! And the bikini clad ladies will line up from ship to shore all day.

At night a pyrotechnic display loud enough to shatter windows and during the day helicopter joy rides and high speed amphibious landings for the wealthy (hard currency only accepted) and a ski tow second to none.

I'm tearing up for joy just thinking about it.

We could even paint the hull in heroic red. Our own little red corvette!

What a hoot!! I hope the chillers below deck can keep up with the volume of refreshments needed for the voyage.

Твоё здоровье!


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock-ski

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this ivan rig is inferior to ours, it's missing the advanced tug boat propulsion systems. but seriously, do you ever wonder what the world would be like if our "leaders" spent less time playing my cock is bigger than yours?

helloimjohnnycat Mon, 04/09/2018 - 04:58 Permalink

More skewed reporting.

Nothing to get hung about.

Russia has agreed to install a Golden Arches restaurant on each new vessel.

Model ship in pic soon to be logo'ed a la NASCAR.

Later editions will have a mini ChimpieCheeses for future black Russian sailor-groids.

Ahooga-Ahooga, USA CYA spy plane above, Ahooga, Ahooga.

All apes on deck !

Show yore black monkey-asses NOW.

Prove to duh world dis diversified Russian Navy hauls da' coal !


webmatex Mon, 04/09/2018 - 04:59 Permalink

If they are actually provoked into using this stuff...

We have been told there would be no winners.

Times do change though.

With this level of equipment the targets will not be civilian - it will be very personal, very deep and very penetrating.

Remember how they like to paint names on bombs?

And would we really give a damn?


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They don't put their equipment in pictures, specs, blueprints, H1B spies with downloaded data out ike the US MIC does.   I suspect the satellites can't catch up with it in daylight before it hides back in the shipyards. 

How much did that gearbox failure on the Littoral cost the taxpayers given it was an operational failure by the crew, just like the 2 ship crashes? 

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Piece of crap. Made of recycled Pravdas.  Russian military is a Potemkin village.  Call their bluff and nuke Putin now.

Not before I get my Med cruise!

I've already got a parasail organised and the custom 24 burner grill attachment for the stern is underway.

In addition I have received some hints that the crew are very much warming up to the idea, especially as 60 days at sea and only having a J. Arthur in the bunk every night is no match for a bevvy of Med beauties.

V.V. Putin is having the 'good will' tour idea canvassed by thought leaders in the Kremlin as he could get the edge over D. Trump in the party stakes. No more braised cabbage and babushkas, just fun, sun and all the rampant tottie he can handle. Stick that up your Stormy 'plastic' Daniels!

Don't be a party (communist) pooper, wait till after the cruise then nuke all you want.

UPDATE: V. V. looks like giving the 'good will' tour the go ahead on condition that H.R. Clinton is present as ballast and doing double duty as sea anchor when required. W.J. Clinton can come aboard as the 'head' attendant and is permitted to sniff the brush twice a day but no more.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttockher-ski

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Russia is getting a graphic of a ship?

A ship type that will arrive in the qty of 1 in 2022 that the US and Russia already have fleets of?  6?  Lol.  Their new M1 killer tank was a show piece.  It’s still not deployed in numbers...and we are supposed to believe they will deliver 6 of these in 4 years?

Russia can’t afford to build anything, they have an economy the size of Florida lol.

ZH has really gott lay off the vodka and go back to being a financial site, not a military tech site.  Janes you are not.

crazzziecanuck Mpizzie Mon, 04/09/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

The reason why Russia can afford stuff that works is because they don't have to pay for the expensive fleets of Lockheed Martin managers and shareholders.

Matt Taibbi described Goldman Sachs as a squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentless jabbing it's blood funnel into anything that smells like money.  The problem is that GS is just another one in a long line of parasitic organizations that suckle off the taxpayer.  The bloat of the MIC is also parasitic in nature.  Bloodsuckers is the modus operandi of Western corporate leadership.

Corruption in the West is so pervasive and rationalized, it's invisible.

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It's the future of naval power, small, fast & deadly. Giant, lumbering A/Cs are dinosaurs, going the way of WWI battleships. They were a solution for a time & a place and that time has gone.

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Just like hypersonic nukes, Russia invests in UPGRADES with it's defense budget while the US elite launder a good portion of theirs. I wouldn't be so quick to write Russia off. When has JUSA rolled out anything new but more threats and empty rhetoric? 

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If it's surface it's burning.


The survivability of a surface combatant in a real war is measured in hours.


Swarm attacks from relatively cheap missiles mean a paradigm shift.


Wouldn't want to be 'em.