Anger Is Building In The UK At The Government's Handling Of The Skripal Case

Authored by Rob Slane via,

In her daily press conference on 5th April, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, mentioned a quiet resentment and fury that is building up amongst ordinary Russians over the way the Government of the United Kingdom has handled the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

Strange though it may seem, I sense a similar feeling of anger and resentment building up here in the UK, as it becomes clearer and clearer that the official narrative has little or no connection with reality.

The anger and frustration is increasingly being displayed on comment boards underneath pieces reporting on the issue. And the feeling is not confined to those who would normally be labelled “conspiracy theorists”. It appears that even many of those who would not normally question official statements can see that something is seriously wrong with all this.

More specifically, from whence comes this feeling? Here are just 20 of the many reasons for this growing anger:

1. It comes from being asked to believe frankly outlandish claims – such as the one that is central to the whole incident, that the Skripals, who are very much alive and well, were poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent with a toxicity 5-8 times that of VX.

2. It comes from the way that our Government recklessly accused another country – a nuclear-armed country at that – of committing a crime before the investigation into the incident had established the most basic of facts.

3. It comes from the fact that the UK Government has prejudiced and politicised the investigation with their claims before facts, their verdict without evidence, their sentence without proof.

4. It comes from the fact that the UK Government refused to go through the internationally established protocols for cases such as these. For instance, it only wrote to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on 14th March — the same day that Theresa May stood up in the House of Commons and formally accused the Russian Government of culpability.

5. It comes from the fact that the British Government, which repeatedly speaks about what it calls “British Values”, discarded some of the most basic legal concepts that have formed a part of real “British Values” for centuries, such as due process and the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

6. It comes from the way that the British Government has refused to allow those they have accused to see any of the supposed evidence against them, preferring instead to use spurious and circular nonsense such as the arsonist shouldn’t investigate his own fire.

7. It comes from the fact that the Government attempted to lead the public into believing that the Skripals were poisoned by a substance that must have come from Russia, because apparently only the Russians were capable of producing it – a claim that is demonstrably false.

8. It comes from knowing that Boris Johnson was quite prepared to lie to the public, and instead of facing up to his misdeeds like a man and resigning, he has instead behaved like the great supine, protoplasmic invertebrate jelly he is – to borrow his own phrase – slithering and twisting his way around his own actions by acting as if nothing has happened, and that anyone who raises questions about his fitness for office is working for the enemy.

9. It comes from the labelling of those who have questioned the increasingly preposterous claims as “useful idiots” or “Kremlin stooges” or even outright traitors, for even daring to ask for clarification on the most basic points.

10. It comes from the way that the media has marched lock-step in line with the Government, refusing to ask the most obvious and basic questions, such as the ones I set out here and here.

11. It comes from the curious way that events seem to “happen” only after other events appear to force them to “happen”, such as the announcement of Sergei Skripal’s miraculous recovery from being in a coma, which came a day after the leaked transcript of the telephone conversation between Yulia and Viktoria Skripal in which Yulia stated that he was well.

12. It comes from the way that attempts have been made to make “facts” fit the narrative, such as the theory, first touted more than three weeks after the incident, that the Skripals were poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent at their front door – an explanation which looks to be contrived in order to explain the curious anomaly that Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey was said to have become ill after visiting Mr Skripal’s house.

13. It comes from the fact that the Government and the media have refused to report in any meaningful way on the connection between Mr Skripal and Pablo Millier, his MI6 recruiter and fellow Salisbury resident, and on Mr Miller’s connection with Christopher Steele – author of the Trump Dossier. The connection may ultimately be irrelevant to the case, but it is surely of interest at present.

14. It comes from the illegal and frankly immoral way that the UK Government has repeatedly denied consular access to the Skripals, which it is obliged to give under Articles 36 and 37 of the 1963 Vienna Convention and Article 35 (1) of the 1965 Consular Convention.

15. It comes from the way that Viktoria Skripal, who is quite obviously keen to see her uncle and her cousin, has been denied a visa under some absurd pretence of her application not meeting UK immigration rules.

16. It comes from the way that the Skripals appear to be being denied consular access, denied access to their relatives, and – so far as I can work out – denied access to legal representation. In other words, it looks increasingly as if they are being denied the most basic of legal and familial rights, and Yulia’s comments in her conversation with her cousin on 5th April do not inspire any confidence that this is not the case.

17. It comes from the way that the existence of Mr Skripal’s pets was only mentioned by the media on 6th April, and this only after Maria Zakharova asked a pointed question about what had happened to them in her daily briefing of 5th April.

18. It comes from the fact that the condition of the pets – a cat and two guinea pigs – has been almost blithely reported in the media, despite the obvious truth that they died through neglect whilst Mr Skripal’s house was effectively in the care of the Metropolitan Police who are overseeing the investigation – did they not even go in and check!

19. It comes from the fact that despite culpability having been apportioned after a few days, it is clear that the investigation has still not established the most basic of facts, with no suspect being mentioned or hinted at, but rather we have been fed a steady diet of increasingly outlandish and spurious claims about the location of the poisoning – the bench, the restaurant, the car, the suitcase, the flowers, the door handle, the buckwheat.

20. But most of all, it comes simply from that feeling we are being taken for a ride, and are being treated like utter imbeciles by a Government that feels it can make extraordinary accusations and simply expect the public to “trust us”.
It pains me to say all that. But it is so. These are not the observations of some tin-foil hat wearing anti-Government anarchist. Rather, they are the sober reflections of a Burkean, small c conservative — one who firmly believes in free and responsible Government, in the rule of law, in due process, in innocent until proven guilty, and who hates anything like the whiff of anarchy in the air.

Yet my fear is that as more and more of this sordid affair comes to light, and as the bizarre and frankly reckless behaviour of the UK Government comes in for serious scrutiny, that quiet sense of anger which has been building up amongst a public that realises it has been repeatedly misled, is unlikely to go away.



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Boondoggle, Inc. 

British perfidy has been related in extenso since at least Caius Julius Caesar. 

And for that matter, anyone trusting brits or Americans or even Jews is a fool.


It's okay not to be a Jew.

NiggaPleeze Adolph.H. Tue, 04/10/2018 - 05:18 Permalink

Russian Embassy finally grew some balls and is demanding proof that Yulia is not being held prisoner, after BBC report she was released "to a secure facility" (read: prison) and she has yet to contact her boyfriend or family.  Why would she need a "secure location", is MI6 seriously implying at this point Russia would send an assassin to "finish the job"?

Have her MI6 handlers explained to her that they killed her pets?  Has she been given her phone?  Is she free to leave? 

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NiggaPleeze Rubicon Tue, 04/10/2018 - 05:29 Permalink

It's obvious that if she had any evidence incriminating Russia they would have released a video statement from her by now.

Are they trying to turn her?  Are they preparing to kill her, then claim they gave her a "new identity" (likely the folks in the Salisbury Hospital were decent, not part of the MI6 death cult, and would not participate in her murder at the hospital).  What pressure do they put on her?

Why no pictures?  Why no interview?  Why no contact with family?  Why kill her pets and destroy evidence by BURNING the corpses?

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I am in the UK too. Whilst I agree with every point above I am rare, none of my social circle, which is pretty large, have any view on it at all. They couldn't care less as all they know is what the MSM, lead by the BBC has been telling them. It is highly unlikely that the MSM will now turn on May/Johnson.

As a consequence the premise of the article, that the Government will suffer in some way, is utterly false.

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I've followed, blogged on, and participated in many elections as a volunteer, and I can tell you this much. What people 'know' and 'feel' today, or what they will admit to, often turns on a dime. The people in your sphere may not show any interest in this, but once the tide starts turning, even a little bit, it often turns into a tsunami before you can say Jack Frost. Don't count the people out. There are a multitude of ways in which ordinary people get their news.

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Amazing the puppet shows the Western Private Central Banking Cartels put on. It should be on TV!!!

Oh. Yeah. It is.  You know what I mean. For entertainment.  Not in the news.

Which on is Punch and which Judy?  Lady Elaine Fairchild was more convincing with Mr Roger's arm sticking out her ass than this.

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Just start asking them when their kids are going to sign up with the Royal Marines (you guys still have ships and stuff right)?

"What do you mean?"

"You know, to go fight Russia over the fake assassination attempt on Skirpal."

"What do you mean?"

Then point them at the article above.  Hopefully reading the headline will make them feel left out of the righteous anger brigade.  Once that happens they'll march around feeling both offended and superior to anyone who is not outraged.  Just start the cycle and let 'er rip.

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As long as people can sit in their leased 1-Series BMW they seem to be pretty much somatised. Seems to save the bother of thinking, let alone opposing what is being quite wrongfully done by a bunch of people who we either didn't vote for or never even stood for election. "Democracy", as it is in the present day west, is nothing more than a fig-leaf for vile misdeeds.

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There is no population on Earth as brainwashed as the British, no wonder 1984 was written there.

If there will be any justice in the world at some future point, the staff of The British Brainwashing Corporation will be imprisoned and the chief propagandists executed for treachery and crimes against humanity.

Can't happen soon enough.

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the brits killed millions of humans in cold blood, do you really expect them to behave like saints?? 

the brits are the ancestors of the yanks, you know that blood does not turn to water, the savergery was transferred in their genes and we can easily see it in the korean war, the vietnam war, my lai, the wars of the cia, the killing of 500,000 children in Iraq even before the start of any war,  the Iraq wars, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, these are just few and let us not forget the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs. 

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This is another “if you fool me once, shame on you, if you fool me 1001 times, shame on me” moments for the sheep.

The sheep have forgotten the lessons that should have easily been learned from fake WMD  attack on Iraq(and all the other false flag/lies before and since).

Still waiting for Blair & Bush 1&2, hitlary & Obama etc to get summoned for war crimes to the Hague.

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Over here in the UK people are confused.... Confused as to why our elected leader is desperate for Britain to be the country that started WW3 and resulted in the destruction of humanity as we know it.


Turning public education in to a joke.... we can deal with that.

Justice system that gives minority groups special privilege.... we can deal with that.

A NHS why kills more people than it cures.... we can deal with that.

Shit weather every day.... no problem.


A prime minister who seems intent on destroying the world... No that you.

T May and her pantomime childlike ministers need to go... but who will replace these tards??? Corbyn.. come on. Lib Dems... who? Greens.. .Don't think so.


Despite the rise of the 'professional' politician. We have no competent people in politics. Not I single one of them would I trust to walk my dog to the end of the street and back, never mind control nuclear weapons.


We are an international joke... WTF were other leaders doing following PM May and her cronies. Maybe we should pay to get E.R.N.I.E. upgraded and run the country by AI as all our human 'talent' is shit.


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Why did the lying, bumbling Brits launch their "Skripal meets Monty Python" sketch?

Best explanation for the Britland poodle peeing all over itself for its anglozionazi master is by far from the indomitable Saker

"Let’s look at the situation just a few months ago. The US was
defeated in Syria, ridiculed in the DPRK, Trump was hated in Europe, the
Russians and the Germans were working on North Stream, the British
leaders forced to at least pretend to work on Brexit, the entire
“Ukrainian” project had faceplanted, the sanctions against Russia had
failed, Putin was more popular than ever and the hysterical anti-Trump
campaign was still in full swing inside the USA. The next move by the
AngloZionist elites was nothing short of brilliant: by organizing a
really crude false flag in the UK the Empire achieved the following
The Europeans have been forced right back into the Anglosphere’s fold (“solidarity”, remember?)
The Brexiting Brits are now something like the (im-)moral leaders of Europe again.
The Russians are now demonized to such a degree that any accusation, no matter how stupid, will stick.
In the Middle-East, the US and Israel now have free reign to start
any war they want because the (purely theoretical) European capability
to object to anything the Anglos want has now evaporated, especially now
that the Russians have become “known chemical-criminals” from Ghouta to
At the very least, the World Cup in Russia will be sabotaged by a
massive anti-Russian campaign. If that campaign is really successful,
there is still the hope that the Germans will finally cave in and, if
maybe not outright cancel, then at the very least much delay North Stream
thereby forcing the Europeans to accept, what else, US gas."

Burn the Kremlin....It's worked before!

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I think your entire analysis is based on stories from the MSM which is an advertising medium for government.


the trajectory is still place - US lost in Syria - Hebollah / Hamas /  Iran / Turkey are on Israel's doorstep


if the false flag events are acted upon by Trump is is recognized they can occur  - hour by hour  - instead of week by week by all the players


nothing is about provocation or facts it is all about .....a movie script creating reality

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