Iran Warns U.S. Would "Regret" Pulling Out of Nuclear Deal Soon After Doing So

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has threatened that the United States would "regret it" and suffer consequences of pulling out of the nuclear deal “less than a week“ after doing so if the US follows through on a plan it is considering to impose stricter sanctions on Iran by May 12.

At a conference to mark National Nuclear Technology Day in Tehran, Rouhani escalated the tone of his rhetoric toward the United States as President Trump ramps up rhetoric of his own, amid growing expectations that the deal won't make it through Trump's first term in office. 

"We will not be the first to violate the accord but they should definitely know that they will regret it if they violate it," Rouhani told a conference to mark National Nuclear Technology Day in Tehran.

"We are much more prepared than they think, and they will see that if they violate this accord, within a week, less than a week, they will see the result."

Iran has come out and stood firm on their position not to alter the accord that was put into place in 2015 between Iran and China, the U.S., U.K., Russia, France and Germany.

Iran makes the point that all other parties involved have agreed that Iran has held up their end of the bargain and that the United States would ultimately be the party that looks foolish in a situation where they try to impose stricter sanctions in violation of the initial agreement.

Rouhani dismissed the threat, saying: "It's been 15 months since this gentleman who came to power in America has been making claims and there have been many ups and downs in his remarks and his behaviour.

"(But) the foundations of the JCPOA (nuclear deal) have been so strong that during these 15 months of pressure... the structure has remained solid."

The other partners to the agreement -- Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the EU -- all agree that Iran has stuck by its commitments, as does the International Atomic Energy Association which is tasked with inspecting Iran's compliance.

"Even if one day (the US) can harm the JCPOA, we will be the winner in the public opinion of the world as the nation that stuck by its commitments," Rouhani said.

"If they withdraw, it would mean that they are not committed to their words."

President Trump has long been making the Iran nuclear deal a cornerstone of his foreign policy. He ran his campaign referring to this deal repeatedly as one of the worst deals the United States has ever entered into and repeatedly calling our leaders at the time “stupid“ for putting it in place in the first place.

Back in January, we wrote about  the most recent extension of the deal and stated that, at the time, the deal looked like it was going to stay in place, but also noted that "Trump does have a tendency to change his mind." In that article, we explored potential consequences if the deal were to be pulled, including:

Iran resuming its enrichment of uranium - even seeking to make up for lost time - the country’s atomic energy agency has said, according to Russia Today.

“If the suspension (of sanctions) is not continued it’s a violation of the [Iran nuclear deal] and the Islamic Republic of Iran will, of course, take the necessary actions,” Atomic Energy Organization of Iran spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told state TV, as quoted by Reuters.

Trump has called the nuclear agreement the “worst deal ever negotiated,” and has stressed that he could cancel US participation in it “at any time,” eve refusing to certify Tehran’s compliance with the deal in October. But Tillerson has been trying to work with Congress to resolve concerns about the INARA - the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act - that cleared the way for the US to sign on to the deal.

That will be coupled with diplomacy with European government on addressing these concerns.

Now it again looks as though volatility surrounding the deal could be on the rise.

As volatility rises in one part of the globe for the Trump administration, it ebbs in others. While this comes at the same time as trade war fears with China are breaking out, it was also reported over the weekend that North Korea may be open to denuclearization as an option with their upcoming meeting with President Trump.

If President Trump continues to push the narrative that the Iran deal needs to be upended and changed, it adds Iran to the list of countries (that already includes Russia, North Korea and China) whose political homeostasis with the United States could be in jeopardy. Can the White House continue to juggle all of these geopolitical balls at the same time? 



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Aww shit!  On a scale of 1 to 10 I am beginning to like the Iranians now as well!  I'll give them a 7 heading to 8.  WTF has happened??  Iran and Russia used to be the bad guys!  Wouldn't be so bad if Iran had broken a few rules since 2015, then they are still the bad guys but seems they have stuck 100% to the letter of the agreement...

P.S. exactly why did Obama send them a pallet full of cash?  Asking for a friend.

No wonder the Russians think the US is not-agreement-capable!

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Slack Jack USofAzzDownWeGo Mon, 04/09/2018 - 19:35 Permalink

Israel should be happy with the Iran deal.

Israel probably has no nukes.

They were too cheap to spend trillions of dollars developing them.

Much cheaper just to lie, and claim you have them, and rely on the U.S. if things get really tough.

That's why Mordechai Vanunu got 11 years in solitary. That way no one could know that he wasn't in prison at the time.

That's why they have never conducted any nuclear tests.

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Brazen Heist peopledontwanttruth Mon, 04/09/2018 - 20:18 Permalink

And this worthless shitshow in Syria being cooked up is all because the West has lost its foothold in Damascus, thus the knife they long held against Syria's throat is now gone. Ghouta is about to be liberated. They tried desperately to save their terrorists, but in the end they lost. So they had to throw a fucking childish temper tantrum over it. I even heard rumours that some Western intel operatives (MI6/CIA) were caught by the Syrians, embedded within Jaysh al Islam.

Both false flag chemical attacks in the UK and Syria were related. The bitterness runs deep for the Syria loss.

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The US is fighting so many countries at once! This gang banging might get a little limp when the viagra runs out.

Are the Neocunts expecting by the end of their little staged shitshow for countries to be lining up behind these scum suckers? Hahahah!

Delusions of brought down Napoleon and Hitler, and it will be the undoing of the Zio-panty sniffers too.

Rex Andrus Mon, 04/09/2018 - 19:08 Permalink

We are much more prepared than they think... in less than a week, they will see the result. Either Trump is right or Rouhani did not say this propaganda.

peopledontwanttruth Rex Andrus Mon, 04/09/2018 - 19:13 Permalink

Or the Iranians know a lot of the world is going to shift economically against the USA and this is the way to beat them.  

Or or or, their friends have some big nuclear stockpiles that have already been promised to protect them as allies.  


The USA knows the show is coming to an end.  I'd say the Iranians are going to upend the financial world as we know it 

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peopledontwanttruth buzzsaw99 Mon, 04/09/2018 - 19:41 Permalink

While you're on the floor rolling around look for the worthless pennies and every other US financial coin or paper that's been thrown away as trash.  



while they're not running NAM as the three years has passed don't think that anything has changes except now it's imperative that the whole world wants off this green toilet paper.  

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It's what we call a Catch-22. We are a loving, freedom people, who loves and accepts everyone-- but most of everyone consists of short, strange, miserable people who, if given the chance, would hack us to death with a can opener or a nuclear missile if given the opportunity. This "most of everyone" includes: the Africans, the Chinese, the Middle Easterns (we actually have compelling evidence on this one), all the residences of Central and South America, a good part of Ireland, a suburb or two in Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Korea (North and South), the Jews and Arabs and a good part of Canada. What we did to these peoples that they were not (such as clubbing baby seals or tearing up the tundra for tar sands gold) they were already doing to one another I have no idea but they blame us for all their fucking problems and they would club us to death with clubs, machetes, chainsaws ect as they do to one another and defenseless animals in their care.... SO I SAY OBLITERATE THEM ALL now and go about our business.