Man Drops Off 518HP Mercedes For Service With Dashcam Running; This Is What It Recorded

A Canadian man who took his 518hp Mercedes-Benz S63 to a Toronto-area Mercedes Benz dealer for a $700 transmission service was taken for quite a ride, as dash cam footage revealed. 

Realtor Daniel Sheikhan noticed a residue in his cupholders after picking his car up from Mercedes-Benz Mississaugua, which he says inspired him to review the footage recorded during the "service."

After sitting on the lift for just 11 minutes (despite Sheikhan being charged for 90 minutes of labor), two Mercedes techs took his S63 out for an expletive-laced joyride to Wendy's where they picked up four ice Frosties. 

One of the techs working on the car wasn't even aware that Sheikhan purchased and brought his own parts for the transmission service - which never happened, despite it being right on the work order which was obviously never reviewed.

While the incident happened in 2015, Sheikhan was advised by his attorneys not to publish the footage until his attorneys had dealt with the dealership - which never resolved the issue to his satisfaction.

As Sheikhan told Jalopnik:

Well, I showed Mercedes right away after it happened but they said they can’t do much maybe redo the service. I said I want bigger action to be taken. They said ok go deal with your lawyers. So for almost 1.5 years my lawyers were messaging and sending demand letter to mb CANADA without any replies


My lawyers also told me not to share the video anywhere until we hear back from Mercedes because if we share the video there’s not much to negotiate so I held onto the video and then after two years when I realize they are not replying or even interested I just decided to post it to raise awareness.

When Jalopnik's Jason Torchinsky reached out to the dealership for comment, they referred him to Mercedes-Benz Canada, which provided the following statement: 

We are aware of this video, which was recorded during a service appointment that took place on June 24, 2015. In no way do we condone or tolerate the behaviour shown in the video. We investigated this incident two and a half years ago and appropriate actions were taken at that time. Mercedes-Benz holds itself to the highest standards of customer service. The behaviour on the video is inconsistent with our policies and inconsistent with the professional pride with which Mercedes-Benz Canada personnel are expected to carry themselves. This was a learning experience; we always strive to be better for our customers.

Mercedes-Benz Canada also told the Toronto City News “In no way do we condone or tolerate the unacceptable behavior shown in the video. We investigated this incident when it was originally brought to our attention in 2015 and appropriate actions were taken.”

Not good enough, says Sheikhan - who says he still hasn't received a detailed answer about what happened, nor a guarantee that the dealership has actually changed anything about the way they service cars. 


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