UK's Top Doctor Demands Ban For "Killer" Kitchen Knives

Hot on the heels of London Mayor Sadiq Kahn's city-wide ban on knives, The Express reports that one of Scotland’s leading doctors has called for a ban on "killer" kitchen knives.

Dr John Crichton, the new chairman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland, wants the sale of pointed kitchen knives to be banned to help reduce the number of fatal stabbings.

Dr Crichton, who took on the role of chairman in June this year, is championing a switch to so-called “R”-bladed knives, which have rounded points and are far less effective as weapons.

As The Express details, he said that research shows many attacks, particularly in households where there has been a history of violence, involve kitchen knives because they are so easily accessible. Dr Crichton believes a switch from sharp-pointed, long-bladed knives to the new design could save lives.

 “This is a public health measure and public health measures are always about society deciding on a self-imposed restriction for the public good.”

Maybe - to be safer - all knives should be blunted to a government-mandated level of kill-a-bility... oh and while we are banning dangerous kitchen implements - what about rolling-pins? Perhaps they should be licensed to only those who pass a government-mandated baking sanity test?