U.S. Navy Destroyer Armed With Tomahawks Arrives Off Syrian Coast, "Harassed" By Russian Warplanes

As the situation in Syria continues to escalate, guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook has weighed anchor off Syrian territorial waters, and is reportedly being "harassed" by low-flying Russian warplanes, which have buzzed the "Arleigh Burke" class warship at least four times according to CNN Turk

Of note, the Donald Cook has 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board.

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A Navy source confirmed the deployment with the Washington Examiner, who said that the guided-missile-destroyer had just completed a port call in Cyprus, while the Pentagon reportedly draws up plans for how to deal with the situation. 

U.S. military planners have drawn up more than one option for possible military action against Syria, including a strike similar to last year’s attack in which 59 sea-launched cruise missiles inflicted heavy damage on a Syrian Air Force airfield in Homs.

Pentagon officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the options now are similar to those presented to President Trump after last year’s chemical attack in northern Syria that killed and injured hundreds of civilians, including women and children.

But officials said the president could decide to choose a more robust option this time, given that Syrian President Bashar Assad didn’t seem to get the message last time. -Washington Examiner

What is surprising is that according to the latest Stratfor naval map, there was no other major naval support - either amphibious or carrier strike groups - in the vicinity of Syria as of April 5.

The destroyer's aggressive positioning comes hours after Israel conducted a Monday morning strike on Syria's T-4 airfield, situated about halfway between Homs (Syria's third-largest city) and Palmyra (famously the site of ancient ruins). RT reports that two Israeli F-15 jets fired eight guided missiles at the airfield from Lebanese airspace. The jets never entered Syria.

The IDF has long noted the T-4 base for its housing of Iranian and Quds forces with the backing of Syria.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reports on Monday "I don't rule out anything right now," when asked about a potential response - noting Russia's alleged involvement. 

The first thing we have to look at is, why are chemical weapons still being used at all when Russia was the framework guarantor of removing all the chemical weapons?” he said. “And so, working with our allies and our partners from NATO to Qatar and elsewhere, we are going to address this issue.”

Last year, the U.S. warned the Kremlin ahead of the strike so that Russia could make sure its planes and personnel in Syria were not in harm’s way.

This time, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow has issued an explicit warning to Washington that any “military intervention” in Syria would be “unacceptable” and would lead to the “most serious consequences.”

The U.S. acted alone in April last year, but this time it could work through a coordinated international response. -Washington Examiner

Britain and France have also hinted at possible military action in Syria - following comments by British Foreign Secretary, who spoke by phone with French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian on Monday, saying that there should be "no impunity for those that use such barbaric weapons," in reference to the gas attack. 

Speaking to reporters at a Monday cabinet meeting, President Trump said he would be making a decision "very quickly, probably by the end of today" about the U.S. response

“This is about humanity. We're talking about humanity, and it can't be allowed to happen,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, Russia appears to be making preparations for an imminent, US-led attack and according to unconfirmed reports, there have been "intensive flights of Russian aircrafts along the Syrian coast & over Khmeimim base, in addition to the intense flights of military aircrafts belonging to the Assad regime in the sky of Homs. There is great anticipation from Assad and Russia for a possible blow."


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It will not fire any missile. 

The Donald cook was that one destroyer jammed to death in the black sea. I doubt they had time to upgrade their radars...


It's okay not to be a Jew. 

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U.S. military planners have drawn up more than one option for possible military action against Syria, including a strike similar to last year’s attack in which 59 sea-launched cruise missiles inflicted heavy damage on a Syrian Air Force airfield in Homs.

What a riot. The Russians shot down nearly all of them and the ones that got through mostly missed their targets and inflicted almost no damage of consequence.

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Turn that warship around and send it to South Africa!  Wipe out those hateful low IQ niggers who encourage and support the torturing and raping of white farmers and even babies!  Sick!  Rain some Tomahawk missiles on those monkeys and let's see if they continue to run their filthy mouths about revenge and being kangz n sheeeiit!

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There are no ancient Jewish cities in Israel,...
but there are lots of ancient Greek cities.

What is weird is this; that 2000 years ago, it seems that there were no people even resembling Jews, in Israel.

It turns out that there is not a single ancient Jewish city in what is now called Israel. There is not a single ancient city where Hebrew characters are used on the statues and buildings. There is not a single ancient city where the buildings are in the ancient Jewish architectural style. In fact, there is not even a category of "ancient Jewish architectural style".

Of course, the Hebrew characters that are desired, are those of the Dead Sea scrolls (supposedly from 2000 years ago), which are essentially the modern Hebrew characters without points.

If you check out all the ancient cities in Israel from 2000 years ago, they are all Greek, and their ruins are still there for you to visit. Their inscriptions are in the Greek script and the buildings are in the ancient Greek architectural styles.

Here is a list of some of the known ancient Greek cities in (and near) Israel; Ecdippa, Seleucia, Ptolemais, Taricheia Arbela, Asochis, Sepphoris, Hippos, Dion, Sycaminum, Bucolon Polis, Itabyrium, Gadara, Abila, Dora, Comus, Gephrus, Crocodilion Polis, Caesarea, Straton's Tower, Narbata, Scythopolis, Pella, Samaria, Amathus, Ragaba, Gerasa, Apollonia, Sicima, Pegae, Joppa, Arimathea, Jamnia, Port of Jamnia, Lydda, Modiin, Aphaerema, Philadelphia, Birtha, Gazara, Beth Horon, Dok, Jericho, Samaga, Esbus, Medaba, Ladder of Tyre, Azotus, Port of Azotus, Accaron, Jerusalem, Ascalon, Anthedon, Gaza, Marissa, Beth Zur, Hebron, Adora, Engeddi.

The ancient Jewish cities in Israel are,....... well there aren't any. Not even one.

Here's an interesting example of a first century BC Greek inscription (i.e., in Greek letters) from Jerusalem's Temple Mount forbidding the entry of strangers to the Temple precinct.


The pictured stone was found in 1935. It was actually the second such warning-stone to be found, the first being discovered by Charles Simon Clermont-Ganneau in 1871. It was deemed so dangerous to the "Jews inhabited Israel 2000 years ago" theory, that it completely disappeared for 13 years before resurfacing in Istanbul, where, it was correctly calculated, it would not attract much attention.

From: https://www.timesofisrael.com/ancient-temple-mount-warning-stone-is-clo…

The first Jerusalem Temple Mount warning-stone, now found in the Archaeology Museum, Istanbul, is pictured below:


It says (in Greek): "No stranger is to enter within the balustrade round the temple and enclosure. Whoever is caught will be responsible to himself for his death, which will ensue."

Slack Jack's CHALLENGE:

Name ONE ancient city (that existed in what is now called Israel) where the building inscriptions are all in Hebrew, and the buildings are constructed in the ancient Hebrew architectural style (whatever that may be).

Then give a summary of "the ancient Hebrew architectural style" (you will have to make this up as it does not yet exist).

Then give links to photos of the ancient building inscriptions which show that they are written in Hebrew.

Then show that the buildings are constructed in the ancient Hebrew architectural style (that you have just invented).


It's been months now and still no one is up to the challenge.

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The USS Donald Cook may or may not get hit, or take casualties, or maybe take water, but if they play games with weapons they have to factor all of that in.

If a missile goes awry and takes out a group of Ruskies, rest assured that they will respond, the DC Swamp will feign deep concern, and promptly return fire again.

And away we go.

Which is what they are really hoping for -- a nice, bloody conflict that will enrich them more than they already are. 

What is really a damn shame on this nation is that every serviceman aboard should  consider himself a sacrifice, for the DC Swamp dwellers.

Because that's all this is.

And not a sacrifice for our freedom, as the official alibi goes.

But a sacrifice for the DC Swamp, the Langley, Quantico, State Dept. and Pentagram screwballs.

And of course all the money they rake in by instigating and prolonging carnage, chaos, and destruction at every level.

The rivers of blood feed their bankbooks.  

Pres. Trump said he would pull troops out of Syria which was the right thing to do, but the Swamp was ready and ordered their serial killers into action with a vicious false flag.

No way will the DC Swamp allow this President or any other to hinder their bloodlust.

They even got that senile fake warrior McCain to push for war.

You'd think he'd have other things on his mind at this point.

He really needs to be committed to a nursing home for crazy seniors.

It's also interesting since most military men who actually have to live through the carnage of war are the most hesitant to start one, knowing all too well what will happen and far too familiar with the grief and broken families afterwards. 

It really is fascinating to watch so many howling for carnage like savages in pinstripes.

Very, very sad for the lives on all sides that will snuffed out for this vile DC Swamp death ritual.



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The DC Swamp dwellers jumped into action as soon as Trump announced he would pull out of Syria.

You see, there is a lot of money to be made in Syria if you are a Swamp dweller, and Trump effectively threatened their money.

So if Trump pulls out the American pawns, the Swampites lose money.

That's all this is about.

The London stunt was a bust, the last Syrian gas story was another bust, the one from 2013 was yet another bust, so they just HAVE to win this time.

The current gas attack is still termed "suspected," meaning they still have nothing solid to blame Assad, but that does not stop the Swampites.

There is too much money on the table to risk losing this conflict kickoff.

Cui bono.

The Swampites will not stop until Syria is destroyed and the looting begins.

What happens to Assad, the Syrian people, Russian/Iranian servicemen, and any Americans killed is all the same to the DC Swampites.

None of them are of any concern to the DC Swamp.

They either serve a Swampite purpose or they obstruct a Swampite goal.


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Russia has promised to retaliate against the delivery system if any damage occurs to Russian personnel or facilities which are LEGALLY positioned in Syria.

I suppose it never occurred to any of these fucking brains in Washington that two can play the "false flag" game?. If so, any US warship in the Eastern Med, with those new Russian hypersonic missiles, is essentially "target practice".

Then what?

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They don't care.

They really don't.

They have too much money on Syria, the business deals have been discussed and decided, and now they only need the takedown in order to start the looting and raking in the money.

So a false flag or two is just business.

There is a deep bench of psychopaths, wet workers, and bought off scientists in DC who are more than willing to create murderous chaos.

Who gets killed or how many is of no concern to them.

At all.

Syria will be reduced to a Libyan wasteland, which is just what the DC Swamp wants.

Easier to manage that way.

Assad, the Ruskies, the Iranians, the Syrian people and army are all the designated baddies.

We are the goodies.

So when our servicemen get killed the Swampites will score again, because revenge will be added to the mix. 

The American populace will bay for blood along with the MSM morons who will keep stirring the pot by televising death in all its forms.

And since we are Westerners, the Syrian Christians will be further attacked and possibly eliminated.



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It's really not Trump, it's the psychopaths above him.

NATO has no reason to exist, but they roped in so much money on the pretext of USSR threats that it has become a major corporation by itself.

SEATO was hatched a couple of years afterwards, but eventually got shut down.

The pretexts for both were

NATO -- guarding W.Europe from the Soviet baddies.

SEATO --guarding Asia from ChiCom baddies and their allies.

Whatever the case, the Swamp dwellers are hell bent on a war.

The false flags will become more frequent until conflict is ignited.

We will be left guessing but the carnage will be meticulously managed behind the scenes.



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The Jews are pushing every which way for war, even if it means the destruction and death of all Americans. It's for their snake god.

Trump has had a dog collar placed on him by Rosenstein. If Trump doesn't do what the Jew wants, then he's replaced by Zionist nutcase Pence.

Clinton II isn't a target of an investigation.

It's strange the Jews keep pushing for war with Russia. It's strange that State Department Nuland and her husband Kagan spent $4 billion(tax payer money) for a coup to install Jews as the leader of Ukraine. She bragged about it in congress. It's even stranger that the name Kagan, run think tanks for war and was always seen with high ranking US officers. Kagan is a Khazar name.

Anyone can see but Americans who are brainwashed from generations of brainwashing. Even if it means their deaths, they could careless, mindless of what is happening.

If I say there is 3 billion barrels of Syrian oil beneath captured Syrian land, no response. It's under the Golan. If I say Red Shield is a major shareholder in Genie oil company pushing for the take over of all of Syria, no one listens. I could go on, Israel was called Roth Land, after Red Shield, no one asks more questions.

Look up Genie oil company, it's on Google.

If I say the founder of modern Israel was Adolf Hitler in an agreement with Red Shield, they say I'm nuts.

If I say, Red Shield was the founder of Communism in Russia, no one cares.

If I say, these people who are not Jews but the ancient snake people killed over 20 million white Russian Christians in the early phase of the 1917 Communist Revolution which was financed by London and NYC banks to steal the Czars gold, the largest stockpile in the history of man, well it's in the library.

A lot of books I saw, old books aren't there anymore. They erase the past so we don't know what happened. But they called themselves Khazars. Now they're the Jews.

This country is going to fall just like every country they destroyed and moved on to the next country. Always death and destruction all through history. One would have to go back, all the way back to their origin, India. It's been going on since the beginning of man.

If I say there were many species of man, no one believes. But it's true, this species is closer to reptile. They ate early man until around 1200 AD.

They were and are cannibals. It's in the genetic code, some have covered the genetic code with species of human genetic code. But whatever your first genetic code is your operating system. The brain is like a computer, software is an application program, but the operating system is how the computer process the application software. All people are not the same. There is different logic, they do not think all the same, they process data differently.

There is no logical reason to have a war with Russia. Why were the Jews pushing for a war with Russia long before Crimea. They were in a country called Georgia, trying to capture the mountain pass. The one Alexander the Great fortified to keep the snakes out of Greece. Now the snakes want back into their real homeland, Khazaria.

I could go on for days and days, years and years and write about the whole world. See, I have seen them, the core controllers. It's a long story that makes it more nuts and no one would believe they are the original snake tribe intact. The Mongolians killed a lot of snake priest(Kings) off in the 1200's. Ran them into Poland. They asked the Polish king for right to settle, granted, they brought in the Swedish army, and they were allowed to rule Poland. The drained the Poles, drank the blood of their children and so on.

When they had critical mass, they asked to settle in Central Europe, the royals said no. They spiked the wells, killing off millions. Raise your hands class, how many took the descriptions of the bodies of the black death in the 1300's, to an epidemiologist. Did you ask them, is this a description of the black death? no, then did you ask the microbiologist and the epidemiologist, this doesn't follow the vector of disease we have learned from the modern study of disease? no it doesn't, well it correlates to arrival of Gypsies in Central Europe. The wells were spiked.

Then they got into the royals who had marriages between royals in other countries. They almost killed off the entire white race.

They are not human, many of these so called Jews, have the original genetic code of the reptile cannibal species, covered over with other species. Now one more time, I have seen humans with reptile eyes. The first time with my grandfather, I showed him and he turned snow white. It's a long story. I don't want money, fame, no gain, I want you to wake up, clear your mind of the culture they have developed for you, clear your mind of everything. Concentrate on your family or yourself, prepare to fight. If you are a Christian, you must pick up the weapon.

Grease one weapon to hide in the woods, learn to shoot.

If I told you, they're programming kids to kill kids for the weekly news cycle, then I am nuts again, right? because the TV didn't tell you? Get off the mind control machine.

We can win, it looks impossible. We can win because we have something that is formidable. We are all in this together, we are all humans. We are on the bottom of the pyramid of power.

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One must learn cover and concealment. This is important. Cover is what can stop a bullet, concealment can't stop a bullet. Don't get behind a bush and believe it will stop a bullet. Each movement must be coordinated with cover. One doesn't run from bush to bush. One doesn't move unless one has cover.

The best cover is cover with concealment. This means cover with a bush. This must be learned and practice makes perfect.

An M16/AR15 isn't a good weapon. It's war on the cheap, it's good in the jungle but not in real war. The average rifleman is effective out to around 200-300 meters. It was designed to combine the sub machine gun with a rifle. It's cheaper to make than an M14. The M16 will get one killed, it requires cleaning all the time. It clogs with fine dirt or sand, it will jam.

A side arm, a pistol is worthless in combat unless the enemy is standing close, many of the 9mm will not kill unless one is accurate. It will wound, a wounded soldier can still kill.

One needs a bolt action rifle, it can kill out to 500-800 meters and it will kill. An M16 will wound. One must kill the enemy.

This nation hasn't had a real war like Korea and Vietnam when regiments would over run companies, killing everyone of them. Has there been determined regiments against the US? no, Iraq?, they paid off the generals. There wasn't wave upon wave of hard core regiments, nor irregular regiments because of air power in the flat desert terrain.

What is needed is a high powered bolt action, because as it starts more will join. One will not join a militia, because the militia will be infiltrated. It's perfectly normal to talk with like minded people. But do not concentrate in any organized group. Do not use any type of electronic device to communicate your belief. I do here for you, it is my life, not yours.

It is called a weapon, not a gun. A weapon only has one purpose and that is to kill. The gun is for showing off. One must learn safety at all times, up and down range. One must always keep the weapon pointed away. This must be drilled in to one's head. This is not a war movie and one must stay alive for one's family, one's unit. Everyone is important for the survival of one's family, one's unit.

Range safety can be learned at a range. A soldier of the Army of Vietnam would be a good source of training with weapons, but not in a militia type training. Use a respected civilian range. One must learn weapons safety.

One must be able to kill with one shot. One round, one kill. The range is the best place to learn one round, one kill.

One's weapon must be hidden in a location away from your house. In the woods, forest, mountains or whatever terrain is near you, five, ten, twenty miles. The weapons must be greased, the bore must have a good amount of grease. Pack it with grease, a hermetic sealed container, meaning an air tight container. Ammunition must be protected from mold and water damage, pack the ammo in a container, grease the outer and place in hermetic container. There are many ways of doing it, but use grease on both the weapons and ammo. Moisture must not touch the weapons and ammo.

One must have more than one weapon, one for the house and one buried in the woods.

If one sees a family killed or transported to a killing field, one must not try to stop it. One identifies those who did it, then one plans an ambush and kills them. One must use the ambush method, because helicopter gun ships and drones will be ready. One must kill them for what they do.

One must learn where the thermal image sensor is on helicopters and drones. A high powered bolt action can blind the enemy by shooting the sensor. One must find the helicopter and drone base. The best method to attack these weapons on the ground is with a bottle with gas and a cloth out the mouth of the bottle. Do not attempt to shoot down a helicopter or drone, use terrain to hide, thermal sensors are for night. One does not fight superior force, one waits and hides, and strikes at the best time and location.

The best time to kill the enemy is in the early morning. One starts infiltration by crawling around 4 AM, the attack is made at 5 AM. One must maintain noise discipline, everyone must understand any noise means death. This is not a game. We have an entire military converted to a mercenary force, and including mercenaries all over the government ready at any moment to kill you and your family. List have already been made, the first phase will be killings and then transport to killing fields.

Do not stand up, always keep your head down and do not stand together at anytime. Do not meet like a football huddle, one will be killed quickly. All planning and meetings are done prior to any operation. An operation is any and all movement. Do not be in any street demonstrations, they will film you and use facial recognition to hunt you.

One never ever uses the streets or highways for movement, never. One will use terrain to move, one's foot must never touch a road, street or highway, never. If one must cross a street or any man made structure, one will do it one by one. Never bunch up, you will be killed. Always stay low to the ground, always be prepared to hit the ground. If one hears any vehicle, aircraft, or helicopter, one must immediately hit the ground quickly.

Each and every location, area, must be considered enemy territory. A drone is quite, one must always watch for drones, the drone is slow and one must have observers always watching the sky to warn. Small units, three to ten men are difficult to track, large units can be killed. Do not centralize, a big group always has leaders, they will kill the leaders first.

The enemy can be forced to retreat by simple targeting power grids, but the enemy will use organic power units. The generators are a primary target, command and control is a primary target. They operate from TOC, tactical operations centers, this is the enemies primary weakness.

Again, do not join a group, wait, when they begin to transport families to killing fields, and some families will not go, some will fight and be killed. Wait, there will be others like you. Do not join big groups, there is no advantage in large units. There is great tactical advantage in smaller groups.

One will not kill people of color, only unless the people of color are trying to kill you. One must make contact with people of color, there are many fine soldiers among them, some will join you. The enemy is working real hard to cause a race war, don't fall for it. 70% of the black people aren't interested in a race war. Among them are special forces, rangers, and infantry, one will need them.

Among the people of color is the Native American. Around 30% or more in the South are mixed with the Native America. They aren't like the 30% of blacks who have been programmed by the media who want to kill you off. Among the Mexicans are Native Americans and soldiers, one must make contact and organize. They know what's going on, they want to survive like you.(the Native American genetic code is under that black skin, you just don't know, they will stand and fight for America.)

Later, it will take organization skills and willpower.

One will not go in the woods to camp out, this will get one killed. No camp fire and one man must stay awake at all times, if not, one will get their throat cut.

Some cities will have people flowing out, other cities will be in lock down with no escape, one must learn to escape at night. One must learn to use the night. One must look for long shadows to move and stay behind cover, each move must be slow and calculated. The night has different light, even though it is night. Long shadow to long shadow one must move. In the early morning, the night changes, the shadows change. One must learn to use the night, one must crawl, not run and not walk.

In the woods are all kinds of food, even grass can be eaten, minnows can be eaten, a water turtle can be eaten but it must be cooked, in the early phase there can not be camp fires, but there is plenty of food. One doesn't have to carry around anything but your weapon and ammo. There will be plenty of plastic to protect from rain. In cold weather one will conduct raids, silent raids for clothing and food. But one must always keep moving, if one stays in one spot, one will be killed. Do not use flash lights, go with out, It is not needed, this is not like a war movie.

One must learn to use the knife. After one knows their fellow Americans are being killed, or has seen  killings, one will be able to cut the throat of the enemy at night. One must learn, in a knife fight to use a stick to beat them to death by crushing their skull or if one has a knife use the knife first against the knife, do not use arms to protect. When able plunge the knife into the enemy's heart.

One's level of violence will increase once one sees families being killed or transported to killing fields.

The children are being programed to shoot other children in schools. I know that's hard to believe. I've done the mind scan. I promise you it is true. Children are easy to program, and an adult is difficult depending on the IQ. However, everyone can be programmed, some take longer than others. They have more sophisticated drugs for programming now.

It is called trauma induced programming. The child's mind is shattered. One of the pieces of the mind is programmed. That piece can control the subconscious which controls the conscious. The instructions are programmed in and the child will act out the instructions. A child goes to a mental health system infiltrated by a unit, then that child is chosen. Many more children have been programmed. Some slightly, some more so, the triggers are in television. How many I don't know.

Programmed killing for a news cycle to force disarmament. It's happening now. Soon weapons confiscation will be the law of the land.

When I say, veterans have been chipped with a false memory, I knew it, but today they have released it into main stream media. No out cry because they control the media.

Our military has been conditioned into a mercenary army for money. They're loyal to money not the American people. I know that sound nuts. They have the killers ready and waiting, officers who try to stop it will be killed. Anyone who stands in their way will be killed. The shock of the killings will prevent one from reacting. One must be prepared in their minds to defend. One may lose his family, but one must remain calm and wait.

This is serious, one must get that laugh tape from television out of one's mind. One must remove all politics from one's mind, one must remove the concept of I'm this side or that side, there is no side, there is only humans.

They've already practiced locking down a US city. They know they can do it. They will kill any officer who isn't on board. Everything is setup, all that is left is to take your weapon. Living off grid, that's hiding, one will not be able to hide.

Again, they will kill National Guard, Reserve and Regular Army officers who are not on board. Many officers have been purged who were loyal to this nation.

Communications will be shut down, no TV, no internet, no cell phone, no information. The kill teams are ready. Mayors, teachers, any one who stands will be killed. The shock will prevent one from making the decision to fight.

The police, if it is a race war, in the beginning the police will stay, but after the first phase they will be killed off.

Why? will Americans kill other Americans, some will believe they will get money, women, power, but they will be killed to. It will be a blood bath for everyone until they have total control. They have armies of sociopaths, inbred, foreigners, anyone who they know will kill off Americans and then they will be culled.

They can take major commands, Northern Command, set up to control us, those officers can be replaced immediately. I've tracked the officers who were loyal to America planning a counter, only to have that officer removed on charges. Many times now, I've seen many officers forced out of the military. One will think those officers will stand when it happens, the list, they will kill down the list.

There is no protection from this, one must fight to win.

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Hey Colonel - or is it General now? Have any more war stories for us today?

Perhaps a gripping account of how you led the defence at The Sanh and only lost the battle because the Marines bugged out on you?

Or the time you single-handedly rescued Dick Marcinko and SEAL Team 6 when things got a little hot on Ilo Ilo Island?

Or during Tet how you personally led the mission to rescue American nurses and a schoolteacher trapped in the city's church and hospital and were awarded your FIRST Medal of Honor for saving both them AND an entire battalion of Marines from complete annihiliation?

Perhaps the story of how you were awarded your SECOND MOH for a now declassified HALO drop into Hanoi to assassinate Giap and failed only because Marine Air put you in off target, and then heroically fought your way out against impossible odds while simultaneously wiping out an entire NVA regiment in the process with a KA-BAR?

By all means, don't be modest or spare any of the gory details, we can take it! No doubt it will inspire the next generation of warriors to stampede right on down to the nearest recruiting office and sign on the dotted line!

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The raiding of his lawyer's office was but kind of a last call from his handlers to already attack Syria. The art-of-bullshit Donald might view the whole thing as an opportunity to gain some points on the domestic front. After signing a spending bill (no one has read including him and his staff) he needs something that makes him look "presidential again (MHLPA).

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fleur de lis giovanni_f Tue, 04/10/2018 - 02:18 Permalink

He is being backed into a corner by the Deep State, that much is obvious.

The question is, does he recognize a false flag or is he surrounded by advisors who are misleading him.

Either way he is in a bad spot.

If he avoids conflict in Syria he will be called out for being too easy on Assad, and if he launches an attack and hits the Ruskies he will be pulled into a swamp created just for him by the Deep State, CIAFBIMICNSA, all of them.

If he somehow defuses this problem, they will stage another false flag, confident that the MSM will dutifully carry the water.

And if that doesn't work they will keep staging one false flag after another until they take him down.

Trump has been upsetting far too many roach motels and now they will never stop undermining him for the remainder of this term or the next.

At least we now know for sure in broad daylight who has been pulling the strings all this time.

Just look at the Mueller circus -- it is abundantly obvious that he is making things up as he goes along.

Yet he lets all his 911 friends off the hook.

Mueller's job is to keep Trump tied up until his term(s) is up.

He doesn't have to come up with anything.

Mueller is a DC pole dancer.


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divingengineer chumbawamba Mon, 04/09/2018 - 22:55 Permalink

You obviously know very little about Arleigh Burke class ships.

A burst from a phalanx or bushmaster cannon can turn a close flying plane into Christmas tree tinsel. That destroyer can, with the help of Aegis, sea-whiz and AN/SPY technology, engage many targets simultaneously. 

I don’t like what we’re doing there either, but you guys are parting with reality here.

It is a highly lethal floating weapon delivery and defense system that has no equal.

You guys are fucking high if you think the Russians aren’t very afraid of it. They are trying to cause an international incident by fucking with it to create political pressure to get it removed. 

Dont even get me started on the Zumwalt class.

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MK ULTRA Alpha divingengineer Tue, 04/10/2018 - 05:08 Permalink

In the coming ICBM war, Israel is a primary target of many nations because of it's nuclear weapons. These are not tactical nuclear weapons. Israel has developed an ICBM capability and bragged about it in Bush II era.

A test launch and stated it could hit any target in the world.

Russia has around 40-50 of the old NATO designation SS-18 missiles. The other part of the NATO code name is "Satan".

An accidental launch of a silo field of SS-18 by a rogue officer of white Russia who had his entire heritage killed off by the snakes in 1917 would be a good response.

Putin to Trump, it was an accident, we've caught him etc. would the US launch after such an event to revenge the Jews in America for the end of Israel?

The US military believes Israel is more important than the US. It's way beyond Israel over America.

Iwo Jima is docked in Israel, 2500 US kids are deployed in Israel, a US Army base has just been authorized, Israel command, and the USAF command has been deployed. A recent emergency check was cut to buy Israel $800 million in new SAM missiles.

One has to ask, with the US about to go bankrupt, who is loyal to the US?

This is serious, the entire world believes the US is controlled and dominated by the Jews. Everyone can see but the brainwashed Americans.

The Zionist Christians are in a racial caste system of Jew on top, whites and then blacks(people of color).

On this board right now is Jack McGriff, that's his real name. He lives in Northeast Florida, the beginning and origin of Zionist Christianity. He comes on some times to make his rant about blacks. He lives in St. Augustine.

Zionist Christianity went nationwide. They believe the Jews will help them keep the blacks down, they don't care if our money is stolen by the Jews.

This was done when the masons were a powerful organization.

This is just another divide and conquer method used by the Jews to control us. He's old, and that's from the era of the early 60's when Zionist Christianity started. It's served the Jews well, they never question and they train their children, the Jews are the most perfect good people etc. The problem is, attendance at churches is less than 20%, they say 40%. But that is called "halo" in analysis.

Have you been to a church lately, a white church? A certain percentage of the church attendance is black churches. So the 20% attendance at white churches is real low.

See, we're either Americans or not, that is the question. And the second more important I believe is, are we humans or not?

Get rid of the TV, so one can return to being a human. And the New Age religion being pumped to replace Christianity, it's Shamanism revisited. One doesn't need that to fill the empty hole in one's heart. Being one with nature is good enough and meditating to God. And God hasn't been defined correctly in any of the books man writes.

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