China Eyes Permanent Military Base In Vanuatu As Beijing Expands Reach

China has reportedly approached the government of Vanuatu with plans to build a permanent military base on the South Pacific island nation - a move which would add to Beijing's expanding list of foreign military bases, and position the Chinese a mere 1,200 miles from Australia.

Fairfax Media reports that preliminary discussions regarding a military build-up have taken place, however no formal proposals have been put forth. 

A base less than 2000 kilometres from the Australian coast would allow China to project military power into the Pacific Ocean and upend the long-standing strategic balance in the region, potentially increasing the risk of confrontation between China and the United States. It would be the first overseas base China has established in the Pacific, and only its second in the world.

Australian intelligence and security figures, along with their partners in the United States and New Zealand, have been watching with concern as Beijing deepens its influence with Pacific island governments through infrastructure building and loans. -Sydney Morning Herald

Beijing has been flooding Vanuatu with hundreds of millions of dollars in development capital, and committed last week to building several new state-owned buildings, including a new official residence for Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, a new Finance Ministry building and an extension of the Foreign Ministry building at a reported total cost of around $36 million. Vanuatu has a population of around 270,000 people. 

Beijing's presence would likely be incremental - beginning with an access agreement which would allow Chinese naval ships to dock for service, fuel and restocking. 

China's expansion South Pacific and China Sea endeavors have raised eyebrows as Beijing showers money around the region. 

One of the most substantial projects funded by Chinese money is a major new wharf on the north island of Espiritu Santo. Jonathan Pryke, a Pacific islands expert with the Lowy Institute, said the Luganville wharf had "raised eyebrows in defence, intelligence and diplomatic circles" in Canberra because while its stated purpose is to host cruise ships, it had the potential to service naval vessels as well.

The wharf is close to an international airport that China is helping Vanuatu upgrade. -smh

Vanuatu would mark China's third foreign installation if all goes according to Beijing's plans. As we reported in JanuaryChina is planning to build a military base in Pakistan. The naval installation will be erected in a key strategic location: the Pakistani town of Jiwani, a port near the Iranian border on the Gulf of Oman and near the Straits of Hormuz, which resides at one of the six proposed economic corridors of the One Belt One Road Initiative, commonly called the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Plans for the base were advanced during a visit to Jiwani on Dec. 18 by a group of 16 Chinese People’s Liberation Army officers who met with about 10 Pakistani military officers. Jiwani is located on a peninsula about 15 miles long on a stretch of land with one small airfield.

Jiwani will be China’s second overseas military base, in addition to the first foreign military base opened last year in Djibouti, a small but tactically critical African nation near the Horn of Africa, where China deployed troops  for the first time last July. In doing so, China has direct oversight and visibility of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait in the Red Sea, which together with the Suez Canal and Strait of Hormuz, is one of the planet’s most important oil chokepoints.

Washington has called China’s foreign military base expansion the “string of pearls” strategy. Meanwhile, as the world grows fed up with Washington's overseas policies, the Chinese are using this opportunity to roll out military bases in the Persian Gulf through the Indian Ocean, and in South East Asia.

Harrison Akins, a researcher at the Howard Baker Center who focuses on Pakistan and China, told Newsweek, “Chinese investment in Pakistan is expected to reach over $46 billion by 2030 with the creation of a [China-Pakistan Economic Corridor] connecting Balochistan’s Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea with Kashgar, in Western China.”

A 2017 article on Djibouti from Bloomberg reveals just how extensive the Chinese presence is in the small country:

After Sept. 11, the U.S. military rushed to establish its first base dedicated to counterterrorism, and Djibouti was about the only country in the neighborhood that wasn’t on fire. Sitting beside the narrow Bab el-Mandeb strait—a gateway to the Suez Canal at the mouth of the Red Sea, and one of the most trafficked shipping lanes in the world—it provided easy access to hot spots in both Africa and the Middle East. A few years later, when Somali pirates started threatening the global shipping industry, the militaries of Germany, Italy, and Spain joined France, which has maintained a base since colonial times, by moving troops to Djibouti. Japan arrived in 2011, opening its first military base on foreign soil since World War II.

Meanwhile, Tonga has also been mentioned in recent circles as a possible site for yet another Chinese base - however the Sydney Herald reports that current efforts are primarily focused on Vanuatu.

So in addition to beefing up their military and their cyberwarfare capabilities, China is seeking to expand their global reach. Where does that leave the balance of power in the next couple of decades?


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Fuck expanding.

Fuck communication.

I don't want to be connected with other people, I don't want to have a voice. Get out of my god damn life for fuck sake

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The US Government is a puppet show.... which is engineered for collapse so the NWO can take over as an excuse for 'saving' things... etc... building the  new on top of the old's ashes.... same is found throughout the world... usually the hidden element is Mother Nature's cataclysms that bury the OWOs.

For China, this is classic empire building... but this island is in the middle of some serious volcano/EQ activity... not sure that's a long term move... stay mobile.

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The Jews who control western Europe, the US, and Australia are fine with this. In fact they have enabled the rise of the Communist Chinese in the last thirty years. Chinese are called "the yellow Jews" for a reason, they are the preferred asian race of the Jews, and share many of their undesirable character traits. From the Jewish perspective, somebody has to keep asia on lockdown, and present a counterweight to the Russians, and the Chinese fit the bill perfectly.

Wipe out the Jews, and the Chinese will cease to be a meaningful threat.

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Well they may have denied Vanuatu but it is an absolute Fact they have a base in Australia. They own ALL of the Port infrastructure in Northern Capitol of Darwin. Even the Australian Navy must comply with any direction given by them inside the harbor

Lets not talk about the Solomon Islands and their "Fingers in the Pie"

Creeping Jesus they are


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If I remember rightly, China is going to take over the north and west of Australia and the only Aussies left will be living in Sydney and / or Melbourne.  If I remember rightly twice, this information was asserted in a book called "One Man Banned" written by a man called Peter Sawyer.

Peter Sawyer got in trouble ( i.e. ended his career and radically changed his life forever ) for writing a book called, "Dole Bludging:  A Tax Payers Guide".  I have been unable to find a copy of that book but I would really like to read it.

Peter also predicted an event where a mass shooting would result in moar laws taking guns from Australian citizens, approx ten years before it happened.  He was wrong on the minor details (which he admitted he was guessing) but right on the big details and the outcome.

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The U.K. had a great penal colony where they sent all of their undesirables: it's now called America. When the Revolution happened they needed a new one, first place they landed was New Zealand...but the first 6 guys ashore were eaten by Maoris. So they kept going, to Australia.

And while we're talking history, try looking up the CIA/MI6 coup in Australia in 1975. 

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Australia has nothing to fear because there is an armed civilian behind every tumble weed. Oh wait, the castrated bitches gave up their guns and their right to defend themselves. So long Australia, it’s been nice knowing you. You’re China’s problem now. 

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Well, the innocent Australians have no guns now, anyway.  Still plenty of shootings happening each week - how does that happen when we have no guns?  A couple of years ago  - AFTER the gun bans - cops found some fully automatic machine pistols (never legal in Australia) - how did that happen?

Mind you, the machine pistols did look hand made - lumps of pipe with parts covered with duct tape.  News reports "Police are trying to determine if the weapons were Australian, brought in from overseas, manufactured or hand made ..."  - yeah, I don't think weapons manufacturers use duct tape in their manufacturing process, but who knows?

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Indeed Australians have been disarmed. War criminal John (Bush and Blair fame) Howard staged, what many who have examined the evidence, believe was Australia's first false flag event back in the 90's. The patsy was a left handed, mentally retarded local in Tasmania who couldn't hit a wall from 5m with a Gatling gun but firing from his right hip managed to kill was it 32 people using 29 bullets in 90 seconds with a direct head shot each time. All the necessary legislation was already in place and he was convicted to life imprisonment without a trial. Martin Bryant was his name and there are a few documentaries on the net that are worth a look if you are interested, one in particular was done by an eye witness named Wendy Scurr.

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The governments of China and Vanuatu have rejected as “fake news” an anonymously sourced Australian news report suggesting that the People’s Liberation Army was in talks with the tiny island nation to construct a military base.

The foreign minister of Vanuatu, a South Pacific Ocean country comprising 80 islands west of Fiji and north of New Caledonia, denied the reports, saying "we are a non-aligned country. We are not interested in militarization; we are just not interested in any sort of military base in our country."

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Vanuatu is a great holiday destination. Three hours from Sydney, and lots to see and do. Wide range of accommodation, from the "inexpensive" right up to five-star luxury. Even the "lesser rated" locations are really pleasant, and the locals VERY easy going, and very much more friendly than "yer average Sydneysider".

Apart from the all year round pleasant climate, great scenery / water-sports / snorkelling, there are also inexpensive flights to other nearby islands (e.g. Tanna) where it's possible to have a ring-side view of a very active volcano (with evening flights over the volcano - for the best photo opportunities!)

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Wow! Vanuatu is a mere 1,200 miles from Australia. And from Big Diomede island to Little Dimomede island in the Baring Straits, Russia is only two and a half miles from America.