Ride-Hailing Apps Surpass Regular Taxis In NYC

It has been six years since Uber drivers started roaming the streets of New York. From that day on, drivers of the notorious yellow cabs, an icon of Manhattan and the rest of the Big Apple for the past century, lived in constant fear of becoming obsolete.

And, as Statista's Patrick Wagner reports, Uber and other Ride-Hailing apps such as Lyft, Juno or Via are in the fast lane when it comes to the total number of pickups whilst the city’s green and yellow cabs’ share on the streets is steadily declining.

Infographic: Ride-Hailing Apps Surpass Regular Taxis in NYC | Statista

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By February 2017 app-based mobility providers outstripped classic cabs in New York and by November of the same year Uber alone managed to pick up more passengers than Taxis.

In the future, the New York landscape might lack the famous yellow cabs coloring its streets.