Skripal's Pets Were Sacrificed To Cover The Investigation's Mistakes

Authored by Sophie Mangal via Oriental Review,

The scandal with the poisoning of the former GRU agent Sergei Skripal is gaining momentum. Meanwhile, absolutely innocent creatures suffered because of the diplomatic war waged by the UK on Russia.

Remember that two dead guinea pigs and a black Persian cat in a critical condition were found in the ex-spy’s home. Then the cat was taken to the Porton Down chemical weapons lab (not to a veterinary clinic which would be more expected).

In the laboratory, chemists made a weird diagnosis, which they described as a “distressed state”. The cat was euthanized. Its body, as well as those of the two guinea pigs, were immediately incinerated which was confirmed by the British government.

Shortly after the Russian Embassy in London posed the question on what happened to the animals that Sergey Skripal kept in his Salisbury house, the British side, first in an unnamed leak and then as a DEFRA comment, said that “when a vet was able to access the property, two guinea pigs had sadly died. A cat was also found in a distressed state and a decision was taken by a veterinary surgeon to euthanize the animal to alleviate its suffering”.

This is, however, the sort of answer that brings about still more questions. Regarding the dead guinea pigs and the malnourished cat, it is said unofficially that they were taken to the Porton Down facility and incinerated there. But it remains unclear if their remains were ever tested for toxic substances, which would constitute useful evidence, and if not, why such a decision was made.

The fact that the animals were locked inside the house for several days suggests that the police did not access the alleged crime scene, which would be very unusual for such a high profile investigation. Such treatment of pets is also hardly consistent with UK laws on animal cruelty and comes as a blatant disregard for Mr. Skripal’s rights as the owner and companion of the animals.

Overall, it is difficult to avoid the impression that the animals have been disposed of as an inconvenient piece of evidence. It is also to be noted that, according to Mr. Skripal’s niece Viktoria, there were 2 cats, not one, in the house – and the whereabouts of the second one is still unknown.

Nevertheless, the way how the UK police treat animals is absolutely awful and unacceptable. Moreover, even their bodies could cast some light on this case. Instead, we have even more questions than before.

Firstly, why were the pets sealed in the house with no food and water? How is it possible to imagine such a mockery and careless attitude towards animals? British officials must be held accountable for their decision to leave the pets inside the sealed-up house without any nutrition. In fact, their actions can be classified as animal abuse, which resulted in their death.

Secondly, no matter how cynical this may sound, any living organism remained at the place where the potential poisoning occurred could indirectly help the investigation process. You don’t even need to be an expert in chemistry to understand it. The use of such a potent substance as Novichok agent might have affected the pets as well. Unfortunately, we will never know this as their bodies were eliminated. No one even asked for their owners’ permission for that.

It seems like the British side is trying to cover up the tracks and destroy all the evidence. In Hollywood movies, criminals act like this when a detective tells them their version is not valid. Draw your own conclusions.


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The pets were taken away for testing weeks ago! 

This whole story is a total farce.  Here is a report from 3 weeks ago, saying the animals had been taken away for testing:…

Nothing about this story has ever made any sense.  Yulia Skripal has been released from hospital... and has now been taken to a new hospital on a military base!  Essentially she has been kidnapped so she can't talk.…

By the way, any news on the man hunt?

Oh and guess what... the Brits are going to demolish the Skripal's house and the restaurant they visited!  Presumably, that is just in case there is any incriminating evidence they missed!  Remind anyone of anything?

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Attention hasbara midget: the white helmets fake shooting Syrian site has been found, with obviously a ton of surprises:

Which is not surprising considering the funding of this non-independent organization:

What's the link with the cat and guinea pigs? -use your brain, or what's left of it. Here's some help just in case, the Skripal house and restaurant are being razed:…

As per the Skripals, the daughter is probably being brainwashed Russian style by Brits and Americans and even Jews. I think she will be very hard to trick but you never know. Being kept in solitary confinement the way they are means that they are not ready to appear in public, therefore still faithful to mother Russia. This will become a big problem for the aforementioned liars over time. Expect this to become more problematic by the day, and don't discount news that they died due to unforeseen complications of everything else fails. 


It's okay not to be a Jew .

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Yesterday I read a report from Axios, with anonymous sources and unconfirmed information, naturally. Anyway the gist of the report, which has been bleached from the internet, said that after her recovery, Viktoria Skripal was moved to the London branch of the Bill Clinton Home for Runaway Girls where Clinton himself had been taking care of her.  According to Axios, Clinton had Viktoria in the dungeon, bound and gagged, naked with legs spread with a vibrator on her clitorus for more than 100 orgasms. When she regained consciousness, Viktoria is quoted as saying that she loves Bill and wants to “do it again and again”. Several unnamed male African migrants were seen in a line outside the facility waiting to be admitted. Neither Bill nor Hitlary would comment on the story. However, when asked about it, Hummer Abdomen just smiled and said she had never been inside the London office, winked and walked away.


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Vice President of Syria is a woman, and NOT a head scarf wearing one. She is SECULAR, just like Assad.

So if Assad would step down do you think the West would stop?

Nope,  because its not about Assad ,.  its the KIKE  PIGS of Israel that want to take down Lebanon and Syria for their  ''Greater Israel''

Anyone who can't see that is a true idiot.

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US Spy agencies wanted to kill Skripal because he is the source of the BS about Trump in the Chris Steele sourced "Dossier".

If anyone asked him I am sure he would say, "I made all that shit up and Steele knew I did. Everyone knew it was total bullshit but we got paid by the Democrats and gave them exactly what they wanted so that they would have their 'insurance policy'."


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She appears... is that right?

Habeas corpus is the only appearance I would trust

And then of course she's free to tell the Russian consulate she isn't coming home. You know, like under international standards where the consulate gets to visit. Presumably it's a slam dunk propaganda victory for the UK to arrange such a meeting and have her refuse to come home.

I suppose the fact that they denied her family visa to come and see her... no I'm sure that's normal too. That probably appears normal to you as well.

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She was probably thinking about what is best for her father. If he has a new identity it would be better for him that his daughter joins him in this new life. Getting out of the Uk is probably a good idea. In view of the fact her father is an MI6 spy it is quite understandable that the Russian authorities have not been allowed access to Youria. 

The whole story stinks of bullshit. 

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"I don't expect we'll be seeing anything of Yulia or Sergei any time soon"

Well yes, the Skripals are to be shipped to the US with new identities and are being gagged.

I assume they'll be legally prohibited to talk to anyone about this affair now or in the future under threat of "[enter here whatever sanctons are appropriate]".

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None of it does make sense.  The latest explanation, that the nerve agent was smeared on the door knob and had a slow acting agent added to it would not explain why the pets got effected.  And slow acting just means slow acting, the perpetrators would slowly be poisoned too!

And who uses the door knob to close their own door?

And of course, Putin was so impulsive he just could not hold back another 4 months until after the major sporting event to perpetrate this attack despite waiting 7+ years.  He also wanted to make sure everyone knew it was Russia by using the most elaborate and flamboyant way of murdering them rather than a knife/gun/poison/whatever attack that would have blended into the background of crime in Britain, sounds very plausible, so convincing its clear we should burn the evidence as it'll never be needed.

This story has more holes then a Swiss cheese, its the sort of badly thought out nonsense I'd expect to emanate from the feeble imagination of a civil servant promoted via a system of arse kissing rather than merit.

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Fuck the 'Special Relationship' and the lizard queen. The British intelligence agencies are the seat of the deep state. Move the UN to London and we'll have a trifecta of malevolence all in one easy spot. Murdering house pets to cover up their crimes is low rent. 

These criminals have ruined the world long enough and need to go

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