Trump Lashes Out At FBI After Cohen Raid: "Attorney–Client Privilege Is Dead!"

President Donald Trump is feeling the heat Tuesday morning.

After the FBI raided the home, office and hotel of longtime Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen - purportedly seizing privileged information regarding communications between Cohen and his clients (a group that, of course, includes the president) - President Donald Trump took some time out from a meeting with military leaders to blast both the special counsel and his own attorney general for allowing the "witch hunt" to proceed.

In a surprisingly intense rebuke, Trump described the raid as "disgraceful," "a whole new level of unfairness" and even went as far to describe it as "an attack on our country." Once again, he brought up the fact that "no one is looking at the other side".

This morning, Trump kept the drumbeat of attacks going with a series of tweets implicitly targeted at Mueller and the prosecutors who carried out the raid. For the nth time, Trump declared Robert Mueller's investigation "a total witch hunt"...

...And in a tweet that reiterates suspicions that investigators seized privileged communications between Trump and his personal attorney - communications that are privileged for a reason, because they could lead to self-incrimination if publicly exposed - Trump angrily declared that "Attorney-client privilege is dead!"

Trump of course, is correct to note that communications between clients and lawyers are usually beyond the reach of law enforcement based on this constitutional privilege, on occasion authorities can waive this provision.

One possible explanation for the unprecedented raid is because prosecutors had decided that "less intrusive" measures have no chance of success. Indeed, the referral to the FBI reportedly came straight from special prosecutor Robert Mueller.  Former federal prosecutor Ken White, in a blog for Reason, wrote: "That's a very fraught and extraordinary move that requires multiple levels of authorization within the Department of Justice" and an "elaborate review process."

It also means that Trump will increasingly seek to lash out elsewhere and distract from his growing legal troubles, which almost certainly means another cruise missile attack on Syria is imminent, which in turn could launch a new, and "hot" conflict with Russia.

Markets slumped yesterday during the final minutes of the session on the news FBI agents had raided Cohen's home. Cohen is reportedly being investigated for bank fraud and campaign finance violations, and he is only the second subject in the Mueller probe to see their home and office raided by the Fed's. The first was Paul Manafort.

Late on Monday, Trump called Cohen a "good man" and labeled the special counsel Robert Mueller's team "the most conflicted group of people I have ever seen."


DillyDilly 1 Alabama Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:01 Permalink

" Next tweet should read "Maybe I should start raiding lawyer's offices" "


Or maybe he ought to delete his TWITTER account & start doing shit instead besides signing $1.3T omnibus bills, and hiring people like Bolton.


Look ~ I agree with everyone else that this lawyer office raid is horseshit, but every day, Trump is 10x more concerned about how 'he looks' doing things than doing the job he was elected to do by the MAGA crowd...


MAGA has morphed into MIGA &/or MDJTGA

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two hoots Adolph.H. Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:31 Permalink

The "deep state" is still trying to get their claws in him.  He was a surprise.  They are wearing him down and apparently circling what they hope to soon be his carcass.  He won't, for narcissistic and other reasons, join their ways.  They will not relent and will shred the constitution and anything else in their way, little to stop them which should seem evident by now. 

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Occident Mortal two hoots Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:41 Permalink

Trump should be way out ahead of this, but he isn't.


Trump should have Mueller and everyone on his team under 24hour clandestine surveillance by some secretive special ops branch with some giant black budget.

To just sit there in the West Wing in front of the TV and watch it pan out on fox News as Mueller goes around town raiding all of your key people is not very competent on Trump's part.


He just hasn't got his shit together. His circle of trust is too small and he didn't flood Washington with Trump loyalists back in year 1. So now there is no such thing as "Trump people", there are just "Obama people" and "the GOP" neither of them are particularly loyal to Trump.

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Buckaroo Banzai Occident Mortal Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:33 Permalink

"However the talk around the White House pointed to the coincidence of a fire at Trump Tower over the weekend just prior to this take down of Trump’s lawyer.The narrative goes that under the cover of the fire, federal agents entered Trump’s office in the tower to gather information. Todd Brassner, the victim in the fire, appears to be a good cover story since he was in dire straits financially, which came out very quickly after being IDed. Allowing people to speculate that he was despondent and could have started the fire. By the time the details of what caused the blaze comes out it will be a footnote with little news coverage....

The office of special counsel Robert Mueller allegedly contacted the Manhattan federal attorney’s office to share information that would allow agents to get the search warrant. The bar for grabbing a personal lawyer’s papers is very high since the correspondence is privileged speech."…

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True Blue Occident Mortal Tue, 04/10/2018 - 16:39 Permalink

Trump should have Mueller and everyone on his team under 24hour clandestine surveillance by some secretive special ops branch with some giant black budget.

If he were doing just that -how would it look any different from our 'little people' perspective? Would we even know? Maybe he is.

Too damn many 'secrets' in this country where we are supposed to be the final arbiters of right and wrong when it comes to 'our' government.

The only justified 'State Secrets' are nouns -persons, places or things; never verbs or actions; if they can keep their actions secret from us then the whole 'representative Republic' is a dead, dead, dead fiction.

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Gadfly two hoots Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:26 Permalink

TRUMP, WAKE THE FUCK UP!  Mueller and his traitors are out to string you up.  Period.  To them, this is a war with no quitting and no retreat.  They are out to kill you – figuratively and literally.  Time to stop being Mr. Nice Guy.  It's kill or be killed.  It was always this way.  You just didn't realize it.  You actually believed you could impress these people and eventually win them over.  You can't.  Never in a million years.  They don't play by rules, why should you.  They are Godless, treacherous, power hungry, and ruthless.  They are out to win at all costs.  They can't let their own crimes be revealed to the public or they will all hang in the public square.  So they are in this to win it, because their very survival depends on it.  Know your enemy.  For you there is only one way out.  These people must be defeated and vanquished, imprisoned and humiliated, dragged through the streets behind a victorious chariot.  You've got the power.  It’s time to use it.  Before it’s too late.  Gird your loins.  Or you will be defeated by these cowards who hide in the shadows and send others to do their dirty work – who lie and cheat and kill for money and power. There's going to be a Constitutional crisis whether you like it or not.  So bring it on.  You'll win that battle.  These guys are all dirty, compromised.  Just start digging and dig deep.  Reveal their crimes.  Go on the fucking offensive for the love of God.  It's your last chance partner.  Fire Sessions and put a fucking Pit Bull in there to clean house.  Fire all the rats.  It's within your Constitutional discretion, power, duty, and authority.  You tried to cozy up to these Establishment pricks, but it didn't work. Now its time to vanquish them.

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Arctic Frost Dien Bien Poo Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:57 Permalink


Take in a deep breath of that fear, because today it’s Trump. Tomorrow it’s going to be your people (whoever they may be.) You think this will never be done again? Welcome to the NEW way to investigate created by you and yours. You no longer have ANY constitutional rights. Be ready to hand over your guns, your freedom of speech and your right to privacy. Even if you are against Trump, this should scare the living crap out of you, but it doesn’t because you’re a pathetic fool. That’s why you’ll be next on their list and no one’s going to be there to stop them.

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No Time for Fishing Gadfly Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:57 Permalink

" They can't let their own crimes be revealed to the public or they will all hang in the public square."


That is it, that is all of it. Trump has to unleash an equal prosecurial assault on Hillary and her minions, Wasserman Schultz and her Pakistani Spies, Reid, Watter, Pelosi, Ryan and McConnell. Everyone one of the corrupt bastards who got rich while in office need the full Mueller treatment. He needs to pull the plug on the swamp before they take him out because they will take him out . 

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NoDebt Adolph.H. Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:32 Permalink

As I've pointed out before, Trump should have fired Sessions months ago.  All this leads back to his recusing himself from... well, everything, and leaving it all in the hands of former Obama people.  

Now that Muller and the FBI have literally EVERYTHING in Trump's lawyers' files we're off to the races.  Even if there is nothing incriminating, all Muller has to do is ask everyone to retell of events from years back, find an inconsistency and slap them with "lying to the FBI/federal prosecutor" charges and down they go.  It will become toxic to have any association with Trump and his administration.  

I really expected Trump to be better at firing people who were in obvious and overdue need to be shown the door.


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FoggyWorld NoDebt Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:41 Permalink

He unfortunately doesn't seem to be surrounded in that WH with competent people and it may be time for him to find a professional Human Resources person who gets the up front vetting done before an appointment.  The current system isn't working where someone is a friend of someone and is nominated and has to wait for the FBI to check them out.

And so many at the FBI seem to not want him to have competence around him that an outside firm ought to do that work more rapidly and better.

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Cautiously Pes… NoDebt Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:41 Permalink

It is a foregone conclusion that they will not stop until they can link Trump directly, or indirectly, with something, ANYTHING, that could remotely be deemed an impeachable offense.  The pharisees and sadducees (deep state) can't wait to trap him by any means necessary.  The 2020 election is coming fast and I predict nothing short of blood in the streets on this next cycle.  Too much at stake.  Keep your peckers hard and powder dry boys!  They is gonna be a gunfight!

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NoDebt Cautiously Pes… Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:10 Permalink

"they will not stop until they can link Trump directly, or indirectly, with something, ANYTHING, that could remotely be deemed an impeachable offense"

They already have the impeachable offense.  The payment to Stormy Daniels will be called an FEC (Federal Election Commission) violation.  And, therefore, an attempt to illegally influence the election.  (Of course, nobody remembers that Obama paid the largest FEC fine IN HISTORY after his 2008 election for tens of millions in unreported campaign donations and nobody screamed for his impeachment.)

Now, of course, all of this is just an excuse for impeachment, which the Ds will try if they regain the House regardless.


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Endgame Napoleon ejmoosa Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:49 Permalink

Anything to get the focus off of keeping the status quo intact on immigration and offshoring so that Deep Stater Globalists still have full access to willing, kneeling, profitable-for-them, foreign wage slaves.

When the biggest shift in offshoring was in full thrust, back in the Nineties, Deep Staters were using their power to dig into the details of Clinton’s sexual affairs, using that as the bread and circuses, while letting Bill Clinton give China access to the USA’s advanced satellite tech. 

Deep Staters also had no problem letting B. Clinton facilitate the shipping of over two million US jobs and SS contributions to cheap-labor China right before the Boomer retirement.

Deep Staters were fine with Clinton signing a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that ensured job displacement for millions more American citizens by welfare-using, womb-productive illegal aliens that arrived—post-NAFTA—by blazing-hot van full after blazing-hot van full.

All the Deep Staters and the $$$$-eyed MSM cared about was a National Enquirer-worthy “investigation” into Clinton’s personal life, not his horrible, middle-class-tanking economic policies.

If this is another Clinton-style bread-and-circuses scandal, the Deep State cloak and dagger will not work any better than attempts to distract from mass offshoring, welfare-sponging immigration and mass underemployment of US citizens by the MSM, the Deep State’s PR wing. 

The corrupt Establishment will not be able to control the narrative as well after 30 years of further middle-class erosion. Back in the Nineties, Americans still had a residue of the post-WWII general prosperity, enough to afford such distractions, unlike now. 

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ClickNLook NoDebt Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:12 Permalink

Ya'll thinking that Trump committed to his pre-election promises and he should do that and that.

What if he is a willing and skillful participant in this "real" WWE wrestling match?

That would explain things much better than your 4D chess theories and the tales of legendary sealed indictments. 


Meanwhile, enjoy your temporary tax break, and don't wash your MAGA hat with whites.

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Endgame Napoleon ClickNLook Tue, 04/10/2018 - 10:22 Permalink

Most Americans did not get enough of a tax break to cover even groceries, filling up one-fourth of their carts—one-item deep—as opposed to the monthly EBT allotments that, on top of free rent, monthly cash assistance and refundable EITC child tax credits of up to $6,431, finance the heaping groceries, spilling over the carts of single moms and illegal alien moms in single-earner households that stay below the earned-income limits for welfare programs by providing cheapskate employers (who also got a significant tax break) with a willing workforce of part-time, low-wage employees that is mostly supported by big government.

Other groups who got tax breaks include moms with lots of spousal income, working part time to add even more vacation money to the household budget. Those non-hard-working moms, leaving work every day at the busiest times off day when paying customers light up the phone lines, got thousands in a non-refundable child tax credit for home renovations and trips.

Some dual-high-earner parents, the group that halved the size of the college-educated middle class by keeping the decent jobs with benefits in fewer households, got thousands to spend on their frequent and lengthy trips to Europe (For Kids).

Millions of single, childless citizens and single parents with kids over 18 got nothing significant in the tax cut. They still have rent that soaks up more than half of their earned-only income. But parents are using their progressive-tax-code child tax credits to finance $900 tattoos, beach trips, master-bedroom furniture, kitchen redos and other non-essentials that enhance the lives of womb-productive adults.   


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caconhma Adolph.H. Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:52 Permalink

The US Constitution is Dead. Nowadays America is 3rd  world country and people do not mind as long as government welfare freebies are coming.

As for Trump, he is a low-life fraud knowingly participating in this show. He supposed to be a US President but he is just a Tweeter.

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DillyDilly 3LockBox Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:27 Permalink

So based on your logic, the fact that:


- I vehemently disagree with the appointment of Bolton as national security advisor.

- I think the $1.3T omnibus bill should have been vetoed


That means that I need to 'stand by' those decisions? I don't give a fuck about Kamala Harris, or Oprah, or anyone else... They're not POTUS...

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Endgame Napoleon caconhma Tue, 04/10/2018 - 10:46 Permalink

Unless you count programs that Americans pay into at either 7.65 or 15.3% on up to $127,200 in yearly income until age 65, freebies flow to few in America, and a large percentage of the people getting their bills paid by government from 100% non-contributory freebies are citizens of other countries.

Those noncitizens, along with citizens in single-earner households, are paid by the US governemt to have sex, reproduce and work part time, which is how they get the freebies: by staying below the earned-income limits for  multiple monthly welfare programs and even-more-generous welfare allocated through the progressive tax code. 

You most certainly do not have to be a citizen—raised to respect the US Constitution—to get your major household bills (groceries, rent, monthly cash assistance, electricity, etc.) paid by US taxpayers through monthly welfare programs and a refundable child tax credit (EITC) of up to $6,431 from the US Treasury Department.

What is required to get those true freebies is non-hard-work, performed for low-paying employers, that keeps you under the very, very, very low earned-income limits for monthly welfare and the cut off for the refundable EITC child tax credits.

The cut off for the up-to $6,431 in refundable-child-tax-credit cash is higher than the limits for monthly welfare, meaning that more citizens and noncitizens get paid in increasing amounts per transaction (per live birth) for sex and reproduction through the progressive tax code than through monthly welfare programs, but many citizens and noncitizens get both as a multi-layered monetary reward from government for sexual intercourse, producing US-born kids and performing part-time work at low-wage levels.

The US government pays womb-productive citizens and noncitizens to undercut non-welfare-eligible citizens, facing rent that absorbs more than half of their earned-only income, in the labor market. 

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sister tika Adolph.H. Tue, 04/10/2018 - 09:21 Permalink

"He's owned by the deep state."

If that is true, why are ((they)) so desperate to remove Trump from office? Why are they continuously trying to block, dilute, disturb, complicate, clutter, belittle, discredit and diffuse EVERYTHING he does? Huh?

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Endgame Napoleon sister tika Tue, 04/10/2018 - 11:04 Permalink

Life is complicated, not black and white. A person can hold views, knowing those views are morally right, while having self interests that conflict with those beliefs. Everyone is like that, whether it is a low-income fiscal conservative who worked for meager wages or for limited net income in self-employment his entire life or a rich person. That person of limited means does not have the choice be against the Social Security that he paid either 7.65 or 15.3% of his paltry earnings into for decades. If he applies hardcore conservative fiscal theory to the max—black-and-white style—he will live on the street as a punishment for working hard his entire life for beans, with 0.00 left over each month after basic expenses were paid to speculate on the stock market for retirement purposes. 

Contradictions apply at the top, too, when rich people know in their hearts that destroying the middle class in their country with mass-scale, welfare-hoisted immigration and mass offshoring of jobs to countries with rock-bottom labor costs is morally wrong. But after 40 years of American-owned companies screwing the US middle class, if individuals take a black-and-white approach, they could lose their own shirts since the market has been set this way for a long time. Even though they are rich, they do not have the choice to be against their own interests. Well, they do have the choice, but most people at the top and the bottom of the economic ladder are not going to throw away all of their possessions, living in a diaper and going from stanger’s house to stanger’s house, like Gandhi or Mother Theresa. 

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DillyDilly tmosley Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:18 Permalink

Yes [he should put down that useless piece of shit Twitter account, & whereby just about everyone on ZH brags about NEVER using Twitter or FB, & only you & other narcissistic motherfuckers seem to think it's cool]


I'm the public, & I'm sick & tired of it. (If you're so in love with social media, I'm sure you won't mind having Zuckerberg as POTUS, and Sheryl Sandberg as VP)

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tmosley DillyDilly Tue, 04/10/2018 - 08:22 Permalink

No, you are not the public. You are at most one member of the public. But really you are an eternally butthurt loser, and your opinion carries absolutely no weight.

Now go spend the rest of the day digging though my post history in a vain attempt to embarrass me because you can't comprehend the how somebody could be anything other than a loser like you.

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