Trump Cancels South America Trip To "Oversee" Syria Military Response

At the start of the month we reported that according to White House sources, Trump was pushing for a Nafta deal "over the next two weeks", which was expected to be unveiled "in principle" at the Summit of the Americas in Peru on April 13-14.

Alas, a Nafta deal announcement will not happen - or anything else for that matter - because moments ago the White House announced that Trump has canceled his South America trip to oversee the US Syria military response, which is expected to be announced - or launched - momentarily.


In lieu of Trump's, VP Mike Pence is now scheduled to go to Peru:


Sarah Huckabee Sanders' full statement below:

President Trump will not attend the 8th Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru or travel to Bogota, Colombia as originally scheduled.

At the President’s request, the Vice President will travel in his stead. The President will remain in the United States to oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world.

It appears that when it comes to "wag the dog"-type distractions, Trump believes that war is far higher on the attention span meter than global trade treaties.


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General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years - YouTube - March 2007

And he said, "I just got this down from upstairs" -- meaning the Secretary of Defense's office -- "today." And he said, "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran." I said, "Is it classified?" He said, "Yes, sir." I said, "Well, don't show it to me." And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, "You remember that?" He said, "Sir, I didn't show you that memo! I didn't show it to you!"

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After years of not voting, I voted for Trump based on his campaign pledge to get the US out of needless wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, and to restore normal relations with Russia. If he goes ahead and bombs Syria again without any solid proof that the Syrian government is behind the latest alleged gas attack, he has lost my support and I will not bother to vote again because doing so is pointless.


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an inner voice tells me that Russia is feverishly looking for ways to send a very clear message to "the US" (what- and whoever that might be) without having to blow a vessel  out of the water and/or take down a couple of aircrafts.

I expect a declaration of close military cooperation between Iran, Peking and Russia as precursor to a full fledged defense treaty in defense of an ever increasing US aggression.

/s And the Germans are downright blessed to be ruled by AM. /s

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I'm as pissed about this Syria business as any of you, but I do see this just a bit differently. Trump either has to have some sort of military response - or he has to OPENLY call out CIA/Mossad as having false-flagged the gas attack.

Why do you think that festering shitbag Mueller ordered the raid on his lawyer yesterday? Trump is being forced into this war, kicking and screaming. I'll bet that at this point he knows goddamn well that Bibi is pulling the ultimate puppet strings (although Bibi's are pulled by Rothschild, of course).

Trump's two choices are do nothing and let the communist media scream "dey gassed da chirr'ens!!" or engage in the military action the (((globalists)) hunger for so desperately.

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Then he will be accused of collusion with Russia.

The globalist controlled media will have a great time tearing him apart and this is what Crobyn has been subjected to in the UK. Might not like the man but that would be the fate of Trump.

Either way we are going to war wether you like it or not, so reckon within 2 weeks war or something will open up.

Now I will say this ... no nation has ever conquered Russia in the winter so the time of the start has to be around now and you have no more than 6-8 months to complete the conquest. Because like Napolean and Hitler found out ... the Russian Winter will become your enemy.

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"Then he will be accused of collusion with Russia."


He's been accused of that since his inauguration !! 

And regarding if the russians can or can not be beaten in the winter... nuclear war don't need good weather dude...

And Russia has its back to the wall at this stage... 

Afterwards we are ALL in a "winter"... at least those not close to ground zero....


Trump & Co. are going to be the death of us all... I always thought that would be Hillarys choice... time to put your head between your legs... & kiss yer ass goodbye... 😔

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veritas semper… HopefulCynical Tue, 04/10/2018 - 10:09 Permalink

Well ,if Trump is being "forced" into a war and can not call out a false flag ,risking in this way Millions of innocent lives because of that ,it means that :

-he is a beta man ,not an alpha one

-his ego is too big and not worth Millions lives

-the consequences of a fake investigation are not more valued than those of a false flag with criminal consequences

-if he can not stand the pressure of being a real man and doing the honorable thing ,he should resign

Do you even realize what you are advocating for ? A WW so he can avoid Mueller's investigation and Satanyahoo's push ?  Based on a lie as casus belli ?

How about he does the right thing ? Appear in front of the American public and say he can not start a criminal war based on lies ,if he indeed is pushed into it (which I very much doubt)

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HopefulCynical veritas semper… Tue, 04/10/2018 - 10:24 Permalink

I'm not advocating for any such thing. I'm saying that the "deep state" has gotten into a frantic frenzied high gear.

The Democrats, wholly owned by the Jews, want war with Russia to satisfy their long-held grudge over the Pale of Settlement, and scream about Trump/Russia collusion to get it. The GOPe, owned by the exact same people, present it as a war against de ee'bil commie Soviets, despite Russia no longer being that.

The actual Trump supporters and voters have been disappeared from the (((media))), replaced by a caricature of the cast of Hee Haw in Nazi uniforms.

Trump is totally isolated right now. Have you ever watched the nature shows, where the lions cut an animal away from the herd? It's not that he doesn't have support; in fact, I think the majority of the country supports Trump doing ~80 - 90% of what he campaigned on. It's just that THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ITSELF HAS BEEN DE-PLATFORMED BY THE GLOBALIST MEDIA. He has no choice right now. All he can do is attempt to play 64D chess so as to not lose GOP control of Congress in the midterms. If he comes out and says, "Hey folks, not only is it Fake News, it's False Flags," he will be compared to Alex Jones 24/7 in the (((media))), and McConnell/Ryan will have no problem throwing Congress to the Democrats in November. Remember, they WANT Trump impeached as badly as Schumer & Pelosi do, but they don't dare do it themselves. Their plan is to lose the midterms, collect their shekels, stand aside while Trump is impeached and removed, then take another mouth- and ass-full of globalist dick.

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No elected president through the actual system will be better.

I was not talking about this.

Pence or Hillary or any other selected psychopath is the same.

The system is  not savable at this point

I was talking about Trump doing the honorable thing for himself and humanity . And telling the American people the truth. (you said that Trump is forced into this ,so this implies he is unable to resist doing the wrong thing).

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Trump is president. His job is to fulfill his campaign promises. How's that wall coming along? Oh wait, got some Syrians to kill instead. Innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental guideline for western democracies. It's also embedded in the UN human rights charter. But who gives a fuck? I'm beginning to think Hillary couldn't have done a worse job. At least she wouldn't have broken all her campaign promises.

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So far you have 5 down votes on a great comment.  All that tells me is that at least 5 people either didn't even read your comment or they won't even consider 'logic' as a possibility.  I'm with you.  Trump is being forced to put on a bit of an act while his team works behind the scenes.  Taking down the deep state is not an endeavor that will only take a few weeks.  It will take the remainder of this term and all of his next one.  And yes, he will win another term.

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I find it challenging to believe that any critically thinking person could still believe (if they ever even did) that Trump is different from THEM and and seriously trying to undermine and depower THEM when he has done nothing but surround himself with THEM.......Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.....He really should go to Peru and find out how much he is despised throughout L.A.  How do I know? I live there........and plan on staying there what with the world situation.......

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1.  Trump needs USMC for security.

2.  USMC has had a bad couple of weeks with aircraft accidents.

3.  Trump needs lawyer Cohen.

4.  Fire at Trump Tower.

5.  Raid on Cohen office and home(s).

6.  Operation Talpiot.

Trump needs to keep at least the warhawk faction from bubbling over so I, giving him the biggest benefit of the doubt, suspect Trump is working to arrange a strike on Syria that is symbolic only.  Then he can tout his tough actions against Assad without actually doing much damage.  If Russia goes along it will be because they will have a chance to further test their missile defense complex.  It is also an excuse for Trump to stay hunkered down and safely away from assassination.  The tail certainly does wag the dog but perhaps this guy is also using it to save his own life.

The awful thing to think is that there is not going to be a civil war in the US but that there already is one and we are powerless and uninvited.  If the Trump cheerleaders want to explain why he has not called the people to action against our internal enemies rather than just providing entertainment via twitter then I'm all ears.  If he is legit, he is being very foolish for not calling real Americans out into the streets instead of playing theatre of the absurb.







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Bro, there is NO "gas attack" No one one on the ground confirm any injuries by poison gas, nobody admitted in Syria working hospitals. It's created by media and NWO film production white helmets. Skripal provocation belly up, this is plan B next day "Assad Animal" operation. The problem is either they think entire world population are complete morons, or they don't even care what anybody think. Surrealism.. Too bad China sitting on the side lines. One single move from China could stop this BS ones and for all. Chinks you are next!

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I'm sure he is preparing his speech before CONgress asking for a declaration of war.

Or did he change the law and it now allows him to tweet his decree?

Republic?  Bwaaaaah.  Maybe if you add lots of bananas.

Remember to tie lots of yellow ribbons round the old oak tree for the good little soldiers doing their masters' bidding.

What a fucking joke.


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1. Trump is sleep golfing us into a war
2. We are pushed into the 18 th hole.
3 Trump's winning team of future Nuremberg characters :
4. Pompeo ,the CIA enhanced diplomat
5. Haspel ,the American Mengele
6. Bolton,his life size Mini Me
7. Mattis ,the rabies spreading American attack dog
8. Trump's chocolate cake is cooked with Tomahawks
9.Our cake is digital
10. Americans live in a Disney world ,made of iphone selfies , self proclaimed TV heroes and real life cartoon characters
11. Russians lost patience
12. Chinese lost money
13. Syrians lost heads
14. The world lost faith in America
15.America lost her mind . Is there any winner ?
16. Vae victis !

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This is going to be a coordinated, comprehensive response. NOT just military.

On the military side... This will be a big stick response.  

It is the start of a much larger program to destroy the mullahs in Iran.

Israel and the Saudis as well as France are with the USA. 

The Air Force, with Support, will try and destroy all of Assad's air force.

This will mean the use of bombers inside of Russian controlled air space.

Your going to see how well USA and Israeli jamming systems  work on the S400 and other Russian top of the line air defense. 

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