Off The Grid

While most people across the developed world take electricity for granted, quite a few countries are still off the grid.

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, this was graphically illustrated by a famous photograph taken from the International Space Station in January 2014. In one frame, it tells quite a story. It shows the two Koreas at night-time with the south illuminated in light while the north is cloaked in darkness. According to The World Bank, 32 percent of North Korea's population have access to electricity.

As bad as that level of access may seem, there are places where it's even worse.

Infographic: Off The Grid  | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

As can be seen from the infographic above, huge parts of Africa have to cope without electricity along with sizeable chunks of the population in several Asian countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

South Sudan is the country with the worst level of electricity access worldwide - only 4 percent of the population there are connected to the grid. The situation is also poor in Burundi (7 percent) and Chad (8 percent).


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By the time the first sea voyages arrived in Africa,  the natives still had not invented the wheel.  Says something about IQ there.  Not much has changed.  Without the intervention of food and medicine from the white civilization,  the natives will devolve back to mud huts from which they came.  White farmers are now being welcomed back by Zimbabwe (after being driven out and killed from land expropriation with no compensation) since black Africans can't sustain farms to feed themselves and are starving to death. 

Natural selection  (we wuz kangz n shiet)

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yarpos Troy Ounce Thu, 04/12/2018 - 06:01 Permalink

your comment makes no sense, nobody was forced to go off grid or is even talking about it

if they stop fighting for long eneough and can get access to enough of other epoeples money the Chinese and/or others can build them a working grid.   The real issue come when it needs to be sustained.  Within a generation or two it will revert dysfunctional chaos (Zimbabwe/South Africa)


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Electricity is a bit of an abstract process for outer Niggeria to grasp.

The biggest improvements there will come from the 1 million Chinese who are now living there.  An injection of Neanderthal and Denosivan genes will almost certainly up their test scores in several generations.  The state of being black is the total lack of either.  Thus there will be no blacks after enough generations of intermixing.

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I DV you because your statement has a TON of naive assumptions.

1. Africa HAS problems getting on the grid, because it's people aren't educated enough to run a plant, supply the plant, finance maintenance to a plant or even operate household electricity without  fire,shock, or death. (Last one can be taught)

2. However, I was raised in the 70's in a small town. The only building with AC was the courthouse and the grocery store. We didn't have a swamp cooler! We had open windows/doors, fans and screens. Hoses, sprinklers, and a lake. For entertainment, bicycles, Tonka trucks, sticks for swords, and garbage can lids as shields. We hiked, and explored the local hills for adventure, caught crawdads with our hands, beat hitch with bats, crawled through the plaza drain tunnels, and ate TONS of wild blackberries (because there were NO sweets at home)

45 years old today, there are plenty like me, we'll be just fine my friend. Pull the plug and watch us laugh at our children/grandchildren!

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I blame Sally Struthers.


She ignored every wildlife management program's Rule #1: don't feed the animals. It makes them dependent on you, prevents them from developing the skills to feed themselves, gives them just enough freedom from starvation to rapidly outbreed their own resources, and creates an unnatural and unhealthy pecking order between them.


The Rwanda massacre, Sally. That shit is on you.

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Soon to be a greater portion of the world?

We saw the doom articles regarding a North Korean EMP, if real, what would be Russia's capacity to inflict one?

any_mouse Thu, 04/12/2018 - 04:08 Permalink

For what purpose would they use electricity?

They've survived millennia without civilization.

They may be better off than the rest of the world that is lied to constantly by Ashkenazi Jews through electronic media.

oncemore1 Thu, 04/12/2018 - 04:08 Permalink

They do not need to make pictures from space to see it.

It is good enough to make a corelation between population growth and electricity. The highest population growth corelates with the worst el. Infrastructure.

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When did the butthurt start making comments here, of course no one gives a rats ass what anybody says or cares to read a reply. I have absolutely no idea if anyone has ever replied to any of the ignorant shit stirring crap I write.

Who has time to go back and see what some other shit for brains wants to peck out on the web.

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Data from lit vs dark areas in satellite images? This analysis seems to assume that population density is evenly distributed over land! False premise, erroneous conclusion.

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Africa. From South African Philitelly 'yes I can butcher words to hell' (Postage stamp collecting) to Burn the White Farmers Alive. Interesting bulletless technique there. Yeah I want people to immigrate from that place like I want to trade places with McAfee's penis at dinner time (do you think he'll cook it first?) Maybe they can store enough electricity in batteries to electrocute the farmers?

Government nee… the night watchman Thu, 04/12/2018 - 09:08 Permalink

Like .gov on a taxpayer.  Please take your negative judgments over to, they could use you . . . if only they enabled comments on their propaganda.  And remember, the Chinese, Indians, Russians, and Japanese dont believe in 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism'.  That's about 50% of the world's population.  Why not take your beliefs, and a few million breeding pair of niggers, and go spread your diseases!

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They don't have electricity, because they aren't civilized society.  People would invest in electricity production and distribution, except for the lack of property rights, and people who lack anything of value to trade for electricity, because the government (let's be real, the dictator and his hangers on) would take it if they had it.   And even if they built transmission lines, people would tear them down for the copper.   It's a free for all steal for me, with the dictator leading by example.  Which is why it isn't civilized society.

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"cope" without electricity? Why does the news media act like electricity is somehow vital to life?

Electricity is barely over a century old and in common use for less than likely 80 years. Thats a brief span, hell current living generations in the US still remember what its like to not have it. My grandfather didn't get electricity until 1955. It makes life easier but you don't NEED it. Unless you live in the absolute deep south humid hell, you can live without it. Some parts of the south where considered uninhabitable until air conditioning. 100 degrees and 100% humidity is no joke. Plenty of non electric ways to do things, although in a modern age it becomes harder and harder to find them. I'd love to find  an absorption freezer designed to run on a wood fire. They used to make them back in the 20s but nothing outside of some serious DIY work exists anymore. You can make electric via PV, wind and hydro and generators can run on wood gas but eventually nothing beats the economics and reliability of hand driven tools.

I have a feeling one day we might end up in the same boat as the North Koreans electric wise.

GeezerGeek Deveak Thu, 04/12/2018 - 11:10 Permalink

As someone who owns many hand-driven tools, most of which are older than I am, let me warn you of this: as time goes by, the "economics and reliability" of such tend to decrease. At least that's my experience. Or perhaps I'm just getting too old to use them as effectively as I once did.

Some of your solutions work fine in a proper environment, and I applaud you for mentioning a few - particularly the freezer designed to run on a wood fire. I recall seeing, in a book on Heat and Thermodynamics from long ago, a design for a gas-powered freezer (it burned the gas). Other things, like windmills and such, may not be permitted in many areas, particularly in a gated community. Of course once 90+ % of the population dies off there will be few left to complain. 

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So according to the (goal-seeked?) map, 73.76% access rate to electricity already constitutes nirvana?

I call bullshit on that more obfuscating than enlightening map.