Here's How The US Government Influences What Food You Eat

Few Americans are aware of the extent to which the US government influences not just the price of their food - thanks to the massive subsidies the US Department of Agriculture disburses to America's farmers - but also the contents of menus at restaurants and fast food chains.

In a report published this week, Bloomberg explains how the USDA's marketing arm helps farmer trade groups pressure fast food chains to add certain items to their menus. From mushrooms to blueberries, mandatory fees levied by the USDA help finance a cohort of industry lobbying groups that work closely with restaurants to push certain ingredients. These campaigns often have a powerful impact on farmers' bottom lines: In March, Sonic - a fast casual burger chain - introduced two new burgers to its menu that both featured white button mushrooms: Instead of being 100% ground beef, these two burgers feature a blend of beef an processed mushrooms. The mixture dramatically lowers the calorie count of the burgers, satisfying customers' demands for healthier alternatives, per Bloomberg.


What many don't know, however, is that the introduction of these items was the result of a monthslong lobbying effort by the USDA funded Mushroom Council, a trade group that represents mushroom growers.

The committee's various lobbying efforts are already bearing fruit (pardon the pun): In the year ended Jan. 28, US sales of mushrooms grew by 4.9% to $1.24 billion compared with a years earlier. And much of this growth occurred before the 3,500 Sonic locations added the new menu items.

But despite the fact that farmers get back $9 in sales for every dollar spent on marketing, according to a research study conducted by professors of agricultural economics at Texas A&M, some farmers have decided to sue the USDA to try and scrap these mandatory payments to the USDA.


Their argument? The marketing efforts benefit foreign and domestic farmers equally, and the marketing often doesn't do enough to make clear that foods produced in the US are typically of a superior quality - at least, that's what the farmers are arguing.

In 2016, the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America, a nonprofit that advocates for independent U.S. ranchers, filed a complaint arguing the required fees violate the First Amendment by forcing them to subsidize speech they don’t agree with. The group supports Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee’s legislation prohibiting mandatory checkoff fees.

"We’re forced to pay and advertise foreign beef in the U.S.," said Bill Bullard, chief executive officer of the Montana-based legal fund. "We have a superior product, and it’s coveted the world over."

Others are happy to pay the fees. Why? Because who could forget marketing campaigns like "Got Milk?" and the "Incredible Edible Egg". These campaigns had a powerful act on the American consciousness, and also helped spur tremendous boosts in sales.

In other words, farmers will readily pay the fee - if it can be demonstrated that they benefit from the campaigns, which often take years to successfully execute.

A victory by a trade group representing blueberry farmers is another example of how the push to partner with US restaurant chains is proving to be a successful strategy.

Recently, blueberries landed on the menu at steakhouse chain Sizzler USA Inc. in the form of a blueberry lemonade -- considered a big win for the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, which worked on bringing the refreshment to the chain’s menu. Sizzler had 123 outlets as of last year, according to Technomic.

Because the fruit isn’t in season during the winter, Mission Viejo, California-based Sizzler is getting them from Peru. In May, the company will add more blueberries, as part of a spinach salad with almonds and feta cheese.

"Because the growers all pay into this fund, they want to know what the council is doing for them," said Andrew Hunter, a chef who works with the mushroom, egg and blueberry marketing programs. "This is a tangible way for boards to say, ‘This is what we’re doing for you.’ Sizzler’s blueberry lemonade. That’s tangible."

In 2015, more than 8,000 chain restaurant locations added blueberries to their menus - including Dairy Queen, Wendy’s and Red Lobster. Another group funded by the USDA via these mandatory marketing fees claimed responsibility for this, citing a multiyear effort to court fast-food companies.

And other campaigns are underway.

The American Egg Board, working with ad agency BBDO Worldwide Inc., is relaunching its "Incredible Edible Egg" ad campaign from decades ago with a slightly modified tagline: "How do you like your eggs?" But the name has been shortened. It’s now "The Incredible Egg."

So next time you see a new food trending - think how millennials love avocado toast - don't assume it happened organically. Somewhere along the line, a carefully crafted marketing campaign devised by one of these government-backed groups forced its messaging into your subconscious - often without you even knowing it.


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Oh my this is hilarious.

In 2016, the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America,..., filed a complaint arguing the required fees violate the First Amendment by forcing them to subsidize speech they don’t agree with. ...

"We’re forced to pay and advertise foreign beef in the U.S.," said Bill Bullard, chief executive officer of the Montana-based legal fund. "We have a superior product, and it’s coveted the world over."

We have a superior product? Standard cattle ranching in this country is a disgrace. First they pump them up with growth hormones which isn't good for anyone. Then they are sent to a feed lot to stand in their own filth while gorging themselves on GMO corn. Sure corn is sweet and tasty but steers are ruminants. They have no way to digest this grain so they start to get sick. No worries here are antibiotics to make sure you don't die before we slaughter you. Fuck them and their "coveted" beef.


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Luckily, I live about 10 minutes away from a family farm that delivers grassfed beef, bonebroth, no soy chickens and pork. Expensive at double the price of conventionally grown meat but it takes twice as long to raise. I've noticed that the eggs change with the seasons as well. Shell thickness and yolk colour peak in mid summer due to bug availability and content outdoor chicken psychology 

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I grow what I eat. I kill rats otherwise everything eats off my table. Owls cruise over most nights, but I feed wild birds. I fed their mothers, they come back, generation on generation. I don't think they know me, they just know there is food here, year on year. I have pictures you wouldn't beleive, 6th generation free, wild birds so tame they land on me, just to me. The crows are special. They are so smart and they live 20 years. They know me and they look after other bird species. They send other bird species to me. Absolutely remarkable.

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Good post, the birds are conscious.

A point about the US department of agriculture. This is a federal agency from the 1800's, even though farm states have an agriculture department, a duplicate agency is a part of the federal government. Not many know, the federal government agency system of government is a Northern State creation for martial law.

The Northern States had the nation under martial law after the civil war, congress creates the agency from one law and the agencies issue regulations backed by that one law. It's unconstitutional.

Now we have 17 intelligence agencies spying on us. The Federal government works to control every aspect of our lives. We are broke and we're still sending soldiers to kill people all over the planet. No word on down sizing the Federal government, absolutely no effort to turn over duties to states.

Many amendments to the constitutional were done to destroy self rule of the states. The Northern States represented by New York, passed the Federal Reserve Act, the income tax act and the state killer act, Senators would be elected by popular vote instead of being elected at the state legislature. No longer did state legislatures debate the business of the United States. Each Senator became a president, with no term limits. This took power away from states.

Red Shield financed JP Morgan and many families, it was Red Shield which wanted the Federal Reserve. According to Greenspan who flew from the London banking district known as "The City" to tell us in NYC that we could not audit the Fed because the Fed was above the constitution.

In Great Britain, "The City" is a royal banking district which is over the people. It is what ran the British Empire. The people were used as slaves to fight wars upon wars, dump opium on the Chinese etc. The same royal companies are still operational and nothing as changed. They manipulate the US into wars from the beginning. Each war the US has been in WWI and WWII were manipulated by the British. Just like what we're seeing today.

Who runs the London banking district known as "The City"? you guessed it, these people who call themselves Jews, an excuse was the royals couldn't trust their own people to count the gold. This isn't true, because the royals were taken over by the ancient snake people long ago. (Do you really believe the Fed still has over 8000 metric tons of gold, which the US Treasury owns, but is controlled by the Fed, strange partnership, the US Treasury owns it, but can't audit it and can't control it, what happens when the American people realize their gold is in royal vaults under "The City" in London? They will never be allowed to know the truth. Ron Paul was chasing wind mills.)

The people coming to America were trying to escape royal rule. When we read of groups like the Bilderberg Group, does anyone know what it means? It's not covered by the media system.

Over 50,000 Native American children were killed in Canada for a ritual. The young Queen took ten children for a picnic from this Native American school never to return them. I wonder why?

We're dealing with the most sophisticated killing species in the history of man. No one asks logical questions of any of this. Why? because they don't believe they can do anything, they believe they're powerless, but having knowledge is power.

Notice the effort to control the internet, the plan to control the internet was the Bilderberg meeting attended by the tech moguls, what happened, we started getting appliances that spy on us, our data is collected, list made and information exchange is shut down by censorship.



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Do we need to hang ourselves like you have hung yourself for being too afraid to think outside the box?

See how they resist deprogramming, a perfect specimen. I haven't got time to deprogram everyone, perhaps a few today, more tomorrow. More and more are waking up.

When we get comments like this one, it means we hit pay dirt. He's so afraid to have his belief bubble popped, he fights back with nasty comments. It's OK, this has happened so many times, the comment proves his belief system is questioning the reality he lives.

Looks like we have a lot of posters today who are loyal to the queen not willing to look the data in the eyes or even have a debate.

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I read the queen was indicted and convicted in an international court. There were several Christian minsters in Canada who were asking for justice for a long time, I followed the story for years.

One of the royals is a proven pedo, it could be because they intermarried.

Are you Canadian, well it's easy to find out, or are you UK, and can't take anyone reporting something on the royals?

I'm just reporting what was a big deal recently, many were talking about it.

You don't believe the royals can be pedos? That they are perfect and all is well?

Billions are spent protecting the image of the royals in the UK.


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There is a lot of data on this after mass graves of children were found.


The order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

After nearly a year of litigation, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

On May 10th, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children.

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There was a lot of data on this after ministers did the investigation.

This is about as accurate as possible, but many royals have been accused of pedo activity and one was outed who ran with Prince Charles.

I can't discount this after mass graves of children were found which made people in Canada ask questions, it was big but MSM didn't follow it anywhere. Just because MSM didn't say anything doesn't mean something didn't happen.

There is a global pedo operations, even Trump signed an order to stop it because it is huge.

The mass graves were a big deal when it was reported, but the MSM didn't report it, but local Canadian stations did.

50,000 children were buried from the beginning of the school, a royal funded school for Native Americans. It was called a mass genocide across Canada. After I read this I started monitoring royals and sure enough several have been outed over the years, but no court time because they're immune from prosecution.

The queen is perfect and loves her subjects, right?


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The royal who created the Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhart, also created the World Wildlife fund, everyone thought they were saving animals. The World Wildlife fund buys land for reserves, the money is then used to build buildings, plush quarters for royals for hunting trips. Royal hunting reserves. period.

I researched this, the world is not what we think it is, especially when these people control the media. How many times has the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission been mentioned in MSM? Zero, until people started figuring it out, one UK paper reports on them. Only recently is a UK newspaper reporting on it.

Recently Bilderberg met close to DC, who went?, McMaster and Ross, that we know of, each president must be vetted by the Bilderberg Group. They meet once a year.

Clinton and DOD Gates went to the Bilderberg Group which planned the Libyan take down. It was attended by the Queen of England, major shareholder of BP and Queen Beatrix the Dutch queen and major shareholder of Royal Dutch Petroleum named what? Shell Oil Company. Kissinger was there too, it was in Switzerland. There was a mass protest at the front(not on MSM), a Swiss legislature went down and demanded entry, they broke his nose. Many of the group flew out by helicopter like Kissinger.

After this Bilderberg Group created a web site to explain what good people they were etc. no they decide wars and who is to lead.

I could go on, but it's true, General Betrayus went to one meeting, he's on video running from a reporter.

I don't care if anyone believes, there is a global pedo operation who steal children for rituals. period. I don't care if you don't believe about the Bilderberg Group, I know what I am writing about and I will continue, your comments make me stronger, your down votes means I am hitting pay dirt.

Most of you have been conditioned by the TV like a dog is conditioned, just like the serfs of Europe have been conditioned who are still serfs. I am an American not a slave, not a serf, I will point out evil.

Many of you have been conditioned to be evil by the TV, conditioned like a dog to be evil and to seek evil. It is to harvest you for their god. Even if you know about the evil, you will continue to be evil because you want to be evil.

If you want to go to God, you can't do it by going to church. You must have honor, this is the criteria for going to God. Honor is like gold. One earns honor, in battle to protect your village. There are no US villages in Syria or any place else except in this country. Honor is protecting the children and people of your village, not stealing from people, not killing your own people in anger, not hurting children.

Honor is protecting the families of your home town. period.

Honor is making sure in your village all are taken care of, the poor, the old, everyone, that is the path to God, not giving money to the Church or this extraordinary evil government.

I promise you, honor is THE criteria for going to God.

It is my honor to try to wake you up to evil so you will not be harvested to the snake god.

Will Mattis go to God? no, he ordered the killing of a wedding party without doing due diligence in a foreign war for oil. A war for oil after it was determined the North Sea fields were being drained dry, ordered by the royals at a Bilderberg Group meeting. A mason family of thieves was chosen to lead, the Bush family is not what you think. Now Mattis is acting like he is saving lives in Syria after this nation followed Saudi, Qatar, Israel in the funding and creation of ISIS.

The media is controlled by who?


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Another point, food would be real inexpensive if we had the right to plant what we want. Agriculture is controlled in this nation.

Powerful combines like Cargill manipulated government control of agriculture to run small farmers off the land into the control grids of cities. Back then there were factories, and this was an official government plan. The farm was also a social safety net, now no more, we have no place to go, factories gone, now new factories are robots. We're supposed to be a service economy said Greenspan who helped destroy the people, he pushed to have banking laws changed.

The North American trade agreement was for firms like Cargill to sell their products in Mexico, they dumped corn on the Mexicans to destroy the local corn market. Every food in Mexico is dependent on corn. The small farmers were wiped out.

They were forced north to feed their families. An entire culture was destroyed by huge grain combines just like they destroyed small farmers in the US.

That's what the agriculture department is used for. Clinton destroyed the nation's strategic grain reserve which was a farm subsidy program, now money is handed out to huge combines and other interest.

The Great Depression? was over when Rosenfelt came to power, the liquidity(money) was drained from the banking system. It destroyed everybody except NYC. The American people could no longer hold gold, 1933, the banks where the gold was held in safety deposit boxes was stolen without payment of any kind.

My great uncle was the Mayor of Jacksonville Florida, I didn't have the heart to tell Mark Woods the reporter who wrote about the past. My other people were early Florida businessmen, they were wealthy cattle barons and real estate, they killed themselves. All across the nation people killed themselves when the Jews took over.

Before that the Jews were the mafia, not the Italians like we are told, the Broffman family of Canada controlled the Jewish navy on the great lake in to Detroit, they controlled the purple gang which did the killings which are so famous. Prohibition was a huge success for Eastern European mafia calling themselves Jews.

Las Vegas the gambling racket was Italian? It was the Eastern European Jews too. The Italian mafia was always used in the media as the culprit, never a mention of the Jew mafia.

In Jacksonville over 1000 people a year were killed,(this is based on ratio of today's population) it was many more, because it was a key rum running city. When I was a child the last mafia still ruled the city, Dixie mafia was their enforcers. I can go on but you wouldn't believe it, the Jews killed Kennedy.

Over 240 cities in this nation had a mafia family, the masons were another element of control. The FBI was all masons, the evil masons and the Mormon masons. The evil masons were controlled by the Jews, the Mormon masons were loyal to Jesus.

It's a long story, someday I will spend more time on it to show you how your minds were created. In the meantime, you will not take any kind of drugs, the drugs don't cure you they manage symptoms, no mind drugs, no pills, none, you're authorized beer, wine and cannabis.

You will have one weapon to give the police in your home and one greased and ready in the woods.

You will watch your children and the over all family's children, talk with them all the time, spend time with them, use nature to make you and your family strong. Protect them. Ask them what they teach at school, question the school etc. be involved.

Don't drink public water. Eat natural as possible, if you know a farmer in the country, ask him questions about how he grows his crops, work with him on a schedule, develop local networks.

If they say, we have a bad disease, and you must take a shot, don't take it, don't go to the stadium of joy to take a shot. Stop all shots to children, you've been programmed to believe in science.

Don't watch TV, get rid of it, your children don't need it, read, paint, camp, play, fish, cook, be happy, no TV. Read.

I grew up before TV was the mind of the nation. Cut them off, there is no need for them, be free of it all. Nothing they say is true anyway, leave that culture behind, go back to being an American. Work to get your mind back, and don't fall for all these agendas from NYC.

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A great many have opened their minds. Many question the reality they live, many have answered some of the questions they have asked about their reality.

There are many more questions which need to be asked and answered, some can't handle it when their belief system is questioned, it is because they've been programmed since birth with reinforcement all through life.

It is difficult to wake up when one's neural pathways have been grown through programming like television. It is like bars to a prison cell, a mind prison, a mind cell. Once they can break some of the neural pathways, they question everything trying desperately to understand. I try to be an objective as possible.

We must remain in pure objective reality, we can't lie to ourselves, because we will lie to others. We are humans and we must win.

Thank you for your acknowledgement.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Spike the Railroader Mon, 04/16/2018 - 00:21 Permalink

I appreciate your understanding in these matters. It's real serious now, in the old days we could use e-mail to communicate. But now they have list, what I write is dangerous to them, they don't like it. Too many are waking up, this is why list are being compiled.

Contact with me can get you killed, this is why I didn't respond.

I am a soldier, nothing more, nothing less. I have to think like a soldier, you're a soldier of the truth, I want you to be strong and able.

They're scared now, all of this could go in a direction which they don't have control. It's happened before. It seems like time is speeding up, it isn't, they control our time and are trying to speed it up. There is no such thing as time, that is man's interpretation of reality.

If you like, ask me a question in the open to stay safe. I will try to answer, but I grow tired easily these days and will try to do my best.

Again, I appreciate your understanding of what's happening and what happened to  us to be where we are in this era. Not many can open their minds, but those who do have the power of knowledge. You are one of those who have power from knowledge.

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They did a objective investigation and church ministers in Canada were behind it.

The Native Americans asked for help for years, did you review the hyper link to the investigations? why were there mass graves of children?

So you're saying you believe in fairy tales that there isn't a huge global pedo operation when Trump signed an order, it is the highest priority to shut it down, it's an international effort and we're reading about it all the time.

There were many Canadians who worked to uncover this, it wasn't a conspiracy, it was a major effort and there use to be much more about the Native American children.

The ITCCS was the only place they could take it because the UK spends billions protecting the reputation of the royal family. This was big in the UK too and there is more than enough evidence from workers who have said there are weird happenings with the royals.

Are you in the UK? Are you not willing to look at this in an objective manner?

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They only do that because the consumers do not want grass fed beef which is extremely healthy. They want lots of fat in their rib-eye's and the easiest way to make a cow fat is with grain.

So if you do not want to participate in the feed lot production of fatty cattle, stop buying it and buy pasture raised grass fed beef.

I'd love to be able to sell my cattle without sending them to a feed lot but you have to do what consumers expect.

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