UK Moves Submarines Next To Syria, Strikes May Begin As Soon As Thursday

Shortly after Theresa May declared that she could act in Syria without approval from Parliament, the Telegraph is reporting that the prime minister has ordered UK submarines to travel within striking range of Syria, and adds that strikes could begin as early as Thursday, which is when May will call an emergency cabinet meeting over Syria.


With the US's Truman carrier still a month away, the "coalition" will rely on UK and French ships. US air support will likely also be involved, suggesting that any attack on Syria may be based on a joint UK-French naval operation, with US air support.

Meanwhile, as reported earlier, President Bashar al-Assad has already started moving aircraft and military vehicles away from air bases that could become targets for the coalition's bombs.

Mrs May hardened her stance towards Syria as she said the UK, US and France were “rapidly reaching” a clear picture of who was responsible for last Saturday’s chemical attack on Douma, Eastern Ghouta.

Mrs May said "all the indications are that the Syrian regime was responsible", adding: "The continued use of chemical weapons cannot go unchallenged."

Sources indicated to the Telegraph that Mrs May has now abandoned any intentions of seeking the backing of Parliament - which does not sit until Monday - for military action.

There are reports that President Bashar al-Assad has already started moving aircraft and vehicles away from air bases that are likely to be targeted, and both Mr Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France have stressed the need to act swiftly.

On Wednesday afternoon, in the US, President Trump told reporters to expect a decision Wednesday night, while Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has said "a number of options" are on the table regarding US action in Syria. 

Trump has also reportedly come to the conclusion that Syria was behind the brutal gas attack in rebel-held Ghouta - and that Russia failed to guarantee that Syria's government had given up its stockpile of chemical weapons.

A source inside Whitehall purportedly told the Telegraph that May has broad support to join in US airstrikes in Syria, but that "further discussions" are needed with the US and France before a final decision about an escalation could be made. Gaining the backing of her cabinet is the last obstacle for May. The Telegraph added that whatever she decides, military actions are expected to be carried out before Monday.

May has recalled her cabinet ministers from their Easter break for an emergency meeting where she will discuss how the UK should respond.


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It sounds in the realm of what is possible that Brits and Americans are complete idiots manipulated by Jews. Especially considering the total inadequacy of this  hysterical and childless British lesbian. 

Anyway should they send missiles in Syria, chances are that it would be to clean up terrorist cells about to be captured before they spill the beans.  An honorable way of cleaning up the damn evidence before leaving. This or they clearly are going to trigger serious reaction from Russia. And they may be negotiating with Russia in such case. 

Otherwise there's going to be some serious nuclear waste at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. A good remembrance of the defunct Americano British Empire. 

For those who enjoy American and British military idiosyncrasies and diversity badassery, enjoy:………

Maybe Theresa would like to transition? 

I think Russians are already afraid, but not for the good reasons...


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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DownWithYogaPants beepbop Wed, 04/11/2018 - 16:39 Permalink

Just outlast them Vlad.   All you have to do is keep dodging punches till they run out of money.

We all know something is up with the PetroBuck.  Lord only knows this is not about Syrian baybees.  I am betting Deep State Zios already have a large false flag cooked up to start something.  I hope very much the American people don't bite on another one of those.  I think at least 50% now are skeptical of anything that happens.

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serotonindumptruck JohninMK Wed, 04/11/2018 - 18:13 Permalink

Russia has Iskander deployed to Syria?

News to me.

I thought (nuclear capable) Iskander was permanently deployed to the Eastern European front, to counter increased NATO aggressive land-based movements against the Russian Federation.

Russia does have S-400 missile batteries deployed to Eastern Syria, and this missile technology is vastly superior to any Western military capability.

Once the S-400 goes hot, escalation to nuclear weapons use from the West becomes likely.

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zoo Perimetr Wed, 04/11/2018 - 20:38 Permalink

The US for sure has technology we haven't seen yet but the more scary and sophisticated military technology is on the Russian side. Going to war for such an insignificant piece of land is insane. While NATO was fighting wars, the Russians were sending spies to study each weapon's technology. They have ways to jam and know a few things about electronic warfare. NATO is at least 2 generations behind, at least 20 years behind in research. But they have the numbers and they can destroy Syria, but at what cost? Russia won't just sit there. There will be nukes!

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She is apparently trying to get all of her sailors killed! How do you get a better globalist?


Note to the UK! You voted to leave the EU, You forgot to remove you EU Whores from office. Wonder why everything is a shit show?


Dump the EU, throw out Islam and their partakers. The best and brightest will run to your door. Like that has ever happened before. It has happened before.

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commoncourtesy Algo Rhythm Thu, 04/12/2018 - 10:16 Permalink

Which is the exact reason why we cant have a small group of psychopathic criminals with power concentrated at the heart of society. What we can do to help protect us from psychopaths is NOT give them Taxes, Standing Armies and titles of implied "authority" such as "President" or "Prime-Minister", to commit their mass crimes in our names (instead of their wealthy perpetrators) and free from consequence.

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Yep, without a morsel of evidence. 

NOTICE - Treason May

In the age of information, if you choose not to provide absolute proof (and instead use fake propaganda video's produced by the White Helmets and paid for via British & US tax-payers) it becomes willful ignorance and your willful crimes should never be forced to be anyone-else's problems.

It is perfectly obvious, one way or another your wealthy MASTERS are insisting on regime change in Syria at whatever cost.

People all over the globe are starting to realize you have zero right to control others via aggression, coercion and force

Please stop this nonsense.    

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veritas semper… macholatte Wed, 04/11/2018 - 18:36 Permalink

 If they wanted to strike ,they would have done it.

 This is a desperate try to save face. maybe Mr. Putin will offer a way out.

 In order to get to the "animal" Assad ,the mighty US and fellow idiots ,need to :

1. get through the Russians ; impossible without trigger a WW and then it's lights out for everybody

2.kill all the Syrians ,who support their president ( kinda dreamy task even from the American part)

3.kill Mr. Assad ,but then again we fall into point 1.

So ,what we have now is a Bar Mitzvah dance in order to deflect the dilemma they have.

Maybe the Russians will offer some help. Miracles may happen,

Operation STORMY DESERT is f*cked up : they can not go all in and they can not pull out . I guess they're stuck in.

(for any erection lasting longer than 4 hours ,see a doctor ,in this case a psychiatrist and a surgeon for amputation )


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