Trump Lawyer Raid: Bank Records, Taxes And Deals With Women Sought

In perhaps the world's biggest case of mission creep, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation has gone from Russian collusion to whether Donald Trump was shaken down allegedly paid past mistresses to keep quiet about his marital indiscretions from over a decade ago, reports ABC.

Sources told ABC News that, according to the warrant, investigators sought records related to Cohen’s interactions with adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who claims she had a one-night stand with Trump in 2006, and playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims they had a 10-month affair from 2006 to 2007. Both women said they had consensual relationships with Trump long before he was elected president. Trump has denied their accusations.

Investigators also sought records related to Cohen’s interactions with Trump campaign officials during the 2016 election cycle, according to the sources. Cohen never held an official role with the campaign, but he became deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee after the election. -ABC

The New York Times also reports that investigators were interested in records tied to the "Access Hollywood" tape in which Trump can be heard bragging to host Billy Bush in 2005 that women let men "grab them by the pussy" when you're "a star." 

It’s a broad swath of documents and records with those categories and it means that those categories were approved by the Judge as that there is probable cause of a crime in each of those categories,” said Matt Olsen, a former prosecutor and ABC News contributor. “The thrust of it appears to be about potential campaign finance violations...but it’s surprisingly a broad request of documents.”

On Tuesday night, President Trump dined with famed law professor and pundit Alan Dershowitz, who told Slate's Isaac Chotiner:


I know they went after bank records, for example. Bank records could be gotten from banks. I am told they went after tax records. Tax records could be gotten from the tax authorities. -Alan Dershowitz via Slate

Perhaps most saliently put in a 13-part Tuesday Twitter thread, New Yorker staff writer Adam Davidson explains exactly why the raid on Cohen's office is such a watershed moment in Mueller's probe.

The upshot, is that, other than Don Jr. or Ivanka turning states' witness against their father, Cohen is the former Trump Organization dealmaker who is most likely to provide investigators with evidence of criminality.

(Thread can be found here, knitted together below for your convenience) 


Michael Cohen is the most important non-Trump in the Trump business world. 

He oversaw nearly all the foreign deals as the Trump Org shifted its focus to sketchy third-tier overseas oligarchs. 

He was not part of the Trump Org legal team in any real sense. Trump Org lawyers either set up contracts for deals others had brought or they handled litigation. 

Cohen did neither. He was a deal maker. The only non-Trump deal maker doing all those international deals. 

He, Ivanka, and Don, Jr., were the entire global development team at a time when the company was exploring dozens of deals all over the world. 

If he were to flip, it would be Ivanka and Don, Jr. who should be most worried

We know, of course, that the Trump Org did business with corrupt politicians, sanctions-violators, money launderers, etc. The only open question is how much they knew about their partners' activity. 

Cohen knows how much they knew. He knows what he told them. 

He is also the most obvious link between Trump and Russia. He oversaw the deal in Georgia which was, explicitly, a first attempt at a former Soviet deal with the goal of a ring of Trump properties all over the CIS.

Cohen flew to Kazakhstan and negotiated the failed deal there with Timur Kulibayev, a close ally of Putin's.

Cohen then worked on the Trump Moscow deal in 2015/2016.

In none of these deals was he acting like a traditional lawyer--simply advising, writing contracts, etc. He was in the country, meeting with the partners, structuring the deal, going back to NY and explaining the deal to the big boss and his kids.

Other than the President, nobody knows as much as Cohen. (And Cohen does seem to have a good memory).

It was stunning that Trump made Cohen his sole personal attorney post-election. Cohen left the Trump Org to form a firm with one client: the President.

But Cohen had never acted as a regular attorney for Trump. He had always been the fixer/deal-maker. So, the move to his new private firm seems solely designed to provide attorney-client privilege. To get his documents out of the Trump Org and into a private office.

This moment is what Trump has been terrified of and trying to avoid since long before Comey was fired and Mueller appointed.

Short of Ivanka or Don, Jr. flipping, Cohen is the key witness.

He knows way, way more than Manafort or Gates.

Also key: it's been a rough year-plus for Cohen. He lost his place in Trump's inner-circle, didn't get the big ticket to the WH.

He has been loudly/vocally loyal, But, in my experience, nobody in Trump-world is truly loyal. It's all transactional and a grand performance. (People have actually told me: I don't care how you make Trump look, just make me look like I am defending him.)

We'd guess the probability of a Cohen-pardon is high and the likelihood of Mueller being fired has grown.

We would also guess that there are NY state charges.

Mueller, of course, knows all this and much more and referred the raid anyway.

It's on now.



macholatte Cognitive Dissonance Wed, 04/11/2018 - 20:42 Permalink


What Trump should do NOW!
..... start firing people at DOJ beginning with Sessions, then Rosenstein then on and on until he finds someone who will agree to indict Hitlary & Obama. He might have to fire over 200 people.
So what! Fuck it!

.... start firing people at FBI beginning with Wray then on and on until he finds someone who will agree to purge the FBI of the criminal elite.  He might have to fire over 200 people.
So what! Fuck it!

Fire the entire Mueller team.

Trump could bring in experienced people from outside DC to take over DOJ and FBI.


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IridiumRebel BaBaBouy Wed, 04/11/2018 - 22:46 Permalink

What? You and Bes with your stupid fuckin comments ad nauseum?

Your shits old. Five days ago Mueller, fuckin 9/11 cunt that he is aka “YOUR BOY” said Don was not in criminal trouble over Russia so they toss the Constitution out and raid the lawyers office to create some shit.



You don’t have to like Don but understand where we are as it stands to the rule of law. And don’t pander to the Joo hate crowd so you can fuckin fit in. Cunt. Our system of law is dead. You cheer that on. So fuck you.

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Jackie Moon macholatte Wed, 04/11/2018 - 21:01 Permalink

What he should do now is release the video...there's ALWAYS a video.  Wouldn't you take make a video?  His approval ratings will go through the roof (at least with men, but according to Hillary women only vote as their husbands tell them too, so who cares).  Also would piss off CNN.  So win/win.

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Grandad Grumps macholatte Wed, 04/11/2018 - 22:17 Permalink

I gave a thumbs up, but do not believe the end justifies the means and do not want a dictator. Chairman Xi is now a dictator. Can a good person be a dictator? Maybe LKY was a good man who was a dictator ... but Singapore is small. Ironically the kids are now fighting over the succession and power in Singapore.

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andrewp111 macholatte Wed, 04/11/2018 - 23:21 Permalink

No. Firing people doesn't change anything. It just shifts the investigations to new investigators. Trump should start issuing pardons. Pardon Cohen and everyone else charged by Mueller. Mueller/Rosenstein will try to charge the President with obstruction, but so what? That bird has already flown. It will happen regardless.  There are probably NY State charges against Cohen, but Trump can't do anything about that. He can shut down all Federal charges, though.

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Lore macholatte Fri, 04/13/2018 - 13:51 Permalink

What's disappointing in this regard is that he doesn't seem to have gone in with any plan. Apparently, his approach to the presidency is like that of a bull in a china shop: charge around, knock things over, make a lot of mess and noise, and see what's left standing when / if the dust finally settles. Pathocracy thrives on chaos.

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Exactly right.  All Americans should be against this shit which is subversion of the electoral process, but 90% just line up by tribe/Team.  The Reds cheered Kenneth Starr, and the Blues cheer Mueller.  And no, it's not different.  Starr struck out on Whitewater so it became about a cum stain.  Meuller struck out on Russian collusion so it became about a cum stain.

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Disc Jockey LetThemEatRand Wed, 04/11/2018 - 21:37 Permalink

Respectfully LETR, I disagree while agreeing with a good portion of what you've said.

Yes. The political blood sports are similar and I find them just as distasteful. I remember thinking that the Clinton shit was nonsense back in the day.

However, one point I would make is that the focus of the investigation now seems to involve activities Trump was involved in BEFORE he was president. It's like Whitewater in reverse.

That to me is a pretty big difference.

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This only indicates how desperate Mueller has become. He's obviously shot his wad on finding any convincing evidence of "coordination" of somebody (anybody, please!) in the Trump organization with Russian officials during the campaign.

When this ploy goes nowhere, he will be asking City Hall to provide all their parking tickets going back to 1970 to see if he can discover a "violation".

Curious thing about the "Stormy" business: paying blackmail isn't a crime. Neither is having sex on the side (unless you pay for it).

The DoJ and FBI have their "honor" to uphold and will stop at nothing to keep the truth about their own "campaign operations" to come out. Hopefully the IG report will soon land face up on Main Street, and then we'll get a better idea what really went on.

ebworthen Wed, 04/11/2018 - 20:29 Permalink

If true Trump was banging some nice tail.

Access Hollywood videos?  Clearly a witch hunt. 

When will Mueller or Rosenstein say "He turned me into a newt!"?

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Women like that only love the wallet. Men like Trump only love endless hot pussy. Both are superficial with no respect for each other. Such is life in the fast lane. All of them eventually hit a wall when their 15 min of fame comes to an end and the next round ratchets into place. Dumb entertainment for the masses living meaningless lives who crave sensationalism. 



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yes Miffed.  Know all that well, coming out with my wonderful laughing irish catholic boyfriend to find some chickie sitting on his porche. Waitresses coming out from behind bars to try to  stand between me and another boyfriend a icy blue eyed handsome man in a cream silk suit and crocodile boots etc.

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and here on QVC with the heart breakingly childlike american women its even clearer.


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damn woman, you're out there.

take a break from reading Cosmo or whatever joo-rag wastes your time

maybe go back and compare your freak stats to include Korea, and ' nam.  Jesus, what makes you think an 18 - 20 YO guy was fully grown ?  Answer : no way, still growing.

I'll bet you've studied how many had their dicks blown off,  too.  damn !

On a lighter note, learn to spell porch, or Porsche.

Bonus Q : in what age range does a man reach his peak NATURAL strength ?


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