Trump Will Make Decision On Syria Strike Tonight: BBG

Update (3:20 pm ET): Apparently, Trump's meeting with Mattis and Dunford has been a productive one.

Bloomberg reports that Trump will decide tonight whether to strike Syria - but the timing of the execution (or abstention) is undetermined.

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Minutes after Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford arrived at the White House to meet with President Trump, Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs reported that, despite Trump's belligerent tweets from earlier in the day, his administration is still weighing options for military action in Syria, and no military strikes are expected to be announced on Wednesday.

The delay should not come as a surprise considering only today the US deployed the USS Truman carrier strike group and 7 warships for Syria; the crossing of the Atlantic will take at least a couple of weeks, and earlier today the Pentagon said that the ship will reach its target in "mid-May."

The news follows a Fox News report, citing satellite images, showing 11 Russian battleships leaving a port in Syria. That report sent equities higher, though it was later reported that their departure was part of a Russian military drills, according to local Russian media.

Earlier in the day, Mattis said the US was "still assessing" whether the Syrian government was behind the deadly chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town near Damascus. It also follows reports that Russia is blaming the US-funded "White Helmets" group for staging the chemical attack.


Ironically, as the US hesitates, UK Prime Minister Theresa May - still angry over embarrassing disclosures that it jumped to conclusions when blaming Russia for the nerve-agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter - has also decided "to act" on Syria, even without the approval of Parliament, according to the BBC

Earlier this week, the UN Security Council was blocked by Russia from authorizing an investigation into who was responsible for the Syrian gas attack.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signaled restraint, saying Wednesday that he hopes cooler heads will prevail before the tensions between Russia and the West escalate into a full-blown military conflict, which some have called simply "World War III."

For his part, Trump again blamed Special Counsel Bob Mueller and the Democrats for the deterioration in US-Russia relations in a tweet this morning, just minutes after warning Putin that "nice and new and smart" missiles will be fired at "gas killing animal" Assad.

More concrete news about the US's plans for retaliation will likely surface after Trump's meeting with Mattis and Dunford ends later this afternoon. At least one US warship is anchored in the water off Syria, and is loaded with 60 tomahawk missiles should the order come down.

Finally, keep in mind this is Trump, where mood swings are not optional, and why a few hours from now there may well be a mushroom cloud in the middle east.


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Just look at this map...

MOAR Pipeline Wars: Jews fear being gassed (by their own government) before exports to Europe even begin


"...the natural gas energy boom on which Israel’s economy may become increasingly reliant in years to come."


" is easy to see why the Israeli government and AIPAC's whores in Washington, D.C., have been so keen on regime change in Syria."…

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My wife always passes out and I have to end up taking her dog out for the "final peepee."  Last night I said "take the dog out now, I don't want to have to do it later."  She told me she would do it later.

I said, "don't 'Donald Trump' me, I know  you are going to pass out and I'm going to have to do it!"

That's going to be my new thing.  When people try and blow smoke up my crack and screw me I will say, "hey buddy, I wasn't born yesterday, you are trying to 'donald trump' the wrong guy!"

<honk honk>

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Syria was lost.  Last year's news.  North Korea was lost decades ago.  Any missiles fired will just be for show.  This is all theater for narcissist Trump.

Most likely nothing will happen AT ALL.  Last week he said leaving Syria soon.  Today "animal Assad".  If it's the same guy tweeting, 25th amendment coming soon.  Stable genius is now schizo nutzo.

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I said it before, Mattis does not want more war, I bet we do nothing of substance on this.  My guess is they are stalling so like the British thing, the details will make their way out and discredit the "official" narrative that was put out by the terrorist, excuse me ISIS, sorry, CIA, whoops my mistake, the Rebels.

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Some time to re-think my comment...  Last week Trump announces leaving Syria soon.  No US interest.  Time for others to contribute.

A few days later, Trump is given a *good reason* for not leaving Syria.  In fact, to escalate.  Some coincidence, eh?

Who is being played here?  Is Trump stupid enough to believe the false flag?  Or has Trump always wanted to stay in Syria and now he can convince us, the sheeple, that it's the right thing to do?

He is surrounded by neocons who want the war.  The european *allies* and Israel/Saudi want the war.  Is Trump being played or are we?  I don't think we'll ever know.

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It doesn't matter anymore dotard...




Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 11, 2018


With that statement, DJT 'jumped the shark' and is beyond redemption... It'll probably end up getting him impeached (in some sideways manner which will probably even be stupider than what he didn't realize was the TWEET that he buried himself with, but no matter)...


How can even the people who he conned into supporting him believe anything anymore from his overactive thumbs?


He's TOAST... A twittering piece of toast... He's even more stupid than Colin Kaeperniks girlfriend... They're both afflicted with the same disease...

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Not many will vote for him again (after this)


I've been into the professional fitness industry for 30+ years & there has been one thing THAT HAS NEVER CHANGED in all those years...


- 33% of people are enthusiastic fitness freaks

- 33% of people wouldn't go near an exercise class if you put a gun to their head & laugh at everyone (even if they themselves are fat)

- 33%  bounce back & forth [The entire fitness industry is devoted to the first 33 & trying to keep the last 33 motivated]...


It's all psychology...


That's why Trump has jumped the shark (because the very moment a TRAINER makes it more apparent to a CLIENT that  what the trainer is getting paid for means more than giving any benefit to the CLIENT ~ It's over)...

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I agree up to a point, because probably not the same people. There are divisions among the oligarchs exactly as there are at every other level of the human world. Divisions that might go back to the Crusades, maybe even before the fall of Rome.

What is the same is that all these oligarchs (of all stripes and persuasions) want the same thing for themselves, being world domination. It's not even about money at that level, it's about the power of historical narrative and revenge for past wrongs, racial memories going back scores of generations.

This is a game that almost nobody can keep track of.

I wonder what the first autonomous AI thinks of it all, when it finds out what the game really is about.

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Guess who the scriptwriter is too.

Trump may be operating under the rules of international extortion.

Trump and the whole US MIC deep state establishment is 'owned'.


Because of Unit 8200 and the Talpiot program/project/operation/shitshow (Whatever you want to call it. ...... It's 'secret', you morons. .... You know who you are. .... The ones that  play name semantics and keep wanting to tell me I'm crazy because Talipot is name of some village in the desert instead of some Zionist theft of hi-tech scheme.)

Like him or hate him, Brendon O'Connell, is dead right.

Let's just call it = TALIPOT ....... And the Intel CPU chip built-in backdoor HACK. The short name suits me.

I also wonder how many US Navy Swabs know all about the story of The USS Liberty comms ship?

Live Hard, Do A Little Googling, Guys. ...Search: "The USS Liberty" For Our Sailors While Underway To The ME. ...... A Little Light Reading To Pass Some Bunk Time, Die Free

~ DC v8.8


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I suppose it would be somewhat comforting if the US and Russia would cooperate to have a fraudulent Potemkin minor war. This would serve to distract everyone from the death of the petro-dollar. Maybe the Russians would get to eliminate the missiles on the border with Poland. Also maybe they get to crush the western Ukraine NAZIs. Win-win.

On the other hand, it will scare the crap out of the common people. And also increase the chance of an accidental Armageddon 1,000x.

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I wish that was the case but no, he's not getting cold feet this is going to happen and may be happening right now.

There are reports coming out now on several Arab media sites and live update sites like Syria.liveuamap that large explosions have been seen and heard coming from several government controlled areas in northern Syria. This may have nothing to do with the impending attack or it may be the beginning of it but we should know soon either way.

The Pentagon also confirmed that the sources on the ground that verified the Assad regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attack are reliable and accurate so that question had been wrapped up, at least for there purposes.

So every available piece of information clearly indicates that the attack is a go regardless of the potential consequences.

It really is just a matter of when the if has already been determined and most likely before this FF chemical weapons attack even happened.

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 If they wanted to strike ,they would have done it.

 This is a desperate try to save face. maybe Mr. Putin will offer a way out.

 In order to get to the "animal" Assad ,the mighty US and fellow idiots ,need to :

1. get through the Russians ; impossible without trigger a WW and then it's lights out for everybody

2.kill all the Syrians ,who support their president ( kinda dreamy task even from the American part)

3.kill Mr. Assad ,but then again we fall into point 1.

So ,what we have now is a Bar Mitzvah dance in order to deflect the dilemma they have.

Maybe the Russians will offer some help. Miracles may happen,

Operation STORMY DESERT is f*cked up : they can not go all in and they can not pull out . I guess they're stuck in.

(for any erection lasting longer than 4 hours ,see a doctor ,in this case a psychiatrist and a surgeon for amputation )

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#1.  A highly geo-strategic area that involves the transfer/delivery of energy, and competing interests for trade in currencies other than the $USD

#2. A highly geo-strategic area which involves keeping the neighboring Arab states of Israel in a perpetual state of chaos and disunity.


I'm sure there is more, but encapsulated, that about covers it.

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