China's Xi Says The Task Of Building A Strong Navy "Has Never Been More Urgent"

While most of the world remains fixated on Syria and Russia, China's PLA Navy is in the midst of an unprecedented provocation in the South China Sea as a fleet of Chinese warships conducts its 3-day combat war drills in the waters south of Sanya, the southern tip of China's Hainan Island.

With China's presence in the waters off its southeastern coast growing increasingly threatening, President Xi Jinping declared on Thursday that the task of building a strong navy "has never been as urgent as present". His remarks were part of a speech made during the country's largest fleet review since 1949.

Xi also urged the navy to stay on high alert to safeguard national interests, and said the Navy should strengthen Communist Party leadership.

Meanwhile, China's latest war drill comes after military jets from the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command conducted exercises over rugged terrain in western China to simulate an invasion of Taiwan earlier this year. Also, China recently celebrated the opening of its first foreign military installation since World War II, in tiny Djibouti, located on the Horn of Africa. The world's most populous nation has approached the government of tiny Vanuatu - an island nation in the South Pacific - about the prospect of building a military base there. That would place Chinese forces within 1,500 miles from Australia.


Not long ago, a senior US military commander, Admiral Harry Harris, who is set to become the next US ambassador to Australia, warned that the US must prepare for the prospect of a "hot" war with China. Other top military commanders have described China's strategy of gradually intensifying aggression in the Pacific. China is using its Navy and Airforce to gradually prod and test its neighbors and other powers - including the US - into accepting an expanded Chinese military footprint in the region.

The PLA Navy recently installed radar scramblers on one South China Sea outpost to jam military signals in response to the US's second "Freedom of Navigation" mission of 2018. These missions typically involve a US destroyer sailing within 12 miles of one of China's outposts in the South China Sea.

After clarifying earlier today that China hasn't engaged in trade talks with the US and isn't planning to offer any concessions, it appears trade tensions between the US and China remain much higher than the market recognizes.

And as investors continue to ignore these trade tensions we wonder: Will equity traders wait until we're on the precipice of World War III before we see a genuine bear market emerge?


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China did that years ago, so they tell the world now so it thinks it understands what happened when 6 months from now China unveils its modern fleet in a surprise attack on the west that obliterates their obsolete Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers.

Mazzy Zero Point Thu, 04/12/2018 - 21:50 Permalink

But one can dream can't they?

The sooner the US crumbles, the sooner Israel will be left isolated and alone....and that's a good thing for the planet.

Oh, and as a side note the American people might actually be able to break the shackles of the DC government, the NYC fleecing, and the LA based media/pornography industry destroying our society.

And coming full circle I'll happily point out: (((DC)))  (((NYC)))  (((HOLLYWOOD)))

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DownWithYogaPants Mazzy Thu, 04/12/2018 - 22:06 Permalink

I would think you would have learned by now that the Rothschilds cultivate all sides of a conflict.

What makes you so sure that Rothschilds are not pulling strings in China?  Seems to me that it would be awfully sloppy work on their part if they did not given they've had 30 ish years of China rising. Quite in fact I'm sure they would have been working at it from the get go. 

Israel is the domain of the Rothschilds. Quite in fact Israel provides R-schilds with an many services exclusive to governments.

So don't break out the champagne regarding the apartheid state of Israel yet.........

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kaboomnomic Zero Point Fri, 04/13/2018 - 01:19 Permalink

Let see... WHO has the most subs?? Here,…


And who's subs surfaced near US ships? Leaving their comander dumbfounded??…


That is the OLD song class DIESEL submarines. And you idiots can't even hear it.

And that's NOT the first time it happens. Here,……


Still toting the "fearsome" US carriers?? Here, from your own US media.…


LEt me get this straight. F/A-18. The prides of USAF. Range. Combat range? 741 km.…


DF-21D ASBM. Range. 3000 km.


So. You carrier STILL in the OPEN SEA. Can't send F/A-18 to attack China mainland. And the nuclear tipped DF-21D raining down on your fleets?? Too fucking stupid to understand??



Now. You think about F-22/F-35 squadron to attack China?? Here DUDE. Came from YOUR OWN THINK THANK.……


Here RAND research paper on the above matters.



And you think, you can WON going to war with MAINLAND China?? Too fucking stupid to understand??


Ohhh.. i forgot. Do you really THINK China CAN'T SEE your F22-F35? Here Dude,………


China HAS ALREADY the QUANTUM SATELLITE in orbits. Do your idiots country has quantum satellites??……



Do you know WHERE the HIGHEST POWER of laser facilities in this world? In US?? NOPE!! Here,……


Still thinking China is a backward country?? Too fucking stupid to understand

Don't know WHY you need to built laser that high? No. I won't tell you. Apparently you are too stupid to digest science tech's.



And WHO has the FASTEST SUPERCOMPUTER in the world? US?? NOPE!! Here,


WHY you need the fastest computer? Well.. 1 applications? is this,…


Oh.. do you know, China is building EVEN FASTER supercomputer? Here,…


And do you know, these supercomputer use INDIGENOUS CPU? Here


The US FORBIDS the sale of AMD/INTEL to China.…


So?? China made it themself. Still thinks China is a backward country? Too fucking stupid to understand.



Do you think China is a backward country?? Here, documentary from US own media.


If this video deleted? Search YT using keyword, "Machine of Ancient China".


US haven't been borned yet!! Europeans still live like cave man. And see, what China builts.


Too fucking stupid to understand??


And US wants to go to war with China??? Not even Kardhasian's ASS really that stupid...

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Aireannpure Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:11 Permalink

Does the world really need another big Navy? Soon the high seas will be crowded like everything else. Chinese will just build junk anyway. They need to build our wall and pay for it. They do build nice walls.


Consuelo Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:12 Permalink

"Will equity traders wait until we're on the precipice of World War III before we see a genuine bear market emerge?"


It has been 80+ years since anyone - collectively speaking, in the United States has experienced anything approaching grinding hardship.   Conversely, what have the Chinese, Russians and even Europeans experienced in that historically short time frame...?

Labworks Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:15 Permalink

Sir, all our shit is fake or made in plastic, how are we supposed to build ships when we can't even produce a headset properly?

Shut the hell up peasant, quality is not important here! 

Yes sir!

Salute me and thank me for my eternal leadership!

Yes sir!

Good goy, Goy-san. Now get out of my face and start building those bamboo carriers!


OliverAnd Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:20 Permalink

This guy is clueless still living under the Iron curtain.  The other day he threatened to do what the US has been doing for the past 50 years that got them in trouble.  Today he claims that a strong Navy is crucial.  A strong Navy was crucial many years ago but today you need to deliver the fight from a large distance almost instantly.  Take for example the aircraft carrier that left the US and heading to Syria.  That will take a few days before reaching and allows the 'enemy' to prepare.  What a modern army needs are planes that can fly long distances without refueling.  Navy ships should simply be for protecting merchant ships.  

Joiningupthedots Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:22 Permalink

Pointless article.

The future of the world in the next 100+ years is Chinese industry power by Russian energy.

The paradigm has changed forever. If you understand this then you understand America, France and the UK wandering around the Rim Land trying to remain relevant.

Syria is but one manifestation of this.

OBOR is being constructed to make the naval dominance of the Western (read America, UK and France) completely irrelevant.

China by constructing artificial islands has effectvley moved its beach head far out into the South China Sea and placed the country far from the American carrier power projection.

In fact all of the carriers of every nation who can build them are now obsolete.

The MIG 31 mounted Khinsal can destroy them from 2000km launch points.

What Russia has today, China has tomorrow.

THE DORK OF CORK Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:38 Permalink

The USofA could concentrate it's navy back in 1991 because the cold war was over.

If it bottles up large units of its surface fleet in the Med & Gulf this time ........

The open ocean is easy game for enemy sub and aviation assets.

Moscow could well be playing a bait and switch.

Sacrificing it's vulnerable Syrian units only to release forces into east Europe that will not be reinforced  by the west because of sub interdiction.


Crassius Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:39 Permalink

Note the dictator for life Xi.

You can’t steal, lie, cheat your way to anything but overthrow by the masses.

History applies to you, too.

Tiananmen Square 2.0

21st.century Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:43 Permalink

Xi also urged the navy to stay on high alert to safeguard national interests, and said the Navy should strengthen Communist Party leadership.

there's the whole story-- why writers continue to refer to Xi as "president" is pointless- he's the dawning, dynastic emperor-- Chinese Dynasty's and communism don't mix either-- moving back to feudalism. 

Xi for life still hasn't been digested. Haven't seen any reporting on what the Indians think of a Chinese Dynastic system ? India matches the  +/- 18% of world population--- and the Indians have farmland

( and are pretty good farmers too)+ they got da bomb.

if they ever learn to stop pissing and shitting in their drinking water-- and out grow the caste system they'll be more of a balance to China.  

THE DORK OF CORK Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:44 Permalink

Again this coming war is not a local expeditionary war .

The chess board has been made far bigger then the contained Korean & Vietnam conflicts.

The US is short of destroyers to cover peacetime commitments , the Royal Navy surface fleet is no more...

Why is the Atlantic powers making such a elementary mistake ?


alllegal Thu, 04/12/2018 - 19:48 Permalink

It's not too late for China to play catch-up. The United States Navy is still learning how to avoid collisions with bridges, fishing trawlers, tankers and container ships.