Russian TV Instructs Citizens How To Prepare Bomb Shelters For Nuclear War

Russia-24 (Россия-24), a state-owned Russian-language news channel from Moscow, spent five minutes on Tuesday advising its viewers how to prepare for a nuclear war amid the increasing tensions with the United States over Syria. The television anchor urged the country’s citizens to purchase essential items and emergency supplies to stock their bomb shelters.

The title of the television broadcast “Inviolable stock: what should I take with me to the bomb shelter?,” explains how a nuclear war with the United States would be “catastrophic,” as a TV anchor from Russia-24 informed citizens how to get ready for World War III.

“If some people did give in to the panic, and decided to spend all their savings on a survival kit, we’ll tell you how to not waste money on something you won’t need.”

He recommended that people purchase salt, oatmeal, and other products that have a long shelf life. He even said powdered milk, grains, and sugar could last for years in storage, as one video during the broadcast demonstrated how to cook pasta while hiding in a bunker. The special broadcast then transitions to the next TV presenter Alexey Kazako, who explains the number one rule of surviving a nuclear blast is “fewer sweets, more water.”

He said: “All chocolates, candies and condensed milk will have to be left behind.

“Glucose is an unrivaled energy source but sweets will make you thirsty, and water will be the most valuable resource for bomb shelter residents.”

Eduard Khalilov, a specialist in survival, explained to viewers about the importance of stocking fresh water.

He said, “people can only survive up to three days without water, but can go up to three weeks without food.”

The channel’s anchor recommended people buy gas masks, radiation tablets, and read nuclear war survival handbooks. The instructions are for “people who succumb to panic and decide to spend all their savings,” he added.

Tensions between both countries have never been higher, as a surge in war fears have flourished after the United States appears to be mobilizing for an attack on Syria. The special aired on the same day Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon said Moscow is prepared to shoot down any U.S. missiles.

“If there is a strike by the Americans, then the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired,” warned Alexander Zasypkin, Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, during an interview on Tuesday with a television station linked to Hezbollah.

After Russia’s warning, Trump took to Twitter sparking fears that a conflict could break out between the two nuclear-armed superpowers.

Video: Inviolable stock: what should I take with me to the bomb shelter?

“While political scientists and military experts are discussing possible scenarios, someone is already in a hurry to inflate the hysteria. And not in Syria, but in Russia. The web is written almost for the forthcoming Third World War. If all of the sudden there were those who gave in to panic and decided to lower all their savings to the untold reserve, we will tell you how not to spend money in vain.”



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And the French guy, Macron I believe is his name, has the absolute proof of the theoretical gas attacks in Syria:…

But dude doesn't want to be whacked by Putin:…

Impressive display of virility. This guy was raised like a warrior.

Maybe he shares the same periods with the hysterical childless menopaused lesbian British premier.


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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Muddy1 Déjà view Thu, 04/12/2018 - 10:50 Permalink

I have become so cynical of EVERYTHING I hear or read on the news I actually wonder if this is PSYOPS brought to us from a fake news studio, with a Russian speaker, courtesy of the see-eye-a as a means to further psyche out the citizens of the US that war is coming soon. 

But should an attack on the US come to pass........ sit on the floor with your back firmly against the wall, lift your knees up, put your face down between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye.

The dark of the moon is around April 13, 14, 15.

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Coverage USA: 

(.........Coverage begins with news celebrities, reminding us how educated they are with chatty banter interspersed with references to trendy physical & entertainment products, which are targeted to their audience’s pre-tested preferences......)

Now for the news: 

Another woman has stepped forward with details of sexual advances by X politician ! ! Stay tuned for all of the juicy tidbits and the specifics of any six-figure payments made to the young mother of two. 

(........Shifts to full-body camera angle, focusing on leg crossing, showing the aggrieved, harassed and comely young woman repositioning herself on her chair, with her kids’ pink and blue teddy bears on a nearby sofa......) 

Anchor: So, you met this man, a man you thought would help you make strides in your field while trying to pursue your career. Tell us how it felt—as a mother—to be in this situation.........?

Sexism Victim: When I met this man, never did I ever think that something like this would happen. As a mother, I was thinking of my kids. I was just doing my job. 

(......Camera zooms in at an upper-body angle, coming in close enough to detect a long necklace in rose gold with a religious pendant, bobbing up and down at on the top edge of the sexism victim’s diaphanous blouse........)

Anchor: Can you be more specific about what happened when Politician X approached you in the hall on January 5, 2015? 

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That's the point.  You will not get any warning if this goes hot.  The Congress will be sequestered in their West Virginia bunker long before anyone in the public will know what's happening.  Americans 'think' there is a functional government in Washington, DC.  There is not.  Yes, people are showing up in government offices everyday, but that does not mean there is any positive direction or leadership coming out of Washington, DC.  Very sad fate for a once proud and productive people.  But, everything gets a course change in its life cycle.

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Not so much for the sheeple, with many of the womb productive among them accustomed to collecting free food, free rent, free electricity, monthly cash assistance and refundable EITC child tax credits up to $6,431 when, after reproducing while single in virgin births, they work part time, staying below the earned-income limits for multiple monthly welfare programs and refundable child tax credits.

Back-watching mom-gang jobs are not likely to be as available to culture fits as they are today, and while Congresssheeple will take care of themselves, they might not need to take care of cheap-labor donors who like a workforce that is incentivized to work part time for low pay quite as much in that event.

Even womb-productive illegal aliens in single-earner households with US-born kids might see a decrease in the flow of free stuff from the US government that helps them undercut underemployed, non-welfare-eligible American citizens in the labor market. It is probably the only way that underemployed American voters will ever see anything change on that front.

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You underestimate the number of fit, yoga-pant-clad Americans who can run to any shelter in two minutes flat without the slightest jiggling due to their $39-to-$800-per-month fitness club memberships. The yoga pants, too, have a hierarchy that reflects the gap in paycheck size in the USA, with the pre-child-bearing-aged women living in mom’s basement due to rent that consumes more than half of their monthly pay having, as of yet, no access to womb-productivity wage boosters from welfare programs. Those women are tested more strictly due to the fact that their yoga pants are the cheap kind that do not disguise any flaws. Whereas the yoga pants of the moms in the households with dual-high-earner parents—the group halving the size of the US middle class by keeping two high-paying jobs under one roof—cost hundreds for good reason. Those yoga pants have  double-duty, flat-black, industrial-grade, anti-jiggle material. 

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Call your representative in Washington and ask him where the bomb shelter for your district is?? I'm sure each of them have a plush shelter in case they decide to start a nuclear war,, you and I get instructions, "SPREAD YOUR LEGS,PLACE YOUR HEAD BETWEEN THEM, KISS YOUR ASS GOOD BYE "!!

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Call your representative in Washington and ask him where the bomb shelter for your district is?? I'm sure each of them have a plush shelter in case they decide to start a nuclear war,, you and I get instructions, "SPREAD YOUR LEGS,PLACE YOUR HEAD BETWEEN THEM, KISS YOUR ASS GOOD BYE "!!

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Take some extra lips to kiss your ass goodbye.

Ain gonna be no surviving nuclear war.

Was it really worth the end of life on Earth to poison Skirpal and gas those Syrian kids, Vlad?



Hard to imagine a world without Russia in it.


Not hard to imagine a Russia without Vlad in it.