Russia's Real Endgame

Authored by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning,

Russia’s Putin has never taken his eye off the ball. His ambition is not global hegemony or European conquest. Putin seeks what Russia has always sought: regional hegemony and a set of buffer states in eastern Europe and central Asia that can add to Russia’s strategic depth.

In Syria, Russia has the warm water port of Tartus - which is important when you consider that most Russian ports are ice-bound for months of the year.

It is strategic depth — the capacity to suffer massive invasions and still survive due to an ability to retreat to a core position and stretch enemy supply lines - that enabled Russia to defeat both Napoleon and Hitler. Putin also wants the modicum of respect that would normally accompany that geostrategic goal.

Understanding Putin is not much more complicated than that.

In the twenty-first century, a Russian sphere of influence is not achieved by conquest or subordination in the old Imperial or Communist style. It is achieved by close financial ties, direct foreign investment, free trade zones, treaties, security alliances, and a network of associations that resemble earlier versions of the EU

Russian military intervention in Crimea and eastern Ukraine is best understood not as a Russian initiative, but as a Russian reaction. It was a response to U.S. and U.K. efforts to attack Russia by pushing aggressively and prematurely for Ukraine membership in NATO. This was done by deposing a Putin ally in Kiev in early 2014.

This is not to justify Russia’s actions, merely to put them in a proper context. The time to peel off Ukraine for NATO was 1999, not 2014.

The Russian-Ukraine situation is a subset of the broader U.S.-Russian relationship. Here, the opposition comes not just from domestic opponents but from the globalist elite.

Globalization emerged in the 1990s as a consequences of the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany. For the first time since 1914, Russia, China and their respective empires could join the U.S., Western Europe and their former colonies in Latin America and Africa in a single global market.

Globalization relied on open borders, free trade, telecommunications, global finance, extended supply chains, cheap labor and freedom of the seas. Globalization as it existed from 1990 to 2007 made steady progress under the Bush-Clinton duopoly of power in the U.S. and like-minded leaders elsewhere. The enemy of globalization was nationalism, but nationalism was nowhere in sight.

The financial crisis of 2007–2008, caused by the elites’ own greed and inability to grasp the statistical properties of risk, put an end to the easy gains from globalization.

Ironically, globalization gained in the short-run despite financial calamity. The same elites who created disaster were empowered to “fix” the situation under the auspices of the G20 Leaders’ Summit. This global rescue began with the first G20 summit hastily organized by George W. Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy, then the President of France, in November 2008.

Despite the financial bailouts and central bank easy money of the decade following the crisis, robust self-sustaining growth in line with pre-crisis trends has never really returned. Instead the world has suffered through a ten-year depression (defined as depressed below-trend growth), which continues to this day.

What little growth emerged was captured mostly by the wealthy, which led to the greatest income inequality levels seen in over 80 years.

Discontent was palpable in middle-class and working class populations in the world’s major developed economies. This discontent morphed into political action. The result was the U.K. decision to leave the EU, called “Brexit,” the election of Donald Trump, and the rise of politicians such as Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Marine Le Pen in France, among others.

What unites these politicians and political movements is nationalism. This can be defined as a desire to put national interests ahead of globalization. Nationalism can mean closing borders, restricting free trade to help local employment, fighting back against cheap labor and dumping with tariffs and trade adjustment assistance, and rejecting multilateral trade deals in favor of bilateral negotiations.

This brings us to the crux of the U.S.-Russia relationship.

Simply put, Putin and Trump are the two most powerful nationalists in the world. Any rapprochement between Russia and the U.S. is an existential threat to the globalist agenda.

This explains the vitriolic, hysterical, and relentless attacks on Trump and Putin.

The globalists have to keep Trump and Putin separated in order to have any hope of reviving the globalist agenda.

Just as Trump and Putin are the champions of nationalism, President Xi Jinping of China and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany have emerged as the champions of the globalist camp.

Understanding this dynamic requires consideration of the paradoxical roles of Xi and Merkel.

Xi positions himself as the leading advocate of globalization. The truth is more complex.

President Xi is the most nationalist of all major leaders. He continually puts China’s long-term interests first without particular regard for the well-being of the rest of the world.

But, China’s relative military and economic weakness, and potential social instability, require it to cooperate with the rest of the world on trade, climate change, and supply-chain logistics in order to grow. Xi is in a paradoxical position of being nationalist to the core, yet wearing a globalist veneer in order to pursue the nationalist long game.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany is also in a paradoxical position — but the opposite of Xi’s role. Merkel knows Germany must embrace globalism both because of its unique historical burden of being the source of three major wars (Franco-Prussian, World War I, and World War II), and the necessity of German integration with the EU and Eurozone.

At the same time, Merkel has advanced her globalist agenda by promoting German interests through exports and cheap foreign labor.

For the globalists, the world breaks down into Manichean struggle between the nationalists, Trump and Putin, and the globalists, Xi and Merkel. Globalists may be playing a two-sided game of nationalists versus globalists, but they need to widen the lens to see that the world today is really a three-party game.

There are really only three superpowers in the world today — Russia, China and the U.S. All other nations are secondary or tertiary powers who may be aligned with a superpower, neutral or independent, but who otherwise lack the ability to impose their will on others.

Some analysts may be surprised to see Russia on the superpower list, but the facts are indisputable. Russia is the twelfth largest economy in the world, has the largest landmass, is one of the three largest energy producers in the world, has abundant natural resources other than oil, has advanced weapons and space technology, an educated workforce and, of course, has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons of any country.

Russia has enormous problems including adverse demographics, limited access to oceans, harsh weather, and limited fertile soil. Yet, none of these problems negate Russia’s native strengths.

Notwithstanding the prospect of improved relations, Putin remains the geopolitical chess master he has always been.

His long game involves the accumulation of gold, development of alternative payments systems, and ultimate demise of the dollar as the dominant global reserve currency.


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“Trump is a single-digit billionaire...” as if that’s somehow, what? Inferior? He is a great builder who is also a great promoter. Barnum suckered people into paying for entertainment and believing what they saw was true. Trump does that, but he also built enormously successful buildings that multiplied his inheritance twenty fold. 

Putin is a double-digit billionaire who stole all of his money from the Russian people. This makes him an historic self-promoter. He has invaded nations that wish to be free of him and Russia, to counter the attraction of a free market economy free of him and his kleptocrats.

The tragedy of the Russian people is that they get suckered in by the “nationalist” strongman every time. They wish to be respected by the world for what they are - a great people, of great potential and accomplishment, but instead they are left mired as a banana republic by their corrupt, paternalistic governors, only to fall back on their natural resources for economic stability - and as any broker can tell you, commodities are the most unstable portfolio of all.


No body has ever bailed Trump out of anything. He negotiated workouts with the banks in the early 90s for some of his projects, and others went bust. His core real estate never failed, and that is what made him the vast majority of his money. However, he is in no way prepared or qualified to run a bureaucracy like the USG. He is a tempestuous, temperamental man, with a shallow understanding of world events or politics, who seeks to be plain spoken but instead comes off as mentally unsound. He is manipulated by those around him until he finally sees it, then he over-reacts.

I believe he will not launch an attack on Syria. I believe he will keep Bolton around until the NoKo/China scenario plays out, and then he will have to fire him to get a NSA who understands getting OUT of foreign entanglements, not INTO them.

The Russia trolls will applaud this, as will the libs, but within a matter of five years, the left will be lamenting America’s retreat from the global stage, and the ascendancy of autocrats and repressive regimes. The US will continue to support Israel with weaponry, and eventually there will be another massive war in the ME, with the use of tactical nukes. Whether this grows into global nuclear war and the extermination of mankind will be a matter of chance, and it will be this because of the retreat of the only moderating power, and the hegemony of Putin and Xi. Iran will use the first nukes against Israel, to facilitate a conventional invasion, and they will respond.

This is the path the world is on. Enjoy it. Trump was our last gasp at breaking the trend line, but the whore investigations will leave him impotent. Mueller the corrupt slime prosecutor, creature of the “Deep State” will cook up the charges, and Trump will spend the next three years fighting them as a liberal wins in ‘20. With a full house, the Dems will set about the destruction of the human race.

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Interesting...When you think about it...How else could he have won the Presidency?  Under normal circumstances, neither candidate could have won the election.  But, what is offered up to the people?  Two horribly flawed candidates to choose from.  Pick your poison...DT or HRC.  If HRC would have won there would be no way for them advance their agenda through the system without mass resistance and/or even armed resistance.  With DT in the office, mass cognitive dissonance will be the norm, especially if he is under constant attack.  We are watching this occur on a daily basis.  We also have the famous "Q" postings that keeps those not easily fooled, conned into believing that a 4D chess game is in play to drain the swamp.  The problem is; there is a 4D chess game going on...but, it is being played on us.  Trump was never our last gasp at breaking the trend line...he was the only way to facilitate the continuation of the trend line without a full blown civil war occurring.  Remember, we had a serious backlash against the status quo that had grown to the point where it impeded and threatened it.  As a result, it was time to use that backlash against itself by offering up a Trojan Horse/Manchurian candidate.   

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I don't think the proper question is whether people support Putin and Russia.

I think the proper question is whether people consider Putin [and Russia] less offensive than other leaders/nations.

No honest, ethical, benevolent individual would actually support ANY fictitious leader or nation, but could easily consider some less insane, less irrational, less predatory, less destructive... and less likely to cause [close-to] extinction of the human race (as well as thousands of other species).

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As opposed to a multi digit Russian criminal billionaire that Putin is.


Sorry Russian shills your not fooling us.

Putins track record speaks for itself and don't try to tell me that he's not corrupt or that Russia has a real democracy and a free media.  I agree with Dominic:

Dominic lawson The Times:


Russia spy poisoning: Putin is driven by an old inferiority complex.

Russia’s lies are not a clever ploy, merely its embittered leader lashing out.

Can we clear something up at the outset? The Russian government is not coming over all outraged because it knows it is being falsely accused of complicity in the attempted murder in Salisbury of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. It has more knowledge of the nature of its own involvement than anyone.

No, its theatrical expressions of outrage stem from quite other feelings. The feeling that it should be allowed to get away with poisoning “traitors” in the UK, as it did with Alexander Litvinenko. The feeling that London, having been more greedy than any other financial centre for Russian mafia money, is not showing appropriate respect to the capo di tutti capi himself — Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin."

Putin's wealth:

Putin's public statement of death to traitors:

Journalists killed critical of Putin:

You can keep trying to muddy the waters and deflect attention all you like but your efforts are transparent.  That's why so many countries have supported Britain's findings.  If as you say Britain was responsible these countries wouldn't have expelled Russian diplomats they would have stayed quiet on the subject.  Britain doesn't have that much sway.

 These countries know with almost certainty that Russia was behind the latest of a long list of attempted and successful killings that's why they acted.  This time Putin's latest attempted killings have backfired on him and you know this that's why you will downvote this post.


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The Jews & Globalists can't control Putin and Russia,

and that is why they are attacking them with everything they have, from every angle.


And why they are so utterly desperate to keep Trump and Putin away from each other, by any means necessary.



And I would disagree that Xi is a Globalist.  He wants what is best for China.  Period. 

That is very different from being a true Globalist, like Merkel or Soros.

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This is BS, he left out the globalist plan was a One World Government agenda for the people who call themselves Jews who are Gypsies ruling the world.

The above is the Jew version of reality. Russia knew it and wanted to keep their independence or a better way, the Russians threw off the Yoke of Jew control with the help of Putin and many Russians. They knew they were a target because of that. 

The US is being used to enslave the Russians again, commanded by the Jews.

It's interesting I was going over photos of different tribes of Gypsies last night and noticed one tribe which had the same facial characteristics and exact ears etc. perfect match of DOJ Rosenstein.

They came from an era of early man, they are part human and part reptile. They have a cannibal genetic code, covered over from what ever human species.

I don't know how this author can keep covering for the Jews.

And who are the global elite? It's the Bilderberg group led by Red Shield, everyone knows it but this author? he knows it and he's running disinformation.

Look at the board of directors for Genie oil. This is why the US is used as the beast of burden for the invasion of Syria, the 3 billion barrels of Syrian oil beneath Golan, and block 9 natural gas field, and the complete conquest of Syria for the Bilderberg group.

Any US officer who bows at the feet of the Jews of congress gains rank. National Defense Authorization Act NDAA feeds the dogs of wars and points them to kill.

The One World Government plan and the wars to steal the oil were directed by the Bilderberg Group and backed by the Council on Foreign Relations, both Gypsies Jew organizations.

These are gypsies. period.


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LaugherNYC MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 04/13/2018 - 06:11 Permalink

You are a troll and a fool.

There are no Jews running anything in this world, except for the small nation of Israel. They dont run the US, they dont run the UK, they dont run Germany or France. They dont run any major multinational companies or defense contractors. There are many successful Jewish businessmen, but this pathetic anti-Semitism of the Putin asslickers is just sad.

For the people of a great nation as Russia to descend to the sorry ass womanly whining about a tiny race somehoe dominating them is so unmanly, so shrivel-dicked contemptible that they deserve better. Did the itsy-witsy Jew smack you down like a sick dog? Were you slapped like a little boy, and now wanna cry about it?

No Jew slapped you. You are just a loser. The USA is still a Protestant country, and Russia is a mystical Catholic cabal that worships the strong man who they allow to rape them over their beds every night as their women watch and wish they were with a man who still possessed testicles.

Dont blame to poor, persecuted Jews who scrabble merely to survive as the straw man whipping boy for every pathetic loser death cult through history. Blame yourselves and your feminine genes of a degenerate line. Seize your own history, and become part of the civilized world. Or wallow in your own filth, blaming Jews and Gyspies, you sad piece of garbage,

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I have Jewish acquaintances. I’m an introvert so the count of my friends will easily fit on one hand.  I have no Jewish friends, but those, I know, I hold no ill will towards them. What I have noticed about Jews from a distance is that they have a marvelous ability to winkle their way into powerful positions.  I notice more than a few Jewish names in the halls of power, in the list of Nobel laureates, and in the financial centers.  I ascribe that success to the fact that Jews have always considered themselves to be people of the book and revered their teachers above all else.  Three or four thousand years of natural selection is bound to produce some very bright people.  As a people they have done a great deal of good.  They have also produced their share of evil.   Communism is a Jewish construct.  It has killed millions.  Their assumed position of the chosen ones has given them a lofty perch from which to look down on the rest of us.  Arrogance towards the untermenschen breeds ill will.

Out here in Christendom, we are torn between the fact that Jesus was a Jew and that he was murdered by Jews.  That reality combined with the conviction that the true believers must support Israel in the final days, puts us in a rather strange relationship.  As master manipulators, their manipulations have on occasion put them on the wrong side of history.   Masada and the Reconquista come to mind.  I always wondered why Jews were expelled from Spain when the Moslems were expelled.  Looking at people like Barbra Spector and George Soros, that position becomes more understandable. People like George Soros and Barbra Spector tend to tarnish the whole tribe. 

I do object to people who claim dual citizenship holding any political power within government.  You are either an American or you are something else.

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This conflation of ancient times with modernity is the root of all evil. The modern Jew has about as much in common with the Hebrews of Masada as Barack Obama with Thomas Jefferson. The only commonality of Jews today comes from their relentless persecution leading to genetic bottlenecks as small numbers of Jews survived pogroms and genocides through the ages.

Yes, a disproportionate number of Jews become successful, as with any people who value education - not “the book” but books taken as a whole. Study only of the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran will only lead to grotesqueries and violence, extremism and a belief in exceptionalism. Through modern history, tell me of the genocides conducted by Jews. There are none. The Brits pushed aside the “Palestinians” to create a homeland for the Jews. This was an evil joke on those who settled in Israel - to surround a persecuted people with half a billion angry Muslims who would see them exterminated. And, no American should hold another country’s citizenship. If you want to be an Israeli, go live there and carry their passport,

There are examples of evil Jews - Soros could well be one. He undoubtedly believes he works for mankind’s betterment - as HE sees it, and can use his money to make it so. But, as a whole, the Jewish impulse is to charity and improvement of the world. There are small cults of Zionists, but they are insignificant on the world stage. The myth of Jewish bankers controlling the world is laughable. I am personally acquainted with the Chairmen and CEOs of the world’s largest banks, and if you think these Protestants and Greeks take their orders from some Jewish cabal, well, you are delusional. 

I am sick of the indfestation of this site by anti-Semites who seems to blame the problems in the world on the Jews. If Israel were simply left alone - not constantly attacked and threatened existentially, there would be no struggle in the ME, and no cause to blame them for anything. They turned a shitshow into an oasis, a wasteland into a prosperous garden. They are not consciously or willingly living out some doom death cult prophecy. Jews don’t believe in an afterlife or heaven, and so have no desire to die. This rapture and end of days shit is foisted on them by zealots and madmen. “Live and let live” is about all the Jews ask for.

Yes, my cousin for example, will win a Nobel in the next few cycles. He has saved hundreds of thousands of lives with his genetic research. And he is Jewish. How exactly is that evil? He could have made tens of millions patenting his research, instead he gave it to the world for free, and took a salary rather than the millions in a private practice. The Nobel is just a prize, and often goes to the least deserving Arafat and carter and Obama?? Lordy.

Why don’t these vile racists here just cut the crap, and own their own problems, shortcomings and failures? Why do zealots believe these religious mystical texts when science long ago put paid to the inanity of Belief? If you want to burn a goat and light a candle, great, but please don’t tell me the Jews killed Jesus the Son of God. The God who kills tens of thousands of innocent children every week, who gives infants grotesque cancers, lets innocent animals suffer at the hands of twisted Asians who eat dogs who are more intelligent than they are, and slaughter to extinction majestic whales with brains larger than their murderers bodies? 

We live in a world where man holds the fate of mankind in his hand - for 50 years out of the 10,000 or so he has been truly sentient. To run around spewing ancient beliefs when we can split the atom and unleash the power of the sun here on Earth, and wipe clean the slate of history of our kind, never to be re-written, is a kind of foolishness no sane man can abide. The hydrogen bomb does not discriminate by race or nationality. The same impulse that leads these Russian trolls to blame Zionists and Jews for the end of the world that Catholics and Protestants, as always, race each other to achieve, is comic relief.

Sadly, I am not laughing.

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MK ULTRA Alpha LaugherNYC Fri, 04/13/2018 - 19:14 Permalink

I am American, not a Russian troll. The Jews are gypsies who have a part human and part reptile genetic code. I have proven this.

There was no such thing as a Jew in the Bible.

I have tracked them since the beginning of man's time.

In the Jew books they called themselves Khazars.

In other Jew books we are called cattle and herd to be fed upon. They were and are a cannibal species out of India after the last ice age.


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Considering how recklessly our "leaders" are baying for blood with Russia, the least they could do is learn some Russian history.

And that means actually reading and not screenshots and attachments from the Langley psychos.

The clean stupidity that comes out of their mouths is absolutely unbelievable.

Nikki Haley is devoid of historical knowledge, and yet threatens a nuclear power that she does not understand at all.

She is so stupid that she does not recognize how ignorant she looks in front of the UN.

Ask her to name and describe 3 Bolsheviks and see if she can.

Thick as a wall.

Former CIA "intelligence" agents have the temerity to look into a TV camera push for a war with a nation they do not understand, when they know very well that their psychotic coworkers at Langley pull off false flags all the time.

That they get posted in Russia and can boast about being station chiefs or something else that sounds impressive gives them enough confidence to push for an attack on Russian held territory, is proof positive that they get posted because of connections and political convenience, no brains required.  

They are ignorant gulpins and should not be allowed to promote wars anywhere unless they have served on the battlefield or plan to do so if they get their way and ignite the war they want so badly.

They can bleed just as well as the people they damn.

Absolute morons.


Andre fleur de lis Fri, 04/13/2018 - 00:12 Permalink

The problem is they think they understand. They believe that, because Russia cares about its word on the public/diplomatic stage, it must be weak - because only the weak care about the feelings of others, in their eyes. oderint dum metuant - "Let them hate us as long as they fear us" might well be the US gov model.

Everybody talks about the pipeline, but that really isn't the end game here, IMO. Sure the money is nice - but we were supposed to use Iraqi oil to pay for that war, and see how that turned out.

This seems more like an effort to spread chaos to Russia, just as Libya was used to spread chaos to the rest of Europe. Break the government's credibility at home and abroad, stir up Chechen Islamists again, etc. A weak state is easily corrupted, and a corrupt state is easily controlled. You must realize the Russians - and normal people generally - are not dealing with normal people when they talk to the US or EU governments.

One trait I have seen among people who at least sure seems to fit all the signs of narcissism is the complete unwillingness to tolerate anything that is actually different, but also the violent antipathy to everything that defies their control, especially those that call them out on their bullshit. "It is not enough to kill you, Lord Reefa, I must also crush you."

I suggest it is possible all late-stage empires are narcissistic. Even more ominously - not only have empires that fall never recovered, the people of those empires have never recovered.

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fleur de lis Andre Fri, 04/13/2018 - 11:15 Permalink

Agree 100%

What you describe is emotional abuse by our leaders allowing for the proliferation of bloodshed.

And yes, all they are  doing is weakening this nation and hastening its downfall.

These things take longer than individual lifespans, so we have leveled off at this point and have started the decline.

At least we won't be around to see the actual fracturing and eventual takeover.

Cultural decay feeds the rot at every level -- movies, schools, and of course disappearing social mores.

The MSM are waterboys who dutifully carry all the lies without question.

The Langley psychos must be so proud of themselves.



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Agent Orange taking orders from Bibi The Evil Jew to Massacre The 2 Million Syrian Christians while Spilling Americas Blood! Wake The Fuck Up People! You've Been Betrayed!

karenm Thu, 04/12/2018 - 23:42 Permalink

Putin and Trump are not "Nationalists"


They're Globalists, which is why both strongly support globalist organizations like the UN and countless others. Therefore, this article is propaganda.


Putin and Trump are besties, but must act out this theater to bring about a war the globalists want in order to bring down the current economic system and bring in the new one, as well as move borders, hide their crimes and as always, consolidate power and wealth into the hands of even fewer