Stocks Stumble After Reports US Plans To Strike 8 Syrian Targets, "Confident" Of Chemical Weapons Use

After a brief pop on Trump's conciliatory Mueller tweet, stocks are sinking after CNBC reported that US is planning to strike 8 targets, including two airfields, a research center, and a chemical weapons facility in Syria...

Stocks dropped and gold and Treasury prices rose modestly...


US officials are  telling NBC that urine and blood samples have tested positive for chemical weapons in Syria.

US Official to NBC News: Syria samples test positive for chlorine gas, nerve agent.

US officials “fairly confident” attack was by Syrian regime per report by MSNBC. The officials said they were "confident" in the intelligence, though not 100 percent sure.

The assessment about the nature of this April's chemical attack and its likely origin with the Assad regime will be presented to the president, said the official familiar with the intelligence. The president is weighing options for retaliation.