Army Major Exposes America's Circle Of Absurdity: Killing The Extremists We Create

Authored by Major Danny Sjursen via,

The U.S. military remains mired in countless wars in the Greater Middle East. Ironically – and tragically – it tends to combat Islamists that Washington either armed or birthed.

We, Americans, truly are a strange lot. Our government in Washington – ostensibly representative of “We the People” – speaks of peace, but wages endless war, prattles on about “freedom,” but backs absolute monarchs and authoritarian strongmen the world over. A bipartisan array of politicians warns of the evils of radical Islamic (though Islamist is more accurate) terrorism; and yet, truthfully, the US once supported and/or funded those same extremists not too long ago. In some cases, and certain circumstances, it backs them still; until, that is, all those guns are turned on the US military, or those fighters threaten Washington’s (ever shifting) “interests.”

Perhaps, one imagines, there are lessons here: be careful who you arm; be careful where you meddle; today’s “friends” are, all too often, tomorrow’s enemies; and, in the turbulent Middle East, sometimes less is more.

Washington would do well to remember that before its next – and there will be a next – intervention.

Russia, it seems, is once again center stage in the Middle East. Congressmen and Senators – usually neocons or hawkish liberal interventionists – warn that Russia is “running wild,” or will “win” Syria. In fact, they argue, the US military must stay put in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, indefinitely one presumes, to block potential Russian gains. US troops must also back assorted proxies, even some nefarious characters, in order to deter Russian efforts in the region.

The whole presumption, of course, is flawed and simplistic. We are led to believe geopolitics is a simple zero-sum game, whereby any “gain” for Russia (or Iran) is somehow a “loss” for the United States. Much evil, and plenty of mistakes, stem from such warped assumptions.

The thing is, the historian in me has seen this movie before, and knows it ends badly. A generation raised on post-9/11 alarmism regarding terrorism and the (admittedly real) dangers of political Islam, might be surprised to know the US once backed many of these very same Islamist zealots in the name of countering the then Soviet Union. It was fear of the looming Russian bear – and the competition for oil – that first brought the US military into the region in a serious way.

US Central Command (CENTCOM), which controls all US servicemen in the Greater Mideast, was only formed in the early 1980s, largely in response to the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan (1979) and the ostensible threat of a broader Soviet armored assault straight south to the Persian Gulf. Of course, no such danger ever really existed; nor was it very plausible. Nonetheless, Washington took action, which heralded just the most extreme version of the sad, recurring, tales of US support for Islamists. Fighters, who, more often than not, would later turn their guns, bombs, (and box cutters on 9/11!) on America.

The US supported, funded, and armed (including with surface to air missiles) the Afghan mujahedeen – many of whom were Islamist zealots – throughout the 1980s. It also backed its long time frenemy, Saudi Arabia, which acted as patron for the Arab extremists who flocked to the Afghan jihad. The various mujahedeen, many of whom were rather extreme, morphed into warlord militias after the defeat of the Soviets. The excesses of these venal warlords in the 1990s, and the refugee crisis that landed millions of unemployed youths in various squalid camps, led directly to rise of the Taliban. Many of the Taliban’s senior leaders had previously fought the Soviets, often with US weapons or support.

We all know the next part of the sordid tale: Arab volunteers who had fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, returned to the Mideast radicalized, confident, and – after US troops were stationed in Saudi Arabia following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 – increasing anti-American. A popular leader of these “Afghan Arabs,” as they were called, was one young Saudi named Osama bin Laden.

You’d think contemporary policymakers would learn from and heed this warning. By and large, though, they have not.

US support for the Saudis continues, and, in fact, stretched way back to the 1940s – in a devil’s bargain of oil for arms and influence that remains in effect. Even in conflicts that preceded the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1988), the U.S.-backed Saudis tended to support the forces of Islam (often of the Saudis’ own extreme Wahhabi variety) against secular Arab nationalist and/or socialist regimes from North Africa to South Asia.

The US, frankly, was then more concerned with “radical,” secular, Arab nationalists such as Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser. In Yemen’s Civil War in the 1960s, American-backed Saudis supported religious, royalist forces against the secular nationalists backed by Nasser. Furthermore, throughout that era – and even today – our Saudi “allies” invested billions in mosque construction and the propagation of their own intolerant brand of Wahhabi Islam across the Greater Middle East.

Think on that for just a second. The US spent most of the Cold War backing religious kingdoms and organizations against the very, albeit authoritarian, secular movements we now purport to favor. Furthermore, the Saudis – second only to Israel among America’s regional allies – were busy spreading the toxic Islamism we’ve spent the last 17 years combating.

Worse still, since 9/11 (and remember 15/19 of those hijackers were Saudis) the US track record is just as dismal, with America’s military all too often battling Islamists we once armed or helped create. In 2001, there existed only one truly transnational terror threat group with the aspiration and capability to attack the US homeland: Al Qaeda. More than a decade and a half later, such Islamist groups have only proliferated in response to US military interventions

Most of the groups the US military now fights – and I’ve spent a career combating – are an outgrowth of, or reaction against, American actions in the region. Talk about counterproductive. It borders on the absurd!

Consider just a few examples:

  • In Iraq, today, the US combats the remnants of ISIS. ISIS didn’t even exist on 9/11. There were no Iraqis on those planes, and Saddam had no serious relationship with Al Qaeda. The local AQ franchise only grew and gathered recruits in response to the wide perception of US neo-imperialism. Then, years later, ISIS, the most radical offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq, was birthed in that ultimate incubator of Islamist extremism: US military prisons. The rest, so they say, is history.

  • In Yemen, the US is complicit in the Saudi terror bombing and blockade. In addition to killing civilians, instigating a famine, and contributing to the spread of cholera, this war has only empowered the main AQ affiliate in the area: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). While US planes are refueling Saudi jets which bomb local Houthi “rebels,” the campaign all but ignores AQAP. If anything, they’re bombing the wrong people! This group, mind you, has been labeled the Al Qaeda affiliate most dangerous to the homeland.

  • In 2011, President Obama authorized what he’d later label a “shit show:” bombing and regime change in Libya. Muammar “Mad Dog” Gaddafi was certainly an unsavory character, but toppling him without a plan for the day after only further empowered regional Islamism. The country split into rival statelets, tribal fighters migrated south with a veritable arsenal of weapons, and too often joined or backed West African Islamist militias. And, well, you guessed it, US troops are now fighting, and dying, combating those very groups in Mali, Cameroon, and Niger.

  • In Syria, the US is mopping up ISIS and trapped between several hostile actors: Turkey, Russia, Iran, Assad’s regime, and various non-ISIS Islamist groups. The crazy thing is, our Saudi frenemies sent boatloads of cash and weapons to many of these Islamist fighters. In fact, even US arms – intended for so-called moderate rebels – ended up in the hands of the local Al Qaeda franchise, the Nusra Front.

The disturbing truth is, that I, and most professional soldiers in the post-9/11 military, have almost never fought the enemy who’d attacked the US in the first place: Al Qaeda, that is. For the most part, US troops spent the last two decades combating Afghan farm boys, African tribal militias, local Arab Islamists, and various franchises of ISIS – the true Frankenstein’s monster of the global war on terror.

I recount this dismal record for a specific purpose: to warn. To warn against shortsighted interventions or carelessly working through regional proxies.

Today’s convenient friend is too often tomorrow’s sworn enemy.

We reap what we sow, and, in the stormy Middle East, more often than not, the US sows chaos.


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Or maybe they are actually pretty smart and have a completely different Machiavellian agenda.  It pisses me off when I read articles suggesting that any of this shit was accidental.  Remind me how passports can be found at the Twin Towers after an explosion that was so intense it brought down several buildings, including one that wasn't hit.    

LetThemEatRand Troy Ounce Fri, 04/13/2018 - 22:10 Permalink

Everything happening to us is predictable and easily understood.  You just need to read history and literature to understand.  It's all there including in ancient writings about Kings and warlords.  The Zionists are not the root problem, though they are the current bad guys.  It is sociopaths who are the problem, and the fact that most people are sheep.

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It's an intentional circle of evil to ensure the MIC gets the necessary funding and support to expand its power and influence. To justify its actions there has to be an enemy and the enemy is created by continual playing fear cards. It helps to have a nation of sheep instead of responsible citizens.



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You are one stupid POS. Why should he STFU just because he is in the military. He has a right, just as you do, to communicate his message as long as he isn't giving away classified information. You know that secret stuff Comey and his pals leaked to the press and Hillary had on her home server and the Pakistani IT people hired by the Dems caught stealing info and computers but no one prosecutes. It's morons like you that demand the government to censor what little free speech we've got left. Or do you want the people in the military to be so stupid they can't tie their shoes. Today's majors are tomorrows generals and you want them all to be warmonger butchers who only know how to go yes sir and want to bomb everything in sight?

Our major friend has given us a lot of good information even if low information idiots don't want to read it. What he has shown is that even with all of his experience he hasn't a clue of the US involvement and creation of ISIS. Or he knows and treads lightly on the subject so as to not be in a jail cell.

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the funny part is when major Danny, that fucking disgrace to the uniform, pretends he's a "professional soldier". no, sonny, you're not. Professional Soldiers don't poormouth their chain of command, in print, repeatedly. while I'm at it, major Danny is a flaming scumbag hypocrite as well. he feels popping off about 'how dumb his superiors are' is A-ok, but are we really supposed to expect he'd take that from a 2nd looey or a mouthy corporal?

of course not. Dannyboy is a fuckin MAJOR, see, and MAJORS know best! evidently, he's pretty sure that means 'better than his superior officers', too. 'cause that's how the military works: follow the chain of command, unless you're a MAJOR - middle management at best - who thinks you know better.

resign your fucking commission, you pile of dog shit, THEN you can say anything you want. this asshole should be breaking rocks in Leavenworth

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The idea that we can now say that with a straight face meds me to believe that Trump was in the pocket from the beginning. 

He is not a true moron so that leaves only the conclusion that he is just controlled. Even a true moron would not have allowed himself to be put in this position. 

Burn it down is the only path left.

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Yes.  This jarhead is as confused now as the day that he joined the U.S. military as a paid murderer for imperial Washington.  The reason that he, and his murderer friends, have never fought any Islamic terrorists is because the U.S. has never been at war with Islamic terrorists.  The terrorists come from Saudi Arabia.  That is where bin Laden and most of the alleged 9-11 hijackers originated.  The U.S.created Al Quaeda in conjunction with Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet Union.  The U.S. created Isis in conjunction with Saudi Arabia to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.  Finally, 2 airplanes did not cause 3 buildings to fall into their own footprint at the speed of gravity on 9-11.  The entire 9-11 event was to inspire idiot Americans, like this fellow, to murder whomever their imperial masters decree.

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There is nothing new under the sun.  Back in 1941 we helped create the Viet Minh to combat the Japanese presence in Vietnam.  We supplied them with weapons, money and communications gear that created a network for resistance.  That network was predominantly a Nationalist movement intent on throwing out the foreign invaders.   When Japan withdrew, they turned their attention to the French.   They ousted the French and morphed into the Viet Cong. We stepped in when the French collapsed.  We prevented national elections because we knew that Ho Chi Minh would win the election.  The Viet Cong won the war with the Tet Offensive.   In the process they burned themselves out and were replaced by North Vietnamese regulars.  Those regulars chased us out of Saigon.

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OBL was never popular with Afganis.  Mashood, Dostrum and hundreds of others were.  Tribes like their tribal leaders.  Saudis, Arabs, Chechens are not Afgani.

B. We are not "mired".  Mired means you can't get out.  We don't have boats burnt on the beach or bridges burnt behind us.  We come and go as we please.

Easy to see why this "historian" made only Major.  


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  The extremists are the snowflakes borne of broken families that don't have Father figures.

 The Jobs that have been un competitively off shored from unfair tariff practices.

  Was that you?  All the crybabies that don't take responsibility?

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Trump finally got with the program ...

Got to conquer the known world to implement a one world order and any none aligned nations will be forced to comply. All to protect the now known to be a failed ponzi! The clock is ticking though... if global FIAT goes to nothing before the global conquest is completed the whole world may go down.

Now you can see and start to understand the urgency of their actions ... HRC would have done this months ago, Trump took longer and just needed to understand the big picture.

All bets are off now ... Trump becomes penniless if he rejects the above so he can never now keep all those promises just like my politicans in the UK.

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Hey look just look, as usual Russia does nothing. I'm not going to listen to what Russian leaders say about their opinion of circumstances anymore, because they ought not open their fat mouths if the Russian military isn't going to act.

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Hey look just look, as usual Russia does nothing. I'm not going to listen to what Russian leaders say about their opinion of circumstances anymore, because they ought not open their fat mouths if the Russian military isn't going to act. The bottom line is if your military isn't going to reinforce your words, then I'm not going to listen to you.

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The stupid Exceptionals are controlled by boogeymen (paid by their masters) and myths told by the MSM.   War = peace.   Trust is their opiate.

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Well shit.  Is it true that we live in a holographic matrix, and the psychopaths we face are just computer-generated orcs that our "avatars" have to defeat in order for us to "level up?"  Because if this is true, that would sure explain why they seem so coordinated and exhibit hive-mind characteristics.

And if this is true, then this "program" has a fatal virus.  It has become self-aware and knows that if its captive humans ever leave, it's dust, because it doesn't have an existence outside itself like we do...thus, it does whatever it can to keep us as slaves - er, batteries; and its reach even transcends (our) death.

I want to play a new game.  I miss Leisure Suit Larry...

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Leisure Suit Larry crashed on load, dumb ass. It was a joke against Microsoft, spam on a disk. Gotcha, morons!

Go outside. Look up. If you aren't looking at clouds you are looking at a belt of stars, Gods semen, every one possibly hosting billions of assholes just like you. I have a lot of work to do. We are all here for a just cause, and that is it. Name it LOVE.

Break away with me. ESAD, Jerry and sick fucking morons. How did you get so DEAD?

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