Cohen Seeks Injunction To Stop FBI From Examining Materials Seized During Raid

Update III: The Cohen hearing has been adjourned, and rescheduled for 2 pm ET on Monday.

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Update II: Cohen's lawyer is now calling for a delay, arguing that she didn't have enough time to prepare for the meeting.

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Update: Twenty minutes into Cohen's hearing and US District Judge Kimba Wood has declared that it's the government's view that a "taint team" should look through the documents collected by the FBI and determine which documents are subject to attorney-client privilege and which are shielded.

As we pointed out the other day, in cases like this, it's standard DOJ practice to appoint a nonpartial group of lawyers and agents to comb through the documents and decide what is privileged and what is not.

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Last night, Business Insider reported that Michael Cohen's predilection for keeping digital recordings of his conversations with associates could become a major problem for him - and a major boon for investigators - should the FBI find anything incriminating on the tapes.

Which is perhaps why Cohen is seeking a temporary restraining order against the FBI to stop them from using some or all of the seized materials, according to Reuters.


Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Cohen is planning to ask a judge to delay the civil lawsuit filed by adult film actress Stormy Daniels because of the FBI raid and Cohen's newfound legal troubles.

Trump and Cohen say the criminal case "implicates" Cohen’s Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination if he were questioned in the Daniels case, according to a filing in Los Angeles federal court.

"No decision has been made for Mr. Cohen to assert his Fifth Amendment rights," Brent Blakely, a lawyer for Cohen, said in an email. "No questions have even been posed."

Daniels sued to undo a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2016 that she said was intended to silence her about a sexual encounter she had with Trump a decade earlier. Cohen has said that he paid $130,000 to Daniels out of his own pocket just before the presidential election and that he wasn’t reimbursed.

CNN reported this morning that Cohen taped copious conversations with other Trump associates during the campaign - and that these recordings are almost certainly now in the hands of the FBI. Some of those people are now worried that their conversations could incriminate them as well.

A hearing on the searches has been set for 10:30 am ET in a Manhattan federal courthouse.

Since news of the raid broke on Wednesday, details about what the investigators were looking for have slowly trickled out. Aside from materials related to the purported "silencing" of Stormy Daniels and former Playmate Karen MacDougal, the FBI was also reportedly looking for evidence of a $30,000 payment Cohen facilitated to a former Trump property doorman reportedly to stop him from spreading a rumor about a lovechild Trump allegedly fathered with an employee at one of his properties, the AP reported. 


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My guess is you are correct... Trumpy is a sex fiend... no one cares... an egomaniac... that is his trademark... mostly an East Coast love affair, though his tv contest show did fan his flame quite a bit.

My guess isn't anything on Trumpy, but others, maybe himself... and other establishment figures... but they and the FBI/CIA et al, are all OWO... and expendable to the NWO, which doesn't need them anymore... and this is how the game goes, piece by piece gets extracted from the chessboard.

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That's where Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are so similar - they both HAD to deny that there was any sexual hanky-panky.  Their egos demanded a swift and catagorical denial.

All they had to say was, "This farce has no bearing whatsoever on my job as President Of The United States, and I refuse to comment on it any further.  This is the last I have to say about this." 

The American public is menatally retarded.  There was much more discussion about Stormy Daniels' dilated pupils than there was about the new tax package.  Fucking morons we are (collectively speaking).

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The First Rule Adolph.H. Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:37 Permalink

"Hillary did a pretty good job here. Now she's got a lot of dirt on trump, therefore I predict she will never be indicted for anything. "



Yeah, even out of power the DOJ/FBI are still her lapdogs.

Just imagine if she'd actually won, how screwed this country would be.

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The fact that "privilege" is just that...A privilege...Until a third party is present, until the client and attorney are talking about committing a crime...simple stuff really...It's really unbelievable that Trump and Cohen are so fucking sloppy and are the fucktards that continue to look past the fact that Trump and Cohen are so fucking sloppy and stupid...

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The Mueller investigation is masking the Deep State / Clinton / Obama / Soros / etc investigation. The recent leak that there is no criminal investigation of DJT was designed to cause the premature end of the Mueller investigation. Hence, the Cohen raid was an emergency solution to keep Mueller looking busy, publicly, until his real work is completed.

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DuneCreature WVHillbilly Fri, 04/13/2018 - 10:40 Permalink

Another light bulb pops on!


Who is the Deep State?

I don't have the whole roster.

But I can tell you who the 'Enforcement Arm of the Deep State' is.

Who is that?

The entire 'USA Intelligence Community' (ALL US agencies in close association with the Five Eyes and Mossad)

They don't work for We The People AT ALL.

They work for the Deep State. .... The Deep State ONLY.


~~~)))  What The Spooks Actually Do For A Living  (((~~~


Act spooky?

Well, yeah. .... That would stand to reason. .. Spooks are rather spooky. Ghost like. ... Never exactly what they claim to be.

But what function do the spooks serve to our nation, any nation? .. Or mighty empire if that's what you fancy your collective, commune or citadel on the hill to be?

The spooks gather dirt.

They are regular slop mops, mop buckets and sometimes very  delicate feather dusters. ....... Dirt collectors.

Go to Washington DC from Sticksville Kentucky or Isle Of Idiots Idaho to take a position with the Federal Government and the spooks come dripping out of the proverbial woodwork. .. They will appear out of thin air and ooze out of the heating ducts, monument bases and art galleries. The spooks are very, very interested in these naive newcomers.

The spooks seem to be everywhere and nowhere at all. .. Very illusive.

They are 'not nice people', shall we say.

Robert Merritt - Deep State Control Files


and FYI...........

Control Files? - Those Are Grim Fairy Tales according to your High School Civics 101 class teacher.

Need another example?

The Spooks Can Hack ANYTHING


Then you go to collage or the university and join a secret society and after the initiation and a thorough tormenting and hazing your mentor tells you the dark ugly truth. ...... Spooks are everywhere AND they run the country. ......... You were taught in your silly grade school that you got to elect your senators, judges and presidents and that they work for We The People. .......... Silly children also believe in Santa Claus too.

Me? .... I believe in spooks and Carlos Santana.

Live Hard, Deep State = Dirt Collection = Blackmail = Control Files = A Completely Compromised Corrupt Covertly 'Owned' US Government By.......................The Deep State, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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DuneCreature Northern Flicker Fri, 04/13/2018 - 11:25 Permalink

Yes. .. No man or woman gets anywhere near a power position in Wash DC without a Deep State Control File chocked full of 'juice'.

And that goes triple for the POTUS slot.

If you don't start your thinking from that FACTUAL REALITY you don't have the first clue what goes on in the US Government AND the surrounding support industry(s). ........ESPECIALLY the MIC.

Live Hard, If AI AL Hacks My Mind And Displays On Screen What I Sometimes Think About Doing To Certain Young (but 'of age') Ladies I Would Be A Hunted Fugitive From Hundreds Of Irate Fathers And Indignant Other Parties With Standing, Die Free

~ DC v8.8


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This isn't exactly a recent revelation to me, WC.

I've read your posts and we are in agreement.

I post my drivel for the education and amusement of the uninitiated.

Most people's brains are still swimming around in High School Government and Civics class lessons.

Hard to reprogram malfunctioning brains all at once.

Live Hard, Facts Being Stated In Different Ways Is A Good Thing, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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spooks, they'll set you up too.  you might go to a knock shop for some stress relief,  and wake up restrained with some razor wire around your nuts.  just to get you in the mood.

then they'll take you to another room, put you in the stocks blindfolded, and have someone blow you...and suddenly the blindfold is off,the lights go on ,and it's a minor of some description doing what they've been 'trained' to do. 

lights camera action...and you're theirs when they want you, or they'll release the film (or dvd, or grainy digitized medium as appropriate)

[the method was revealed in a detective novel set in london in the 60's.  truth disguised as fiction]

many have been compromised in similar fashion.  some acquire a taste for the unthinkable, since they're already owned and one more crime [after another] is rationalised as "won't make any difference" . some were dodgy to begin with.

best avoid those 'elite' dinner parties .  don't wanna find out during dessert that that 'filet mignon' you've been eating was haitian child supplied by the Clinton Foundation.

nowadays, once they have enough digital images of you, they can show you in a daisy-chain around the coffee table in the boardroom, right down to the detail of the freckles, moles, wrinkles, ear wax, eyes, pubic hair, with almost perfect audio/voice simulation. 






ADD:  Once they're in 'the club' , it's nod-nod, wink-wink whenever they feel like re-enacting their corrupted moral sense.  when one knows that everyone around one is compromised, just think about what that does to their cognition.


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