Ron Paul Rages: Assad Gassing His Own People Is "Total Nonsense"

Authored by Jay Syrmopoulos via,

Former Congressman Ron Paul has strongly argued following the alleged chemical gas attack blamed on the Syrian government that it makes no logical sense for Assad to order a gas attack, and has called the accusations a telltale sign of a false flag attack meant to provide justification for the U.S. military to maintain a presence in Syria.

“An incident will occur and somebody will get blamed and it’s usually a false flag,” said Paul.

“Right now, recently, it’s all been in Syria, ‘Assad did it! Assad did it!’” explained the former congressman. “No proof at all.”

“The way the people that perpetuate these false flags [sic] say that Assad is gassing his own people, at the same time, he’s winning the war and the people are flocking back in to go to the territories that he has returned to the government of Syria,” explained Paul.

“But, nevertheless, he’s out there gassing his own people, which makes no sense whatsoever and fewer and fewer people are believing this.”

Paul, who founded the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity in 2013 after leaving the U.S. House, presented his analysis via the Ron Paul Liberty Report, describing how foreign policy goals related to Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Russia, as well as the influence of neoconservatives, oil interests, and the military-industrial complex play into the current paradigm we see playing out in Syria.

During an appearance on RT, Paul further elaborated.

“This whole idea that all of a sudden Assad’s gassing his own people, I think, is total nonsense,” Paul said, pointing out that “over and over again” the US has claimed the Syrian or Russian government has been complicit in previous gas attacks in Syria – and the alleged poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in London — but “nothing panned out.” Or as Paul put it, one “fake news” story after another.

The libertarian icon then reasoned that the rush to condemn the Syrian government without evidence is meant to provide a justification for those wanting the US to remain in Syria and topple the Syrian government in hopes of installing a more western-friendly regime that is not within Russia or Iran’s sphere of influence.

Paul argued that, while it provides little to no strategic benefit for Assad to gas his own people, it would greatly benefit those that are pushing for regime change – especially after Trump recently said he would like to remove U.S. troops from Syria.



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Operation failed: The window of opportunity for the neocons and the deep state is closing. Trump has done a heck of a job slowing down the motion to let it die:…

That's probably why Israel want to disappear Assad so badly:…


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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Only those people who are playing at level zero think that Assad performed a gas attack on his own people. People at that level are watching TV news, not reading, much less reading Ron Paul.

Those who are level one or higher should be discussing WHY the false flag was carried out and WHY Trump is going along with it.

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What’s interesting is that it’s somehow reprehensible for an Arab dictator to “gass his own people” but perfectly acceptable for Progs to promote the assassination of Trump, promote the murder of NRA members, actually give automatic weapons to drug cartel personnel and fund violence at political rallies as well as rig elections.  I have no doubt that should the Progs take over & destroy gun rights, they will make Assad, Pol Pot and Stalin look like angels.

It’s what’s for breakfast.
- Hitlary Soros


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From your link: 

Last week, VT Damascus received evidence that Americans, US Army Special Forces along with Israeli chemical weapons officers had been captured in East Ghouta. We were told that not only was a command facility captured with modern weapons but a stockpile of British made 81mm poison gas mortar shells, numbering in the hundreds, was seized as well.

Hundreds of mortar shells containing VX? I'm sceptical. If these shells can be produced, and conclusively linked to the UK, then people ought to goto prison for ever. However, why on earth would the UK want to give loonies hundreds of nerve gas shells? Are they completely insane? Utterly without remorse, morals or intellect? Completely incapable of considering the consequences?

Drowning in the swamp of disinformation, I am going to reserve judgement on this until conclusive evidence emerges. Just because we all WANT to believe it, doesn't make it true.

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What's even more interesting is that the Donald is acting based on a proved FF ,with no evidence for Assad being guilty ( even Pentagon said it relies on social media ,LOL!) ,against the US Constitution ,against the International Law ,threatening a country which did not attack US . The Donald wants to kill the "animal Assad " based on fake news. He gave continued to give  weapons to the terrorists in Syria ,to train them and  US special forces participating in this FF (together with UK ,Israhelli and SA) were captured in Syria.

  That is what I would call hypocrisy on an international level . I would go even further and call that war crimes.

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I've made countless comments [directly to you] over the past few days that gave my POV in detail... At one point, I even said that soon I wouldn't have much more time because the weather was finally going to warm up and I have outdoor chores to do...


Well ~ Here I am, on a break [weather is nice, but I worked all morning]... But with you, the song remains the same... You think if you keep repeating over and over that Trump has some slick game going on here that not even the Mensa crowd could possibly figure out, then others are gonna pause in their tracks, rub their chins,  and say to themselves "wow~ that mosley is really a deep thinker"


I got news for you ~ THERE'S NO SLICK GAME...


Trump hired Bolton & this is what Bolton does... So the only question is "Why did he hire Bolton" ~ The answer to that "I don't know", but it's pretty convincing evidence to me that Trump has either been hijacked by the DEEP STATE or was DEEP STATE all along and was able to keep the con job going and that only fools like you that he has by the pussy are still going along with it.



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>I got news for you ~ THERE'S NO SLICK GAME...

Of course there is, its just that your brain shuts down when you think about the subject so you can't see it.

>The answer to that "I don't know"

That is the first step on the path to wisdom. Try reading this:…

After you have read that, think again about why Bolton was hired. Remember that Trump fires people all the time as well. Bolton won't be a permanent part of his team unless his performance is just out of this world.

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Oh I see...


It's this 'genius' scheme to hire the biggest warmonger on the planet because you know you're gonna fire him... Then, meanwhile send warship flotillas into the Med Sea, and tweet about sending missiles into Syria to make Assad PAY for chemical attacks on his own people, even though you know it's false...


Those are the kinds of things that make you REAL PRESIDENTIAL because all the mothers across the country can keep their children calm over the weekend and tell them to NOT WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING because mosley on Zero Hedge said it would all be ok.


Here's a better idea... Elect Ron Paul as POTUS and we'd never have to put up with all this horseshit...

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Are you not reminded of that extremely over-used Tyson quote: "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

I just hope that the super-intelligent hyper-genius doesn't get punched in the mouth, because if he does, it is our children that will be glowing in the dark. Smug assumptions that you know best lead inexorably to falling flat on your face. Donald must be more clever than the most clever, clever person, to know exactly what all the other parties are thinking, to know exactly what intelligence they have, and what they don't have, and whilst juggling all these balls, remember that if you drop one, everyone in the world dies. Genius, hubris, or incompetence? Your choice. Either Mosely doesn't have the intelectual capacity to see through the bravado and bullshit, or he just suffers from excessive enthusiasms (first silver, then bitcoin, and now trump is the best thing in the universe). Either way, I personally don't lose sleep over his hero worship. I do, however, split infinitives.

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I don't know how Ron Paul has ever survived Wash DC and the relentless assaults by the Deep State spooks but he apparently has...

* ht *  Dr Ron Paul

One last time for the late arrivals.... 

~~~)))  What The Spooks Actually Do For A Living  (((~~~

Act spooky?

Well, yeah. .... That would stand to reason. .. Spooks are rather spooky. Ghost like. ... Never exactly what they claim to be.

But what function do the spooks serve to our nation, any nation? .. Or mighty empire if that's what you fancy your collective, commune or citadel on the hill to be?

The spooks gather dirt.

They are regular slop mops, mop buckets and sometimes very  delicate feather dusters. ....... Dirt collectors.

Go to Washington DC from Sticksville Kentucky or Isle Of Idiots Idaho to take a position with the Federal Government and the spooks come dripping out of the proverbial woodwork. .. They will appear out of thin air and ooze out of the heating ducts, monument bases and art galleries. The spooks are very, very interested in these naive newcomers.

The spooks seem to be everywhere and nowhere at all. .. Very illusive.

They are 'not nice people', shall we say.

Robert Merritt - Deep State Control Files

 and FYI...........

Control Files? - Those Are Grim Fairy Tales according to your High School Civics 101 class teacher.

Need another example?

The Spooks Can Hack ANYTHING

 Then you go to collage or the university and join a secret society and after the initiation and a thorough tormenting and hazing your mentor tells you the dark ugly truth. ...... Spooks are everywhere AND they run the country. ......... You were taught in your silly grade school that you got to elect your senators, judges and presidents and that they work for We The People. .......... Silly children also believe in Santa Claus too.

Me? .... I believe in spooks and Carlos Santana.

Live Hard, Deep State = Dirt Collection = Blackmail = Control Files = A Completely Compromised Corrupt Covertly 'Owned' US Government By.......................The Deep State, Die Free

~ DC v8.8

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Saddam did.  Assad is so much better?  He's supposed to be an Alawite, a minority in a minority.

Brits gain by poisoning Skirpals so can't be the Russians but MI6/CIA/MOSSAD?  and other assassinations?  and Georgia,

and Crimea, and MH17 etc. etc.?

We are in so over our heads its coming out of our ass...and people are dying for what?

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Let's recapitulate the events again ,as I see it's difficult to comprehend :

-The butcher of Saudi Arabia ,who visited not too long ago : US ,UK and France and  paid Billions to the Donald ,May and Macron ( from SA and UEA) . Remember his visit ?

- Prior to this ,it was Satanyahoo's visit to the Donald ( you can never ever overlook the joo angle and their interests ; Satanyahoo is involved in multiple bribery and embezzlement cases at home , involving him,his wife and his son + the need for Israhell's expaension : look at their flag for clues = the star of Remphan (Satan ) between the 2 blue rivers ,Tiger and Euphrates)

-So ,first Stanyahoo ,the Mohammed bin Salman ; the plan made

-then it was Skripal case to connect Russia to "Gassing her own people " on ... gasp ... the territory of a peaceful ,democratic and NATO country !

- then the animal ASSAD decides to gas his own people ,while liberating E Ghouta ; this is where it went very wrong : SAA and the Russians discovered a big chemical plant ,with US machinery and chemicals from Britain and US and Israhell . And arrested multiple British ,US ,Israhelli and Saudi Arabia intelligence officers ,who spilled the beans.

- So ,you see now the predicament of US ,UK and France ? They took the money from KSA and UEA,received the orders from Israhell and when they were about to send beautiful ,smart missiles to punish Assad animal , bang ,the Russians spoiled the party . Again.

-There were multiple talks between the mad dog Mattis and gen Gerasimov ; as per some in the know it went like that :

       US : at least let us hit a small Assad target

      Russia: sure ,and then we will hit a small or big US  or UK or French one or two

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I do not think it's just priceless minds:
An online survey commissioned by the American Center for Dairy Innovation found that 48% of the American adult population is not sure where milk comes from. In addition, 7% of people said they believed chocolate milk comes exclusively from brown cows.


It's because of such things that I love Americans! They very much resemble the people of fairy tales like the people of Eden.

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My bet is that Trump is aware the intel community is playing him like a puppet. He played like there would be war and strikes on Syria to show the American people how close we can get to total destruction at the hands of intentional bad advice from the neocons. He will turn around and use this to FIRE a shit load of them and possible Mueller fir the added anti Russia witch hunt. Do you think the congress would impeach a president who surges in popularity after firing those worthless SOB's that almost got us in WW3. He will remind us that this is also going to make future generations safer too. This will take a while but this is my bet on whats going on in DC. He will compare this to the Iraq weapons of mass destruction statement that killed so many too. Old Trump is going to end up being the most popular president ever and some of these old piece of shit republicans who already announced they were not running again are going to be sorry they didnt ride his coat tail

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