A Second US Tomahawk-Capable Destroyer Enters The Mediterranean

Just days after the US deployed its Truman Carrier Strike Group (and 7 warships) to The Mediterranean, The Pentagon reports that
the guided-missile destroyer USS Winston Churchill entered the Navy’s area of operations that includes the Mediterranean as tensions remains high over a possible military strike against Syria.

The Winston S. Churchill departed Naval Station Norfolk April 5, 2018, for what The Pentagon stresses was "a routine deployment."

The destroyer, which can carry up to 90 Tomahawk missiles, is in the region “to conduct a routine deployment in support of U.S. maritime security interests, increased regional stability and forward naval presence in the U.S. 6th fleet area of operations,” according to a statement by U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa

This is the second Tomahawk-capable destroyer to enter The Med (along with the USS Donald Cook which can carry 60 Tomahawk missiles).

As we noted previously, it will take approximately 6-7 days for the Truman Carrier group to cross the Atlantic at 30 knots, plus another 3-4 three days once it arrives in the Mediterranean, to reach Syria, suggesting a full-blown on attack may not take place until after April 22 or so.

The Med is going to get very crowded soon with the Winston Churchill joining the Donald Cook and soon to be joined by the entire Truman Carrier Strike Group... all facing up with at least 11 Russian warships out of Tartus, Syria.

Notably, Agence France Presse reports that Syria has warned the West that it will defend itself if attacked.


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Syria says it will defend itself!  And quite right too!

Syrian ambassador to the UN Bashar Jaafari pledged that the country will respond if attacked by the US, UK and France.

"These three countries — the United States, Britain and France — if they think they can attack us and attack our sovereignty, we will have no choice but to use Article 51 of the UN Charter, which gives us the right to defend ourselves. It's not a threat, it's a vow. We will not allow anyone to attack our sovereignty," the diplomat said at the UN Security Council meeting convened on Russia's request over Washington's threats to conduct a strike in Syria.

Jaafari went on saying that the US forces deployed in the Mediterranean forces are aimed against the Syrian government and its allies, but "not terrorists".

Edit: This is a bit concerning... 

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A bunch of high speed, underwater drones could make a mess of this situation.  With today's technological capabilities, big, slow floating piles of steel seem very vulnerable.

Think in terms of nano tech.  A swarm of bees will kick a grizzly bear's ass.  He can't fight what he can't see or hit.

Would you rather have 2 fighter jets or 100 SAMs?  The days of battleships went bye, bye and the days of the "Carrier Task Force" are numbered.  

You just realize that when you saddle that pony with the US,  you are going to have to ride it.....all the way.

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Has anyone asked, what has left Crimea, and St. Petersburg, and Kaliningrad?  What airbases in the far east have seen TU 160 and TU22M as well as SU 34 deployed to or near Syria?  Anyone reporting on visits to Iran for refueling/ rearming.?  Flights from Iran to Syria of IL-76 cargo aircraft?  These ships are far from home amd ot's a long swim back to friendly countries.  

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Is it my imagination, or has the U.S. government gone completely insane?  Really, I wake up every day and read the news, and I can't believe what I'm reading, the incredibly stupid shit that's being done - the obvious lies and fabrications, and the number of people who apparently believe this shit.  It's beyond stupid.  It's fucking insane. Have we all gone nuts to put up with this shit?  How long are we going to stand around and watch these immoral psychopathic bastards destroy our world, our families, and our lives?

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No it is not your imagination, it is insane.  There seems to be a total disconnect between what 'our leaders' (and I use the term very loosely because they are leading us nowhere) are saying and what 'ordinary' people want.  There was a YouGov poll in the UK yesterday that said only 22% of people support the UK's planned attack on Syria.  The good news there is that many people are seeing through the lies of the politicos, they no longer accept statements at face value.  This is causing something of a panic among the politicos because all they know is how to lie, and they can see that their lies are now being taken apart.  Comments sections of most online papers are now filled with comments you might find here - ordinary people are actually starting to get really angry.  What happens next I wonder...

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Yes, the US war mongers are off their leash. Why not stage a war against Mexico? They could say "The horrific death toll of innocent civilians by lawless Mexican drug cartels poses a growing and imminent threat to the United States. Therefore it has been decided to send an armed floatilla of US war ships from the San Diego naval base to wage total war against the dangerous Mexican nation."

There, fixed it. How about a nice cheap war close to home? It could even be a petro war....the US could take all the nat gas drilling platforms on the Mexican side of the Gulf of Mexico and steal their sovereign gold reserves while they are at it.

The Russians could put 11 subs and destroyers off the coast of Mexico while the new Russian allies Israel hurles missiles into Texas. See how the US likes THAT.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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   Jaish-al -Islam ,US ' moderates , kidnapped 3000 people in Syria and when the SAA liberated the area and freed the prisoners ,they found only 200 and mass graves of the rest . The same group was launching missiles toward Damascus , the last years ,killing thousands of  civilians .

   Is Nikki Haley ,the Dotard's bimbo at UN ,going to accuse Jaish-al-Islam of having "blood on their hands" like she did with Russia and Syria , or does she speaks only for the terrorists ?

   How about the 34 Palestinians killed by Satanyahoo and the 2000 wounded ?

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I think it may be because the 'rescues' of the terrorists are organised and carried out by US or US backed forces.  There are mulitple pictures of US helicopters air-lifting terrorists out 'to safety' and the Syrians have been turning a blind eye.

There used to be an excellent commenter here on ZH (PavewayIV) who used to comment on this sort of issue.  If you don't know him, he is worth reading here: http://www.moonofalabama.org - he still uses the same name.

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   US ,UK and France are desperate . They took the money from KSA and UAE ,received orders fro Satanyahoo ( see his visit to the US prior to this and Mohammad bin Salman's visit to US ,UK and France prior to this).

   Russia has proofs of their involvement in Syria (supporting the terrorists and being behind this FF).

   US needs to do something ,but to get to the "animal " Assad ,it needs to get through the Russian Bear . And this would ruin US' day.

   And NO OTHER NATO COUNTRY , and especially TURKEY is not going to support and ally with US ,UK and France .

   Well ,they have Israhell ,but (they) like to "stay behind " ( for multiple reasons )


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Interesting that all the other NATO countries are sending back their invites to the party - with "regrets" that they cannot attend but wishing the US, UK and France a 'super time'.

Is it a coincidence that we know the special forces captured in East Ghouta were: American, British, French and Israeli?  I doubt it!  They want to hit the buildings those special forces used to eliminate the evidence.  Everything else is horseshit as far as I can see.

Whoever heard of a deal where an illegal invader negotiates to carry out a limited strike on agreed targets?  The US gets a few airfields, and a couple of other bits and the UK and France get 15 targets (probably individual buildings they want to get rid of).  The whole thing is ridiculous!

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The coalition of killing and BS  will not be allowed to hit anything this time ; and if they try ,they will be hit back.

This is not going to be a repeat of Khan Shaikhoun airport from last year f*ckery .

Russia has had enough .

This is the Russian stand. They will not move one inch as they know that the American juggernaut will never stop .

If US wants a confrontation ,might as well be now.

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EuroPox veritas semper… Fri, 04/13/2018 - 15:50 Permalink

I have been thinking much the same.  Putin has been too patient (in my view) but he must now be fed up with the crazy shit:  Skripal and now this false flag, may have just tipped him over the edge to the point where he thinks he will never escape the shit, until he stops it himself.  And if you play poker, just look how together and relatively calm Russia is, compared with the daily lunacy over here... and he has the whole of Russia behind him, unlike Trump and May.  I'm pretty sure that Putin is not bluffing.

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"is in the region “to conduct a routine deployment in support of U.S. maritime security interests"

Whoa there! When I say Whoa, I mean Whoa!

What legitimate, non-Imperial maritime security interests does the US Regime have at distances >200 miles offshore?

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Joiningupthedots Adolph.H. Fri, 04/13/2018 - 14:07 Permalink

This attack on Syria is running out of steam.

Washington knows exactly how Russia is going to react and it has been told as much through the correct channels (not Twitter Time or Dumb Time TV)

The reality of the posturing and megaphone diplomacy of the West is now being brought into sharp focus and the smart people are showing the monkeys the door.

It has to be this way or you end up with this;


Yes folks. that includes America.


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i poop pink ic… Adolph.H. Fri, 04/13/2018 - 15:17 Permalink

Here's what I see happening. 

1. An overwhelming U.S. missile attack on Russian and Syrian air ground assets. Too many missiles for the Russian defenses to handle. 

2. U.S. (and allies) establish air superiority over Syria from airbases in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Crete, and Italy plus offshore aircraft carriers.   

3. Once air superiority is established (2-3 day max) the U.S. proceeds to destroy the remainder of Syrian and Russian ground forces. 

4. U.S. (and allies) then invade Syria on the ground, quickly reach Damascus and proclaim Syria "liberated". 

Russia has (IMO) already lost. They have never fought back before so why would the U.S. military believe they will fight back now? 

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