From Skripal To Syria: The Empire's "New Realities" Are Reaching The End Of The Road

Authored by Rob Slane via,

That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.

And while you’re studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.

We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

- Karl Rove, Deputy Chief of Staff in the Government of George W. Bush.

I do wish people would study Rove’s words more carefully. Judiciously study them. If they did, then whenever the next alleged atrocity occurs and the United States, together with its coalition of supine vassals, starts yelling and hollering 10 minutes later for action to be taken, on the basis of a test-tube full of washing powder, or pictures of injured women and children in a war zone, and the entire media of dutiful stenographers shrieks that “something must be done”, then perhaps we might pause and wonder if we are being played. Instead of falling into an emotional spasm, maybe we would instead reject the deafening drumbeats of war – wars that have a habit of killing immeasurably more women and children than the alleged incidents on which they are based, by the way — and ask ourselves whether “Rove’s Law” has come into play.

As an aside, the West’s interventionist wars remind me of that wonderfully cynical exchange in the film, The Man With Two Brains:

Dr. Hfuhruhurr: “The only time we doctors should accept death is when it’s caused by our own incompetence!”

Dr. Necessiter: “Nonsense! If the murder of twelve innocent people can help save one human life, it will have been worth it!”

Here’s Dr. Necessiter selling us into war in Iraq: “Nonsense! If it costs us the deaths of 500,000 people to topple the evil dictator Saddam Hussein, it will have been worth it!”

Here he is selling us bombs on Libya: “Nonsense! If turning Libya into a failed state, a terrorist’s playground, and causing a mass exodus of refugees is the price for getting rid of Gaddafi, it will have been worth it.”

And here’s Dr Necessiter again, this time trying to sell us into bombing Syria: “Nonsense! Risking a catastrophic clash with a country armed with thousands of nuclear weapons is worth it in order to respond to the alleged deaths of less than a hundred people in a totally unproven chemical weapons attack.”

Behold, the “logic” of the interventionists!

But back to Rove. What was he saying? Three things:

Number one: We – that is the Globalist Deep State, centred in Washington DC – are sovereign over the entire globe and we will do as we please.

Number two: That we don’t follow reality, we create it.

Number three: That we are prepared to do things that will make your jaws drop, your hair stand on end, and your eyes boggle as you wonder what is going on, and while your jaws, your hair and your eyes are busy doing their thing, we will have moved onto create our next reality.

In other words – we are God – and not a kind and merciful God, but a God who lords it over all peoples’, nations and tongues, who tells lies, and then tells more lies to cover up those lies and – when you poor saps are trying to work out what it is we’re really up to – before you know what has happened, those lies and those lies to cover up lies will have become the new reality. We’ll have moved on and the world with it, and the narrative we have created will have been written in the history books, which we ourselves shall write.

The cases of Sergei Skripal and the alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta seem somehow to represent the zenith of this ideology.

I do not know who poisoned Sergei Skripal or for what reason. It could be that the Russian Government was behind it, although this would mean accepting the highly improbable thesis that they decided to target a has-been MI6 spy, who they released from prison eight years ago, using perhaps the dumbest assassination method in the history of the world – an ineffective, slow-operating, “military-grade” nerve agent, which could be traced back to them, and which they smeared on a door handle in rainy Salisbury –, a week or so before a Presidential election, and less than 100 days before they are due to host the World Cup. In other words, the official narrative does not rest on accepting that the Russian state is the epitome of pure evil; it rests on accepting that it is the epitome of insanity and bumbling incompetence.

I do not know what happened in Eastern Ghouta. It could be that the Syrian Government was behind what is alleged to have happened (if it indeed did happen), but this would mean having to accept the thesis that just 24 hours away from completely liberating the last pocket of resistance in Damascus, after the US, the UK and France had all warned that they would attack if chemical weapons were used, just a week or so after the US President, Donald J. Swamp, announced that the US would be pulling out of Syria (which they occupied illegally, by the way), they made the decision to use a weapon that gave them no military advantage whatsoever, but which was practically guaranteed to be used as a pretext for airstrikes against them. In other words, like the Skripal case, the theory does not stand on accepting that the Syrian state is the epitome of pure evil; it stands on accepting that it is the epitome of self-defeating stupidity on an epic scale.

But you see what I’ve done? I’ve fallen right into Karl Rove’s trap, haven’t I? I’m asking questions about whether the narratives in these cases stack up. In the Skripal case, I’ve been judiciously studying reality by asking lots of questions that ought to have occurred to anyone with a keen interest in arriving at the truth (here and here, for instance). I could do the same with the Syrian case, if I had the time.

Yet while I’m doing so, the narrative is moving on. I’m falling into exactly the trap that Karl and his disciples have laid. They want two sorts of people: those who just blindly accept that it was the Russians wot did it, or that it was Assad wot did it; and those who spend their time asking questions about the official explanations. The first group call the second group conspiracy theorists and nutters. The second group call the first group dumb sheeple. And the Globalist Deep State laughs and laughs and laughs as the two groups battle it out to make sense of what has happened, leaving it free to march on to create the next reality. Truly I tell you, these Bolsheviks have learnt their Hegelian Dialectics well.

Now, this is not to rule out that in the Salisbury and Eastern Ghouta cases the official narratives might – just might – be the correct ones. That both Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad might be the Laurel and Hardy of Geopolitics. Yet it has to be said that whatever else you think about them, neither of them tends to come across in interviews as being what you might call dumb or inept. Nor do either of them give the impression that they have sudden insane impulses to do things which have absolutely no benefit to them, but which hand their enemies massive PR victories.

But this is besides the point. The point is not whether these particular incidents are what the official narrative says they are, or whether they are provocations. It suffices for the “new reality creators” to create their realities on occasion, or perhaps to distort occurrences which they didn’t create, and before you know it you have your two groups battling over events which may be real or fake: the conspiracists – who are studying every event to try to work out the details and the inconsistencies – and the sheeple – who believe that their Government is full of good hearted, white hatted chaps and lasses who would never, ever do anything bad – unlike those orcs over in Mordor.

Rove and Co have basically created a “reality” where truth is no longer discernible, where assertions of guilt are taken as fact, and where holes in these kinds of incidents only serve to divide the people further, so that the Globalist Deep State can move on to create their next reality.

But let’s not get gloomy.

The good news is that although they clearly think they can get away with it indefinitely, they can’t. No kingdom or empire built on a mountain of lies can stand indefinitely. They all fall. And can’t you start to sense the signs that the empire’s “new realities” – or what are known as lies in laymen’s terms – are reaching boiling point? Don’t you sense that they have just got too confident and in doing so have begun to get careless? They are making mistakes. And as they do, they are having to resort to bigger and bigger lies to cover up the ones they’ve already told.

Sadly for Rove and Co, but happily for the rest of us, the world doesn’t actually work the way they think it does. Reality - I mean real reality, rather than the phoney reality they have created - will catch up sooner or later. I sense that it’s on its way even now. And when it finally comes, the whole rotten edifice that these “history’s actors” have tried to create will crash and burn. Bringing much rejoicing.


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As has been mentioned already, it doesn't neccessarily make sense for Russia to knock out every cruise missile out of the sky. Each s-400 missile costs around $2m. So, it would either need to save >$2m worth of damage to a strategic site or save lives that are strategically valuable.
At the beginning of the Iraq war, the U.S fired 800 cruise missiles. That would a)overwhelm any Russian defence systems currently in Syria and b) risk bankrupting Russia if they tried to shoot all of them down. So why would Russia claim it will defend an attack if it didn't necessarily intend to? It's diplomatic capital. The Americans have (because of this) been at pains to clarify that this is not an attack against Russia and only against Assad. It strengthens Russia's case for acting if it eventually does react and makes the USA consider where any escalation leads so be more cautious than it would otherwise be. 
So unlike the general public expecting Russia to react to everything a la myopic, arrogant, hollywood-style non-strategizing, Russia (any military) will carefully and rationally weigh up it's options. You also have to accept that you barely know any of the facts. This attack from the U.S seemed pretty desperate in it's timing - we can guess, but we have no real idea why..
Fact is, with limited resources, Russia has to make every action count to it's max potential. Some things it will consider:
a)There seems to be a chance that OJ is trying to pull USA out of Syria - So quietening things down to help him do so would be useful - Israel will try and keep USA in by attempting an escalation at every opportunity.
b)It keeps the moral high ground. In the eyes of those who would have liked evidence of CW attacks before this action was taken, Russia/Syria is the victim here. Although Russia can't attack any Western targets directly because they have not attacked Russia directly, Russia may use this opportunity to hit the two remaining rebel strongholds in Syria HARD and without warning... but this will only be done with a) in consideration

Moreover, the long-term strategy for Russia in Syria may require Syria to be sacrificed. There are very good reasons to allow this to happen.

You think the jews have gotten this far and it'll be as easy as letting them fuck themselves over in Syria? I'm not so sure. The jews are heading towards getting themselves utterly anhillated. And that requires things to occur that will cause EVERY SINGLE person's eyes to be opened to their ways. I mean from the Israel worshipping evangelists to the fucking monstrous Israelis themselves! Even they will agree that they should be anhillated.... This shit has been centuries in the making don't expect it to be resolved in the next decade.

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Pathological power is now ready to destroy civilization.  WE DID IT TO OURSELVES! It is the final stage. I am convinced it has happened to humans before. As long as we agree to be slaves it will always happen.

Only thing left to do now is start praying and digging in.

If we survive into the future, a message to you who survive: Dear freedom lovers, dear future humans who somehow win your freedom,  never ever allow someone to rule over you! Never ever allow others to steal taxes from you! Remember the foolish Americans who won their freedom and then threw it all away! They allowed themselves to be enslaved by criminals!!!! Those who steal from you will kill. Those who kill will become lovers of death. Nature provides nuclear power to keep the foolish, the unworthy, the unready to stay enslaved away from freedom that each of us must sooner or later embrace or die.

Perhaps only the few are allowed into paradise. Maybe only the few may embrace the truth while the rest embrace death over and over millions of years into the future. Nature condemns you who choose slavery! You choose death when you choose to be slaves. Now watch as you and your loved ones DIE!!!


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This latest chemical attack in Syria is yet another FALSE FLAG.

Just like all the previous chemical attacks in Syria were FALSE FLAG events.

Just like the Skripal "chemical attack" in Britain was a FALSE FLAG event.

Trump is a Jew (so are Macron and Theresa May, by the way).

It seems the Jews want war,.... yet again.

If Putin does not respond, with force, to force,....

We can only conclude that Putin is a Jew too; Putin the new Hitler.

If you wish to see how real wars are conducted, read:

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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Remember, the evil people, Theresa May, Stoltenberg, Trump and the rest, are damning Russia with obvious lies.

The Novichok nerve agents don't even exist.


The Novichok nerve agents are supposedly much more toxic than the nerve gases VX or Sarin (and yet the Skripals are still alive!?).

Mirzayanov's book, published in 2008, contains the formulas he alleges can be used to create Novichoks. In 1995, he explained that "the chemical components or precursors" of Novichok are "ordinary organophosphates that can be made at commercial chemical companies that manufacture such products as fertilizers and pesticides."…

Basically, Mirzayanov claims that it is relatively easy to make the Novichok nerve agents.

So, some enterprising Arabs could buy a few chemists to make a few tons of it and then spray it all over the little Satan.

Do you really think that the Jews who run the United States would allow the publication of information that could lead to thousands of deaths in Israel?

Do you really think they would protect the publisher of such information by giving him residence in the United States?

Remember, Mirzayanov was given residence (and a University position) in the United States after he was kicked out of Russia.

There are also a number of "people who should know" that have stated that there is zero solid evidence for the existence of the Novichok nerve agents. For example: Robin Black in Development, Historical Use and Properties of Chemical Warfare Agents (2016):

"In recent years, there has been much speculation that a fourth generation of nerve agents, ‘Novichoks’ (newcomer), was developed in Russia, beginning in the 1970s as part of the ‘Foliant’ programme, with the aim of finding agents that would compromise defensive countermeasures. Information on these compounds has been sparse in the public domain, mostly originating from a dissident Russian military chemist, Vil Mirzayanov. No independent confirmation of the structures or the properties of such compounds has been published."…

And, Alexander Shulgin, Russia's representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (2018):

"There has never been a ‘Novichok’ research project conducted in Russia,... But in the West, some countries carried out such research, which they called 'Novichok,' for some reason."

CONCLUSION: The Novichok nerve agents don't even exist.

It has been said that: The Skripals are still alive for 1 of 2 reasons:
1. The exposure was too low.
2. They were given an antidote shortly after being exposed.

A killer would probably find it difficult to administer a dose low enough not to kill.

One drop containing 10 milligrams of VX (or 1 milligram of Novichok) absorbed through the skin is fatal.

The antidote atropine (which is quite toxic) must be administered immediately unless the dose is exceedingly low. How did they know to administer it?

If the dose was exceedingly small then those who administered the Novichok did not mean to kill.

If those who administered the Novichok meant to kill, the Skripals would be dead.


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Do you really think a single missile was sent?

OR it is all coordinated false news.


The 30 or 40 missiles that got through should have left a few holes here and there.

Unless, of course, it is all BS.

It is 2 PM in Damascus; the video clips should have been up-loaded hours ago.

But there don't seem to be any.

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No POTUS just expands the military budget, the Fed will print more $$$, the defense contractors will get more $$$, theyll pay off McCain and Graham and others, pocket the rest...and the beat goes on.

Meanwhile the real economy rots away, the slaves complain, and deep politics and media plans it’s next missile deployment. Doubling the use of military assets and the defense spending each time.  And the owners of the world (banksters), call it ironically (‘collateral’ damage).

spending and killing is all these fucks are good for ~ time to wake up 

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And Bebe and the Prince of SA bitched that they were getting kicked out of Syria and the world would collapse if that happened so the masters of the universe did a half ass missile attack to say "see we did something" and yes we will build the pipeline through Syria someday and slay the evil Iranians as well. As soon as we get done with Stormy et al.

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"it doesn't neccessarily make sense for Russia to knock out every cruise missile out of the sky"

The Russian MOD said that Syria knocked out 71 of 103 cruise missiles. The Russians are considering supplying S-300s to Syria.

It seems Syria doesn't need much help - Syria target strike rate 71% Tomahawk target strike rate 50%…







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I EAT your nuclear pain (Tortured by Highly Enriched Uranium Mueller), but I suggest you take a break for awhile, eat well, stay away from drinking smoking (if you do it) keep your stress down so you don't have a heart attack like I did. This power called MAD has been around for awhile, it didn't just pop up overnight, nor did all the bases in syria. You talk like things already happened, get some sleep, in the morning use BOTH EYES, and see the sun is still there. You never worked with nukes in the military, you don't know how to wire them or anything so why are you worrying for, you don't control anything at all. IF you want to blame someone blame the WITCH HUNT


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insanity is in the hands of very few that rule over literally billions of peoples lives and yet we can't stop it.


that is mankind's reality know, and in the past.

these rulers are invoking the inevitable.


either way one looks at mankind's future it is dismal.

kinetic energy-too many atoms in a confined space.

plateau humans.

plateau oil.

plateau natural system fatigue.

peak stupidity to live another day...


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Always nice to know The Church of the Apocalypse is always on hand to cheer things up.

The thing that bothers me the most is when they go on a crime and murder spree, all the wrong people end up dead. You can make a sure bet that if they were putting their own and their families fat in the fire there would be a different outcome.

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Voluntary Exchange, thank you for a most insightful post. Sometimes that truth stings, yet it is still the truth. We have deferred our rights to reason, make decisions, and choose our own path to a bunch of psychopaths and we quiver in fear at any admonishments when we step out of line.

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Not long ago, I thought obscenity was an axiomatic, definitive adjective.

Then I discovered that Americans, talk big, proselytize big, moralize big, talk second revolution big, condemn (Bilderburks, New Wank Ordure, Council for FuckedUp Relations) and every other parasitic elitist vehicles designed to shag everyone over; but have ONE major, major deficiency...


In their own idiom:

They don't do JACK about it.

Forget about electing someone to rectify matters (the SYSTEM was long, long ago totally captured)

Forget about taking it to court (also captured, long long ago - and you know it)

Stop talking about "revolution" and just REVOLT.

Otherwise you're just a USELESS obscenity.


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The way the break down has been constructed is that those likely and capable of revolting are still living large. They are not at all pleased by the way things are going, but they're still mostly comfortable. Their boundries (I like boundries better than red lines) have been approached but not crossed. Everyone who wants to be can be as armed as they want for example. These people I'm talking about are like the modern American version of the Kulaks, self-reliant country people,who when it was too late, took up arms against the Bolsheviks, lost and then were starved to death by the millions. Let's hope this episode doesn't repeat.

Oh and great article. Now is a terrific time for a reminder of Karl Rove's reality warping ways.

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Face it. A moral certainty that demands action has been replaced by a personal inconvenience. Only when the groceries stop being delivered is when you'll see people in the streets and even then, it will be ill informed as to who the actual culprits are, and be misdirected against each other.

Be careful about wanting a revolt because the results won't have the desired effect when the focus for anger will be easily diffused.

I'm fairly certain the majority of those people in the streets won't have the ability, competence and mental acuity to determine who are their true enemies.

Trading one epic clusterfuck for another isn't much of a solution until a critical mass has been weaned off the MSM tit.

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I downvoted you.

Russian milotary doctrine, the latest one of course, says, tjat Russia is to protect russian allies as well. And answer the agression with nuclear attack.

So go ahead amd deateoy all those shipes there.

Otherwise scrap the doctrine.

On the other side, the bihgest damage took USA and international yewery , calling the strike. The damage to their fictional empire.


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Hopefully Russia didn't lose a man and Assad's countrymen and women and CHILDREN DID NOT SUFFER (THOUGH I KNOW A FEW DIED).  The Canadians, Germans, Italians had the balls to say . Let's wait and see what OPCW finds out. Nope, couldn't wait a week. I wonder if a few Tomahawks were targeted for the alleged false flag site to INSURE no evidence could prove a CHEMICAL  ATTACK DIDN'T HAPPEN.   In the eyes of the world the US lost an enormous amount of credibility. In the eyes of the US a lot of people wished there was a third alternative in the election. In the eyes of the US a lot of people will be happy if there is an impeachment.  Laugh, clasp your fellow war mongers on the back, jump and shout about what a great job you did this Friday night. Personally I think you all SUCK.

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Sanders was no 'third alternative' ~ he played a role and got paid for it... He was a 'set up' guy thrown in there to lose & make Hillary look electable... Then things almost got out of hand...


Hillary had never won an honest election in her life... She couldn't even win her own party's nomination in 2008...

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The count is up to 480 people who "voted" on the other page that Trump has lost all their faith and confidence vs. 30 who think like you, and laugh about drinking cold brewskis on the poop deck of the Donald Cook with your abacus in the other hand greedily counting all the money to be made replacing high tech weaponry while they're on the hook for the replacement costs & meanwhile, we're closer than ever to a real confrontation because the stakes keep getting raised...


Those numbers aren't gonna magically switch back to 30 vs. 480... That's 94% vs 6% [on any scale ~ which is more pertinent to see it on ZH which is probably the only place on the planet where Trump had any friends at all to begin with], and they're not coming back.


Matthew 7:15-20

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.


The above mentioned 480 [and the number is rising ~ up to 487 already] were handed a seed and told it was a fruit tree and to put it in the ground... But they were deceived and it turned into a thorn bush... I don't worry about myself or those people... We will continue to find a way to eat... But the thorn bush will be cut down and thrown into the fire.


Have a nice day.

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Message to Donald: Call RentoKill, you've got a reptile infestation.
Nephalim are in the house. 

Agreed if there was any doubt that "democracy has left the building" this was it.

"Managerial State has removed its cloak in USA, UK, France and any other "allies" who back this fight.
The managerial ruling class, lodged primarily in the state and the other massive bureaucratic structures that dominate the economy and mass culture, must undermine such institutions of traditional life if its power and interests are to prevail."

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