U.S. Intelligence Officials Who Warned About False WMD Claims Before Iraq War Are Now Warning About Baseless Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims

Trump and the mainstream media are beating the drums of war as hard and loud as they can.

But even the U.S. has walked back its claim that is it certain the the Syrian government gassed people.

Experts such as the former head UN weapons inspector to Syria and the former UK Ambassador to Syria are skeptical about the claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

So is the former head of British forces in Iraq.

And the U.S. intelligence officials who blew the whistle on Iraq not having WMDs before the war started - such as chief UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, NSA legend Bill Binney, and top CIA officer Ray McGovern - are now demanding an actual (cough) analysis and a wee bit of (cough) evidence before bombing Syria.

But the mainstream media would never report THAT ... its owners will forbid it.


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"the United States, under my administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS.

“Where is our ‘Thank you America’?”  -  Donald Trump

Thanks Donald for funding ISIS.
Thanks Donald for being ISIS air force.
Thanks Donald for staging false flags.
Thanks Donald for turning Syria into a rubble pile.
Thanks Donald for murdering innocent men, women and children.
Thanks Donald for selling out your base who don't want war.
Thanks Donald you narcissistic, lying piece of shit.

Now go back to porking porn sluts while your wife is at home with your newborn infant. 

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Another especially grotesque aspect of this is his about face on pulling out of Syria coming a week after the FBI raids his lawyer's office who is ensnared in this raunchy business of signing non-disclosure agreements (aka bribes) with porn actresses with an alias.

He is unwilling or unable to stop the FBI's abuse because they have him by his short dotard hairs. He has no one to blame for being a cad and a louse but himself and they will not stop.

I read this last night on a staunch red team site and my head still hurts. This is the thinking of what's left of his base.

"I’m against this, unless it helps the party win the midterm elections."

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The Swamp is so deep and impenetrable, matters like Syria will always be enveloped in a smokescreen, shielding the truth.


AurorusBorealus VAL THOR Sat, 04/14/2018 - 16:25 Permalink

It is no so difficult to understand.  The war-monger deep-state through their British channels invented another chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government.  Why?  To justify a continued U.S. military presence in Syria (ostensibly to monitor the situation for "weapons of mass destruction.")  The idea of maintaining a continuous U.S. military presence in Syria is to provide air and logistics support for eventual joint Israeli and Saudi action against the Syrian government: to continue the war.

The Russians are well aware of this.  They know that they must bloody the U.S. here and now or there will be no peace until one side or another launches ICBMs and sub-based nuclear missiles to first-strike the other.  The U.S. has demonstrated that it cares not a whit for a nuclear deterrent and does not believe that Russia is willing to launch a first strike or to contest U.S. forces on the ground conventionally.

 Russia must prove that they are willing to engage the U.S. conventionally so that imperial Washington takes the nuclear threat seriously as well.  The only language that the sick people running the U.S. Fourth Reich understand is violence and destruction.  The loss of American life does not concern them any more than the loss of Syrian life does.  The only loss of life that concerns them is their own.  Therefore, the only option that Russia has to avoid nuclear war is to prove that it is willing to fight a total war against the U.S. . It must prove that it is willing to launch a first strike against Washington (and kill all the little John Boltons and their families) without actually launching such a strike.  The only way to do so is to attack the U.S. forces in Syria with conventional weapons.  Russia must prove that it is willing to fight by conventional means as the only way to avoid being forced to fight a nuclear war.

This is not over, and there will be a war.  The American imperial Fourth Reich has seen to that, and Trump, with his philandering and lack of control over his penis, is their stooge and puppet, just as every American president since JFK has been.

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Only mental retards would actually think the Syrian government did the attack. Only mental retards would think the US has the moral standing to respond. Only mental retards would think there is any benefit to any USA American for any US war in Syria beyond the banking elites and military industrial complex. This is mental retard land and Trump should check him into a 666D mental retard camp because his brain has turned to jelly on 666 levels. We'll be lucky to be alive to see a re-election at this rate. I like being alive, so I hope Trump and his army all suffer from severe cancers. Trump is in my prayers... I pray he dies of of a fucking heart attack before we all die of nuclear war.

Anyone who wants a war in Syria should just be summarily executed before we die our selves in a nuclear war. That simple. Russia even looks like the good guy with their attack on Syrian terrorists.

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I have a strong suspicion that Covfefe is learning disabled, his tweets show vocabulary, sentence structure and a general command of language of someone who hasn't read one book in his life. While that covers his tweets language, content shows that his reasoning skills and apparently IQ are in a steady decline, possibly due to disease like let's say syphilis. 

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You have got the message correct but the insane media and insane pols in DC, limeyland, and frogville would say your full of crap. Unfortunately most of the population in these countries have been propagandized to believe the bunk handed out by those insane morons. Israel is killing Palestinians and those same people could care less. Same with the 10,000 or so dead civilians in Yemen. Yet like the ringing of the bell for Pavlov's dog mention gas and the population is screaming for retribution and war. As if gas is any worse than bleeding to death after your limbs have been blown off by Made in USA bombs.

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After all this, and still no clear, lucid reason given to the American public, as to why the United States is in Syria (uninvited) in the first place.

My impression is that as long as the American public remains in a state of confusion as to the reason for our presence in that area, they only have to be sold kindergarten-esque slogans - like 'evil people', 'monsters' 'animals', 'children', etc., and the desired Pavlovian response comes through as expected.   


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Paging Chuckky Schmuck Shoemaker, Nanny Piglosi, DICK Turdban, Steney Whore,Diane Frankenstein,Maxine "Crazy" Underwater, John NovaPAIN,Lindsey "Gay"rahm.et al and the RINOs and the @CNN ..Start "DEMANDING "IMPEACH #TRUMP " "IMPEACH #TRUMP".. Oh WAIT We no longer have Paul RYNO, Nanny Piglosi and Chuckky Scmuck Shoemaker "Lap Boy" as the SPEAKER of the house,so ..go ahead introduce a BILL to "IMPEACH" #TRUMP....Maxine Waters....

BINGO here Tyler ..thank you for putting this article https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-14/these-freedom-fighters-want-f…

Now does this make sense....

#TRUMP is singing the same song , which the DumbocRATS were chanting 6 months back "RUSSIAN ARE COMING " ...NUKE "RUSSIA"...Wait...if that happens...the "Pandora's Box" will open up...you wont do that dumb DumbocRATS move ,will you?

Why do you think "Russians" pulled out before the strike...THINK THINK THINK

It is all fughesi .. fughesi ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM6exo00T5I

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What fucking mission?  Why the hell are we interfering in Syria n any capacity. Not one single asshole General or Admiral, or State department bigwig can articulate a reason for our youth to die there or for us to be killing others.

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The reason we are in Syria is for the gas pipeline from Qatar into Europe so they can cut Russia out of supplying them with Russian natural gas. Assad would not allow the pipeline so of course he "must go".  It's always about the resources or the cheap labor.  Never about demonocracy or "humanitarian" efforts.

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Not just Trump and the MSM are calling for WW3. Pretty much everyone is . Where are the liberal war protests and where are the daily ME body counts. THERE ARE NONE! It seems that the progressive deep state is ready for war. From the rubble they will try to form a One World Government.

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LOL.  you assholes can't figure out what you want or believe.  Now Trump is allied with CNN and the BBC?

None of the liberals want war, but when they protest you call them Anti-American pussies.  Now they rally behind this strike and you claim they are fascist anti-Americans.

Basically you are all a bunch of fucktards who don't have a clue.  Trump turned out to be the ignorant douchebag we have been telling you he is, but you keep blaming the Deep State, CNN and foreigners for his incompetence and ignorance.

LOL.  MAGA by killing every fucking moron who voted for the Orange Douchebag in Chief

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if the story doesn't make sense the zionazis are the perps. that's the giveaway in all their ops. the explanation and/or the results of the the investigation don't make logical sense.

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A couple of hours ago, the SAA retook Douma. All of the population that wanted to leave have now been evacuated. The missile attack was the one last, desperate, throw of the dice before the curtain comes down on the Syrian Civil War. It's over, thank God! Let Benjamin Netanyahu choke on his Weeties, I don't care.

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The war isn't over by a long shot. Tillerson telegraphed the recent festivities months ago when after months of not mentioning it, as the Russians and Syrians were mopping up ISIS and their rebel pals, he mouthed "Assad must go." Recently they unloaded a huge shipment of tanks and stuff in Jordan supposedly for military drills with the locals. Awhile back they tracked a US Navy ship that supposedly loaded US tanks in Romania, or thereabouts, and unloaded them in Jordan. The fact that the military told Trump to fuck off and they weren't leaving Syria and are building even more bases is telling. The Russians and Syrians have kicked ISIS ass yet the US takes credit and the lapdog media agrees which means the US military could leave right now and declare victory. But they are staying.

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If the USA and UK Goverment's don't like Chemical Weapons so much, then why do these two countries stock pile so many of these Weapons, and why do they SELL them to other countries ?

It's a lot like, It's Illegal to Kill somebody with a Gun, but allows the Manufacture of Guns and the Sale of them to any Psychopath that wants one.