Eyewitness Testimonies During Syria "Chemical Attack'" Explain How Video Was Staged

Via SouthFront.org,

On April 13, the Ministry of Defense of Russia released a video showing testimonies of two doctors who were on duty at a Duma hospital when the alleged chemical attack took place in the Syrian town on April 7.

In the video, one of the two doctors “Kahlil al-Jaysh” said that the hospital received several civilians who had been injured in an airstrike of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) on Duma in the morning of April 8. Dr. al-Jaysh said that the airstrike had hit the last floor of a building causing fire.

This led to the suffocation of some civilians who were trapped in the lower floors of the building.

While the doctors were treating the injured civilians, a man shouted in the hospital’s emergency room that the injures were caused by “a chemical attack,” which led to chaos, according to Dr. al-Jaysh.

“While treating the people who were suffocated by smoke and dust, one of the people who was present said that the strike was a chemical attack, which led the people in the area [hospital] to deal with the cases as injuries caused by chemical weapons.” Dr. al-Jaysh said in the video released by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Moreover, the two doctors stressed in the video that there had been no symptoms proving a chemical weapons use. Both doctors were also able to prove their presence in the emergency room of Duma hospital during the incident via a video published a Syrian opposition news outlet.

Several experts suggested before that a carbon monoxide poisoning might be behind the deaths of the Duma attack victims. The Syrian Observatory from Human Rights (SOHR) even reported from day one that carbon monoxide poisoning had been behind the deaths of the civilians who were trapped in a basement from a long time after the airstrike.

Syrian pro-government sources noted that both doctors could have left Duma district under the evacuation agreement between the Damascus government and Jaysh al-Islam but they opted to stay. This makes the testimonies of these two doctors more credible.


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Let the evidence come forth. Thank Russia for irrefutable evidence and the Swiss lab for independent analysis of USA/UK manufactured chemicals. And the testimonials  

Notice how the truth, vigorously suppressed under Obama is now forthcoming 


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This whole article is bullshit, taken from Southfront, a well known Russian propaganda site.


So Syria and Russia got a bunch of random people to claim that they saw this and that. It's irrelevant. In a society run by a murderer like Assad, people will say anything that keeps them above ground and out of the torture cell.


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"In a society run by a murderer like Assad, people will say anything that keeps them above ground and out of the torture cell."

I usually don't reply to blatantly absurd posts, but this one demands a comparison.

So far, aside from the casualties of the war he is being forced to lead on behalf of his sovereign country against outside terrorists, every "murder" of innocents by the freely elected Assad government has been alleged and unproven.  Let us harken back just two weeks when our gallant little ally, Israel, was caught on video actually and literally sniping and killing innocent protestors along their illegitimate border.  These are not allegations, but FACTS!  How do you respond to THAT, sir?!  And who is it who possesses and makes use of "torture cells" in the Middle East.  Why... surprise, surprise... it's Saudi Arabia and Israel.  If it weren't so tragic, your hypocrisy would be amusing.

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Made us forget about the horde of filthy spics marching relentlessly to our southern border.

Made us forget about the sandnigger cunt attacking youtube HQ. ((Anyone seen even ONE video or pic yet? hmm))

Made us forget about the Faggot Jewboy "art dealer" who mysteriously fried himself at Trump Towers.

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The article explanation rings true for me.  There really were victims at a hospital.  Initially not treated as chemical attack because it was a missile attack to a building.  Then some liar (interesting if they can determine where this person came from) announces chemical attack.  The victims are then treated for precaution against chemical attack even though they have no symptoms.  No medical symptoms and no immediate discomfort symptoms as would happen with chem attack.  There is video of them being rinsed for precaution but they don't display physical discomfort of chem attack.  The video is used out of context "proving" chem attack that never happened.  MSM and western gov. move as quick as possible to retaliate before proof is too obvious that there was no chem attack.

Did Trump steer this as harmlessly as he could, or did he celebrate sending missiles the first place he could?

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How did the smoke get to the lower floors when it rises as it is warmer than ambient temperature (heat rises). Second in Carbon Monoxide poisoning the victims turn purplish as carbon monoxide out competes oxygen on erythrocytes (red blood cells). For carbon monoxide to be a factor it too must be in a closed confined area as it is lighter and will escape. These doctors sound like they were given their MD diplomas and did not attend medical school.

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Doesn't matter if it's fake Trump has no legal justification to attack Syria or any other Nation for their own domestic troubles.

So, let's say America has a domestic dispute, let's say a riot, people are killed...does that justify an attack from Syria or Russia. Under United Nations International Law launching an attack on ANY Nation for a domestic dispute is NOT a justification to launch missiles at them.

This is about a huge oil deposit sitting under Syria, and the pipeline Saudi Arabia has a desire to build through Syria to Europe to compete with Russia.

Martin Armstrong goes into greater detail here:


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Let's remember Syria is a middle-east country ruled by a dictator. That's a fact. Let's also remember it's a country at war. Another fact. We have to be realistic and admit that the Assad government is probably very tough on matters of policing during this period. Torture and intimidation might or might not be commonplace, but that has nothing to do with the legitimacy of his rule or his culpability in the nonsensical "chemical attacks" reported by Western media. Regardless, the emotional shilling campaigns by paid agents like yomutti make it easy to spot which side is on the side of justice today.

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A good comment but please belay the "dictator" deal.  It's as precise as "fascist " and Assad's hardly a dictator when the army is full of Sunni officers and civilians in jihad areas are overjoyed to reach government areas.  Watch any interview with Assad and see how intelligent and reasonable he is. 

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If he's American why does he often drivel on about his "IDF brothers". 

There is a deep seated superiority/inferiority complex that cannot be fixed with these psychopaths. Ex-Jew Brother Nathaniel revealed them for what they are extensively in his videos. Nothing can fix this when they are taught from birth that non-jew goyim are no better than cattle to be used by them in any way that is profitable for them!

edit... disclaimer: My mother's mother's mother was Jewish. According to their belief in the matriarchal line it probably makes me more Jewish than him! Thank you whoever in my past went the right direction for my life away from their lunatic Talmudic beliefs!

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In the context of chemistry EVERYTHING is a chemical agent, including the body you reside in. CO is often used for suicides using the exhaust fumes from a combustion engine but if you are implying it has ever had any military use as a CW that is entirely incorrect. CO is only lethal in confined spaces at high concentrations so not suitable as a CW.

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Note that ExPat is absolutely incapable of writing anything except profanity-laced homoerotic drivel.

Note that his hate boils ever hotter as his posts become more and more rambling, unfocused.

Watch ExPat finally work himself up to a mental explosion, then disappear until his ill mind can regenerate the necessary chemicals to perform minmimal functioning.

Note ExPat is completely bonkers . . .

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Well it's obvious you are another hasbara troll looking at your past post history.... at least 90% rubbishing Putin and Russia, hundreds of posts on the subject, followed by your global warming fantasies, then support for your "brothers in the IDF!", and then Musk worship. Pathetic!

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