The Systemic Racism Of American Gun Control

Authored by Steve C. via Free Market Shooter blog,

Imagine if you will, centuries of racially-targeted denial of a well established, and popular civil right in the United States. Within this context, imagine that going back to colonial times, that it was at times legal to physically attack or even kill a free black person who was practicing this right, or that later state constitutions would outright prohibit the exercise of this right if you happened to have the wrong skin color.

Imagine too, the US Supreme Court determining that citizenship rights could not be extended to free persons of color, lest they exercise this fundamental liberty. I am of course, talking about the right to keep and bear arms, which in a nutshell has laid out the horrors of systemic racism applied to that right from the colonial era to the Civil War.

In 1857,  Chief Justice Taney wrote in the infamous Dred Scott case, that to extend citizenship to the “negro race” would allow black people to “keep and carry arms wherever they went.” This, along with voting and free speech, was problematic to white America at the time. Fear of slave revolts was so powerful, that even free blacks were to be denied basic civil rights, lest they perhaps attempt to overthrow slaveholders.

After the Civil War, when thousands of freed slaves had served in the Union Army, and learned the use of arms, the situation was no better. As former Confederate states rejoined the Union, they quickly imposed onerous restrictions on the bearing of arms, with the understanding that they would not be enforced against white citizens. In 1870, the state of Tennessee banned ownership of all but the most expensive handguns. By 1907 five southern states had outlawed handguns altogether  (South Carolina, 1902) required their registration (Mississippi, 1906) or had instituted full or partial bans on inexpensive handguns (Tennessee in 1870 and 79, Arkansas in 1882, and Alabama in 1893).

In each case, these laws were explicitly race based. Other southern states would over time admit that their gun laws were specifically designed to limit or prevent black citizens from acquiring or bearing arms, or would enforce such laws only along racial lines. In 1911, New York City passed the infamous Sullivan Act which was an open effort to disarm Eastern European immigrants, and other persons not wealthy or politically connected enough to acquire a permit to carry a pistol. As late as 1968, many believed the Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed less to control guns, and more “to control blacks”.

Thomas Nasts 1878 political cartoon vilified white supremacy and reveals how helpless recently freed blacks were in some parts of the South

Into the 1980’s and 90’s further attacks against poor (and usually black) persons and their right to keep and bear arms continued. Many state housing projectsattempted to ban the possession of guns in public housing, while in 1988 Maryland imposed a ban on inexpensive handguns, perhaps the most modern and recent ban on guns based on price.

Florida at one time, went so far as to require a license to own “Winchester rifles” or other repeating rifles. This law, first enacted in 1893, and revised in 1901 was an insidious way to prevent minorities from gaining access to modern rifle cartridges like the .30-30 Winchester or modern bolt action rifles chambered for the same cartridge as the US Army Springfield. By attempting to bar blacks and other minorities from accessing modern repeating rifles, Florida was seeking to ensure they would remain helpless against a tyrannical state, and white supremacists. Needless to say, white people never had trouble gaining permission to own modern repeating rifles during this time.

The National Firearms Act of 1934, or NFA was the first attempt at a national set of gun control laws that applied in all states. While not overtly racist, it targeted “gangster weapons”, and also would have originally placed handguns under the same strict regulation as machine guns and other NFA items. However, then, as now, “gangster” is often a polite way of describing an ethnic minority or minorities who are seen as undesirable. In the early 20th century, this was often Eastern European immigrants, which New York City’s Sullivan act targeted, in what may have been the first case of racist gun control laws targeted at Europeans.

Today, the NFA continues to burden law abiding Americans by vilifying safety equipment such as suppressors, and making it difficult to acquire rifles and shotguns with short barrels. All this, due to racially driven moral panics over Prohibition era “gangsters” who often ran the gamut of socially unacceptable ethnic origins.

Today, there is a great deal of heated debate on the way police treat ethnic minorities lawfully bearing arms as opposed to how they treat white people. In the 1960’s and 70’s, active and openly armed resistance played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Panthers most famously took it to to extremes by openly bearing arms at several state capitol buildings. It should be noted, that in California and Washington State, that action resulted in new laws about the open display of guns, but modern day (and mostly white) open displays of arms under similar circumstances have not been met with new legislation.

Members of the Black Panthers protest for gun rights in Olympia, Washington – 1969

We might speculate that modern day attempts at gun control are race neutral, but if you consider that most, if not all gun control is driven from major population centers, and that “tough on crime” is just another racist dogwhistle, then we can start seeing the more implicit gun control. Rarely do these sorts of laws openly target rural areas, but “inner city gun crime” is regularly trotted out as some sort of crisis to stamp out – and if it happens to disarm law abiding minorities, who cares?

One might ask why in the enlightened 21st century, there is still fear over armed minorities. The answer remains the same. An armed person is free, but a disarmed person is a subject. The War on Drugs succeeded in destroying the inner cities by breaking up families, and disenfranchising millions of minorities, and on the heels of this, modern day gun control has succeeded in leaving only criminals and violent gangs armed. Today, as in the harsh years of the 19th century, racism requires minorities to be unarmed, and unable to fully stand up for themselves, or their rights, lest they too gain their place in the sun and walk as equals in American society.

The question then, is how to combat this pervasive, systemic racism? The very political party that claims to support the best interests of American minorities, also is the one that openly, and actively seeks to disarm them. The Democratic Party’s open assault on gun rights even has a paternalistic ring to it, that is straight out of the 19th century. We must ban guns “for the children” or “to protect our communities.” From their lofty (and mostly white) seats of power, they demand the inner cities and urban areas of America surrender their arms, their liberties and their rights in order to “fight crime”, and in return, they are met with hostile police forces, an ongoing war on civil rights disguised as a war on drugs, and the assurance that the government will protect them. This of course, being the same government that has spent hundreds of years actively suppressing these populations. How it is different today is beyond me.

Today, it is expected ethnic minorities will be left wing leaning, and it is expected if you are left wing, you are anti gun. It is a perfect formula that took centuries to perfect. How better to disarm a people, than to convince them to support that idea themselves? It is insidious, twisted and a violation of all basic moral and legal ideals which this country was founded upon.  Landmark Supreme Court decisions like Heller and McDonald have established once and for all that the 2nd Amendment applies to ALL states and ALL Americans. Places like Chicago and Washington DC have grossly abused these rulings by imposing strict limits on carrying guns, and imposed excessive financial and regulatory burdens on acquiring permits to carry a gun. Other states like California and many East Coast states already do the same. It is the same, age old tactic. Pay lip service to civil rights, but make sure that only the well to do, and well connected can actually exercise them.

What then can be done to combat the deeply rooted racism that is at the heart of gun control in modern America? This is a very complicated question, as the very idea of minorities organizing for their interests has been seen as threatening by many people over the years. However, there are now a rock solid set of Supreme Court cases which make it patently clear that the right to keep and bear arms is a right for all  Americans to enjoy. There are many pro-gun groups which actively promote the right to keep and bear arms, and increasing minority membership in them is a net positive for all parties involved.

The divisive nature of American politics today often pits people with shared common interests against each other, if they happen to espouse different beliefs in other areas. While many rational Americans agree about some things, they do not agree on all, but in the arena of gun rights, all gun owners should welcome each other, and put aside other political differences to promote gun rights for all people. This may be the biggest stumbling block to overcoming the deep seated racism that is modern day gun control. Far too often I have seen so-called conservativesreject gun owning allies, because they voted the wrong way. Divisive and emotion driven political beliefs on non gun related issues keep gun owners apart from each other, and this wedge is almost assuredly a deliberate action to keep people from coming together in common purpose.

Racism is a vicious, ugly and horrible blight on American society, and now more than ever it must be stamped out, and gun rights taken back from laws rooted in keeping slaves and free blacks under control, or in suppressing the rights of the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society. Civil rights are for everybody, and everybody must come together to defend them.

For more reading about the roots of racism in American gun control, I recommend Clayton Cramer’s The Racist Roots of Gun Control, and Robert F. Williams’ Negroes With Guns as well as Akinyele Omowale Umoja’s We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement.


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Who cares about that worn Marxist shibboleth? "Racism" is a Jewish propaganda term, invented by Trotsky during the Russian Revolution, to disarm the natural and healthy racial in-group preference that allows group survival, but only disarm it in the white population that Jews hate. Everyone else is actively encouraged to have in-group preferences and view whites as an out-group worthy of destruction.

For whites, only colour-blindness, individualism and meritocracy are allowable to keep us scattered and unable to defend our group interests and survival. For all non-white ethnics, however, the encouragement of racial grievance, ethnocentric nepotism and racial quotas are imperative.  And groups always beat individuals.

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I agree with DN etal, it's OK to be White AND own a gun.

"The Systemic Racism Of American Gun Control"

This article should really be titled:

Why my misunderstanding of the scientific basis for different racial behaviors and outcomes is the reason that people should have the right to own guns.

We don't need the author's fallacious presumptions about race to know that our people should have the right to own guns, even if it wasn't a right established by our constitution.

We don't buy his attempt to hijack the legitimate right of the individual to own a gun (for self defense and as a deterrent to tyrannical government) to prop up his fantasies about what he calls "racism", which in most cases is actually racial realism.

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There was the black in Kansas City who wanted to kill all white people, and he murdered 5 whites on park trails before being caught.

And there was the Dallas Texas shooter that killed 5 cops and also wanted to kill all whites.…

The recurring theme is that blacks WANT to be mass murderers but simply lack competency to get beyond five, perhaps because that's as high as they can count when one hand is busy pulling a trigger?

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Aaron Alexis, 2013.

That was the crazy nigger in the Washington Navy Shipyard.

12 murdered & 3 others wounded by that looped-out peanut-headed fuckker toting a shotgun because no one had a weapon for defense.

Cops finally snuffed him.

The pos had a history of gun play & " hearing voices ",  but the only voices the nigger heard resulted from his own hatred of being a worthless animal.

" Around blacks never relax. "


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America is Ruled by a Lawless Elite

That siphons off wealth in a quietly ruthless way,

in tax-averse ecstasy, daily, minute-by-minute.

They strip the nation's wealth and

are applauded for it.

Buy all the guns you want.

It won't help.


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From what I gather, as soon as blacks had complete access to guns they started to kill on a mass scale.  How was it wrong to deny them gun rights again?

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go gather some more, your fruit basket is only half full. Blacks led fairly civil lifestyles until government destroyed their family unit through welfare. Black are also being heavily targeted for the homo agenda since their culture just ain't down with that shit either. Note all the movies where black men are forced to play women. Dave Chappelle can tell you more about that too.

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Coloreds are raised to be racist and their racism is not only tolerated, it is encouraged. Better hope some colored boy doesn't knock on your front door claiming he needs to use your phone, needs some water, he is lost, or one of any number of stupid excuses they use to get inside your house and steal. Will you survive? Some do, many don't.

Or they end up locked up. As happened recently. Video on

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Wow, you're such a tough guy. I'm so impressed by your fear-based, insecure masculinity. Yep, I'm convinced alright. Well good luck with your hate old cracker. Fate has a strange way of making you humble. Pussies like you have never really faced death. I have. When the moment comes, you'll be full of regret. But it will be too late. The universe has a way of bringing down the mighty. May you live in interesting times.

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Why would I put myself in that situation? There are plenty of coloreds that hate us white people. I stay away from those locations. And if I do happen to see more than two coloreds, together? I leave. Walk away, walk out, put down whatever items I am shopping for and I simply leave that place, quietly.

As for knocking on my door? Or actually breaking in? I suggest you advise your fellow apes they would do well to avoid houses like mine. Maybe I am talking smack. And maybe not. But with a pump-action shotgun I don't even have to have good eyesight or be able to hit a target at 100 yards. All I have to do is point and pull the trigger. At two or three yards away, I don't see anyone surviving that.

The thing that would piss me off is the clean up and how having someone die, in my house, would devalue the house, right away. Along with having to clean up the fucking mess. And the paperwork. Believe me shooting a stupid colored person for breaking-and-entering would be a big fucking hassle in so many ways. That would automatically take $50K off property values in the area, not just for my house, for every house in the neighborhood. People don't like it when shit like that happens.

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What's your point? Racism isn't reserved for Mr. Whitefolk. I'm just making a point that racism is an American cancer and right away you raise up your finger and point. Was that the point of your point? I'll never understand racism. Maybe I'm just not as smart as you. Life's a risk and you've got to accept risk if you want to have a chance at reaping its rewards.

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Oh I agree life is a risk. Coloreds in the US growing up with an entitlement attitude and hatred in their heart. Hatred of coloreds, in the US, by whites, is learned the hard way. Usually after being punched, shot, stabbed, robbed, or killed by a colored or a group of coloreds. Eventually we figure out that we are hated and despised based on our skin color, namely, that we are white. That hatred is reciprocated after enduring horrific violence or threats of violence.

But I am unwilling to become a target of colored violence. And if you think racism is limited to the US, you are a fool and an idiot. Obvioulsy you haven't been paying attention to South Africa. Where colored racism is institutionalized and the property of white farmers is going to be stolen without compensation. You know, because coloreds are so intelligent and work so hard on their own farms.

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You're right, the wheels are in motion for another few genocides here and there, mostly because maybe, just maybe humans require a higher IQs than they currently possess, or maybe humans are just too damn intelligent for their own survival. Look, I have maybe another 20 years on this hell hole of a planet, and you know there've been ups and there've been downs, but most of my life occurred while things were trending downwards and yes I am an ungrateful fuck, but I'm only here because two knuckleheads thought it might be fun to have sex and so here I am posting on Zero Hedge.

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The Color of Gun Crime in America’s Big Cities

Paul Kersey • April 10, 2018

Media claim white men are the problem; the facts say otherwise.

This is the animus that underlies the left's position on gun control. It has nothing to do with reducing "gun violence" and everything to do with dis-empowering and punishing a group of people that they hate, hate, hate.

— J Burton (@JBurtonXP) April 4, 2018


The Second Amendment is under siege. In the New York Times, retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens urged its repeal. A national survey conducted by The Economist and YouGov found 21 percent of Americans support repealing the Second Amendment. Not surprisingly, support varies greatly by race and party affiliation, with 39 percent of Democrats, 30 percent of blacks, and 27 percent of Hispanics in favor of repeal. Only eight percent of Republicans and 19 percent of whites feel the same.

Signs at the “March For Our Lives” rally showed many protesters were not motivated by concerns about public safety, but by rage against gun owners, who were often conflated with “evil white men” generally and deemed the equivalent of terrorists.

For example, some slogans at the rally were:

White Men with Guns Are America’s Biggest Terrorists”

I Wish Obama Had Taken Your Guns

NRA is a Terrorist Organization

GQ columnist Damon Young, who is also the editor-in-chief of Very Smart Brothas and an upcoming author with publisher Harper Collins, bluntly declared on February 26: “America Doesn’t Have a Gun Control Problem. We Have a White-People Problem.”

He wrote:

In America, white people are everywhere, and this ubiquity connects to perhaps our greatest irony: We (black people) are vastly outnumbered by them. . . . Our entire existence here is a continual assault on our bodies. But we are the ones perceived to be the threats. We are the ones they’re scared of. We are the ones who tell our children how to dress and how to wear their hair so they’re not thought of as threats to them. We are the ones who consciously and subconsciously modify our voices and our behavior when forced to interact with them. We’re the ones whom trained officers with weapons and badges and handcuffs and legal justifications are so damn scared of that we’ve created entire curricula based on that fear, teaching ourselves what to do to seem less frightening to them.

Portraying American gun culture as an outgrowth of white racial paranoia is a common tactic for those who want to undermine the Second Amendment. Michael Moore portrayed all of American history this way in Bowling for Columbine. Scientific American even joined the act, when one Jeremey Adam Smith explained white men are “stockpiling guns” due to existential crises.

He wrote:

These are men who are anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market, and beset by racial fears. They tend to be less educated. For the most part, they don’t appear to be religious—and, suggests one study, faith seems to reduce their attachment to guns. In fact, stockpiling guns seems to be a symptom of a much deeper crisis in meaning and purpose in their lives. Taken together, these studies describe a population that is struggling to find a new story—one in which they are once again the heroes.

Yet while journalists, celebrities, and activists delight in attacking white male gun owners as fearful and racist, the reality of gun crime in the United States is far different than the caricature presented. According to statistics from major cities around the country, the color of gun crime, like the color of crime in general, is disproportionately non-white.

New York City

The 2016 “Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City” report from the New York City Police Department uses an estimate from the American Community Survey to provide a racial breakdown of the city for 2015. It says the city is 32.1 percent white, 29.1 percent Hispanic, and 22 percent black.

Despite being only about 22 percent of the city’s population, the report found blacks comprised a majority—52.4 percent—of murder and non-negligent manslaughter arrests. Hispanics also exceeded their population share, accounting for 35.9 percent of arrests for these crimes. Despite being almost a third of the city’s population, white suspects accounted for less than seven percent of the share. The report noted the arrest population for these offenses “is similarly distributed.”


For the rest of the article:…

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Exactly how many Niggas bombed Iraq not once, but twice ? How many trillions did Niggas throw away there ? Exactly 0. Well maybe Colin Powell. How many Niggas killed 3000 Americans our own soil on 9/11? Exactly 0. The only stupid Nigga I blame is Obozo and his fucked up, 64 dimentional Ponzi scheme healthcare system.

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Yes you white Bstd, YOU sure do have a White people problem,screw with us just a little more, and you will see how BAD a problem we can be.(since you are part of your vocalized problem,why don't your overdose and help the cause.)

If it weren't for white people this Nation would not have ever existed, PERIOD.

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