Trump Praises "Perfectly Executed Strike" In Syria: "Mission Accomplished!"

Investigators from the OPCW have barely begun sifting through the evidence on the ground in Douma, but that hasn't stopped the US, France and the UK from patting themselves on the back for a "job well done" after last night's brutal bombing campaign in Damascus and Homs.

And true to form, President Donald Trump was up early Saturday (as he is most weekends) to fire off a gloating tweet about the coalition's airstrikes, which purportedly targeted regime bases and facilities dedicated to the production of chemical weapons.

In a series of tweets, the president lauded the "perfectly executed strike last night" and offered a "thank you" to France and the UK for "their wisdom and the power of their fine Military."

"A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!"

And while Trump's plan to eliminate some discretionary domestic spending from the "omnibus" spending bill passed last month has reportedly hit the rocks ahead of its formal release early next month, the president eagerly seized the opportunity to gloat about the passage of a bill that he had expressed major reservations about only weeks before.

"So proud of our great Military which will soon be, after the spending of billions of fully approved dollars, the finest our Country has ever had," Trump tweeted.


Of course, the president wasn't the only US politician to applaud the "one-time" military intervention in Syria.

Sen. John McCain tweeted his approval: "I applaud the President for taking military action against the Assad regime and I am grateful to our British and French allies for joining us in this action..."

Indeed, Trump has won McCain's approval for what appears to be the first time since last year's airstrike.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, hardly a staunch opponent of interventionism, pointed out the hypocrisy embedded in Trump's words.


"Mission accomplished" indeed.


Crazy Or Not Banana Republican Sat, 04/14/2018 - 08:50 Permalink

April 14 2018 Syria begins.

US Carrier Strike Group enroute, this action was only ever an opening gambit. Like timings of previous UK Gladio & Syria False Flag actions, the scenarios are played to try to damage Russian foreign infuence (China to follow) and kinetic pressure will continue through and beyond the financial market launch of Petroyuan (also NordStream I &II). Pressure will applied in Syria, and I don’t totally discount a left turn into the Bosphorous adding muscle presence to Ukraine’s military ongoing DoD spending spree. The real other action is Pacific moves in 3rd and 7th fleet ADR’s between Taiwan and NK by F·35C equipped Carl Vincon. Thinking likely being that Syria helps pin down Putin, and threats of hostilities in NK and military build up in Taiwan will pin down China or both at least in part. Aim being to fissure or split alliances and mutual support.    A Bosphorous turn would be a deathground move and seismic, as would any False Flag events around Eastern Europe, adding support to the curious exclusion of NATO EU anchor Germany in the Syrian action.

Politically in UK Blair will continue his erosion attempts on Labour Centerists, while USA Clinton the same shill efforts for Democrats. Saudi’s MbS’s alliance with Israel war hawks will likely deepen and “look Squirrel” distractions of US actions in Syria cover Saudi side actions in Yemen. The international unhinged extremists have taken possession of the playbook. It only gets worse from here.

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EuroPox D.T.Barnum Sat, 04/14/2018 - 08:57 Permalink

This is a HUGE win for Putin.  Russia did everything it had to.  Russia bought time beforehand to ensure that Syrian assets were out of harm’s way.  Russia scared the US into a much smaller attack than the warhawks wanted - warhawks will NOT be happy with the results of this strike!  Russian diplomacy stopped any other country joining the 'International Coalition' (US/UK/Fr. - LOL! Pathetic!)  And now Russia is getting support around the globe, objecting to the blatant breaches of International law (if there is such a thing).

Does anyone actually believe that Syria downed 71 missiles with Soviet era S-120, S-200 and Buk-type anti-aircraft systems?  Even if upgraded?  I don't.  Add in some EW (which gives Russia plausible deniability) and it makes much more sense.

Russia worked tirelessly to contain and manage this strike - it is becoming clear that the strike was a MASSIVE fail (both from the military and diplomatic perspective) ... Russia did that (very quietly).

In Damascus, people are dancing in the streets, waving Assad's portrait and saying Trump has failed. What else did Russia have to do?

Operations in Syria will now continue and Russia/Syria will get their total victory.

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J S Bach HippieHaulers Sat, 04/14/2018 - 09:02 Permalink

Two weeks ago on Good Friday, cowardly Israeli snipers from the IDF opened fire on unarmed defenseless protesters who were safely OUTSIDE their illicit border.  At least 20 people were murdered in cold blood, much of which was captured on video.

West's reaction - crickets.  Not a word of protest nor condemnation.

Last week, a false flag "event" was staged to implicate the Assad government of Syria as a small group of people were alleged to have been killed.  No motive.  No proof.  No inspections.  Nothing.

West's reaction - hysteria.  Condemnation and finally violent air strikes against a sovereign nation whom we are not officially at war with.

It can't be more obvious what is really going on.  The insanity of (((those))) who rule over our countries is becoming more and more apparent.  If we are to survive, we MUST speak out against them.  NAME them.  Round them up.  Execute them.  Whatever is necessary.  It must be done or we are doomed.

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Slack Jack tmosley Sat, 04/14/2018 - 09:07 Permalink

This latest chemical attack in Syria is yet another FALSE FLAG.

Just like all the previous chemical attacks in Syria were FALSE FLAG events.

Just like the Skripal "chemical attack" in Britain was a FALSE FLAG event.

Trump is a Jew (so is Theresa May, by the way).

It seems the Jews want war,.... yet again.

If you wish to see how real wars are conducted, read:

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.


Does anyone actually think a single missile was fired?

OR,... is it all massively coordinated false news.


The 30 or 40 missiles that got through should have left a few holes here and there.

Unless, of course, it is all BS.

It is 2 PM in Damascus; the video clips should have been up-loaded hours ago.

But there don't seem to be any.

"That's not the way the world really works anymore. We (Jews) are an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality (by outright lies)... We're history's actors (the creators of huge wars)... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do (and get away with)."

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Slack Jack Slack Jack Sat, 04/14/2018 - 09:08 Permalink


Remember, the evil people, Theresa May, Stoltenberg, Trump and the rest, are damning Russia with obvious lies.

The Novichok nerve agents don't even exist.


The Novichok nerve agents are supposedly much more toxic than the nerve gases VX or Sarin (and yet the Skripals are still alive!?).

Mirzayanov's book, published in 2008, contains the formulas he alleges can be used to create Novichoks. In 1995, he explained that "the chemical components or precursors" of Novichok are "ordinary organophosphates that can be made at commercial chemical companies that manufacture such products as fertilizers and pesticides."…

Basically, Mirzayanov claims that it is relatively easy to make the Novichok nerve agents.

So, some enterprising Arabs could buy a few chemists to make a few tons of it and then spray it all over the little Satan.

Do you really think that the Jews who run the United States would allow the publication of information that could lead to thousands of deaths in Israel?

Do you really think they would protect the publisher of such information by giving him residence in the United States?

Remember, Mirzayanov was given residence (and a University position) in the United States after he was kicked out of Russia.

There are also a number of "people who should know" that have stated that there is zero solid evidence for the existence of the Novichok nerve agents. For example: Robin Black in Development, Historical Use and Properties of Chemical Warfare Agents (2016):

"In recent years, there has been much speculation that a fourth generation of nerve agents, ‘Novichoks’ (newcomer), was developed in Russia, beginning in the 1970s as part of the ‘Foliant’ programme, with the aim of finding agents that would compromise defensive countermeasures. Information on these compounds has been sparse in the public domain, mostly originating from a dissident Russian military chemist, Vil Mirzayanov. No independent confirmation of the structures or the properties of such compounds has been published."…

And, Alexander Shulgin, Russia's representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (2018):

"There has never been a ‘Novichok’ research project conducted in Russia,... But in the West, some countries carried out such research, which they called 'Novichok,' for some reason."

CONCLUSION: The Novichok nerve agents don't even exist.

It has been said that: The Skripals are still alive for 1 of 2 reasons:
1. The exposure was too low.
2. They were given an antidote shortly after being exposed.

A killer would probably find it difficult to administer a dose low enough not to kill.

One drop containing 10 milligrams of VX (or 1 milligram of Novichok) absorbed through the skin is fatal.

The antidote atropine (which is quite toxic) must be administered immediately unless the dose is exceedingly low. How did they know to administer it?

If the dose was exceedingly small then those who administered the Novichok did not mean to kill.

If those who administered the Novichok meant to kill, the Skripals would be dead.


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fx the phantom Sat, 04/14/2018 - 09:59 Permalink

This is so laughable - the clowns in D.C. and Paris cannot even get their narrative straight.

The only thing undisputed between Russia dand USA/France /UK seems to be the number of missiles fired - about 100-120. (double last time's).

But then: Both France and the US speak of three(!) targets that have been precisely hit and destroyed.

WHAT??? Are you kidding? You fired 100 tomahawks to destroy three(!!) targets? Seriously?

The entire Iraqui military and air defense were knocked out using 200-250 tomahawks!

How can one explain that? Well there is but ONE plausible explanation: The strikes did target far more facilities than officially declared. And the fact that they bragged about destroying "ALL three" implies that almost none of their inofficial targets were hit. Which would explain, too, why the Russians proudly talked of 70% missiles intercepted or diverted by the Syrian air defense.

The only open question now is, of course: what falkse flag will be launched next. The carrier group hasn't been sent to syria without reason, that much is for sure. There is more to come - under whatever pretext.

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Blankone dogfish Sat, 04/14/2018 - 10:16 Permalink

Ok, but Puttie is bending over and taking it. Impotent little pussy that he is.
How many missiles did Puttie fire on the "sources" as he promised he would do. NONE.
Puttie just drank his vodka and watched while each wave of the attack occurred. Little coward.

After all the talk of "gravest of consequences", "will attack the sources", after all the promises of ferocious bear - NOTHING - that russian bear is a stuffed Teddy Bear that Puttie pretends is real, like a child.

Putin Did Nothing. NOTHING. Putin did not sail his ships out to sea to attack but to hide From being attacked. Same for his planes he flew out of Syria. COWARD, now bitch slapped on the world stage.

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Boing_Snap Gaius Frakkin'… Sat, 04/14/2018 - 10:19 Permalink

Leaving isn't in the script yet, Zionist control of the region is the goal, get with it Shabaz Goy!!

Till then eternal war, Oceania versus Eurasia and East Asia, Orwell wrote the script in the 1940s. Destruction of language leading to a complete lack of reasoning in the population, reacting to emotive propaganda beamed to them over the airwaves. Sound familiar?

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bshirley1968 tmosley Sat, 04/14/2018 - 11:03 Permalink

"Syrian power base"? Just what is that by your's and the neocons definition? A power base that sits around daily and waits to be invaded or bombed based on international lies and false flags? Or a power base that is authorized to fight rebels but never win? A power base that can shoot, bomb, and shell it's rebel enemies but when it starts winning can't use the Ole standby clean up chlorine tool? /sar.

The fact that you are trying to rationalize the situation and defend heinous acts of international lawlessness and blatant aggression based on lies for motives stemming from the core of corruption, reveals you for the idiot you are and is a testimony to everything wrong in thus country. You have the moral compass of a chimpanzee and character principles of a dog. But of course you are just mimicking your dear leadership.

And if you claim you are just trolling, then you are no better than a sick bastard who tries to tell his neighbor, whose daughter just got raped, the positive side of rape.

Give it a rest, dickhead. And quit wasting space in the thread.

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FoggyWorld Gaius Frakkin'… Sat, 04/14/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

Mission accomplished and Trump will never get re-elected after this stunt.  I looked at other websites last night and the strongest anti-war, blame Trump group was at Breitbart so while he took out buildings, he seems to have taken out his base as well.

Not sure why everyone thinks this is over.  Russians tend to think things through unlike DJT and PM May who shoot from the hip with absolutely no proof and in this case no approval from either Congress or Parliament.  Dictators in the making who in fact shot themselves down.

Never poke a bear who looks like he is sleeping.

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east of eden tmosley Sat, 04/14/2018 - 09:25 Permalink

No douchebag. Did you not see the publication of the primary Russian nuclear targets? 5 of the 7 primary targets will virtually destroy agricultural production in Canada, as well as kill many hundreds of thousands.

If you fucking start this, you worthless piece of fucking dog excrement (translation for an ignorant American = dog shit), then whatever is left of the Canadian military will undoubtedly be at your front door.

And they won't be smiling.

Oh, and by the way. FUCK YOU and the donkey you rode in on.

You fuckers should have been terminated years ago, and had it not been for the betrayal that the British Forces engaged in, in 1814, you wouldn't be in this predicament.

This summer, I fucking dare you to come up here. I have an extra big Bowie knife to deal with people like you.

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bshirley1968 vaft Sat, 04/14/2018 - 11:16 Permalink

Thanks. And I would remind all Canadians that there is strong evidence to conclude London is the root problem in the world and has been since 1913. London started two world wars already and is working hard on a third. If England sneezes, the West gets a cold.

People need to think about this one point and do some research from thus angle. How is it England demanded and got to keep their currency while "forming" and being in the European Union? How is it the pound is worth more than the dollar when England is an economic insignificance? Every British protectorate (Canada, Australia, Netherlands) seems to have the most valuable currency in the world. How and why is that? Maybe because behind the scenes there are royal "families" that get to control it all while others like the US do their heavy lifting. For who they are, what they have, and what they contribute on the international stage, GB has just a little too much influence.......the war mongering, stuck-up, blue-blood, arrogant, leftover, bastards from the Roman Empire.

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DillyDilly tmosley Sat, 04/14/2018 - 10:17 Permalink

" FYI, I don't fight with my fists. If you try to fight me you are going to die of a gunshot wound. "


Whatever you do ~ Don't EVER show your face in MARFA


You know what's hilarious about you mosley?


On the ZH thread (the first one that reported the Syria strikes)... The count is already up to 493 AGAINST DONALD TRUMP (and most of those who were trying to give him a chance), vs. 31 now (which is probably you & 30 spooks from Langley or even John McCain himself).


That's 94% - 6% of 'forever lost' Trump supporters (on probably the only place on the internet that even gave him a chance to bear fruit in the first place)...


Even if Trump starts to STFU (which we know he'll never do), he's now also gonna have to contend with the likes of you because you will single handedly remind people about what they now hate about him & you.


Both of you are headed for the dustbin of history.

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