Attkisson: Trump Was Right To Fire Comey; Here Are 12 Reasons Why

Authored by Sheryl Attkisson, op-ed via The Hill,

A lot of new information has come out in the year since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

No matter whether you admire Trump, Comey, both or neither - it’s now difficult to argue that Trump made the wrong move in removing Comey.

Even many of Trump’s detractors would agree that no president should keep in place the head of a crucial division who - along with some of his top staff — apparently worked to undermine or control the president, and exercised poor judgment in important matters. 

Here are 12 ways Comey has proven Trump was right to fire him.

1. Comey testified that it gave him a “queasy feeling” when then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch directed him to publicly refer to the Hillary Clintonclassified email investigation as a “matter.” Yet, he did so anyway and did not raise objections.

2. Comey’s FBI, including allegedly his general counsel, was responsible for multiple leaks to the press with the apparent goal of politically helping Clinton or harming Trump. On the other hand, the FBI kept a closely-held secret any information that was favorable to Trump — such as the fact that Comey repeatedly told Trump he wasn’t under investigation.

3. Top FBI officials working under Comey conspired to develop an “insurance plan” in the event Trump were to be  elected. (One possible implication is that they could not afford to have Trump officials poking around into what they or other U.S. intel agencies had been doing over the years.)

4. We now know that Comey apparently delayed notifying Congress that the FBI had discovered Hillary Clinton emails on the personal computer of soon-to-be convicted sexter Anthony Weiner (then husband of Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin), prior to the election.

5. Comey demonstrated bias or questionable judgment in selecting the man he trusted as his number two in February 2016: Andrew McCabe. Comey allowed McCabe to be involved in the FBI investigations into the Clinton Foundation and Clinton classified emails even though McCabe’s wife had received large sums of donor money from Clinton interests, including those of then-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who also was under FBI investigation at the time. (The FBI granted top Clinton staff immunity from prosecution, didn’t record her interview, drafted an exoneration letter in advance, and ultimately excused Clinton’s mishandling of classified information as not being willful.)

6. Comey allowed McCabe’s involvement in the Clinton-related investigations to continue until the week before the 2016 election. Only then did McCabe “recuse himself” after a Wall Street Journal article about the donations to McCabe’s wife. (McCabe has said he followed proper procedures and did nothing wrong.)

7. McCabe says he told Comey in October 2016 that he — McCabe — had authorized a leak of sensitive information to the Wall Street Journal shortly before the election. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General has since found the leak was to advance McCabe’s own interests and was in violation of FBI policy. (Comey says he doesn’t recall McCabe telling him this.)

8. After the election, Comey informed President-elect Trump about the lurid allegations against him in the so-called “Steele dossier,” but admitted in an interview this week that he withheld from Trump the fact that it was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton. 

9. While acknowledging the “Steele dossier” contained “salacious and unverified” material, knowing it was produced with help from an ex-foreign spy and understanding that it relied on primary sources who were said to be close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Comey apparently did not open an investigation into this effort to impact the U.S. election and undermine the American president.

10. Comey’s FBI used the “Steele dossier” to justify wiretaps before and after the election on an American citizen who was a Trump associate without disclosing that the “evidence” was political opposition research paid for by Trump’s opponent. This appears to be a violation of the FBI’s “Woods Procedures,” and possibly other policies.

11. Comey testified that after he was fired from the FBI, he secretly engineered a leak of FBI material to the New York Times for the political goal of prompting appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump.

12. Comey has publicly disclosed content of private, personal conversations with President Trump, such as discussions about Trump’s wife’s feelings.

Trump may not have had the benefit of all of this information at the time he removed Comey, but in terms of whether Comey was the right person to serve as head of the FBI under the new administration, Trump’s instincts proved to be correct.



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Damned right he was right to fire him.  Should have done it day one of his presidency along with all the other Obama-era hold-overs.


HopefulCynical NoDebt Mon, 04/16/2018 - 08:32 Permalink

Attention, (((shills and trolls))),

Before you pile into this thread, let me point something out. We see you for what you are. We recognize what you're doing. We know we're taking flak because we're over the target. Eat shit and die, motherfuckers. Your days are numbered, and that number is heading into the final countdown.


Real People

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fx ZENDOG Mon, 04/16/2018 - 09:01 Permalink

The problem with Trump is not som much who he fired or fires. The big problem is who he appointed: Bolton, Pompeo, Haley, Kushner, to name just some of the most dangerous animals.

And look who is there now - versus who was there. If you see any progress , tell me where. I only see ever worse people getting to key posts.

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nmewn strannick Mon, 04/16/2018 - 10:09 Permalink

And Comey feels he has the moral authority to comment on someone else's morality after he stole government documents, gave them to a civilian, so said civilian could give them to the NYT's...all the while his deputy (McCabe) is running a political counter intel op (with his wife, Stzrok and Page) for the purposes of getting a friggin wiretap warrant AGAINST the man who Comey now finds some issue with his morality. 

I'm telling you guys, progressivism is a mental disease.

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Joe Davola JRobby Mon, 04/16/2018 - 09:37 Permalink

Comey looks to be one of those people who continually plays both sides for his own benefit.  The type of guy who deserves a good dickpunching.

Anything from his book or interviews has to be viewed as suspect information at best.  There's probably just enough truth in there to make the disinformation look at least plausible.

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The problem there is the SES. These are jobs for life, above all laws with full retirement and best possible health care. The only good news of late is Barbara Bush is dying and refusing all medical care. God speed yer ugly ass to Hell, Barbara Bush for being the enabler to your husband, pedo king, drug and weapons running money laundering dirty bedfellows with Clinton America hating George H. W. Bush and their pedo criminal sons and their scum offspring. Just ask Sibel Edmonds. She knows it all. And say, Barbara. Who is Fethullah Gulen and why is he so protected and taking over Texas' public school systems with completely unqualified and useless Turkish men to indoctrinate American kids?

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except, comey has never been a cop... always lawyers/

bureaucrats / banker lawyer.

Trump doesn't speak like a lawyer ( one of his better qualities)  ... that's why the " flynn's a good guy,  see if you can go easy" is taken as "obstruction" instead of conversation ...... but, "call it a matter" order-- from corrupt AG Lynch-- a clear co-ordination and obstruction case.. is lawyer-ed away .


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ImGumbydmmt 21st.century Mon, 04/16/2018 - 10:53 Permalink


comey has never been a cop... always lawyers/

bureaucrats / banker lawyer. 

and the below about bankers has me fried for some time about Comey . FBI should be led by an academy grad who worked the field first. then maybe went on to get a law degree and maybe work in trial law before "returning " to the agency.

this guy was never ever an agent.

Not qualified to do the job.

Imagine another branch of service led by someone who never went to the academy or ever attended the basic skills training, and never served in executing the primary roles/function of the department and making that person the overall leader.

Epic fail


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He's worse than that. He came from banks, get it? He was in the banking business. How does that translate into law enforcement? It doesn't. Comey was hand picked to be a cover for Clintons and Obama because of his complete incompetence and homosexuality. He's one 7 ft. tall snowflake, a wretched creature if ever there was one.

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Obama should have fired him the very afternoon Comey went public with his "exceedingly careless" and "no reasonable prosecutor" presser where he effectively indicted Hillary.

Listen to Lanny Davis rip Comey for that:

Lanny Davis on his criticism of James Comey

Davis goes on the state that Hillary would have been president but for this, so take him with a grain of salt.

By the same logic, Lorretta Lynch should have fired him immediately after the presser, and saved the Prez the conflict.

But Obama even said "I want to make her president."

Nothing but hacks top to bottom in the Obama admin.

And yes, Trump should have fired them all on Inauguration Day immediately after putting his hand on the Bible and before his address.  The government couldn't run w/o those positions staffed.  But it can't run anyway.  Nothing but upside there.  If Trump on;y knew then what he knows now.

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Which he means he was dead wrong in how he handled Corey and made a monumental mistake right out of the gate. He only fired when it was clear how badly he’d fucked up on the first day in office. A trend that continues.


Which......surprises me not. BTW.....where’s that fucking wall and the repeal of Ocare?

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until the average joe realizes that this is the State fighting back against the trump admin's exposure of its massive corruption, the State has the advantage.


Why the whiney liberals who hate "the man" are in full support of corrupt big state, is a surprise and a failing of the trump admin to garner their substantial - or at least vocal - political power.  The BernieBros KNOW that very state colluded to steal the Primary from Bernie....what was their response?   side with the very people who swindled them.   



Patty Hearst

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Anyone can become President.  But if you are not royalty then this is what you can expect to happen to you, your friends, family, associates ...

It's a democracy ... as long as you vote the way you are told.

ImGumbydmmt PT Mon, 04/16/2018 - 11:01 Permalink

no. it was set up as a Constutional Republic

two wolves and a sheep vote on whats for dinner.

in a democracy its muttin chops


in a constitutional republic the sheep has protected rights, including but not limited to freedom of speech, the balloT box, and if needed 

the cartridge box.

just once more for emphasis.


libtard public school teachers with an ACT score of 17 to 20 have totally effred up the education of at least two generations of Americans

in the early 1980s we led the world in public schools, today we are ranked about 29th behind south korea and portugal

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PT ImGumbydmmt Mon, 04/16/2018 - 22:12 Permalink

You are, of course correct.  But for the sake of this comment I called it a Democracy as I immediately went on to talk about voting and what your vote meant.
"It's a Constitutional Republic, as long as you vote the way you are told to vote." 
I suppose I could have written that instead.  Does it have the same effect?  Not to drive home my point to the average muppet.  Perhaps it would have been better to drive home your point to the average muppet.  I didn't want to confuse them.  Perhaps it is time they needed to be confused.

EDIT:  In actual truth, USA is theoretically a Constitutional Republic.  It is advertised as a Democracy.  In real life, it is actually a Time-Share Monarchy.

To be perfectly accurate, USA is a Fascist Dictatorship that appears to be a Time-Share Monarchy though it is documented as a Constitutional Republic and advertised as a Democracy.

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"The FBI granted top Clinton staff immunity from prosecution, didn’t record her interview, drafted an exoneration letter in advance, and ultimately excused Clinton’s mishandling of classified information as not being willful."