How Much Longer Can The American Empire Run On Fake Money?

Excerpted from Jay Taylor’s Gold & Energy Stocks Newsletter:

Gold rocketed to nearly $1,365 on Wednesday in New York, which is well above the $1,350 that Michael Oliver suggests is when technical price watchers will finally start to head into the yellow metal and related investments like gold stocks. But alas the banking cartel had other ideas and exercised a 100-tonne “pretend gold” smackdown in the gold paper futures markets starting at about noon that day, just to make sure the greatest competition in the world to the dollar didn’t start to lead to a loss of confidence.

This of course is nothing new. The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) has been documenting paper market manipulation of the gold markets now for decades. Isn’t it interesting that more virtual gold trades in one day on the LBMA than is mined in an entire year.

Whatever it takes, including endless wars to try to keep the petrodollar alive and trillions of dollars spent on blood and treasury. I truly believe Eisenhower’s fears of the endless power of the Military Industrial Complex are now playing out.

It should be eminently clear now that “the President is not really the President of the United States.”

That was established by the “Deep State” under Kennedy. If you have doubts about that, you might do well to read “Unlike Trump, Kennedy never bent a knee,” by Jacob G. Hornberger, the founder of The Future of Freedom Foundation and a former trial attorney in Texas.

While another war or two might buy a bit more time for the Anglo-American Empire, it should also be very clear that the U.S. military, like the U.S. budget, is out of control with no one specifically in charge. What it is instead is an amorphous powerful monster that needs more lands to conquer to justify more military spending that in turn will continue to keep massive parasitic bureaucracies ever expanding so that hundreds of thousands of Americans can continue living a splendid lifestyle while Americans who produce things of value find their living standards ever in decline.

If you are not questioning the legitimacy of the war just started this evening by the Neocons who run America you should be. Stop to ask yourself why for a second year in a row the Syrian leader would implement a gas attack on his own people a mere week after Trump said he would pull troops out of Syria, if the result of that would be to have bombs rain down on his country. Also ask yourself why the U.S. refused to let an impartial country like Norway do an independent investigation into who actually was responsible for the recent gas attack. In fact, like the weapons of mass destruction that dragged us into Iraq, there never has been any proof of last year’s gas attack or this most recent one.

This may very well lead us into a hot war with Russia, a nuclear power. That is unthinkable but then who said the Military Industrial Complex, like a cornered animal being threatened by death, is doing much thinking? As I say, America is an empire that is out of control. Nothing but the hand of God will stop the enormous evil we are inflicting on country after country, rendering nations into death and poverty wherever we go.

Trump couldn’t keep his campaign promises because the President is not the President. Kennedy tried to be. He never had time to realize he wasn’t the President, but the rest of us should have begun to understand that long ago, rather than quietly accepting the Warren Report, which I think had no more credibility than all other manner of CIA reporting that serves the out-of-control Imperial State monster whose heart resides in Washington.

What does this have to do with the gold markets and gold shares? I would submit to you it has a great deal to do with it. The one currency that would put all nations on an even playing field would be gold. A gold standard would mean the U.S. would have to earn its way to wealth rather than print money to pay for endless wars, death, and destruction. Nixon took us off the international gold standard in 1971 for that very reason, which enabled banks and financial institutions to get rich by impoverishing Americans with debt and job losses funded by bankers who have access to printing-press money. It also made it possible for America to fund endless wars with debt. But to keep the dollar viable, its leading competitor had to be held at bay. Hence smackdowns like the one this past Wednesday.

But the Russians and Chinese and a host of other countries are sick and tired of being told they have to use dollars for trade when doing so helps fund the U.S. that is outright hostile to those nations and seeks their overthrow. Led by the massive wealth gained by China over the years, financial institutions and a currency backed by gold appear to be well underway so that they can compete with the immoral monetary system the U.S. set up on August 15, 1971.

Now this gets directly to the issue of gold. Watch very carefully when in a week or so the first petro yuan contract comes due on the Shanghai Exchange. You know that countries that sell their oil to China will have to get paid in yuan. If they are a bit shaky on accepting yuan, they can hedge against yuan by taking delivery of gold (not paper delivery but real gold) on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which, unlike the LBMA in London, is an honest, physical gold market.

So while American economists with PhD’s in economics thumb their noses at gold as money and worship Keynesian lies that suggest nations can get rich by printing endless amounts of money no matter how far into debt and insolvency that takes them, the Russians (who are largely debt free) and the Chinese (not to mention the Iranians and other nations of Asia) are building up their gold reserves for the day when the U.S. self destructs, financially or otherwise.

As an American I don’t wish for that because when that happens there will be untold pain in our country. But clearly, the stage has been set. The bombing of Damascus by Trump today may be the start of an unfathomable war that he had little chance of avoiding given the obvious control of our government by the Deep State.

*  *  *

I believe we are on the cusp of a major breakout in the price of gold. It is taking more and more paper gold to hold it down and if/when those who buy paper gold, thinking that will protect them as well as the real thing, find out that isn’t true we may see a run on physical gold that could send the yellow metal to prices undreamed of by the most bullish of gold bulls. [Technician Michael Oliver]’s initial target once we get through $1,350 at the end of this month or a month in the near future is $1,700. By that time, it’s hard to imagine that there won’t be quite a number of people trading in their marijuana and cryptocurrencies for gold and gold mining shares.


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Yes, end the FED and the Treasury bailing out the Wall Street Casino for the sake of the elites.

Your 401K and IRA are the fat that the big cats will eat at the cost of your labor.

Just wait...2nd or 3rd Ponzi collapse of the serial bubble machine close.

They will swipe your chips off the green felt and laugh about it.

Do you care?  Are you angry?  Fight the FED and the elites.

Take your money out of the casino.  Gold and Silver.

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If the author of this article was a "somebody", he would likely bring the wrath of the Shadow Government, The Deep State and the MIC down on his head, and cease to exist like John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Princess Diana.   All three made the mistake of jeopardizing the complete control these psychopathic organizations use to rule the world. 

These "ever expanding massive parasitic bureaucracies" are the biggest immediate threat to the continuation of human civilization.  Everything else, such as, global climate change, pale in comparison.

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Yes we need an end to endless money-printing banksterism, before those parasites blow up the whole world in pursuit of their endless powerlust. But please do remember, the Rothschilds and their ilk cornered the gold market centuries ago. All this gold standard talk is really trading one cage for another.

The fiat part isn't as much of a problem as is the DEBT-BASED paret. Return control of the currency to the Treasury for sure, and then draft a currency stability amendment to the Constitution, tying the expansion or contraction of the currency to the expansion or contraction of the economy. Economy grows, money supply expands accordingly. Economy contracts, corresponding removal of dollars from circulation.

Voila! No more bankster moneychanger scum running the show.

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you're sick and tired huh? then just stop using them already. oh wait that's right you can't because while our economy is bad yours (china + russia) is one built purely on communism and corruption and is 100x worse.


no one wants to trade in yuan or ruble because there is no faith in them and especially not their governments.

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The $USD survives based on demand.  The demand was cooked into the soup based on the petro dollar and countries using trade surplus to buy T-bills.  If/when they pull the plug on those things, $USD fails.  Then US bankruptcy becomes an immediate issue.  What ever arsenal US has will likely be used to destroy those exposing the weakness.  Recent war bombings were just over a pipe line or two and once in awhile a little currency issue.  Imagine a $trillion of uselessness exploding domestically.  That's $3,300/yr less wealth for every man, woman and child.  $13k/yr for a family of four.  $275/mo for every senior citizen, easily the difference between enough food or not for many.

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You're forgetting the dollar denominated tax havens in Panama, Liberia, etc, which are almost a century old. The State Department was looking for criminal capital flight to the dollar at least as far back as the 1960s, when other countries dollar reserves were many times our reserves of gold to back them up. Here's a video from someone who witnessed it happening:

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Oh yea so great. asshat you are.

A Reminder: Utopian Society’s Track Record

  • 40-70 million killed. China under Chairman Mao. Single Party Socialism. 1958-61 “The Great Leap Forward”.
  • 20 million killed. USSR under Joseph “socialism in one country” Stalin. 1936-52 “The Great Purge”.
  • 40 million killed. USSR under all other leaders.
  • 4 million killed. Cambodia under Pol Pot. Communist.  1975-79.
  • 1.6 million murdered; 4 million killed in hard labor. North Korea under Kim Il Sung. Independent socialist State.
  • 1.15 million killed. Yugoslavia under Josip ” socialist federation President” Tito. 1945-65.
  • 1 million total killed. Ethiopia under Menghistu. Communist. 1975-1978 “The Red Terror.”
  • 1 million killed. Indonesia under Suharto. Communist. 1966.
  • 1 million killed from genocide; this does not include war casualties. Afghanistan under Brezhnev.  Communist. 1979 – 1981.
  • 800,000 killed. Rwanda under Jean Kambanda. 1994. Socialist.

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Question is if current Russian and Chinese govs have structures that are relevant to your list?  I've spent a lot of time in China recently and I don't know what my answer would be.  They have a very strong unified national order, just not open to plan B.  700K died in US Civil war, does that belong on your list?

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Well? fuckwit, what do expect from marxism, a talmudic structure which takes from each goy  enabllng someone to strip it off  as happened with the uSSR collapse in the 1990s, US, UK and  the {oligaths} stripped 85% of  Russia. You omit the 64 million killed in the gulags by jewish bolsheviks.

You omit the deaths under  USA, UK, Aust,  for a start by utopians bringing democracy.  The horror of Libya..   Its horrible.

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Stalin and henchman Kaganovich (Jewish, like so many of them): read Solzhenitsyn (his "200 years") on the Bolsheviks who were the murderers of millions.

Putin managed to get Russia out of the Soviet model and abhors ever to go back to that, so you are still talking about the millions killed by the Zionists. Solzhenitsyn speaks of 80-85% at the top of the Boslheviks and how cruel they were int he gulags.  

Putin saved the collapsing Russia from the robbers inside (Jewish oligarchs) and outside (the 1% neocons and Zionists from the West).


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You need to do some more reading on Indonesia and the murders that were directed at the population. This one is not like your other examples. An anthropologist funded by the Ford Foundation was going around from village to village identifying targets for the Indonesian Military to take out once a Coup occurred.

She had a son who later worked for the same group that she did, when he got his first job at Business International. He went on to study law and then become a Senator from Illinois and more recently a President like yourself. 

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That's an interesting question pc_babe.

I know so little of Stanley-Ann Dunham and what she felt and thought, that it is impossible for me to comment directly and answer your question.

In my comment I was suggesting that the groups on the list nominally responsible for the mass murders were not all of the same ideology.

But there is little doubt that there were predatory psychopaths who lack empathy for others on all the teams, whether they were left, right or middle of the road murdering bastards.


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Do you know Mao was a Yale man? Made in USA. All this communist thing was to prevent the consolidation of the Pivot of History, the Heartland. Now, the Heartland is becoming reality and the Zionist Anglo-American Empire is trying to interfere once again. However, the ZioCons can't stop the collapse of the Evil Empire.

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Peru's wanted former President Toledo planning to fly to Israel from US

The US has informed Peru that it will not prevent former President Alejandro Toledo from flying to Israel. The former leader is wanted over alleged money laundering and influence peddling.

On Thursday, Peruvian officials issued an arrest warrant for Toledo, arguing that the ex-president should be held in detention for 18 months while the investigation is ongoing. Earlier, authorities searched a house owned by Toledo in Lima after they found $11 million in an associate's bank account.

Region-wide scandal

Extraditing Toledo from Israel would be more difficult for Peruvian officials, as Lima has no formal bilateral agreement with the country.

Furthermore, the ex-president is known to have close personal ties with Israel. His wife Eliane Karp is of Belgian Jewish origin, and the man tasked with overseeing the offshore companies where Odebrecht allegedly deposited the ex-president's bribes was run by Peruvian-Israeli citizen Yosef Maiman.…

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Yes correct,

I work in the mining industry and I have seen the mainland Chinese converting as many Treasury Bonds and US Dollars as they can exchange, for mines around the world. It doesn't have to be Gold or Silver either. They have been chasing Copper, Cobalt and Tantalite, Iron as well.

The funny thing is that the whole time that the price of Gold and Silver have been manipulated, it has made the value of exchanging dollars for these mines and mining companies very attractive for the Chinese.

When the time comes for the Dollar to be ignored, they will be better placed than if they had invested in New York Real Estate or American companies (all of which being denominated in USD) which  will become cheaper relative to the assets that they have been vacuuming up.

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Looks like you travel to the PRC regularly Webmatex! 

You are very correct.

There are lots of places where regular Chinese citizens can buy Gold and Silver. If they have a weakness, its their demand for Milk-coloured Jade objects. These are highly-prized in the Chinese culture but are not really tradeable outside of the Chinese culture. It's like Diamonds in the Western Culture, highly-prized but not really in a tradeable market that provides consistency. It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

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To answer the headline, letsee, Aug 15 1971 to Apr 15 2018, 8-1=7, 1-7, carry the 1...

Howaboot 47 years minus a few months on the rounding error?

Did I win a chicken dinner?

OK, now back to reading the actual article...

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The World is a Stage and the politicians its actors. the production is called “The Work of the Ages” a patient quest over the millenia to control the entire world and its people and resources. Mentally, physically and spiritually. 


The grandeur of this plan requires a highly secretive- highly dedicated cabal of implementers. Lucifer is their guiding light and requires a blood oath to be taken to conceal the details of the pact. Death will be swift and painful for those who break their oath. 


Money, power and fame will be the rewards for those who choose this left hand path but be not envious. For what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul? 


The script comes from the heavenly bodies above. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning and as the world turns so does the play of man on earth. Mars is now in focus and war is upon us. Millions will die. Stock markets will be volatile especially for the next 30 days. For one of their axioms is “As above so Below.” What happens in the heavens will happen on earth. 


Trust not any man who has taken a blood oath for they serve a master who knows not peace. All world leaders are active participants eagerly awaiting to play their role. In politics nothing happens by chance-when something happens  it was planned well in advance. Trump appeals to the common man. He speaks their mind. But be cautious of the double-minded man and his duplicitous nature. No man can serve two masters. As a Knight of Malta he serves one master already. 


Noise and confusion are the tools of the enemy. Creating the illusion of chaos only to be restored in the order predetermined by the illusionist himself, to gain acceptance of the masses as the only acceptable solution. Beware the man who screams there has been a murder yet his hands are bloodied. Suck not from the tit of the golden calf it’s milk will leave you unfulfilled. Heads up and keep both eyes open as the battle for the mind and soul are being waged against humanity for all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to stand by and do nothing.