The Saker Warns "Alas, This Is Far From Over"

Via The Saker,

Let’s begin by a short summary of events.

  • About a month ago Nikki Haley announces to the UNSC that the USA is ready to violate the rules of this very self-same UNSC should a chemical attack happen in Syria

  • Then the Russians announced that they have evidence that a chemical false flag is being prepared in Syria

  • Then a chemical attack (supposedly) takes place (in a location surrounded and, basically, controlled by government forces!)

  • The OPWC sends investigators (in spite of western powers loudly proclaiming that no investigation was needed)

  • The AngloZionists then bomb Syria

  • Next, the UNSC refuses to condemn the violation of its own rules and decisions

  • Finally, the US Americans speak of a ‘perfect strike’

Now tell me – do you get a sense that this is over?

If you tell me that 32/103 is hardly perfect, I will reply that you are missing the point.  In fact, if anything, 32/103 is further incentive to bomb again!

Let’s look at the differently for a second and ask this: what has the AngloZionist attack actually demonstrated?

  • The western general public is so terminally zombified that false flag attacks can now be announced 4 weeks in advance

  • The Europeans now live by the motto “my honor is called solidarity” (a variation of the SS motto “my honor is loyalty“)

  • Lead by the USA, western countries have no objections to wars started in violation of their own national laws

  • The UN Security Council has no objections to wars started in violation of the UN Charter and International Law

  • The PRC leaders, in their infinite wisdom, act as if they have nothing personal at stake and act like bystanders

  • The Israelis, via the UN Neocons, are now in total control of the Empire and use it to “clean house” next door

Oh, I hear the objections.  They go something like this:

– But the attack was a dismal failure!

– So what? the Empire did not pay any price for executing it.

– But the US Americans did blink! The attacked from Jordanian airspace and from the Red Sea! They avoided the Russians completely!  They are afraid of them!

– So what? They still bombed a Russian ally with total impunity.

– But, surely you are not suggesting that the Russians should have started a war against the USA over a strike which did not even kill a single person?

– No, of course not, but by not taking any action the Russians also failed to deter any future attacks.

– But what could the Russians have done?

Now *that* is the right question!

Let’s look at it a little closer. 

Roughly speaking, the Russians have a choice of 3 types of retaliatory measures: political, economic and military. 

However, each one of them has a specific set of prerequisites which are currently problematic to say the least:

This really can be summarized a simple sentence: the AngloZionist Hegemony is a threat for the entire planet, but nobody besides Russia and Iran is willing to take it on.  Ain’t that an irony!

The so-called “Christian West” has become a willing parasite for its Zionist host and the only ones with the courage and moral integrity to take it on are Orthodox Christians and Muslims! Sic transit gloria mundi indeed…

But what is even more important is this: while it is true that the US Neocons did not succeed in delivering the kind of massive attack they would have wanted to, and while it is true that the US attack was just about as lame as can be, you need to completely forget about these facts.  Facts simply don’t matter.  And neither does logic.  All that matters are perceptions!

And the perception is that “we” (the AngloZionist rulers and their serfs) “kicked” Assad’s “ass” and that “we” will “do it again” if “we” feel like it.  That is all that matters in the Empire of Illusions which the AngloZionist Hegemony has become.

As soon as you understand that, you also will have to agree that Trump was right: it was a “perfect strike” (again, not in reality, but in the world of illusions created around it).

So now we come full circle.

The AngloZionist Hegemony demands that the entire planet bows down and worships it.  Except for Russia and Iran, everybody meekly goes down on their knees or, at most, meekly looks away.  In their own delusional reality, the ‘Mericans feel empowered to smack down Russia or Iran at anytime. 

There is nothing Iran can do to stop them, and while Russia can, she can only do that at the risk of the future of our entire planet.

Now you tell me – do you really think this is over?



TheSilentMajority Tue, 04/17/2018 - 03:33 Permalink

The USA alone spent over $100million to bomb only three insignificant targets.

Those damaged areas can be rebuilt for less than $1million.

The illegal attack on Syria was a complete failure. No need for Russia to escalate tensions over a nothingburger.

Putin understands how/when to choose a battle.

Max Hunter Laowei Gweilo Tue, 04/17/2018 - 04:04 Permalink

It is far from over.  The reason for creating this false flag to bomb Syria is still alive and kicking.  So, there must be more and Russia will be pushed to a breaking point.  The US underestimates the world's disgust with its behavior. It's like the big bully who has everyone on his side until someone stands up to him and then he realized nobody was really on his side, they were just afraid of him. The moment they do not need to fear him for their survival, they all turn on him.

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I’m still saying the target of this strike was not chemical weapons – that was a total red herring only needed to justify the attack to the world.  FUKUS knew there were no chemicals but were desperate to attack anyway – and quickly.  Why?  Obviously there was something else they needed to get rid of! 

The university building that was destroyed (with 76 missiles hitting it!) was actually checked last year by the OPCW and given the ‘all clear’.  If there was any suggestion it was a chemical weapons facility, the US could have asked the OPCW inspectors, now in Syria, to take another look – there never was any need to destroy it!  In fact, if there were chemical weapons there, and the OPCW found them, it would have been far more damning for the Syrians!

I have seen reports of missiles hitting targets in residential areas – that were not mentioned in the ‘official’ Pentagon account of the targets.  I say THAT was what they were really after and everything else was a smokescreen.  Those US, UK, French and Israeli special forces that were captured must have left something ‘important’ behind that needed destroying

The whole Skripal case and Douma were false flags needed to get some cover for an operation to destroy something specific.  And since the Brits were involved in both of those false flags (and bungled them hopelessly!), I say it was something left by the British special forces - the Brits were just too keen to get this show on the road.

If I am right, it explains why Trump gave in and agreed to the attack and if they got what they were after, there is now no need for another strike.

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Is this Saker character another Fofoa with a new website?
Appears he has his own version of history (don’t we all) and completely missed the perps.

What we already know: The entire Syria debacle was started to benefit Germany & the Arabs to get a second supply of energy to Germany. There is no benefit at all to America. The pipeline has to go across north Syria and through Turkey to get to Europe. Soros is involved somewhere. He’s never far away when death and destruction happen on a massive scale. The Clintons were supposed to get a piece of the pipeline company and I’m confident Obama was in there for a big payday too.  Nevertheless, all the lying used to start the war has become the tangled web that has entrapped the USA. With brain washed political hacks infesting every rat hole of the Executive branch it’s no wonder this shit started again. We have now morphed into Germany’s bitch. Merkel is our pimp.

That’s what we already know. I’m guessing that with the situation in Syria mostly under control, Putin would castrate Assad if he launched a chemical attack. So my money is on the entrenched organizations that have invested their ideology into this mess with assistance from the MIC.

By now Trump should know he has been had and the Skripal incident as well as the chemical attack are probably false narratives.  Let us hope that Trump can find a way out or we are seriously screwed.



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veritas semper… macholatte Tue, 04/17/2018 - 12:06 Permalink

You are so far from reality that is not even amusing . Germany started it ?

Germany has 40 US military bases on its territory + Ramstein being the biggest , serving also as a NATO base.

Have you heard of the " 7 countries in 5 years project " ? They are a little behind . How about Oded Yinon ?

Who has been in the ME bringing destruction since the big 911 false flag ? Do you think that 911 ,that triggered this project (study PNAC,founded in  1997 ,one of the authors is Bolton , study Brookings Institute "Which path to Persia" written in 2009), study Brzezinski 's " The grand chessboard " and his other books .

They tell you all their plans if you want to listen .

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macholatte veritas semper… Wed, 04/18/2018 - 11:27 Permalink

 Your logic is flawed.  There is no linkage to the number of US military bases in Germany and the desire for the EU to have another supplier of energy. There is little debate that Germany runs the EU and it is well known that a plan to build a gas pipeline crossing north Syria was hatched a long time ago. Follow the money.

It is the business of the military to make plans for war.  That's their job. That's what they do.

Nevertheless, I have amended my first sentence.


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Stuck on Zero zero_pussy Tue, 04/17/2018 - 10:50 Permalink

The article IS all over the place and rather insufficient. If Putin wanted to retaliate he wouldn't have to use political, military, or economic force he could simply expose the "Anglo-Zionist" empire. RT could lay out the truth of who controls what and why. 500 million people in the US and Europe would really like to hear the truth. Absolutely nothing ferrets out evil faster than casting the bright light of truth into the murky shadows where it lives.

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Adolph.H. EuroPox Tue, 04/17/2018 - 07:30 Permalink

The tone of this article is pessimistic, but understandable.

For once China will not let Russia down in case of conflict because they know they have the back of each other. Only they don't attack directly a stupid adversary, which I believe is also Putin's strategy. As mentioned there is no point in destroying our planet for a couple of biblical idiots. 

Then about the rest of the world following blindly the empire, the saker should take into account that they take less and less pleasure in doing so, and the confidence is broken, which is paramount to feeling betrayed. The emperor had no clothes and nothing will stop its decline in the esteem of everyone. It will not take long before it becomes a shame to be associated with anything Anglo Zionist.

It already became obvious for a lot of countries that dealing directly with Russia and China is more rewarding than with pesky Americans, brits or Jews. That is also part of the plan: start an economic union that will morph into a military one with time. Germany is discreetly joining with the setup of Northstream 2 only to name this one. 

Left unsaid is the kind of leverage Chinese and Russians can use to exhaust the beast. They have it right: stop using the dollar and stop selling rare earths, titanium and platinum are a good starter. And the effects for the dollar can already be seen. 

Also there is a variety of answers to the latest American attack; think about Yemen, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Taiwan to name a few. These will not be announced on television because the propaganda services wouldn't acknowledge they're dragged into an attrition war that costs them dearly. This is asymmetrical attrition, which in itself is the biggest single threat the empire fears, because they won't be able to sustain their military expenses for long if the dollar crashes. 

Finally he also didn't talk about the strategy that is most certainly being executed now about suppressing the biggest part of the menace which are the nuke launcher subs. And for this Russia developed a new submarine type that hunts and sinks them. 

So in essence, the saker is desperate because Russia and China cannot return the strikes as easily as Americans do, but it is understood that they are building a community that will stand above that and will ultimately win because nothing can make betrayed countries follow a bully forever. 


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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EuroPox Adolph.H. Tue, 04/17/2018 - 07:43 Permalink

One of the more interesting areas of fallout is the fracturing of NATO - Italy, Germany, Austia, Czechia and Turkey have all backed off giving full support to this operation.  Even the EU only gave it lukewarm support.

The battle lines are being redrawn as we speak.

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gdpetti EuroPox Tue, 04/17/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

IMO, that's all just part of the "out with the OWO, in with the NWO"... add in all the other variables in this equation.. such as that fake refugee game.. the ongoing and continued perversion aspects like supporting pedophilia, psychopathy, dumbing down the masses, doping them up... etc.... they are like our markets... setup for a crash... but first, they like to play with their prey, like a young cat with a mouse. Predators like to torture their victims for as long as possible.... more negative energy that way... and empires feed on negative energy... they love to hear you scream.

The problem is this dumbing down is happening to the puppets in the OWO, as they don't seem to see their strings... and that pair of scissors coming closer and closer to them.

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EuroPox Dindu Nuffins Tue, 04/17/2018 - 09:56 Permalink

I don't think it is something they forgot to destroy - the original plan was for those special forces to coordinate the final assault on Damascus.  Whatever it was, I think they probably hid it before they were captured.  The forces themselves were removed from Ghouta, the Uk wanted to negotiate with Putin for their release but Putin said it was a matter for the Syrians.  Then the trouble started...

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veritas semper… Adolph.H. Tue, 04/17/2018 - 12:16 Permalink

Very good analysis.

I believe that the rules of engagement ,especially in Syria , will change soon

There are reports that :

- an American military base in Iraq ,near Syrian border was surrounded by the popular Iraqi militia forces , and they will not let the Americans attack Syria from there

-Raqqa residents had big protests asking that the Americans occupiers leave ; the same in kurdish territories

-it looks like the Russians sent bridge constructing , river crossing units , this points toward Euphrates

-Iran said that US is going to regret this attack on Syria

This is going to be done quietly , you may not even found out about the American body bags , only a sharp increase in accidents here and there.

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FBaggins EuroPox Tue, 04/17/2018 - 10:45 Permalink

Perhaps you are right, but you also have to remember that the US-UK-Zio axis is essentially being kicked out of Syria and their proxies are on the run. The axis does not have much bargaining power to come to a bargaining table even if there were to be any negotiations. In this respect the axis is already planting seeds in suggestions by politicians anxious for the lime light (e.g. Corbyn) of a “negotiated settlement”, where of course the nation will be carved up to some extent - Israel getting a larger hunk on its northern border - "safe zones" - and a massive rebuilding program conducted mainly by axis interests - all of which is what the axis was after in the first place, short of making the nation into another chaotic rubble heap like Iraq.

Hence, the axis establishes a large military flotilla on the shores of Syria and a significant troop presence doing manoeuvres on its Jordanian border, the message being:  "We are not vanquished. We are still here and we can obliterate you any time we want. We can pull off any obvious false flag gas attack and put any spin on it we want, and despite any criticisms we can turn on a dime and rain down thousands of missiles on your land. But to show you that we are also really nice so that you will let us negotiate with you, we will coordinate our missile attack so no one will be hurt and we will pay for any property damage after.  Please let us have a place at the bargaining table.".

The Russian/Syrian response likely goes something like this: “Who said anything about negotiations. You guys had that chance for a change back when Trump was elected and you blew it. Look around. The war is almost over and we won it. If you escalate things again you will suffer even more than a loss of face. There will be no partitions, no negotiations with the carving up of Syria, none of your so-called 'safe' zones, and none of your representatives on Syrian turf.  Syria is for Syrians. Iran is for Iranians. Russia is for Russians. You get it? You have caused enough suffering and destruction. Furthermore, you can FO with your intentions to enter Syria with your Western companies and fiat petrodollars to "rebuild" Syria." We will do it now with gold-backed petroyuans.” 

Trump is heard saying to Bolton and Mattis: “Oh, my God. Syria is really serious. What do we do now?”   

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EuroPox FBaggins Tue, 04/17/2018 - 11:11 Permalink

The US, Israelis and Saudis want a voice in what happens to Syria but that isn't going to happen.  Partition?  Ummm, don't think so.  Assad cannot hold Syria together without the eastern half of the country - that is where the oil is...  So Russia and Iran will also back him to clean that out after they have finished the job in the west.  The US can make whatever threats it wants but it has lost the war already.

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veritas semper… EuroPox Tue, 04/17/2018 - 11:48 Permalink

US and the " coalition " of killer clowns attacked 6 airports , mostly military and the international Damascus one ,but they were too protected. It seems to me this was also an attempt to destroy Mr. Assad's air force capability.

The very fact that they attacked before the inspection of OPCW proves that this was a FF done by the attackers .They did try to destroy that area or at least contaminate it.

And they did study how the Syrian air defense works = this for future attacks.

This is just the beginning .

The funny part is that now the neocons(zionists) are trying to take down MATTIS ,because he did not provide a ME strategy . Imagine Mattia being the voice of reason here , how terrifying is this ? But Mattis talked to Gen Gerasimov and most likely was told , in a polite way , what would happen if the exceptionals push too much .

So , if MATTIS is booted out ,round two is coming . ( I personally believe it's coming any way)

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EuroPox veritas semper… Tue, 04/17/2018 - 12:48 Permalink

1) the planes had been moved already to places of safety.
2) the airfields are all in govt controlled areas and could have been easily repaired.
3) why did they waste missiles on the university/ offices etc?
4) the US already knew it was going to lose a high percentage of missiles - they found that out last year!

The 'airfield' story just does not make any sense to me - in any case there were many airfields that were not targeted; if a few had been destroyed... so what? Just use the ones that are still operational. The strikes were never going to hit any Russian facilities anyway, so any hope of 'clearing the skies' was futile before it started.

...and what was the rush to do it all about?

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Polynik3s bogbeagle Tue, 04/17/2018 - 06:57 Permalink

US has gone rogue. Needs to be declared a Pariah, along with Israel.

Let's list the organizations that need to go and be replaced. Do not even use the same buildings, becaused bombed out in the reorganization.

CIA, FBI, United Nations, All Central Banks of the World, Israel returned to Palestine, Catholic Heresy converted to Orthodox Christianity, Judaism exposed as fake Hebrews practicing Genocidal Babylonian Pharisee-ism, England lose its Monarchy, England and USA take a 100 year break from their special relationship... Eliminate NATO, Routers, all MSM, Hollywood...

Am I missing any big items on the to-eliminate list? Will this root out the Zio-Lucifarians?

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Chupacabra-322 Polynik3s Tue, 04/17/2018 - 07:58 Permalink

The Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths in the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. have a record of Gas Lighting the masses into submission with Scripted False Narrative PsyOp’s.  Generational ones.  

They’re just not “Occult” about it anymore.  The Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Criminal Deep State actors in the CIA, MI6, Mossad, NSA, 5 Eyes Scum Fucks are operating now in plain sight for all the World to see.  

Them & their Operation Mocking Bird / TALPIOT Presstitute appendages are losing & will continue to lose the Information Warfare. AI or no AI.  

Their running the Hubris, Desperation Script now.  

Any trust, loyalty, respect & World Creditability has been completely squandered.  And, the Pentagram, Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths have no one else to blame but themselves.  However, Psychopaths under complete Hubris never blame themselves.  Make no mistake.  These Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths Tyrannical Lawless Psychopaths are Blood Thirsty.  They will stop at nothing less than War to achieve their sick, Twisted Plan at Total, Complete Spectrum World Domination, Petro Dollar Hegemony, Vassel Destabilized Middle / South East Asia & expansion of the Yinon Plan.  

We’re Governed by Adult Children & Psychopaths.


Remember four points:


1. Isreal will fight to the very last American Soldiers Death.

2. The Zionist screams in Fear as he Stikes you.

3.The Yinon Plan.

4.Operation TALPIOT.


Not only is Obama & now Trump Scum Fuck Pure Evil War Criminal Psychopaths, they've now officially become, although they've always have been, accessories to War Crimes, Treason & Conspriacy to Murder American's.


It's safe to say now, any Criminal Fraud CEO "President" of the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. from here on out would have to defacto continue the Crime, swear an Oath to Treason & continue the PsyOp / False Narrative Flag of 911 & the absolute, complete, open, in your Faces Tyrannical Lawlessness Political Police Surveillance State

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What is getting old is the inability of people to realize there are lies coming from all quarters...seriously...but people only want to see what they want to see and nothing even if it is bashed into their face will change that, period.  It is this lack of critical thinking ability that will doom the human race...

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Heros TheSilentMajority Tue, 04/17/2018 - 04:00 Permalink

Its not about destroying non-existent chemical weapons resources, this is about destroying infrastructure and impoverishing Syrians the way the Palestinians are in Gaza.

After Germany had finally been manipulated into invading the USSR, the 3 jew-stooges (Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin) invaded neutral Iran, Reza Kahn refused to put up serious resistance because he had spent the previous decades building up infrastructure that he didn't want destroyed by the allies of the sadistic snake people.  Roosevelt, although the US was not officially at war with Germany, refused to aid neutral Iran in any fashion.

The simple destruction of critical civilian infrastructure was clearly the motivation behind the allied bombings of Japan and Germany in '44 and '45, just as in Yugoslavia in the 1990's, and throughout the middle east since Israel was welped by the true racial supremacists. 

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blanketof ash Heros Tue, 04/17/2018 - 05:24 Permalink


Chlorine, a vital resource that supports public health through water purification in addition to being necessary for bewildering number of essential manufacturing processes has been re- branded as a chemical weapon. Factories producing this substance are now chemical weapons factories. Facilities storing the material are now chemical weapons storage. Add to this sanctions against its' importation as well as any replacements for the destroyed production capacity and you can slowly strangle a nation. Sounds like Iraq.  

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Heros blanketof ash Tue, 04/17/2018 - 06:04 Permalink

Remember that it was the talmudists who started a world-wide embargo against all German goods immediately after Hitler won the elections, when Germany was still on the verge of collapse.  Unfortunately, the foreskin munchers couldn't defeat Germany with their usual bag of murder, extortion, blackmail, usury and economic blockade tricks.

That is why Germany had to die, just like Russia today.

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RTP Heros Tue, 04/17/2018 - 07:11 Permalink

The Saker is a Nazi hunter. For him the Events in Ukraine was a Nazi coup....he dont likes to remember that Stefan Bandera was imprisoned by the "Nazis" to KZ Sachsenhausen 1941-44. How can anyone analyze the present if he ignores the past? Some are even going so far as to imagine "Zionazis" as the quintessence of evil.....what a nonsense. Hopefully he gets the Simon Wiesenthal Nazi hunter award!

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earleflorida Heros Tue, 04/17/2018 - 11:29 Permalink

what tripe you speak of!

the "Saker" is so ahead of his tyme via reality... it's scary!

[this], is why I read the "Saker",... all knowing at a moments notice his kinetic`perception as a Cassandra is well worth heeding--- being the 'Vishnu sui`generis pragmatist'!

"There's a divinity that shapes our Ends" - Hamlet

"Remembrance of Things Past'' - Proust 

Thank you,

SAKER :)  

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RTP Heros Tue, 04/17/2018 - 15:09 Permalink

Exactly....PCR thought that Germany needed a fals flag to invade Poland...the "Gleiwitz incident".

Probably the Saker just saw some Hollywood history about the SS and WW2...still he use SS as an amplifier to announce something top evil.

How want the Russians deal with Israel if they are so proud that the Boshshevik's have defeated, sloughtered Germany.


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lew1024 RTP Tue, 04/17/2018 - 17:00 Permalink

No, it was a CIA-coup using the Banderas among other groups and oligarchs including those of Jewish descent. I don't think The Saker would disagree with my statement.

George Webb, over the last year, has talked about all of the programs the CIA has had to bring in the next ethnic group, beginning with the Nazis right after WWII, to populate American R&D, run ratlines and manage and do operations. Russians were the one before last.  Now it is ex-ISIS and mercenaries from all over the ME.

This is way bigger and eviler than mere Nazis.

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RTP lew1024 Tue, 04/17/2018 - 17:45 Permalink

Did we hear Neo Banderas from The Russians or the Saker?

They just loved to play the Nazi card in the same way as the Jews did it.

The same happened with "Islamic" Terror. The Ideology comes from the second commandment in the old Testament and the Talmud. If you read the second commandment in the Quran you will recognize the difference.. But yes, they bought muslim fighters as Nuland & Mc Cain, Soros bought neo Banderas ..they invested 5 billions $ for the coup in the Ukraine. But the Ukrainians cant forget the Bolsheviks and Stalin as easy then the Saker.

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Polynik3s Heros Tue, 04/17/2018 - 07:13 Permalink

You bring up foreskin munching fake Hebrews... 

Tell-tale signs that you are the exploited race:

1. When you willingly take your newborn males to "Gods Favorite Race" to have their manhood mangled by a Priest's mouth or knife.

2. When another race owns and prints all your Nation's money.

3. When another race owns 95 percent of your News and journalism.

4. When another race creates 95 percent of your culture's myths and legends.

5. When a foreign God gives you a second class citizenship to another race's religion.

6. When you are always on call to fight the last 100 years of wars for the creation and expansion of The Greater Israel Plan.

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halcyon TheSilentMajority Tue, 04/17/2018 - 06:36 Permalink


Not quite as simple as that.
Russia threatened with preplanned consequences if USA strikes. They have to respond on some level, to maintain the credibility of threat.

Futher, basic international politics dictate tit-for-tat.

If Russians do nothing, USA will just escalate (whether Mattis/Trump want or not).

Russia is in a semi-bind: it has to respond, doesn't want to escalate, but needs to maintain credibility and not force it's own hand for further strikes (in which scenario they'd probably be forced to deploy their latest AA missiles for USA to test-probe freely with).

The best/most likely tactic for Russia, as they can't escalate or come back militarily/economically (sanctions), they will do something else that will make the USA look like idiots or "the bad guy".

Hence, most likely it will be in information war or a psychological operations response, with tracks not (directly) leading back to Russia.


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