35,000 Soldiers Participate In Norway's Biggest War Drill Since The Cold War

This fall, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be leading the most significant military exercise across the entire country of Norway since the Cold War. Initial reports from Verdens Gang, indicate about 35,000 military personnel from 30 different countries are expected to attend the Trident Juncture NATO drill.

Portuguese troops penetrate land in Troia, about 100 kilometers south of Lisbon, in Nov 2015. This was the last time NATO conducted the Trident Juncture exercise. (Steven Governo / AP)

“This will be a very big and important exercise that will affect many,” said Frank Sølvsberg, spokesperson for Trident Juncture, the NATO exercise is scheduled for October 25 through November 7.

“With several months left for the exercise, all the numbers are still highly uncertain, but it starts to take a picture,” he added.

Verdens Gang provides a map detailing plans for the upcoming military exercise.

“Norway is a small country, just like Sweden, and dependent on other states in the event of a major war. This means that one must practice receiving large numbers of troops from other countries. In Norway, there is also a huge amount of ammunition and equipment for the American Navy Corps, “said Mike Winnerstig, a security analyst at the Total Defense Research Institute (FOI).

NATO Trident Juncture Bigger Than Ordinary Military Exercises. (Sputnik 2015)

While the Trident Juncture exercise itself, whose mission is to demonstrate an increased level of cooperation in joint modern warfare and forward-leading alliance equipped with the appropriate capability and capacity to deter present and future security challenges of mainly Russia, is expected to host 35,000 troops from 30 nations and a variety of war machines. The preliminary numbers show around 130 military aircraft, and 60 warships will participate in the drill.

Verdens Gang confirms over a hundred municipalities across the country will be “affected directly or indirectly” with nonmilitary and military traffic.

“It is not finally quantified how many municipalities are affected directly or indirectly, but more than 100 municipalities can be the place of practice on the ground and/or military traffic,” said Sølvsberg.

Sølvsberg tells Verdens Gang that “Hedmark, Oppland, Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal are the counties” where the main parts of the exercises will be held.

“In addition, Østfold, Akershus and Oslo will notice the exercise, especially traffic,” says Sølvsberg.

Sølvsberg states that Trident Juncture is three times larger than any other prior military drill conducted in Norway.

“It sets even higher demands for good planning, where we and NATO speak with affected bodies and the rest of the total defense. NATO has already been on several inspections in Norway”, he said.  

According to Admiral James G. Foggo, III, United States Navy admiral who currently serves as commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe, the exercise is planned every three years.

“It’s an amazing training opportunity for all involved parties. I think it also sends a clear message to others who will threaten the alliance.”

In case you are wondering what the exercise could look like, here is a snapshot of Trident Juncture 2015: 


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If they really wanted to get prepared for ww3 they would do the sensible thing: remove all rapefugees from their once white country without taking any glove. 

But those spineless feminized imbeciles won't. 

If anything, Russia will close the border with lots of razor wire and walls, and if they open fire, it would be to stop invasion. They would certainly not invade, there's nothing to do there. 


It's okay not to be a Jew.

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I have no idea. Honestly, I do not understand the purpose of all these endless military drills near our borders. My best guess is that they just try to make all these men busy doing something. When a lot of men with weapons have nothing to do they usually start to use alchohol, drugs and to harass the common people near their bases.

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More than 30,000 participants, eh?

Was just reading up on the fourth battle of Kharkov, a fairly small engagement in 1943. What struck were the numbers involved.

  Losses for the operation are difficult to establish due to large numbers of transfers and missing in action. Soviet casualties in the Belgorod–Kharkov sector during this operation are estimated to be 71,611 killed and 183,955 wounded; 1,864 tanks, 423 artillery guns, and 153 aircraft were lost.


Just shrugged it off and went on their merry ways. Imagine western countries taking losses such as those these days.

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Zukov was very critical of Soviet war by the method of as they called it, " People's Meat"  

But,  you go to war with the officer corps you have.

Russia did anything but shrugged off human losses and to this day suffered a shortage of men. Easily down 100 million.


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What? Men doing man shit? Oh come on! Shouldn't they be sitting in a cubical polishing their nails and dreaming about driving a ferrari past their less fortunate friends down town?

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Why don't they sweep some no-go areas while they are at it? They would get some real practice and opposition cause there are plenty of weapons going around there.

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Its amusing watching how NATO is locked into a paradigm that is decades out of date.

Presumably its Russia they are worried about.

Take a step back and ask yourself the question;

"What does Norway (or Sweden) have that Russia desperately needs?"

Its all puerile nonsense dreamt up by idiots.



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For a second I thought zerohedge was talking about 35k Norwegian soldiers

Because I dont think that there are that many "Man" left in that feminist hipster muslmim encroached fallen nation

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Russias strategy for war with Norway is to EMP then drink vodka while eating popcorn and doing nothing but watching the implosion from Socialist sabotage by their own government, there's no reason to invade Norway nor any other EU state, they're all hopelessly compromised by idiot leftists