Allegiant Air: The Hemorrhoid of the Airline Monopoly’s Ass

In this episode, QTR looks at the 60 Minutes expose of Allegiant Air that aired Sunday night. The expose showed that Allegiant had an alarming 3.5x the mechanical issues than other major airlines and took testimonial horror stories from passengers and aviation experts. QTR talks about how the airline monopoly is wholly unfair and how it screws customers - I also talk about why I think Allegiant stock could easily head back to $100 per share as a result of this unearthing of disturbing facts. 

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TheRideNeverEnds Mon, 04/16/2018 - 22:09 Permalink

how many people have died on their planes due to these problems?

oh, none? Yea, what a disaster....

Listen; they will take you a distance in a couple hours that not long ago would take you a year to cover, if you even survived the journey, for less than a minimum wage earner makes in a few hours.

Quit yer bitching.

Air travel is one of the most under-priced services in the world. It literally costs you more to take a girl to a fancy dinner than fly from one side of the country to the other. Hell I regularly tip people more on a bar tab than a ticket on Allegiant costs.

Buy more Nasdaq stocks and hop on a flight to Hawaii, by the time you land your gains will have paid for the ticket. What a time to be alive.