Independent Swiss Lab "Can't Confirm Or Deny" Nerve-Agent Accusations

Over the weekend, Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov created quite a stir  when he announced that the independent Swiss state Spiez lab said that Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter Yulia, were poisoned with an incapacitating toxin known as 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate, or simply BZ, adding that while the toxin was never produced in Russia, it was in service in the US, UK and other NATO states.

However, as RT reports, Andreas Bucher, Spiez Laboratory’s strategy and communications head, told TASS on Monday, that:

“We cannot have any statement on that...” 

“We are contractually bound to the OPCW for confidentiality. So, the only institution that could confirm what Mr. Lavrov was saying is the OPCW. We cannot confirm or deny anything.

The Swiss state research center is controlled by the country’s Federal Office for Civil Protection and, ultimately, by the defense minister.

As we noted previously, the Swiss lab is also an internationally recognized center of excellence in the field of the nuclear, biological, and chemical protection and is one of the five centers permanently authorized by the OPCW.

Asked to clarify the relationship between the OPCW and the Spiez lab, as well as between the OPCW and the UK military research facility at Porton Down, a spokesperson for the OPCW told RT in a written statement on Monday that:

"...designated laboratories are a lynchpin of the Organization's verification regime and its capacity to investigate allegations of the use of chemical weapons. They must be able to perform off-site analysis of chemical samples collected by OPCW inspectors from chemical production facilities, storage depots and other installations, or from the site of an alleged use of chemical weapons. These laboratories offer the necessary assurance to our States Parties that chemical analyses needed to make determinations or to clarify issues occurring during OPCW deployments are carried out competently, impartially, and with unambiguous results."

"OPCW does not disclose the identity of designated labs that contribute to OPCW activities. These labs are also bound by secrecy agreements. These arrangements exist to ensure the integrity of the analysis and results provided by the designated labs," the statement added.

Moscow has repeatedly noted that the Skripal case lacks transparency.

"We get the impression that the British government is deliberately pursuing the policy of destroying all possible evidence, classifying all remaining materials and making a transparent investigation impossible," the Russian ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, said during a press conference on Friday.


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putin is a habitual liar, who has sent his fat greasy russu trolls to American sites

WH confirmed huge uptick in russia troll activity last 2 days, clear as day here at the hedge

most desperate act i have seen from russia in years

clearly russia and putin are losing badly

(Update: only 75 downvotes so far, cmon i need a bigger smile on my face)

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The OPCW in the Skripals case backed what the UK reported...they found the "toxic chemical was of high purity"

But that's all we get..."The name and structure of the identified toxic chemical are contained in the full classified report of the Secretariat, available to States Parties."

May is out there telling us the exact chemical used, why is the "identified toxic chemical" by the OPCW classified and only available to "State Parties"?

Read the whole report here:

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it really doesnt matter who did the chem attack, altough i have no doubt it was assad

the fact is assad's chemical weapons facilities have no place on this earth and needed to be eliminated

mission accomplished indeed

now keep dancing in the streets over USA's victory

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Click Bait Bullshit!

This article is non-news which, if anything, contradicts the previous story that said the independent lab showed the Skripal poison was of US/UK origin. This is the kind of shit that the MSM does to confuse and obfuscate. 

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Effects of BZ parallel reported events far better than Novichok:

1.  delay to onset of symptoms was in hours - BZ begins to act after several hours while Novichok acts within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

2. Sergei Skripal acted in a bizzare manner before going into a stupor - BZ causes hallucinations and manic behavior - Novichok totally disables you.

Check the literature.

Also, BZ would likely not cause any lasting disability... maybe MI6 has arranged a low dose non-lethal "treatment" with Novichok for Sergei so he has the long lasting neurologic-related tissue damage and disability that Novichok causes.  That way it will look like he has miraculously survived exposure to Novichok upon clinical examination.

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I'd agree that ZH is targeted to be a go-to site for Russian trolls, but that's assuming that they exist. Can you name a single Russian troll on this comments section?

I've been trying for weeks and could never find one. Not even bad ones in broken English. Does Tyler delete them as they come? This is absurd, how could anybody take it seriously?

War on Alternative Media, b/c clearly anything but a monopoly on "News" is unacceptable.

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Exactly- far more likely that this site is overrun with Five-Eyes+1 sock-puppeted trolls than it is populated by any genuine Russian trolls. Besides, why would they need to spread disinformation here when the real information (truth) is already damning enough? Propaganda is not needed against five-eyes+1- only truth-telling is.

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Everything you need to know about BZ..absolute must read.

Psychiatric Oppression of African Americans

In a document on the "Psychiatric Oppression of African Americans" produced by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights,1 BZ is linked to experimentation on African American citizens of the U.S.:

At the National Institute of Mental Health Addiction Research Center in Kentucky in the mid-1950s, drug-addicted African Americans were given LSD, with seven of them kept hallucinating for 77 consecutive days. At this same center, healthy African American men were still being used as test subjects almost 10 years later, this time for an experimental drug, BZ--100 times more powerful than LSD.
This follows a long psychiatric tradition of using for experimental purposes the incarcerated, the dispossessed and others who have no voice.

This first report seems to confirm the existence of BZ, its psychoactive and psychotomimetic properties, and its abuse by government agencies. However, lack of mainstream media coverage leaves one to wonder about the actual facts. One search engine, Hotbot, however, did yield further information from organizations with more established credentials.

Psychotomimetic Chemical Weapons...

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I'll admit, this does sound like something Trump would say.

If that is you Mr. President, then let me take a moment to address you directly. 

I am not a Russian troll but a US national born citizen.  I would remind you that you campaigned on bringing our troops home and building our nation rather than fighting senseless wars.  Now it looks like you are marching us straight into WWIII and that has a lot of people (including me) very upset.

I would urge you to question those who are advising you strongly as most people in Washington have an agenda and intelligence these days is manufactured to justify wars or spy on it's citizens without a warrant or probable cause (like they did with you).  I'm not sure what kind of "classified" intelligence Macron has tying Assad to these chemical attacks but I would urge you to ask yourself the following - why would Assad use chemical weapons just as you expressed you were ready to pull out of Syria.  Why did the Pentagon hesitate?  Have the "white helmets" falsified attacks in Syria previously?  Were they involved  here?  Who is sponsoring them?  Can the eye witness testimony released in recent days with medical professionals present during the scene be validated?  Have terrorists used chemical weapons previously in Syria and Iraq in recent years (the answer to that is yes... many times).  Who stands to gain from the use of chemical weapons?  Is there any independently verifiable proof that Assad ever used chemical weapons?  If so, why hasn't that proof been shared with the people?

You are being MANIPULATED Mr. President. You are putting American lives at risk by leading us into another war based on lies.  Our so-called allies are working with extremists on the ground to frame Assad and lead us to war in Syria.  Even our government has been working with "moderates" but we know there are very few of those on the ground and most of our weapons have ended up in the hands of ISIS.  War is big business.

If you need more evidence, I would be happy to sit down with you and share what has been going on.  Most of this has been reported on.  You need people outside of Washington to get the truth.  It's full of corruption and deceit.  You need to seek your advisors and the truth elsewhere.  You know this. 


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Assad closes in on ISIS in Ghouta, the USA "discovers" that Assad has a chemical weapons program complete with factories..that the USA knows the exact location of...

The USA did not know of this program or these factories until that gas bomb landed in that bed in Ghouta?

This is all laughably transparent..a gas bomb on a bed, OPCW stopped from investigating...amateur hour on the part of the USA...

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Lets bomb Ft.Detrick then.

I'm getting a very different BDA from a usually reliable source.

Only seven missiles hit their targets,two USN vessels failed to launch at all as their electronics were disabled,

and the attack was  called off before it became even more embarrassing.

The proof in the pudding will be whether that carrier group ever comes within range of Syria, because it

would mean Russia can even spoof western inertial navigational systems.

I'm no Russian bot and neither is my source, just an observer on this day trip to Bedlam.

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US chemical weapon facilities have no place on this earth and need to be eliminated.

When we going to do this one troll?

Now keep protesting in the streets against those still have stockpiles of chemical weapons.

NOTE:- No WMD's were found there so we can knock that one off the list now /S

[EDIT] My sarc line was supposed to have "in Iraq" but I was thinking of all the future similar consequences about to happen it became a generic response.

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Please satisfy my curiosity.

1 - Why would Russia attempt an assassination on a spy who was released from Russia some years ago, just before its elections and not long before it is due to host the World Cup? It makes no sense.

2 - Why would Assad, winning the war in Syria, and with Trump having announced he was going to withdraw US prescence, then go and chemically attack his own people? It makes no sense.

There are various (many) other questions I could ask but will leave it at those two.


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My current favorite theories I have 2 is as he was a spook and "likely not retired".

1.) Chemical weapon trafficker and it went wrong potentially carrying into Syria.

2.) Provided some of the input into the Trump Dossier.

Both would have to be closed down at some point so it was an accident waiting to be made happen.


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