Ron Paul Reacts To "Trump's Disastrous Syria Attack"

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Over the weekend, President Trump celebrated firing more than 100 missiles into Syria by Tweeting, “Mission Accomplished!” They say if you cannot learn from history you are condemned to repeat it. So I guess we are repeating it.

We all remember that “Mission Accomplished” was the banner behind then-President Bush as he gloated aboard a US navy ship that the war in Iraq had been won. After his “victory,” however, some 4,000 US military personnel were killed, perhaps a million Iraqis were killed, and the country’s infrastructure and social fabric were so badly destroyed that they probably can never be repaired.

Actually, there is much about the US attack on Syria that reminds us of Iraq.

With Iraq, the US moved in to start bombing before international inspectors had completed their mission to verify whether or not Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Had they been allowed to complete their mission and verify that he did not, imagine the suffering, death, and destruction that could have been avoided. In Syria, the US decided to start bombing before the international inspectors were even allowed to start checking claims that Assad gassed his own people in Douma. Why? What was the rush? Was Washington afraid they might not find Assad guilty?

Who really benefits from US attacks on the Syrian government? There were reports that ISIS began making moves immediately after the air strikes. Do we really want to be al-Qaeda and ISIS’s airforce? Is that going to keep us safer? I remember when al-Qaeda was actually considered our enemy, not an ally in overthrowing the last secular government in the Middle East.

Will Syria’s Christians be better off after the recent US attack? Just over a week ago Christians celebrated Easter in Aleppo for the first time in years. What changed? The Syrian army kicked out al-Qaeda, which had been occupying the eastern part of the city. So no, Christians will be much worse off if our “moderate terrorists” take control of Syria.

If Syria really had sarin and other chemical weapons factories, does it make sense for the US to bomb the buildings and risk killing thousands by widely disbursing the poisons? Does it make sense to risk killing Syrian civilians with chemical weapons in retaliation for allegations that the Syrian government killed civilians with chemical weapons? No, it seems more like the phony “mobile WMD labs” we were told that Saddam Hussein had constructed.

If the US knew Syria was manufacturing chemical weapons in the buildings they bombed, why not notify the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)? The OPCW had certified the very building the US bombed as chemical weapons free not that long ago. Why not just call them up and ask them to check it out? After all, they were just arriving in the country as the US started bombing.

There are many more questions about President Trump’s terrible decision to again make war on Syria. For example, where is Congress? It was disgraceful to see Speaker Paul Ryan telling the President he needs no Congressional authorization to attack Syria. All Members of Congress take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and the Constitution says that only Congress can declare war. Does that oath mean nothing these days?

President Trump will come to regret the day he let the neocons take over his foreign policy. Their track record is abysmal. His attack on Syria was clearly illegal and should his party lose the House in November he may find his new fair-weather friends in the Democratic Party quickly turning foul.


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It was not a Trump attack. It was a well planned & predetermined jew supremacist attack as they always are.

Trump the Orange Jew, needs to divorce himself from his jew supremacist warmongering handlers.

Dump the CFR, Aipac, Adl, Aclu, Splc, Jdl, Jwc, Zoa, Trilateral Commission, and a thousand more jew supremacist anti-American organizations- Now !

Trump's neo-con jew spin is Heavy:

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The USSA is controlled by (((them))) and their useful goyim, who have no moral compass. They care not for Syria's Christians at all.

Resource piracy, hegemonic wet dreams, penis envy and obsessive one-upmanship is what this swamp is all about.

Who will stop the evil empire's downward spiral?

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This attack on Syria was pre-agreed with the Syrians and Russians. The mission was to diffuse the neocon demands for action against Syria rationalized by the neocon-created chemical attack lie.

The Syrians and Russians were given days of pre-notice to remove any assets of value from a list of pre-agreed worthless targets. There was zero damage to any targets or assets of value, and *nobody* was killed. And now the neocons can't blame Trump for doing nothing.

I agree with Trump. Mission accomplished!

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They were technically Jaysh al Islam not ISIS, but in the end all the same savages regardless.

They negotiated an evacuation with the Russians and Syrians because they were screwed. The false flag attack was most likely done by MI6 and/or CIA in desperation to draw Trump back into Syria and to ruin the evacuation deal. Trump is still foolish to have played along, he should have called out the bullshit without wasting $100 million.

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Charles Bausman – “It’s the media stupid.”

The US was a reasonably free and democratic nation until Americans lost control of the press to the same interests which were taking over the US banks and financial system, beginning about 30 years before they set up the Federal Reserve in 1913.  The media is now in the iron fisted control of the same interests, who know how utterly gullible most people are. If the US president were to say there was a gas attack by Assad on a red-cross hospital, and the MSM broadcasted and amplified it with a sufficient amount of repetition, then most people would accept it as absolutely true.  If the media vilifies the Russians over and over again, then public will simply think Russians are bad.  There simply is just too much discomfort, or cognitive indigestion, involved in coming home after a workday, or listening to a news caster on TV in a bar, and not accepting what you see or hear as being true.  

The printed word of the press had a great deal of authority to people in the 19th century, most of whom did not even have typewriters. However, with the advent of TV, where one  image is valued at a thousand words, and most people believing what the see, never has the media been so powerful and the people so misled.  Major networks now control the masses and that remains the main reason why, even if the elections were not rigged, democracy does not have chance.  

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Despite Casey and Karl Rove, the truth is out there.

Trumpo's attack did target plenty of real Syrian assets, but those missles were shot down. It was not a fake attack. It was a thwarted attack.

The Trumpian propaganda solution was to say 76 missiles went into the cancer reasearch facility.

About Those 'Nice, New, Smart' Missiles And The 'Chemical Weapons' Sites in Syria

From the link - Where did the missles go?

"So the question is; what happened to the rest of Trump's 'nice new and smart' missiles? 

The Russians have an answer. According to their radar data on the event, 6 other airbases and airports were also targeted. Why didn't the Pentagon include those in its report on the strikes? 

Duwali airbase - 4 missiles fired, 4 shot down

Dumayr airbase - 12 missiles fired, 12 shot down 

Baley airbase - 18 missiles fired, 18 shot down 

Shayrat airbase - 12 missiles fired, 12 shot down 

Marj Ruhayyil airbase - 18 missiles fired, 18shot down 

Damascus international airport - 4 missiles fired, 4 shot down 

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I voted for him because I couldn't put the mark next to Hillary.  Every time I tried something was pulling my arm back.  So I voted for Trump.  He wasn't evil yet but Hillary already was.  It doesn't matter anyway, the secret government determines who will become president.  As an example, in 2004 who ran? Bush and John Kerry? What a coincidence they are both skull and bones secret society members.  Well, I could call it a coincidence but I know otherwise. It's all rigged.   

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