5 Fast Facts About The Federal Judge In Michael Cohen's Case (And Why Trump Should Be Worried)

Submitted by Ann of The Political Insider

Federal Judge Kimba Wood will be overseeing the court case against President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Here are five facts about Judge Wood - and why Trump should be very worried.

1. She was President Bill Clinton's pick for Attorney General in 1993

President Bill Clinton nominated Wood to become the first female Attorney General. In fact, Wood was hand-picked by Hillary Clinton, who had been asked to submit a list of possible nominees for her husband’s consideration. However, Wood withdrew from the nomination after the White House learned about her brief time as a Playboy Bunny - and that she employed an illegal alien as a nanny. Further, Wood actually helped the nanny to illegally remain in the country by paying taxes for her.

2. She trained as a Playboy Bunny

The daughter of a U.S. Army career officer and speechwriter, Wood spent much of her childhood and young adulthood in Europe. While studying at the London School of Economics in the 1960s, she trained for a few days as a croupier at a Playboy Bunny casino, but quit because "she thought the gig was silly." Nevertheless, the job would haunt her in her later career and played a role in costing her the position of Attorney General.

3. She had an extramarital affair that earned her the nickname the "Love Judge"

Wood might be a judge, but her personal past indicates that her moral scruples are lacking. In 1995 at the age of 51, Wood began an affair with married multimillionaire Wall Street financier Frank Richardson. The affair was uncovered by Richardson's wife when she found passionate passages written about Wood in Richardson's diary. The tryst earned Wood the nickname the "Love Judge" during Richardson's divorce trial. Wood married Richardson in 1999.

4. She officiated George Soros's wedding

Wood officiated the 2013 wedding of notorious liberal billionaire George Soros. At the time, Soros was 83 and his bride, Tamiko Bolton, was 42. Numerous prominent liberals attended the wedding, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and then-California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome. In lieu of wedding gifts, the couple asked that donations be made to several organizations including Planned Parenthood and Global Witness, an environmental activist group.

5. She doesn't believe in attorney-client privilege

During Cohen's hearing on Monday, Wood forced Cohen to expose the identity of a previously unnamed client. That client turned out to be none other than Fox News host Sean Hannity, who maintains that he only asked Cohen for legal advice as a friend and never retained or paid him for any legal services.

As many people have pointed out, you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Has the deep state ever been more obvious than it is now?


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Fortunately, I can say that I've never broken ANY law, ever.  If a corrupt lawyer slimeball and his MANY slimeball lawyer Hillary-fan friends investigated me for 1 1/2 years, unleashing the power of the United States gubmint against me that entire time, they wouldn't find one law that I've broken.

BWAAAAAAA!!!  HAAAaaaaaa!!!!!  HHaaaaaaa!!!!!  HHHHAaaaaa!!!  HHHHAaaaaa!!!  HHHHAaaaaa!!!  HHHHAaaaaa!!!  HHHHAaaaaa!!!

Oh... I crack myself up.

And this is why we have eighteen gazillion laws.


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My ol' daddy  RIP was a Petroleum Engineer and an Aggie with offices in Tripoli, Lagos etc..... he told me many times...Son, I hate lawyers and bankers..but you can't do business without them... he liked Gaddafi  ... the Libyans loved him..he built schools, hospitals, roads etc...Libya unlike the USA had 100% literacy at that time... remove the marxist jew from our govt and get world peace as a bonus... or you can bend over for what is coming next...grab some jelly and grab your ankles

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overmedicatedu… Miffed Microbi… Wed, 04/18/2018 - 08:36 Permalink

you know he gave them a chance to back off..now it's a hot civil war among the political class..our failing empire is nearing chaos ..

In Rome, for hundreds of years the republic stood solid as each Roman understood the rules written and unwritten on how to be Roman..it fell when that stopped and it became just a game of wealth and power in a multi cultural society of non Romans imported from the colony's across europe and mid east..History rhymes..diversity and no common history always brings down empire

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We just spent a week talking about Comey's butt hurt response to being FIRED. Agreed, he should be behind bars, as should the rest of the coup members.  But it was a pleasure watching him act like a bitch for all to see. 

Dido for McCabe and the rest of the rats being dumped.

This is going to get very ugly.  The long knives are out, the soft coup is escalating, it' open for all to see, yet they press ahead brazenly. 

I suspect they're over playing their hand, this may back fire on them, may already be.  The MSM is near dead silent on trumps approval rating, which continues to clime, most likely because more and more people are peaking past the Russia charade.

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