Employee Of Bombed Syrian Research Site Says No Chemicals Released Is Proof None Existed

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

An employee of the chemical research center which was bombed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France says that no chemicals were released during the strike that leveled the building. 

That’s incredibly important proof that no chemical weapons were actually there, he said.

Said Said, an engineer at the Scientific Research Center facility, told RT Arabic that the very fact that no chemicals were released during the strike should serve as evidence that no chemical weapons program was run at the site.

 “You can see for yourself that nothing has happened. I’ve been here since 5:00 a.m. No signs of weapons-grade chemicals, he said.

The researcher said he had worked at the facility for decades, and it used to develop medicine and household chemicals.



The West is alleging Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s leader used chemical weapons on civilians to justify military attacks on Damascus and Homs.  But interestingly enough, those strikes occurred the day before international investigators were scheduled to arrive to conduct a thorough inspection of the site. 

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had visited the site several times and never found any traces of banned chemicals. Since Syria joined the Chemical Weapons Convention under a deal brokered by Russia and the US in 2013, the UN chemical watchdog repeatedly confirmed its full compliance with its obligations to dismantle and remove its chemical stockpiles. In June 2014, the OPCW declared Syria free of chemical weapons.

On April 12, even US Secretary of Defense James Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee that the US government does not have any evidence that sarin or chlorine was used, that he was still looking for evidence. Yet the bombing happened anyway.

We even provided them [OPCW] with a special place where they could collect and pack test samples taken during the inspection,” Said told RTThe inspectors would stay in the rooms on the upper floor and use the laboratory equipment, and the staff was cooperating with them completely.”

Being a civilian research center, the staff did not believe it would be identified as the primary target for an attack. As we work in civilian pharmaceutical and chemical research, we did not expect that we would be hit, Said told AFP. The allegations that that Barzeh was an integral part of Syria’s chemical program were totally incorrect,” he stressed, speaking to CBS News.

Reports by the UN’s chemical watchdog, the latest of which was filed just a month ago, suggest Said is correct, and there are no chemical weapons at the facility.  The report on the first inspection that was conducted between February 26  and March 5, 2017, says that “the inspection team did not observe any activities inconsistent with obligations under the Convention, noting that Damascus had provided unimpeded access to the inspectors “to all selected areas.”

The follow-up inspection, carried out in November, did not find any incriminating evidence either. The March 2018 report reiterates: As stated in previous reports, all of the chemicals declared by the Syrian Arab Republic that were removed from its territory in 2014 have now been destroyed.”


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I can't tell you how many comments I've received about the righteousness of our attack on these chemical plants, that have been established by our mortal enemies the syrians. Apparently we've been gifted with a moral code which allows us to bomb or attack whomever the hell we like. Whenever we like. Oh yes, and evidence of opposition aggression isn't necessary.

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Forensics is an abandoned field of study in these days of dizzying fake news propaganda.  It's also a lost and forbidden art when it comes to dissecting certain outrageous claims regarding WWII.  But, then again, the actual victors of that war are bereft of honor, a virtue which makes the discovery of all truths a natural desire.

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I guess it is too much to ask that the USA politely asks to inspect the facility. Nope. Drop a couple of 1000 pounders.

What a bunch of fuckwads we have running our government.

.......with every day that passes and every new event in Syria I become more convinced 911 was a false flag event.  Do they realize how badly they are corroding trust???? 

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"US Republican Senator Rand Paul says he has seen no evidence that could justify claims about the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carrying out the suspected chemical attack in the town of Douma, and that the attack was used as a pretext to “galvanize the world” against the Syrian leader."


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It never mattered. It's pretty clear at this point the  (((people))) running our government will get their filthy war with Syria, Russia and Iran regardless of who is elected. The mainstream left has been gaslit by the NeoCons. The far left anti war movement is marginalized, impotent or nowhere to be found. As for the right demoralization is setting in. The mainstream Republicans and "Conservatives" are either completely useless or openly hostile to the platform Trump was elected on. Quite often they are even worse than the left. The Alt-right have been successfully demonized, blacklisted and effectively banished from mainstream public discourse. 

What's needed now is a reevaluation of both the tactics we are using and the long term strategy. It will take a full house cleaning to deal with the traitors in our government and generations to fix the catastrophe the boomers have made. 

Long term any white male that is able should be moving to the south, midwest or swing states and getting armed. They should be involved in their churches and local communities. They should be model, law abiding citizens. And where possible they should seek local offices or hold them. Even the most mundane. And under no circumstance should they chimp out and associate with the far right publicly. Or if they have to do it anonymously and organize privately.  

Tactically it is more effective to infiltrate these institutions from within or splinter the left with their own radicals. The greatest threat to the Democratic party is a split between the anti Israel far left and the center left Zionists. You can already see this rift with the nomination of someone like Keith Ellison as DNC chair. 

So annoying as it is something like the anti-Israel spammers on this site would be very effective against the left. Make them choke on Israel and their own garbage. Every time Shlomo guns down some kid with a rock in his chopper you jam it down their throats along with Farrkhan, Sarsour, black nationalists and every other far left extremist. Mix in some positive articles about Tranny bathrooms, universal income, anti white garbage and gun control and woillla you've got some good Hasbara as opposed to bashing your head against a wall or circle jerking.

More resilient networks and better security/encryption techniques are critical. We're pretty much helpless as long as they control these platforms and can just wipe a domain at will or doxx you. Cryptos like Monero will be essential too. 

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Moral righteousness is not LAW.



...But a far more damaging consequence may well be a steady erosion of law and legality in favor of legitimacy alone. Legitimacy is essential, but it must rest on law—not righteousness, political imperatives, religion, shared cultural ties, or the exigencies of a given moment. No less than the stability and predictability of our international system—and the ultimate legitimacy of U.S. actions—is at stake.

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How on earth are you able to navigate the internet with cognitive impairments that profound? Does you carer do the mouse-clicking for you?

You seriously must be close to retarded to think that your half-thought-out drivel passes even the most naïve bullshit filter.


If the Syrian government 'evacuated all the people, equipment and nasty toxins' from prospective target sites, those actions would have stood out like dog's nuts on real-time satellite imagery (and you best believe that the US will have real-time imagery of any suspect sites in Syria).

Everyone on the planet knows that the US has access to real-time, high-resolution aerial and satellite reconnaissance of a very large proportion of the surface of the earth (no aerials for a lot of Asia, or most of Russia - but satellite for both of them). Take a look at a sample image (say, from QuickBird) and tell me that you couldn't pick out trucks etc if they were in the image port. (Admittedly, QuickBird is not on station 24/7, but you get the drift).


If your infantile cartoon "pack it all up, habibi" scenario had taken place, the US would have had the footage on every prime-time TV network in the western world. It would have been a picture-perfect mechanism to justify the attack. 


Jesus wept - the only thing that could possibly mitigate such a fucking retarded comment as yours, is if you were being paid minimum age to 'catapult the propaganda' (on that basis you would be justified in putting in sub-moronic levels of effort).

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We don't have any idea what is the truth. There are so many pieces that don't fit. Maybe the US did intentionally give plenty of notice. Why does a country the size of a small US state need/have a pharmaceutical research facility when they are allied to Russia? Would the US admit to inconvenient satellite images? It likely took more than one missile to destroy this complex. Was it defended? Maybe the anti-missile systems didn't work that well? What is a lie, what is misleading and what is the truth?

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That's asinine.  Why shouldn't any country have their own facilities irregardless of whom they're allied with?  That's absurd!

Bottom line.... if any facility were storing or manufacturing any deadly chemicals then the very act of attacking it would unleash a hellstorm of gaseous death.  What kind of lunatics, other than our own, would do such a thing?  Answer:  nobody!  And our poodle press does its damn best never to raise such inconvenient questions.

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Why does a country the size of a small US state need/have a pharmaceutical research facility when they are allied to Russia?

Without a shadow of a doubt, every nation on earth has a right to a "pharmaceutical research facility". Are you seriously suggesting certain nations have a moral right to scientific and medical research? GTFO. It's impossible to take you seriously with such a ridiculous statement. At best, you're a cowardly skeptic. At worst, you're yoMutti's other half in the bad-troll/good-troll state dept sock-puppet show.

Now, I'm gonna need you sit in the corner and think carefully about why all people in the world have a right to medical and scientific research. Don't come back until you understand why.

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You do know that Syria has been under strict sanctions imposed by the West? That means that things like chemotherapy drugs, dialysis machines, etc are almost impossible for the ordinary Syrian to access. Even without the war thousands of Syrians are dying needlessly because the West has decided to punish them, yet you wonder why they have their own domestic pharmaceutical research facilities. 

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No you deceitful Hasbara troll, it seems that it was a much larger strike than what the West is willing to admit. As such, this was not limited strike on three targets (106 missles to take out three unhardened structures...think about how ABSURD that notion is on its face!)

There seems to be a growing consensus that the "allies" target EIGHT and not three targets; there are also reports that suggest Russian used EW (jamming the missles at their most vulnerable part of their approach when they switch from relying on GPS and use their internal guidenance honing systems during the last phase of their flight): ***in addition to the following links see the link I provided above on the Pentagon internal probe***:



apparently the Pentagon is concerned about (by some accounts a failed strike) that it intends to launch an internal probe:


It seems the Russian forces found yet another chemical lab in a basement of a building in East Gouda (be sure to watch the video):


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Actually Goebels got it from an American jew edward bernays, the nephew of the sick jew sigmund freud.

edward bernays the father of modern propaganda is the one that got your great grand daddy's to go kill their fellow goys in jew warI & jew warII by the millions.

Goebels just read his book.

The jew supremacists want you to believe that Goebels invented propaganda, no, no, no, the jews have been the masters of it for 2000 plus years. Goebels just turned edward bernays own work (writings) against him and his fellow jew supremacists.   

Watch It while you can, jewtube has already semi-banned it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSI9NOHwr7o&list=PLTUor57XYYvuExxGUqsJ2…

and it has been banned in 22 countries. Hold on to your freedom of speech if you can. The jews at the Aclu, Adl, Naacp & Splc have been succesful in passing so-called hate laws here in the U.S. and they will push it until they can put you in jail for speaking truth. And you will learn that TRUTH is no defense- Ernst Zundel & David Irving both found that out.

The jew supremacists are your GREATEST ENEMY of ALL TIME !! 

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We don’t want that animal using chemical weapons on his own people so let’s bomb his chemical weapons and spread them everywhere. Sounds logical.