Largest Chinese Naval Drill "In 600 Years" Begins: Live-Fire Exercise In Taiwan Strait

Last week, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) assembled all of its most advanced warships, aircraft, and nuclear submarines for a massive show of force in the South China Sea. We explained, how the 3-day war drill from April 10 through 13 would be held in the waters south of China’s Hainan Island.

Asia Times estimates some 10,000 People’s Liberation Army airmen, marines and sailors boarded 48 naval warships and 76 aircraft to show their loyalty and devotion to President Xi Jinping, who was greeted on a destroyer “by a resounding chorus of platitudes from soldiers.”

Exclusive: Xi Jinping reviews PLAN Drill in the South China Sea

State-run Chinese papers said the number of warships assembled “the largest of its kind in 600 years.” This is following the 14th-century fleet admiral Zheng He, whose large expeditions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, and East Africa — helped establish China’s power through expansion of the Maritime Silk Road during the Ming dynasty era.

Which by the way, looks similar to President Xi Jinping 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.

Just a few days after Beijing’s historic show of force in the South China Sea. President Xi Jinping sent Taipei a clear message with warnings of ‘last-minute’ live-fire drills in the Taiwan Strait, said the South China Morning Post.

“Beijing’s first live-fire exercise in the Taiwan Strait in three years, which is expected to include the first drill appearance in the area by aircraft carrier the Liaoning, appears to be a last-minute countermove to Washington’s attempt to play the Taiwan card.”

The one-day naval drill will be conducted on Wednesday, which marks the first time the PLAN has held live-fire exercises in the strait since September 2015; also coincides with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen four-day trip to Swaziland.

Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, told the South China Morning Post that Liaoning’s presence at the upcoming war drill in the Strait would send a forceful message to Taipei.

“It’s likely the Liaoning carrier strike group will take part in the Taiwan Strait drill, presenting a direct and powerful deterrence to Tsai’s administration and the island’s independence-leaning forces,” he added.

A source close to the PLAN told the South China Morning Post that the major objective of the Taiwan Strait exercise is to show Beijing’s support for Russia, which is facing a very high possibility of direct military confrontation with the United States in Syria.

“[US President] Donald Trump’s warning of military attacks on Syria forces was a bit of a surprise for Beijing and Moscow,” the person said.

“As Russia’s strategic partner, Beijing is trying to cause some well-timed and controlled trouble for the US, a drill in the Taiwan Strait being the most plausible option that will benefit both Xi and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.”

Macau-based military analyst Antony Wong Dong, agreed with the South China Morning Post’s source, by saying: “Beijing is trying to give some relief to Russia from the unfolding disputes with the US over the Syria crisis.”

However, both military analysts, proficient in Sino-US relations, maintained that the military drill was aimed directly at Taipei ahead of a visit by US national security adviser John Bolton to the American Institute in Taiwan.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration cleared various American manufacturers for business to sell submarine technology to Taiwan, which deeply angered Beijing.

“The live-fire drills would almost certainly be intended to be seen as a response to the Trump administration’s new initiatives over Taiwan,” Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute at the University of London, said.

“It is probably intended more for Taipei than Washington as the military exercise cannot intimidate the US but can get Taipei to think of the security dilemma, which is that the more Taipei seeks to secure US support, the more Beijing will do to make Taipei feel less secure.”

Ni Feng, director of the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the parallel events of the Syrian crisis and the Taiwan Strait war drill is coincidental.

“Beijing needs to send its warning to Taipei on time if Bolton wants to visit Taipei, which will obviously be a breakthrough [in the US-Taiwan relationship],” he said.

Yun Sun, director of the China programme at the Stimson Centre in Washington, agreed with the other military analyst, stating the Trump administration is playing a dangerous game “using Taiwan as a potential bargaining chip with China.”

“With Trump’s love for transactions and linking issues together, it is conceivable that he is using Taiwan as a potential bargaining chip with China,” she said.

That move increases “the possibility of an armed conflict between the US and [mainland] China out of miscalculation; and it creates an illusion that Taiwan is up for negotiation”.

“For many policy experts, US support for Taiwan is warranted, and should be independent from political or economic deals [between Washington and Beijing].”

The threat of World War III has never been greater…


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And the same people who created this "problem" will tell us we need to spend more of the budget defending against it. 

"Yes, honey, I bought a 2001 Maserati Spyder.  Isn't she gorgeous"

"It's cool, but you know those need a new transmission every 20,000 miles that cost more than the car?

"Yes, and I think we should invest in a repair shop to service it. That way, we're making money on the car, right?"


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Remember when muricans start yelling "we are the stronger empire of all times" they show how all muricans history books start from XVIII century. What was before that date, the great civilizations are just ignored when next to "murican power". Lets just remember this: when Chinese, Indians or Egyptians live in palaces, 5000 years ago, in most of places in Europe peoples still hide on caves... 

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Chinese, Indians and Egyptians lived in palaces 5,000yrs ago?

I think you meant, Chinese, Indians and Egyptians peasants slaved away to build palaces for a privileged few and were killed if they didn't, before they returned to their mud huts every night. 

The vast majority lived in abject misery & poverty. 

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Don't give me that kind of crap. What happened thousands of years ago has no bearing now. Not to mention that China is now a Communist tyranny which would make previous Chinese governments benevolent by comparison. Mao killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese and this second Mao will probably do the same, even if it is in a war. His ego will be his downfall.

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The history of China holds many surprises. 

Ancient Greeks 'May Have Inspired China's Terracotta Army'

"Li Xiuzhen, a senior archaeologist at the site, said recent discoveries, including that of ancient European DNA recovered from sites in Xinjian province from the time of the first emperor, were overturning traditional thinking about the level of contact between Asia and Europe more than 1,500 years before the travels of Marco Polo."

“We now have evidence that close contact existed between the first emperor’s China and the west before the formal opening of the Silk Road. This is far earlier than we formerly thought,” she said. “We now think the Terracotta Army, the acrobats and the bronze sculptures found on site, have been inspired by ancient Greek sculptures and art.”…

Chinese Scholar: Proto-Indo-Europeans Were A Major Influence On Early Chinese Civilization (Eastern China)

"Abstract: This research project puts forward an entirely new viewpoint on the prehistory of the Yellow River area and the evidence for it: the civilization of the Yellow River is not a result of an independent evolution, but of the impact of a foreign upon a native culture. The earliest Chinese agriculture, as revealed by Chinese archaeology, rose earlier than 4000 BC in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. But according to ancient documents, the earliest agriculture occurred in the period of Hou Ji 后稷1 (about 2100 BC) in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Why is there such a large disparity in time? The explanation is this: the story of agriculture and Hou Ji represented the beginning of agriculture only among the people of the nation of Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor), who were originally nomadic. Hou Ji and his people learned to cultivate grains from the earlier native people, who lived in the area of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River 5,000 years ago, yet so far they have been neglected by conventional history. The Yellow Emperor’s nation held the middle reaches of the Yellow River because of their strong force, but they consolidated, expanded, and continued their rule in China by accepting the indigenous agricultural culture. The occupying nation was a branch of the Proto-Indo-European. The historical records, such as Shang Shu, Shi Jing, Zuo Zhuan (Annals of Feudal States), and Shi Ji, etc., were all only descriptions of the rise and fall of the Yellow Emperor’s nation. The earlier native civilizations of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River of 5,000 years ago were excluded from the traditional historical record and therefore have been covered up for 3,000 years. This paper tries to reveal the historical facts with the evidence of archeology, ancient documents, and historical linguistics."…

NOVA: Ancient Caucasian Mummies In China (Western China)…


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Yes, "bitches" like in dogs. "Woof, woof, grrr, woof, woof. This is my yard. Say out of it or I will bite you." So we send our dog into their backyard, and it goes, "Woof, woof, grr, grrr.  No, this is my yard." Then their dog says, "WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, GRRR, GRRR. GET OUT OF HERE" Then we let our dog off its leash and and ....    

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And a few weeks ago we were told that  the US was sending three carrier fleets to the Spratley Islands and not a word since.  

Ditto photos of the 106 missiles that we were told hit Syria in all of three places.  

And then it's fair to ask just where are the father and daughter with the surname Skripal.

Will we ever hear the truth about Mandalay Bay.

Questions really not even being asked, never mind answers missing.

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Cruise missiles have something like a 15% fail rate to target. The Russian Black Sea volley a year or so ago and the 59 cruise missiles Trump fired were about that fail rate. Yet the clown show in DC says this recent one was 0%. Already not believable.


I would not put it past the UK to have kidnapped the Skripals after an incident and dosed them with BZ so they would be unavailable to the press/world. During this time sanctions were done against Russia and embassies closed, they were likely looking to get Russia off the Security Council with this dog and pony show. There may have been an attack on the Skripals originally by 3rd parties. But considering the gangsters from the 90s went all over the world ages ago you would need a joint investigation with unbiased parties. Tracking down any leads is probably a moot point since the UK crapped all over any evidence with May's clown show to further political motives.

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My source is sticking to 94% interception/fail rate even though the fog of war would easily let him backtrack if he

wanted.He's rarely been wrong.If he's right the attack was the biggest failure in US military history.

Looking at the damage photos I see no evidence that he's wrong.The attack was called off in less than an hour

even though OJ said in was going to be a multi day campaign.

Why ?

Use the brain you were provided with instead of emoting.

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The Chinese aren't really too interested in invading Taiwan. They've got plenty of Taiwanese money sloshing around the mainland, and there's plenty of trade linkages. They just don't want the US, as the worlds wildcard and inveterate invader, getting much of a foothold again. The US was well entrenched in Taiwan in the 90s, but effectively pulled out. The Chinese don't want the US back - bad enough having Okinawa occupied.

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Every headline is a apocalyptic fake news shitshow. The Deep State is on the ropes, expect them to unleash Hell on people for major distractions. Hillary falls down the stairs when the wind blows, but her, Obama, Brennan  and all of the other Swamp Roaches will be running for cover when the lights of justice come on.


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Arms manufacturers all over the world having to talk to their creator after their time on Earth is done just like every other deficient and property free Naked Soul, back at the manufacturers office.. No one is perfect, Repentance in the name of Christ is THE Gift. Immortality is the condition of a Human Soul until the creator of Souls refines the pot and scrapes off the slag. It's implied across  time and all history as a metaphor. There is nothing wrong with arms but perverting the will of God begets a heavy recompensation for them that say they do it in God's name but are wrong.

Doing things as a person in the name of God, as a leader, and them things not being the will of God himself but some Church or Man-Dreamed thing brings horrors. I hope greatly that I can avoid that condition. At this point when the world has gone mad and is lead by Childish minds, all you can really do is say your Prayers, often and privately. Voting wont help, prey much, quietly. One to One. God is Love.

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Oh no, they can scrape together a few thousand in savings and earn 1.5% and yield enough to buy 3 large pizzas, a small box of wings and a 2L of a delicious HFCS soda. That is enough to feast on for at least 1 or 2 days! People don't really eat dog and cat food in the Rothschild owned People's Republic of USSA Corp, Inc? Right?! I'm sure Bolton will help Trumpenstein spend 5 or 10 trillion starting WWIII (the Sequel.) It's going to be called the War to End all Uppity Goys.

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