Mastermind Of Iceland's "Great Bitcoin Heist" Flees To Sweden After Brazen Prison Break

One of the suspects in a high-profile theft that Icelandic media are calling "the big bitcoin heist" has escaped a low-security prison and fled to Sweden, the BBC and Guardian reported on Wednesday.

The man, Sindri Thor Stefansson, who is suspected of masterminding the theft of 600 bitcoin-mining rigs as escaped from custody after he climbed out his window and somehow sneaked aboard an international flight. Stefansson used another man's passport during the escape, and was not identified until security footage was examined after he was reported missing.


The stolen rigs - which are still missing despite the police having arrest more than 20 people allegedly involved in the scheme - are worth some $2 million, per the BBC.

Stefansson was among 11 people arrested in February.

Stefansson and his crew purportedly stole the computers during four raids on data centers around Iceland. Iceland has become a favorite destination for crypto miners because of its abundant and cheap power that comes primarily from renewable sources. As we pointed out earlier this year, bitcoin miners are expected to consumer more energy than the roughly 350,000 people living in Iceland during the coming year.

As one sociology professor at the University of Iceland pointed out to the Guardian, jailbreaks in Iceland, which has famously low crime rates, are extremely rare. Typically, when somebody flees one of Iceland's prisons it "usually means someone just fled to get drunk," said professor Helgi Gunnlaugsson.

What's more unusual, according to Gunnlaugsson, is that such a high profile prisoner would be held in such a low-security environment.

Professor Gunnlaugsson added that it's "extremely difficult" to flee Iceland, or to hide.

But it apparently wasn't a problem for Stefansson. Guards at his prison didn't even notice that he was gone until his flight had taken off. And what's more surprising, he somehow traversed the 60 miles of cold, hard terrain between the prison and the airport.

Yet police have made no other arrests in the case.

"He had an accomplice," police chief Gunnar Schram told local news outlet Visir. "We are sure of that."

Hmmm. We wonder what tipped them off?

Stefansson has been in custody since February, but was transferred to the low-security prison - an institution that more closely resembles what we in the US would call a "halfway house" - where he had access to his phone and the Internet (and could also apparently come and go as he pleased).

Iceland police issued an international warrant for Stefansson's arrest - but Swedish police spokesman Stefan Dangardt said no arrest has been made in Sweden.

But in perhaps the most outrageous twist in an already incredible story, Stefansson traveled to Sweden on the same plane that was carrying Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir, who was traveling to Sweden to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mohdi. 


The "prison" from which Stefansson escaped is unfenced and and Stefansson was not considered dangerous so he was afforded many privileges.

We wonder if Iceland will ever catch Stefansson? By the looks of it, he appears to have made a clean escape. And thanks to the ease with which bitcoin can be transferred internationally, we imagine that - if he's made it this far - it won't be long until he's reunited with his ill-gotten fortune.


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Now look, jealous, loser, anti-science no-coiners...  Nothing was "stolen" here.  This is simply another jealous loser, short-bus rider, trying to drive the fiat price of Bitcoin down in order to make major purchases at the discounted price.  It won't work.  The article typist will just have to continue to sulk in his leaky roved hovel, fretting about his loss of opportunity by not buying Bitcoin when us smart people were buying.  But the slow-of-mind author still has an opportunity to change his jealous loser ways:

BUY BITCION!!! Losers.

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Translation for old timers: The dude and his gang of 20 showed up in the gold rush town and got caught stealing a wagon full of picks and shovels. Some clueless folk called it the great gold heist. When they were drunk at the bar the gang leader stole a pony and skipped town. One of the clueless drunkards wrote it up on ZH. By the time he sobered up it was too late. It had already been sent out on the telegraph wire.

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Like a moron you play right into the bankers hand. They WANT Bitcoin to take off, they are manipulating peoples perception of it so they think it is "anti-establishment". Oldest rick in the book. Bitcoin, when it is adopted as a word currency officially, will mean the END of private cash purchasing, and the beginning of a cashless society where everything is tracked, even your classified Kijiji purchases! Think for one second.

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"Mastermind Of Iceland's "Great Bitcoin Heist" Flees To Sweden After Brazen Prison Break"

"...escaped from custody after he climbed out his window..."


If climbing out your (or someone else's) bedroom window qualifies as a "brazen prison break", then I had many a brazen prison breaks in my youth.

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"Mastermind"?...  I LOVE IT!!!

Especially when this metal (…) is at a ratio of nearly 80 troy ounces to 1 ounce of Gold which has no equal in it's history being traded!... Leave out what both of these precious metal(s) are ACTUALLY worth if price discovery was allowed to take place given the level of fraud in the commodity trading arena with the sheer # of paper contracts applied to each physical ounce of metal!!!....  Yes indeed Andre Flotran "LIVES" (…)


The only MASTERMIND(S) that matter that control Bitcoin, PM and energy live at the address of Threadneedle Street in London and the Marriner Eccles Building in Washington D.C.!

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All he has to do in Sweden is change his name to Abdul Stefansson and say he is a muslim and he will not only be free to roam about the cuntry but will also be given a free apartment and be allowed to rape hot swedish women at will.

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There was a asylum seeker sentenced to 16 years in prison for murder today.…

He murdered a woman from Latvia, Sanita Brauna, a mother of three because she refused to have sex with him.

Sanita had been living in Iceland for while and was very happy to live in a country where she would be safe.


When the murderer was apprehended by police he was laughing, and kept doing that more or less trough the legal process, until he was sentenced.  It was as if he imagined that he might get away with this.

Those 16 years will be long is suspect, and when he gets out he will be deported.…


This is one of 4 murders that took place last year in Iceland.

This is another one.…

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