Puerto Rico Hit With Island-Wide Blackout

Puerto Rico has been hit with an island-wide blackout, as residents struggle to cope with an increasingly unstable power grid almost seven months after Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean. 

The cause is unknown, though a fault was detected on the line "50700" which starts in Aguirre Central. Electric Power Authority spokeswoman Yohari Molina tells The Associated Press that crews are investigating, while officials said Wednesday it could take 24 to 36 hours to fully restore power.

Today's outage marks the first time since the island has suffered a total electrical failure since the Category 4 storm hit on September 20 - leaving many of Puerto Rico's 40,000 electric customers without reliable power. 


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Tarps work for two seasons - then they must be replaced. if left for a third winter, they start to deteriorate badly - ok only to cover brush piles you are going to burn mid-winter.

The silver tarps are much, much better - 5 years plus and still usually ok, if you can stand maybe a leak or two.

40 + years on the homestead experience.

PS The green tarps (brown on the back side) are usually good for two or three years, longer if in a vertical orientation, like a door.

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After the petro runs out how will I travel to sell my gold?

Can I even refuel my vehicle if there is no electricity to run the pumps so that I can drive to some place and find a buyer to trade my gold with? I cant trek with my gold or silver. Its heavy and I am vulnerable to all sorts of dangers on foot. 

I thought gold was safer than cryptos. Thats what the hedge guys told me. They said pass on everything, but gold and silver. 

Seems like holding metal may only present another set of possible problems to overcome. Maybe I should diversify my holdings so I am prepared for as many unforeseen problems as possible.

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Speaking as someone who actually lived in PR for almost a decade, you're right about the market penetration of generators in PR as compared to the US.   Heck, a lot of people have their own high volume water purifiers or desalinators.   And it was uncommon for a week to go buy without a power outage affecting me personally. 

But when it comes to the government being prepared, most government employees are more concerned about their own situation than how well they do their jobs.  All the power and water supply employees work for the government there.  And many, if not most, are in those jobs thanks to family or political connections.   And far too many are employed by the government there.  In fact, one of every 4 employees on the island works for the government (imagine the tax burden on the 3 workers in the private sector to support each one of them).   In the US, about 1 in 16 employees works for a government entity.  Which explains why they are bankrupt.  They're paying people who don't work, or who work getting in the way of each other.   

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Gold is not heavy, one ounce worth $1,300....much more in your scenario. (5000-10,000)    All you need is one hidden in your shoe. Buy some 1/10 of an ounce coins and it's even easier. What are you planning to buy besides food and gas?  Gold will cover it. Bury the rest ....deep if you worry about people scanning. Problem solved.

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much more in your scenario. (5000-10,000)

That is really open for debate. Its worth what one will give you for it and that would depend on the circumstances you find yourself in. In some cases a meal, a glass of water and some labor might be traded for an ounce of gold. A single bullet to finish yourself could go for a pound of gold. No deal? Ok Ill track you down a few days later and take it off your carcass. Do you plan on carrying a testing kit with your gold to verify its real? Am I supposed to take your word for it your gold is real? If your dying of hunger or thirst and I have supplies your gold is not worth 5k-10k an ounce. The reality is its worth what its worth to the counterparty and no more. 

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DisorderlyConduct overbet Wed, 04/18/2018 - 15:17 Permalink

My gold and your goods are worth what we deem to be mutually beneficial. Anything other than that implies force.

Would I trade an ounce for a cup of water? Sure, under the right circumstances. Would I get revenge on a greedy motherfucker that begrudges me a sip of water in my desperation? Most likely.

Life is like that. Charge a drowning man to save him and you'll find that you're drowning soon enough.

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I agree with that, but what is right and justified is based on perspective and again open to debate depending on the circumstances. If I have a set amount of supplies and require them to get me through to the next phase of my plan of survival, you would have to be willing to put up enough gold that I would be willing to gamble my life on by parting with those supplies.To you it may be be getting fucked, but to me it may be just barely what is required for me to take that risk.

You may have felt like 50k zimbawean dollars was a lot for a meal at some point and time and swore you were getting fucked. When the dust settled an ounce of gold might have ended up being worth 10 years of food or it might be worth the same as a rock. Then the person that gave you food for the gold got fucked.  

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