Trump Confirms: "Mike Pompeo Met With Kim Jong Un"

Confirming reports first published late last night by the Washington Post, Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that CIA Director (and Secretary of State nominee) Mike Pompeo did, in fact, meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The visit, conducted on behalf of the Trump administration, was a clandestine mission and followed a meeting between Trump and a delegation from South Korea last month that was attended by Pompeo. Trump said the visit took place last week but it was reported earlier that the meeting took place during the first weekend in April.

Speaking at his Florida beach resort Tuesday ahead of bilateral meetings with Shinzo Abe, Trump confirmed that the two governments had held direct party-to-party talks for the first time without the South Koreans acting as intermediaries. Trump disclosed that the two countries were hoping to hold the historic meeting in early June, or possibly before.

The White House had no further comment. "The administration does not comment on the CIA director's travel," White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

North Korea said in a letter personally delivered to Trump by a South Korean delegation that it was ready to consider "denuclearization" if the safety of the regime is guaranteed."