Will Armenia Be The Next Victim Of Western-Backed Regime Change?

Authored by Frank Sellers via TheDuran.com,

Well-meaning Armenians have no idea that their grievances are being played upon by international interests like a pawn on a global chess board...

Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in all major cities across Armenia as the outgoing president, Serzh Sargsyan, is elected Prime Minister by the Parliament.

The move is largely perceived as a power grab, as Sargsyan will largely retain the same powers that he held during his two terms in the Presidential capacity.

This move takes place just after Armenia’s April 9th transition from a presidential system to that of a prime ministerial one.

Western backed Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been heavily involved in post Soviet Armenia’s education system, community and charity works. These NGOs have been selling the public on the perception that Armenia’s economic woes are directly the result of their corrupt, Russia friendly government, as well as Russia itself.

Hence, the concept that Sargsyan’s government has only made matters for the population worse is the grievance upon which much of the unrest hinges. With Sargsyan seen as being in bed with the Russians, and his further development of Armenia’s ties with Russia, these protests therefore possess a potentially disastrous outcome, both domestically, for the Armenians, and also geopolitically, as it threatens Russia’s position in the region.

However, Armenia has been playing both sides of the fence in recent years, as it has additionally been moving closer to the European Union, signing itself to a Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with the European bloc, attempting to deepen diplomacy and economic ties with the West, while simultaneously making commitments to Russia’s economic initiatives in the region. Russia gets a villainous wrap over the fact that Russia is playing both sides of the Nagorno Karabakh-Azerb conflict, as Russia is the benefactor of both players, the common perception, derived from the propaganda of these NGOs, is that Russia benefits by stoking the conflict.

The situation, in effect, represents a powder keg scenario, with all the elements in place to provoke the necessary popular discontent that would play into an attempt at regime change.

And, indeed, this situation has all the markings of a color revolution, as the ring leader for this movement, Nikol Pashinyan, is already calling it a “velvet revolution”, an allusion to the regime change that took place in Czechoslovakia in 1989.

Pashinyan has called upon protesters to obstruct roadways and prevent the opening of governmental offices, and has been so bold as to declare that the Armenian government “no longer holds legitimacy”, and that all government agencies and police personnel should only be obedient to “committees” appointed by his revolution.

Keep in mind, however, that Sargsyan hasn’t, thus far, broken any law, nor violated the Armenian constitution, so, Pashinyan’s claim against Sargsyan’s legitimacy can only be viewed as a baseless instigation for further violence and an obstinate unwillingness to look for a middle ground scenario, or peaceful resolution to the situation at hand. An unwillingness to compromise satisfies one of the key factors that is commonly seen in many color revolutions.

The typical manner in which Western backed color revolutions unfold is when a peaceful protest about legitimate grievances are hijacked to become the catalyst for a violent revolution. If we consider the EuroMaidan revolution that took place in 2014, a peaceful protest turned violent after the slaughter of the “heavenly hundred” by mystery snipers, killing police and protesters both, in order to help the conflict along to a point of no return to peace.

To date, the situation on the streets of Yerevan seems to be going in a similar direction, as the protests have already turned semi violent, with police officers sustaining knife wounds. Note that this sort of behaviour is foreign to the Armenian psyche. Western provocateurs are often present to stir up mayhem when these tragedies occur. Pictured here are some of the assailants, observe also that the fellow on the left is not an Armenian.

In January 2015, Sargsyan made Armenia a signatory to the Partnership for peace, linking military cooperation with both Russian forces within Armenia and NATO, and joined the Russian led Eurasian Economic Union.

Within six months of these agreements involving Russia, the Armenian government faced popular riots aimed at regime change, with the uprising being dubbed “Electric Yerevan”, and the grievance being used to provoke the civil unrest being that of the proposed increase in electricity prices. Nikol Pashinyan, enjoyed the position of prominence in this movement, as well as in the one that is currently ongoing in Yerevan, and across Armenia today.

Approximately one year later, riots again broke out about the arrest of an opposition leader, with the protest quickly turning violent, leading to a hostage situation and the shooting of two on duty police officers, which saw the Western media and the US Embassy in Armenia taking sides with the hostage takers. In the following video, produced by German media, we can see that some of these factors appear to fit the recipe for a Western backed color revolution, and the geopolitical factors involved.

Many Armenians are of the persuasion that by changing their government and rejecting Russia as Armenia’s strategic partner, in favour of hopeful Western integration, Armenia will realize greater economic opportunity, and a vastly improved standard of living for the average Armenian.

However, what does history show us about just what Western-backed regime changes bring to their victim nation? Let’s observe the economic situation in the Ukraine before and after the coup d’é-tat, as reported by Vesti:

If we evaluate the results of the new government, they’re simply disastrous for the country. In the year before the coup, the GDP was estimated at $180 billion, in 2017 it’s expected to be half as much, $90 billion.

The average salary in the country was more than halved, from $408 per month to $196 last year. The exchange rate of the hryvna fell three and a half times, from 8 to 27 per dollar. As the main high-tech enterprises are destroyed, the economy acquired a colonial structure.

More and more raw materials are exported, being nearly 80% of exports. Half of this is agrarian. Total export volume fell by 57%. Foreign direct investment fell by at least four times, from 6 billion a year to one and a half. That’s practically nothing. And out of this nothing, however, most of the investment still comes from Russia.

The national debt has been increasing all the time and has now become difficult to be paid back. It was 64 billion dollars which then became 80 billion. Many millions of its citizens have left the country in search of a better life. Some of them went to the West, some to Russia. The health system and the education system have deteriorated.

The system of legal proceedings as well. Corporate raiding became the norm. Corruption increased. The country broke into pieces.

Poroshenko and his team deceived everyone: the West, and Russia, and their people in terms of the country’s prospects, the practices of the new government, and the Minsk Agreements.

An about-face with regards to Russia, and an adherence to the West, however, not only fails to present the economic outcome that many Armenians might hope for, but it presents a very real danger in the form of a greater escalation of conflict with its neighbor Azerbaijan, with regards to Nagorno Karabakh, the last such major conflict costed the lives of some 6,000 Armenians, and approximately 30,000 Azeris.

Additionally, if these protests continue to move in a violent direction, and categorically seek regime change, if the government does not step down in favor of the opposition, but instead opts to call in the military to defend itself, then the situation could lead to a destabilization of the country. During such a period of chaos, it is not unthinkable that the Azerbs could seize the opportunity to launch a fresh campaign to take Nagorno Karabakh while Armenia’s government and forces are concerned with preserving order elsewhere.

Such a renewed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan produces results that are simply unpredictable, concerning the geopolitical implications regarding the involvement of Russia and NATO, seeing as Armenia hosts Russian military bases, while Azerbaijan is host to a NATO base, but if the Armenians have broken off its relations with the Russians in the favor of the West, Russian involvement is left in a state of bewilderment, while the conflict devastates Russia’s economic and military perspective in the region. This, therefore, holds the possibility of being the next proxy war between Russia and the West.

Therefore, these protests are exceedingly dangerous, not just for the region, but also relevant to the geopolitical balance of power between the east and west, due to the possibilities that could be unleashed if these protests escalate out of control. While protests against Sargsyan’s government isn’t anything new, considering the protests of recent years, the protests taking place at the present time differ from its predecessors in the sense that previous riots were confined only to Yerevan, whereas the current uprising is national in its scale, and therefore presents a much greater concern.

Meanwhile, the well meaning populace of Armenia has no idea that their grievances are being played upon by international interests like a pawn on a global chess board.


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Color revolution time.  Hope Vicki Nuland brings lots of baklava dripping with honey, instead of those matzo dried out cookies.

The national flag of Armenia, the Armenian Tricolour, consists of three horizontal bands of equal width, red on the top, blue in the middle, and orange (also described as "colour of apricot") on the bottom.

Perfect lets call it the APRICOT revolution.  I am sure the CIA director has already flow in and out with Armenia's gold.

Heros COSMOS Thu, 04/19/2018 - 02:32 Permalink

By all appearances the Kazars hate Armenians even more than they do Germans and Russians.  Thier secret Donmeh society brought about the Armenian Genocide with the Kurds who did their dirty work.  Most of what is now considered "Kurd" was once Armenia, before the Kurds acting as Kazarian executioners murdered millions and stole their land.

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It is NOT "Western-Backed Regime Change" It is and has been jew supremacist warmongering regime change- that benefits their global ethnocentric power and destructive banking machines.

The jew supremacists of the world are now, just as always, the true enemies of the entire world.

There are a multitude of causes & means by which the jew supremacists of the world control America, and not the least of which is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRhQekGyiRI

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Usura Heros Thu, 04/19/2018 - 02:57 Permalink

Interesting.  I always thought it was the Turks who, under Donmeh control, carried out the Armenian genocide.

Do not the Kurds and the Armenians both hate the Turks, along with the Greeks, Serbs, Syrians, Lebanese, and now the Germans?

Really who does not hate the Turks?

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Heros Usura Thu, 04/19/2018 - 03:46 Permalink

As far as I can tell, Turk is about as genetically descriptive as jew.

The fact that the Kurds served as the tribe's executioners during the 1915 Armenian genocide and are now in all effect allied with Israel (and some degree Turkey too) against Syria is not mere coincidence.

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Id imagine both kazar issues and issues with the second jewish kingdom estalished by persians in palestine (promised land was in yemen aka arabia felix). Both traders and intermediaries both, and thus competition. And worst of all christian.
I wouldnt be surprised if they partook in tiberius extermination of the jews. No jews survived that.
Some weirdo mystics in between occasionally claimed to be jewish for snakeoil purposes (how appropriate!), but other than that no jews until near a thousand years later when kazars decided to stop being pagan.

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There is a way to defend through blocking money and regulating NGOs out of existence but they have to be done through the sovereign gov there.  IMO, the Russians need to get hot on making a counter strategy beyond this.  They need to educate the people what happens when the West peels off a country out of the Eastern sphere.  They leave poverty in their wake so any illusion of things getting better with a Western alliance is false.

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it's the same shit. create chaos. destroy the legitimate .gov. call them evil. appoint puppets, rape the country and kill a lot of people.

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The 'Permanent State' is also seemingly stirring it up Gladio B style in Kosovo.


Msm not reporting this ... Not good at all. When Mr McCain went to Kosovo last year and then after some Albanian gladio operatives arrested and then released smuggling weapons, you know that provocation is in the works. MSM will be quiet about this until the muslims cause an outrage, then they will take it out of contect and merely show / emphasize nasty racist Christian Serbs oppressing poor innocent muslims. Then as Russia makes comment or follows their defence pack, NATO will say "see!! Russian aggression and expansion!!! Outrageous! !", UN condemnation yadda yadda ... This is SO dangerous too considering the 2 Russian military bases in Armenia & Nato base across the border.

This playbook is so clear now yet unfortunately too few recognize it or ask the right questions.  

 Spring offensive somewhere ...

As many have remarked - false flags in Syria, Russia and provocations in hot spots like Ukraine and SERBIA to fuck up the World Cup and sabotaging a Russian chance at displaying their competency,  yet again. 

Very very dangerous game.

Really they are desperate to start a shooting war.  Selfish of the Russians, Iranians and Syrians not to oblige yet. 

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Could the US be pulling out of Afghanastan? "More and more raw materials are exported, being nearly 80% of exports. Half of this is agrarian " The US might find Armenia good place to grow things.

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Where was the West in 1915 when the Armenians were being systematically eliminated and evicted from their homelands? Russia took them in, as did Syria and Iran while their Christian brethern in the West did nothing for them.

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Armenia is Christian so they're a target for annihilation, in case anybody hasn't been paying attention since WW1 Christians have been hunted and mass murdered.

Christian values really get in the way of the bolchevick agenda.

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Armenia is surrounded by Muslims on all sides, ditching Russia for EU-Islamo-kleptostan-liquidation would be a huge mistake TPTB would finish the job they started in 1915

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   Ir's a night of the long knives.  I dion't believe another continent has got it's paws on the new world.  Isolationism works for us because we again produce a shit ton of oil and gas.   If the Jews don't bomb Syria, immediately, it's over.  *edit* and food and everything else China is making.  Mp seafood from China, but that goes up against Arkansas and Walmart...... Who's it gonn'a be?


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Bring me the head of the Cookie Monster.

I tend to get a little anxious when Kagan/Nuland Cultists disappear from Public view for a period of time, lurking beneath the radar, planning future EVIL ACTS.

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Hopefully the good people of Armenia will wake up to the fact Muslim hordes will be at the gates courtesy of their new Western friends soon after they hand the keys to NATO.

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At any given time you will find a certain percentage of the population unhappy with their government. Also, every economy has cycles and downturns. Politicians as a general rule advance based on criticizing the opposition and making promises that they don't always deliver on. The key to a color revolution is EMOTIONS! 

The supporters of the revolution have to be motivated on a emotional level so they no longer think on a rational level. Reasonable arguments will no longer matter when this stage is reached. False promises and lies will feed the emotions. Emotional people will demand change without logically considering the consequences.

Emotional people will not see that the goal of the Western powers is harming Russia! It does not matter what happens to the Armenians for the goal is really depriving Russia of the economic and political alliances of a relationship with Armenia. As the article clearly shows with Ukraine, a failed state is just as valuable to the west as a thriving state. For the goal is to harm Russia and not to advance the nations undergoing a colored revolution.






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A simple solution to it: local secret service has to kill all those leafers of ngos, let them disapear.

And do not forget to kill Soros yew.

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armenians are exactly like joos, they gang up, eventually the older people would win and the young ones will have to wait until a new war with their muslim neighbors decimate them, then they would understand the meaning of a patriot.

young people have no clue what this word mean, we simply have to look at the young turk where a young armenian girl teams up with a muslim turk, just 100 years ago, girl like anna would be raped and crucified on the cross by the turks, but already anna pissed on the memory of these beautiful girls who died simply because they were Christians. 

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If this read is true it means the Armenians are either dumber then the Western European vassals that are part of the $200 trillion in unfunded liability debt that now trains terrorists within their own borders for Wahhabi/Zionist missions through a "revolving door" to destinations unknown in order to keep a reserve currency on life support?... Or they are smarter and know damn well that Russia is the new leader in the banking realm that will keep their economy stable while Croatia, Georgia, Poland and the latest basket case as the worst example of what American led Democracy project(s) brings through war and looting Ukraine!

Like everything else falling apart at the seams from the "whore with the torch" I think the Armenians will make the right choice unlike some those in the neighborhood!

Urban Roman Thu, 04/19/2018 - 08:22 Permalink

The typical manner in which Western backed color revolutions unfold is when a peaceful protest about legitimate grievances are hijacked to become the catalyst for a violent revolution.

The peaceful part of the revolution is engineered as well. That's the part where the NGOs help out with 'social services' and 'community organizers' and shit.

But as the article points out, it's harder to pull off in Armenia because it's small, and everyone knows/is-related-to everyone else.