Soros' Open Society Foundation Closing Budapest Office, Moving To Berlin

Less than a month after his former protege (now his arch-nemesis) Viktor Orban led his nationalist Fidesz party to an overwhelming victory in Hungary's federal election, billionaire investor George Soros - who has become a persona non-grata in his native Hungary - has lost another round in its ongoing confrontation with the ruling government, and is closing the offices of his Open Society Foundation in Budapest.

Patrick Gaspard, the head of Open Society, announced the closure in an article by Austria's Die Presse.

Soros, who recently donated the bulk of his eleven-figure fortune to Open Society - an international chain of liberal nonprofits dedicated to pushing Soros' pro-immigration, pro-globalization political agenda under the guise of altruism - has been openly feuding with Orban for more than a year, ever since he criticized the Hungarian leader for purportedly running a "mafia state" during a speech in the UK.


And as we anticipated following Orban's sweeping electoral triumph, life for Soros proxies in Hungary has now become "unbearable". Fidesz has been pushing a bill, informally known as the "Stop Soros Act", designed to weaken Soros's influence in Hungary. Along with the Soros bill, the country's Parliament is weighing a suite of proposed constitutional amendments that would weaken Hungary's courts while allowing Orban to consolidate power.

Observers expect the amendments will soon become law now that Fidesz has been reelected with the two-thirds parliamentary majority required to remake the country's constitution.

Orban has blamed Soros for a host of ills and pushed through legislation cracking down on non-governmental organizations called the “Stop Soros” laws which drew international criticism. More details:

According to Austria's Die Presse, Patrick Gaspard, the head of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), that was founded by US billionaire George Soros, announced the closure of the office in the Hungarian capital on Thursday.

Budapest accused Soros of hiring some 2,000 people to meddle in the parliamentary elections. The ruling Fidesz party and its coalition partner are attempting to ban his groups, such as the pro-immigration Open Society Foundation, from the country.

The so-called “Stop Soros Act” is yet to be passed by parliament, but PM Orbán is hopeful the bill will limit Soros’ influence in the country’s internal affairs.

After the election, Hungary's re-elected PM tightened the screws on Soros, and Brussles: speaking during a press conference in Budapest last week, Orban said "the Hungarian voters have designated the most important topics: immigration and the topic of national security. Hungarians have decided they want to be the only ones who will decide who can live in Hungary."

Orbán also made it clear that far from stepping back from the ruthless campaign rhetoric, he would stay true to it, including by going ahead with controversial bills described by his government as the “Stop Soros” package.

In addition to his conflict with Soros, Orban has also been feuding with the European Union and German Chancellor Angela Merkel over his strict anti-immigration position. The EU has opened a case against Hungary for its refusal to participate in the migrant-redistribution scheme. Orban, who has openly bragged about building an "illiberal" Democracy, has effectively proven Merkel wrong.

Whereas much of Europe stressed under daily reports of altercations involving Muslim immigrants who arreived as a result of Angela Merkel's "Open Door" policy, Hungary has benefited from lower crime rates and lower incidences of terrorism than other EU member states. The country has attributed its lower crime rate on its aggressive anti-immigration policices: In 2015, Hungary built barriers along the Hungary-Serbia and Hungary-Croatia borders to stop migrants from entering the country on their way to EU members states with more generous benefits.

So, for those keeping track at home, the score is now Orban - 2, Soros - 0, but don't cry for the Open Society loss: after the closure, the foundation will still have more than 40 offices around the world.


Pure Evil mtndds Thu, 04/19/2018 - 17:07 Permalink

Just make sure you block any funds used to overthrow the government from being transferred out of Hungary.

Also arrest anybody that worked for Soroses NGOs and throw them in prison for a few years.

I would recommend impalement but we're trying to maintain a civilized society.

Although the Chinese would have no problem with taking them out back and drilling a small hole into the back of their heads.

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Rubicon727 beepbop Thu, 04/19/2018 - 16:01 Permalink

"Why doesn't Soros open an office in Israhell and create chaos down there?"

Soros can be accused of many crimes, but he is NOT a Zionist Jew. Maybe his anti-Israel position has something to do with his past. It's difficult finding books or articles on this subject matter as Soros has the political power, at least, in the US of shutting down authors, or journalists who dare to publish the full extent of his background.

However, perhaps someone here does have information of that kind for English readers.

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Dindu Nuffins gregga777 Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:54 Permalink

He didn't commit any war crimes during World War 2. Unless watching his Christian godfather assess a few vacant properties is a war crime.

Bad information and exaggeration makes no one look good and ruins the reputation of those who peddle it. Soros is bad enough in his Marxist incarnation without conflating which ideology he really serves: open-borders international marxism.

What is more telling is that his FREMEN group of female activists got cut loose the minute they opened an Israeli branch for their cultural marxism. Soros is far less opposed to Israel than the pantomime has us believing.

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headless blogger Rubicon727 Thu, 04/19/2018 - 17:22 Permalink

He's a secular Jew, but he supports all of the migrations out of the Middle East that are supported by most Jews. There is only one reason: to clear out the regions around Israel. He may not like the Likud party/government in Israel, but you can bet he supports the clearing out of Muslims to Christian lands. 

He's a thieving parasite like most of them involved in the JPS (jewish power structure).

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Dindu Nuffins Kendle C Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:43 Permalink

Soros at no point was a member of the SS, the Nazi Party, or even working with them unofficially.

He was a 14 year-old boy following his Christian godfather (who was married to a Jewish woman and was knowingly keeping him safe against the rules) to a few house appraisals that was part of his godfather's job. Some of those vacant houses were Jewish-owned. His godfather was not at liberty to stop his job without possibly ruining his cover. 

This is the thin parched soil in which a thousand dumb theories have grown that Soros was Waffen SS pulling gold teeth out of little dead Jewish grannies. The truth is rather bland.



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Mustahattu beepbop Thu, 04/19/2018 - 16:27 Permalink

They don’t want him in israhell. No one wants him, not even his own kind. Germany’s WW2 complex is the only reason he’s allowed to set up office in Berlin. But he should really just focus on the US and stay the fuck away from Europe.

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SaudiMail Mustahattu Thu, 04/19/2018 - 19:25 Permalink

Soros lists 238 Members of the European Parliament as his 'reliable friends', that means they are on the take.  Seems the majority of European politicians are on the take, why else would they destroy the continent?  Macon said the plan is to bring 200 million Africans into Europe, and that the European taxpayers are going to fund it.  He said the continent will be known as EurAfrica.  Nobody have asked the European electorate if they want this to happen.

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I Am Jack's Ma… spastic_colon Thu, 04/19/2018 - 15:53 Permalink

Some say the sons are worse.

But it's not just Soros and zio/globalist NGOs firehosing migrants into Europe to make whites a minority and destroy the sovereign nations within the EU....The Sicilian/Italian mafias have been greased and they are happily destroying their own country, mafia cunts that they are.


All of this shit, the invasion of Europe, the hate speech laws...  none of it happens without tens of millions of white, Christian... Leftists who have been brainwashed into myopic ethnomasochism.

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