How The Guardian Fulfills George Orwell's Prediction Of 'Newspeak'

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On Sunday April 15th, Britain’s Guardian bannered "OPCW inspectors set to investigate site of Douma chemical attack” and pretended that there was no question that a chemical attack in Douma Syria on April 7th had actually occurred, and the article then went further along that same propaganda-line, to accuse Syria’s Government of having perpetrated it. This ‘news’ story opened [and clarificatory comments from me will added in brackets]:

UN chemical weapons investigators were set on Sunday to begin examining the scene of a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, which had prompted the joint US, French and British strikes against military installations and chemical weapons facilities near the capital, Damascus.

The arrival of the delegation from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) came as the Syrian military announced that it had “purified” [no source provided, but this — from 7 March 2018  is the only source that existed prior to the April 14th missiles-invasion of Syria, and its meaning is very differentthe region of eastern Ghouta, of which Douma is a part, after a two-month campaign that killed nearly 2,000 civilians [no source provided as regards either the number, or that all of them were ‘civilians’ and that none of them were jihadists or “terrorists"], following years of siege.

The propaganda-article continued directly: 

“Units of our brave armed forces, and auxiliary and allied forces, completed the purification of eastern Ghouta, including all its towns and villages, of armed terrorist organisations,” the general command statement said.

No source was provided for that, but this sentence is a sly mind-manipulation, because here is what the Syrian Government’s General Command had actually said"Statement of the Army General Command declaring Eastern Ghouta clear of terrorism” as headlined by the Syrian Government itself.

In other words: the Guardian’s ‘journalist’ had substituted the word “clear” by the word “purify” and did this after having already asserted but not documented, that the Government had just completed “a two-month campaign that killed nearly 2,000 civilians.”

When the Syrian Government announces that an area has been “cleared of terrorists (or of terrorism),” the US-allied propagandist uses the word “purify,” such as “purified the region of eastern Ghouta” or "the purification of eastern Ghouta, including all its towns and villages, of armed terrorist organisations.”

But by the time that the reader gets there to “purification … of armed terrorist organisations," the reader has already been indoctrinated to believe that Syria’s Government is trying to “purify” land, or perpetrate some type of ethnic-cleansing

Later, the article asserts that,

"The OPCW mission will arrive in Douma eight days after the chemical attack, and days after the area fell to the control of Russian military and Syrian government forces. That delay, along with the possibility of the tampering of evidence by the forces accused of perpetrating the attack, raises doubts about what the OPCW’s inspectors might be able to discover.”

However, a fierce debate is being waged over whether this was not any real “chemical attack” but instead a staged event by the jihadists in order to draw Trump back into invading Syria. In other words: any journalistic reference yet, at this time, to the event as “the chemical attack” instead of as “the alleged chemical attack" is garbage, just as, prior to the guilty-verdict in a murder trial, no journalistic reference may legitimately be made to the defendant as “the murderer,” instead of as “the defendant." That is lynch-mob ‘journalism’, which Joseph Goebbels championed.

The Joseph-Goebbels-following ‘journalist’ has thus opened by implying that the Russia-allied Syrian Government is trying to crush a democratic revolution, instead of the truth, that the US-allied Governments are trying to overthrow and replace the Russia-allied Syrian Government.

It’s a big difference, between the lie, and the truth.

Another story in the April 15th Guardian was "Pressure grows on Russia to stop protecting Assad as US, UK and France press for inquiry into chemical weapons stockpiles” and this one pretended that the issue is for “Russia to stop protecting Assad,” who is the democratically elected and popular President of Syria, and not to stop the invasion of Syria since 2011 by US and Saudi backed foreign jihadists to overthrow him.

Furthermore, as regards “press for inquiry into chemical weapons stockpiles,” the real and urgent issue right now is to allow the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) into Douma to hold an independent and authoritative investigation into the evidence there. Russia pressed for it at the U.N. Security Council and the US and its allies blocked it there. But the OPCW went anyway — even after the US-allied invasion on April 14th — and this courageous resistance by them against the US dictatorship can only be considered heroic.

That type of ‘news’-reporting is virtually universal in The West, among the US and its allied governments, which refer to themselves as ‘democracies’ and refer to any Government that they wish to overthrow and replace by their own selected dictator, as ‘dictatorships’, such as these regimes had referred to Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011, Syria forever, and Ukraine in 2014.


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... well the non-mainstream media are sometimes owned by some shady Bulgarians...

Just saying.

And for ZH to criticize the Guardian because of their choice of words is a bit hypocritical, to say the least.

The Russians leading a bunch of journalists through Douma, but the OPCW experts cannot enter on security grounds? Yes of course, that is pure coincidence.

The Russians and some "friendly media" claiming the Swiss lab found a different chemical agent in the original Skripal sample, while in fact this was a comparison sample with that agent added on purpose to make sure the results are correct, a general practice to ensure highest quality results and detect procedure errors? The Russians, as OPCW members, of course know that they were spreading misleading information. Why are they spreading fake information here?

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The onus is on the dodgy FUKUS to PROVE a chemical attack happened and NOT for Russia to prove it didn't.

FUKUS has been caught with its pants down, its Credibility challenged daily and this despite MSM-Western Puppet Government collusion.

Even the generally lethargic comatose Public are switched on to this DECEIT.

So, NICE TRY & Big belated Easter, FUCK YOU.

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Syrian blah blah blah!  Only pay attention because it is that story?  How about the Orwellian language used when the UK banned Savage?  Or when they deported Sellner, Pettibone & Southern?  Globalist Proglodyte scum have been using Orwellian language and tactics quite a while...nice to see some people wake up!

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Teja kralizec Fri, 04/20/2018 - 10:54 Permalink

Hm that is interesting. I googled those Sellner Pettibone and Southern guys with and found only one article.…

And that is actually defending the right of those s******s to speak in the UK.

If you could give me the quote you are referring to?

Anyway, thanks for expanding my vocabulary:

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"Ya! Like, get out of our clubhouse! How dare you poke holes in our group-think! Nah, nah, nah (fingers in ears) I'm not listening!!! My dad's bigger than your dad!"

Goddam brain-dead, retrograde neanderthals. You have lost the ability to think critically and are no better than precious snowflakes with violent character flaws. The only difference between you idiots and the typical antifa wimp is the subject. You all need a swift kick to the nuts.


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It is not a club house. But it is place where people can speak their minds on various issues regardless what the PC crowd says. If trolls like Teja are going to wack off with a lot of nonsense then bingo, they get a lot of negative feedback. Anyone who is not braindead should simply "know" by now that most of what our governments and the tightly controlled MSM tells us is bullshit. The higher the stakes regarding the interests of all the assholes running things then the higher they score on the bullshit gage. For instance the corrupt establishment and their sycophant supporters spun 9/11 with a lot of fake narratives from the "authorities" who ended up being the prime suspects. It all came down to the official narratives becoming 2 = 3. Go against the official grain on that one and you are ostracized by the PC braindead, or eliminated by the Zio-Nazis like they did to Victor Thorn.  

The alleged Skripal poisonings and then blaming the Russians - what a joke .  Even before Teresa May(be) knew what made them sick, she was accusing the Russians of the dirty deed (more fuel for deep-state orchestrated Russia bashing with the outrage of poison gas being used on innocent people - duuuh - Assad & Syria).

That was the evidence if anyone wanted to speculate. There was no rational or sane basis for the UK condemnation and expulsion of Russians. Yet, the Orwellian brainwashing newspeak was successful in implanting in the heads of the otherwise braindead masses, the message - "Poison Gas - Russian - Evil - Innocent People - Russia Bad - Russia in Syria - Assad - Poison Gas".   Clearly the British establishment like that of the US was FOS and up to something. After Teresa May made the most of the Skirpla fart, many of us rightly predicted  the next US-UK-Israeli poison-gas, false flag, well before it occurred on April 7 Syria.

The US-UK-Israeli Axis of Plunder (France now included) then without a shred of any reliable evidence of any actual gas attack or of anyone actually being killed, and before any investigation (same modus operandi as in the Skripal case), the Axis announces its intentions to strike the "evil" Assad regime for crossing the line and gassing innocent people. Then on Friday 13, 2018 the AXis rained down over 100 missiles on Syria. Like this plundering Axis is somehow now the self-appointed policeman of the world? "Conflict of interest" anyone? Remember the expressed Axis intention (Gen. Wesley Clark) to sweep through the entire MIddle East knocking off one "regime" after another - Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran - all to be taken out. Now, it is Syria on the chopping block of the Axis which is systematically destroying and plundering every nation in its way to total global geographical, resource, and financial hegemony. 

Incidentally, (and not that it really matters in light of the hard evidence of the globalist elephant right in the middle of the room, which everyone seems to overlook), what exactly is the evidence of a poison gas attack by anyone in the city of Douma, Syria? Well there isn't any and their never was any because there was no poison gas attack to begin with.   However, what we continue to hear from the lying, dissembling, arrogant mouths of the insane Axis spokespeople, that the onus somehow falls on the Syrians and Russians to prove their was no poison gas attack. Like they have to prove a negative. Of course, even in showing there is no such evidence, the Axis and their fake-news MSM will still insist that they prove they did not do it.   

The ordinary people of the world clearly need some kind of effective and organized Resistance to check and bring down all the kleptomaniac, monopolistic, sociopathic bastards running things. 

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I watched BBC Question Time last night, which included a Guardian reporter and political leaders. The chairman and whole panel were condemning Assad as the perpetuator, including some weird logic that it was to give a warning to the rebels allowed to escape.

No mention whatsoever of the doctors who have reported what actually happened.

Elsewhere, the press make out that the first reporters on the scene like Robert Fisk are not to be trusted.

In the follow up programme 'This Week' the same theme was hammered home, although guest Peter Hitchens made a valiant effort to question the assumptions.

It seems as if the MSM are driving the political agenda, and have effectively brainwashed most of the population on Assad and Syria.

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Best thing you can do is get rid of the television.  Trust me, we did years ago and never missed it once.  Occasionally if I am in a hotel I will put the TV on in the room and flick through some channels for 30 seconds just to remind myself exactly how shit it all is.. Nothing but adult propaganda programs, child propaganda programs, pulp "reality tv" to distract the masses, and fake "documentaries" that are designed to dumb the sheep down even further or reinforce the accepted agenda.

Frankly TV, magazines, Newspapers...nothing but WMD: Weapons of Mass Distraction

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I have siblings who by genetic re-assortment inherited the english genes, whoop, so 

creepily short, pale blue and yellow furnishings, gentrification attempts, FLAT BRAINS. fkn stupid and cruel.

One went to Ireland recently with her creepy prince charles look alike husband,  and the stunning irish food rebelled, ireland rejected them, english husband got sick, everything was horrible and a sweet irishwoman told my sister to fuck off and more in many expletive laden sentences.

They said there was nothing to do in Dublin (fair city), just walked up and down the river (River Goddess Liffey) and thats all there was and had dreadful food

thats the English, no heart, no love, vermin.  I am sorry for the normal people in England. They are a percentage who must suffer.

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"i'd say that a good chunk are switched on more than most other Western vassals."


 Think you may like this:

Emails reveal White Helmets tried to lobby ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters


Not only did he ignore e-mails from the "White Helmets", he said the following during his Barcelona concert:

"The White Helmets is a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists."

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Is this the new way to discredit Zerohedge? Every single article has some Muppet complaining that the writing style, grammar, or content is no good, not as good as it used to be, and should be ignored. Are you hoping we will all believe you, and leave? Or just ignore the message, because of some alleged, if unidentified grammatical errors has upset your sensibilities. Given how many articles are posted, and how little time between them, you are lucky that they are identifiable as English, let alone correctly edited. If you want to offer your services as a proof-reader, I'm sure Tyler would at least listen.

Oh, forgot to ask -which Muppet would you like to be? Shall we call you Gonzo?


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 You might think more people would catch on to these pathetic tactics. But no. They will eat whatever BS is served up by their favorite bobble head on the telly.

 Its the intellectual sloth that bugs me. So much of it is just over the top silly. How could people miss it? Two seconds of actually thinking about it should be enough to pick up on it.

 I call it walking the dogma. Made a video about it too.

GeoffreyT VWAndy Fri, 04/20/2018 - 02:49 Permalink

You're assuming that the average consumer of infotainment is attempting to obtain an unbiased worldview (i.e., is trying to work out a set of true facts).

That's a bad assumption.

Also, even if the consumer is part of the vanishingly-small segment who is interested in working out truth values, your reference to "two seconds of actually thinking about it" has at least two unstated premises:

  1. that the consumer has the time or energy to spend two seconds thinking about it;
  2. that the consumer's head-meat can produce enough cognitive grunt to 'pick up on' the problem;
  3. that the consumer's head-meat can do so in two seconds.


One of my favourite quotations is

"The concept of God does not withstand ten seconds' critical scrutiny from anyone who has worked out the awful truth about the Easter Bunny"

That's less contentious, because you have to have deployed some functioning head-meat to work out the truth about the Easter Bunny (i.e., that he's totally real).


Jokes aside: you're overestimating the reasoning capacity of your fellow man (and woman, and freaks who pretend that there's anything in between). Their lack of cognitive power shouldn't be held against them: an IQ of 100±σ is simply not up to much.

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A lot of people don't WANT to know - I get shouted at a lot for suggesting things like "there was no chemical attack", not because what I say is a lie, but because it would mean people have to think, and decide, and make value judgements, which they just don't want to do. We have representative democracy for a reason: the vast majority don't want to know about all this scary stuff, and are more than happy to leave it to the "experts". It's not stupidity so much as willful ignorance (as in ignoring the problem, in the hopes that it will go away).

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" order to draw Trump back into invading Syria. "

in order to provide an excuse to continue the regime-change plan actually.   If the author believes Trump was 'drawn' anywhere he's guilty of creating his own Orwellian news.

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Fuck Syria.  I wouldn't so much as send a guy to the border to fire a handgun in the air, even if they were nuking each other. 

Trump probably couldn't even find Syria on a map.  I fully expect any intel reported to Trump regarding Syria to be interrupted with a "Who gives a fuck?", followed by how many Big Macs he wants for lunch.  Anything else, and it's just him selling out, going with the flow, letting the deep state war machine act as CiC.

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Regardless of what really happened in Syria, why does anyone in [not Syria] give the smallest fuck?  I sure don't.  Certainly not enough to waste million dollar warheads doing something about it.  I wouldn't put a nickel in a tin cup to save a billion Syrian lives.  When Trump gives a press conference about Syria, the room should just be empty.  Sorry, we heard it was about Syria, so we all went to lunch.  Send us the cliff notes, kthxbai.

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You would be interested if you were one of the people who make bank because someone has to order new missiles. Apart from that, you're a part owner of everything that's going on (assuming you pay taxes to one of the governments who is doing the missiles, or one of the governments sucking US-government cock every time the US drops its pants).

You put more than a nickel into the US Death Machine for the opposite purpose (although not on the same scale): by paying your taxes you are buying a ticket in the Syrian-killing project that the US Death Machine is currently undertaking. You might not have a choice (really?) but you're funding it.

So, you know, pay attention to what your tax dollars are paying for, maybe?

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jin187 GeoffreyT Fri, 04/20/2018 - 03:17 Permalink

You seem to believe that ordering the missiles is somehow dependent on Trump giving the order to blow people up with them.  If we wanted to dump some more money into a munitions contract, all they'd need to do is run live fire drills, or cook the books, which already happens plenty.  The real war machine money comes from the civilian contractors deployed to the war zones, i.e. security, transport, maintenance, humanitarian aid, etc.  All the planes, bombs, jeeps, and shit like that were probably already ordered 5 years ago.  No one is making extra money from this yet.  This is also like the 100th time Assad has been accused of gassing people, and yet again, just missile lobbing, and posturing.  If Trump wants to invade the place, then do it.  If not, then get it the fuck out of the news cycle, like Rwanda, or Somalia.

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Civilian Contractors = PIRATES.

That type of behaviour (Deep State/Crown ) is as unacceptable today as it was by the Dutch & English Spice Wars in the early 17th & 18th Centuries.

Further, Syria could be the be-all and end-all of this GIANT MURDERING PONZI and Rightfully has its place at the Forefront of Matters.

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PrivetHedge jin187 Fri, 04/20/2018 - 07:10 Permalink

The US needs air cover to invade, it's modus operandi is to blow the country apart (Yugoslavia etc) and then move ground troops in with DU dust spreaders (tanks) to make sure the land is polluted for the next 4.5bn years.

DU hadn't been invented back in Vietnam so they had to poison the land and people with agent orange instead, and leave the oraneg agent to poison lands with DU..

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I've noticed news outlets not allowing public comment on some of their articles too. I would always flip to the comments to find links to either support or contradict a story so as to decide for myself.



jcbudmo Fri, 04/20/2018 - 03:13 Permalink

Stopped reading the Guardian when they banned readers comments on immigration. Well it was the last straw.

90% of their articles (ie staff) were pro-immigration, 90% of the comments - that is their own readers, were anti-immigration.

Their 'liberal' solution: silence the readers.