HR McMaster's Father Died Under "Suspicious" Circumstances, Police Say

It has been a rough month for retired general and former Trump National Security Advisor HR McMaster.

A few weeks after he announced he would be leaving the West Wing - the culmination of months of tension between him and the Trump administration - McMaster's father passed away last week at a retirement community in Philadelphia, according to the New York Post.

Now, McMaster's father's death is being investigated by local authorities as "suspicious" after allegations surfaced that the elder McMaster didn't receive the proper care.

Some staffers at the center have come forward to say that records relating to his death have been falsified. HR McMaster Sr. was 84 at the time of his death.

Cathedral Village said in a statement that it contacted authorities as soon as it was aware of the incident.

"We want to reassure you that the safety and welfare of every resident at Cathedral Village remains our utmost priority and we will continue to make every effort to ensure their well-being," the statement read.

Philadelphia police searched the retirement home - Cathedral Village - where the incident took place.

The search was part of a broader investigation being conducted by the PA. Attorney General’s Office into the possibility of institutional neglect after the elder McMaster fell.