Top NATO, Russia Generals Hold Rare Face-To-Face Meeting

In an attempt to ease the worst East-West tensions since the Cold War, on Thursday the head of Russia’s military general staff and NATO’s supreme allied commander held a rare face-to-face meeting.

U.S. Army General Curtis Scaparrotti and Russia's Chief of Staff, Valery Gerasimov met in Baku, Azerbaijan, less than a week after the United States, Britain and France staged missile strikes on Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack by the forces of Russia president-ally Bashar al-Assad. In separate statements, NATO and the Russian defense ministry said the meeting discussed military exercises and troop movements, as both sides accuse the other of risky deployments in the Baltic states and eastern Europe.

Chief of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov

Scaparrotti and Gerasimov discussed “questions concerning NATO and Russian military activity in the European region”, the Russian defense ministry said. Meanwhile, NATO said the meeting "focused on issues related to military posture and exercises" - which Reuters translated as defense parlance for how to avoid military accidents that might lead to war.  “The two military leaders used the ... channel to foster predictability and transparency” NATO added.

The Russian side said the pair also talked about the seven-year-long civil war in Syria, where Moscow and the West back opposing sides, and combating Islamic militants.

As we reported earlier in the week, Vladimir Putin warned that further Western attacks on Syria would bring chaos to world affairs.

Meanwhile, already angered by NATO’s expansion eastwards into its old Soviet sphere of influence, the Kremlin sees the U.S.-led alliance’s new deterrents in the Baltics and eastern Europe as a threat to its security.

NATO counters by claiming it is modernizing to defend itself against an "assertive Russia. The alliance believes Moscow’s "annexation of Crimea" from Ukraine in 2014, as well as drills like last September’s large-scale Russian exercises along NATO’s eastern flank, put European stability at risk.

And as the jawboning continues, the threat of an all too real nuclear conflict rises exponentially:

As both sides hold exercises and strengthen their militaries, the risk of accidents between rival ships, missiles and aircraft grows, with unintended and potentially devastating consequences between the two nuclear-armed powers, military analysts say.

Earlier this month Russia tested missiles with live munitions in the Baltic Sea, alarming Latvia and neutral Sweden.

The meeting between Scaparrotti and Gerasimov follows over a year of diplomacy between senior military figures in Russia and the West to try to reestablish formal communication links that broke down following Russia’s seizure of Crimea.

“General Scaparrotti and General Gerasimov agreed to continue using the military lines of communication in the future,” NATO said in its statement.

In early 2017, Czech General Petr Pavel, who heads the NATO’s military committee, had his first telephone call in more than two years with Gerasimov, paving the way for them to meet last September in Baku. Last year, the top U.S. military officer, General Joseph Dunford also met Gerasimov in Azerbaijan.


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... one of the concessions NATO (North Atlantic Terrorists Organization) would like to ask (beg) Russia for exemptions regarding ... “military exercises and troop movements” ... 

... “NATO to lose Russia’s super-heavy Ruslan airlifts ‘over sanctions pressure’” >>> ...

... “... The Soviet-designed Ruslans have been hauling cargo under the SALIS program since 2006 and have been essential for NATO’s supply of forces deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, with Germany and France being the biggest nation clients....” ...



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What FUCKING parallel universe do you live in ??? 

What it is - is ‘Creative Destruction’ economics !! 

Which - to an intellectual FUCKING nobody like you - means - complete control of the world’s resources !! 

The Zionist FUCKING Jews think they can win this SHIT fight !!

When push comes to shove - Iran will wipe Israel off the map !! 

The Palestinians and the world will finally be free of this tiresome FUCKING burden!! 

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It sounds worthy of history books.  And prestigious.

What they must have gone through!

The other day I wrote about Ulysses Grant ordering

the Union band to play 'Dixie' at Appomattox for Lee 

and the Losers (agoodnameforarockband)  


I wonder which General in Baku has won the right to order the band

to play music, (if his side had brought a band to Baku with him.)  

Gerasimov or Scaparrotti?  

{There's actually a clause in the treaty:    "NO BAND AT SIGNING"

And "no whistling Dixie, ever"}


What would we be hearing right now, **The Star Spangled Banner** 

or **Gosudarstvenny gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii**?


I think I'll go to two different pages @ YouTube right now and listen to both of them

at the same time and let you who sounded 'DA BOSS.



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Cooperate with the West's perceived dominance over the planet?

This is one of those "Who the fuck do you think you are?" moments.

The world has had enough of Western imperial hubris and arrogance, as the American Empire is rapidly collapsing.

The only option left for the Western tyrants in a desperate attempt to maintain their power structure is by resorting to 'false flag terrorist" events which might provide pretext for regional  or even global war.

At what point did the citizens of The United States of America consider themselves superior to every other inhabitant of Planet Earth?


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You could have fooled me.

US does not do cooperation and therefore US led NATO does not do, either. The weapons manufacturers wanted an arms race and now we've got it. But US and NATO will run out of money if they take in have-nots like Montenegro.

How can those 630,000 people there pay for all the NATO kit and installations? Will the US and EU subsidize?

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"“The two military leaders used the ... channel to foster predictability and transparency” NATO added."

Exactly what NATO plans NOT to do,,, and the Russians should have known this decades ago, yet they still are under the delusion that they have "partners" in the West. What's that Einstein saying "insanity is,,,,,,,,,,

And so it goes, as KV used to say.

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This fucked-up map still shows Crimea as part of Ukraine.  Pretty soon, it will also be time to remove Donetsk and Luhansk as well.

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The more Russia stands up for itself the more they are demonized as aggressors. Too bad for the NATO Globo-Homos that Russia is not predisposed to bend over and take it!

Did they really think they could fuck with the Ukraine and Russia would do nothing?

Did they really think they could create a Wahabbist state in Syria with which to jew the Russian Caucasus, western China and Iran?

Here ya go just lay your pipeline from Qatar thru Syria and on to Europe and cut into our profits. We don't mind!

Also let that state of loony Khazarians do whatever they want, to whomever they want because of THE 6 MILLION! 


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Scaparrotti to Gerasimov...

WE know our "shit" doesn't work... YOU know our "shit "doesn't work...

Your SD systems are kicking the ever loving snot out of our technology and everyone is lining up to buy your "shit"... AND not "OURS"!...

So this is what we will do to you until we launch another "test" on your air defenses in Syria...

NO visa and flights FOR Russia (!...

WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE U.S.A. and Made in America means getting your ass kicked whether it's selling mercenaries that put you in all the oil rich places you want to be as "cover" that are being systematically wiped off the map!... Or your Tomahawk missiles getting completely neutralized in the same place YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS invading and occupying in the first place whether it's based on chemical weapons that aren't there (!... Or melting 3 skyscrapers ( and telling the public only about 2 of them!...

I'll say it again OUR TIME IS VERY SHORT in North America!...

Our leaders have a DEATH WISH if they don't get everything they want and the 99% JUST DON'T CARE!!!

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"Our leaders have a DEATH WISH if they don't get everything they want and the 99% JUST DON'T CARE!!!"

Yes, but a good part of that "DEATH WISH" is about 85% of the US population who refuse to recognize that they are embued by vengeance and intense hatred of the 1%. Instead, they are mutant robots who either choose to remain ignorant, or sluff off what the US is doing to them and to the rest of the world.

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oh.  this article came out.  i'm still waiting to read about what the heads of the three russian intelligence services were doing meeting their counterparts in deecee a couple months ago.  never heard/read a follow up.  wonder why?

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The map has the Crimea still owned by Ukraine.

It is owned by Russia; Russia finally conquered it from the Turks in 1783 under the reign of Catherine the Great.


Beans Thu, 04/19/2018 - 17:07 Permalink

Map of Ukraine is incorrect, needs updating. Crimea is actually a part of Russia and to my knowledge, Russia certainly has no intention of joining NATO.

caconhma Beans Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:21 Permalink

The truth is that Russia wanted to join NATO but was rejected.

Putin is a CIA asset.

Finally, today Russia is not real Russia. The Bolsheviks have slaughtered ~ 100 million of Slavic Russian. It is similar to nowadays America that has nothing to do with Native Americans.

The bottom line: learn the history and stop lying.

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The lip-service from these so-called NATO General Banker Puppets must bore the Russians to death. If they encroach on Russia's border at a similar rate from '89 then they'll be in the next door office to Putin in the Kremlin by 2030.

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We're not just poking the Russian Bear-we're shoving hot coals up its ass. Very dangerous -not just for NATO -but for all of us. Those psycho globalists and Neocons are going to get us all killed. 

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At least they were honest enough not to say that Russia invaded Crimea, rather:

The alliance believes Moscow’s "annexation of Crimea" from Ukraine in 2014...

Although, it does appear in quotes, for some reason.