For The First Time Ever, Millennials With Student Debt Have Negative Net Wealth

On Thursday, Young Invincibles released a troubling update to their report“The Financial Health of Young America: Measuring Generational Declines Between Baby Boomers & Millennials.” This report includes a cross-generational study of the financial well-being of Millennials today versus Baby Boomers when they were in their adolescence. The update covers the economic challenges facing millennials age 25 to 34 between 2013 and 2016.

Despite the fact that this is the second most extended economic expansion/central bank induced channel of financial capital into speculation and financialization, the update reveals how the millennial generation has transformed into the lost generation, as their financial security has eroded late in the business cycle.

For the first time, young adults age 25 to 34 with college degrees and student loans have a median net wealth of negative $1,900, said the advocacy group.

The report states that this lost generation had a positive net wealth of $9,000 in 2013, but since, the accumulation of debt has turned America’s future leaders into the walking dead.

The report update shows new, disturbing trends for Millennials, including:

“For the first time, young adults who graduated college with student debt have negative net wealth. Today’s young adults with student debt have a median net wealth of -$1,900. That’s down from a median net wealth of $9,000 in 2013.”

“Homeownership among young people continues to trend downward. A primary means for families to build and transfer wealth, homeownership among young people dipped by 3 percent. This trend is entirely driven by college graduates with student debt, as the rate of homeownership for young people with degrees but no debt, as well as those with no degree, remained stable.”

“This financial decline has been especially devastating for young African Americans, regardless of student debt. Between 2013 and 2016, homeownership among all young African Americans declined 6 percent, median net wealth has dropped nearly 19 percent, and the retirement saving rate also declined.”

Chart 1 – Median Net Wealth of 25-34 Year-Olds by Degree Status

” When subtracting all of their debts from all of their assets, today’s young adults with college degrees and student debt are left with a median net wealth of -$1,900. This is a decline of approximately $9,000 from 2013, a continuation of the trends revealed in the original report, though even more disturbing given the recent economic recovery. Moreover, negative net wealth serves as a powerful symbol of student debt weighing down on young adults’ ability to achieve financial stability. After investing tens of thousands of dollars and years into their education, these young people have not yet broken even. While we know that on the whole a college education is still the best pathway to long term financial security, student debt is blunting some of the benefit that a college degree should have on wealth accumulation.”

Chart 2 – Percent of 25-34 Year-Olds who are Homeowners by Year

“Research shows that home ownership continues to be the primary means for families to build and transfer wealth. Home ownership declined for young adults from 43 percent in 2013 to 40 percent in 2016. This trend is entirely driven by college graduates with student debt, as the rate of homeownership for the those with degrees but no debt, as well as those with no degree, remained stable. This does not mean the debt is causing the decline in homeownership, but the correlation is persuasive.”

Chart 3 – Percent of 25-34 Year-Olds who are Homeowners by Degree Status

“This latest update adds an important layer to our existing analysis on the financial decline of young people compared to their parents’ generation,” said Tom Allison, author of the report update and Deputy Policy & Research Director for Young Invincibles.

“This newly-available data shows that despite overall economic growth between 2013 and 2016, which brought lower unemployment and growing GDP, this generation of young people is still being left behind. Student debt is a unique and growing burden on young people’s ability to achieve long-term financial stability. As the most diverse generation in our nation’s history, today’s young people need policies that also address the widening wealth gap and advance equity and mobility.”

The cross-generation understanding will be important as millennials takeover over a substantial percentage of the workforce in the next 8 to 10 years. With the knowledge presented above from Young Invincibles, America’s future leaders have insurmountable debt that honestly reflects the current financial status of this country: bankrupt. Trump wants to “make America great again,” but we should accept the fact that empire is in decline…


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As a millennial, I agree with you that overall my generation can be characterized as lazy, stupid and entitled.

But boomers deserve some of the blame. Most boomers employed failed parenting strategies on their children, coddling them with participation trophies and failing to apply even a basic level of discipline. Millenials were taught to expect reward with no hard work.

And now we wonder why they millenials failing in the real world?



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Indo_Expat superyankee Sat, 04/21/2018 - 17:59 Permalink

That's why your generation is doomed, quivering, quaking jellyfish. Millennial lampreys sucking the last remains of their hosts dry.

You attempt to place the blame on the very people that gave you worthless, ungrateful cunts a shot at life and now attack the easily targeted, defenceless old and the weak instead of going after the real enemies of society. But that would require morals, courage and actual sacrifice - concepts unknown to your generation of coward parasites.

Die, shitbags.

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Indo_Expat Americano Sat, 04/21/2018 - 18:21 Permalink

That's because the unvarnished truth is harsh, as is real life. Realities you have never been exposed to or had to deal with in your pampered little PC safe-space fantasyland.

I have no problems with D.C. as I left the gulag for the real world in 2001, a place you will never see or experience outside of National Pornographic and Animal Planet - or perhaps as a draftee on the Syrian front which is now a distinct possibility that would give at least some meaning to your otherwise useless, wasted excuse for a life.

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The elderly are the primary casualties in economic contractions/war. 

Right where you ought to be boomers! You fucking disability collecting, off the books working, stock market riding, pill popping and selling, fake credit/government pension ponzi scheme debtors. 

You made every job (that you couldn't offshore) from store manager to hair dresser require a "degree." Then you liquidated those too, dumping the trash in the trades. Now you're pissed off milennials said, "fuck you, we'll party now too and take our chances with an all out war of economic attrition."

All those downvotes are just sour grapes. Get them in, as meaningless as they are, while you still can. 

I'll have these cans of cat food on sale for the low low price of the deed to your summer home, and the rest of your geriatric lives laboring picking cotton and spinning yarn.

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As we watch with glee your worthless asses blown into pink mist and bite-size chunks in that coming war following the re-introduction of the draft that will suck you and your fellow shitbags into the inescapable vortex of the meat-grinder. Party your ass off while you can, mindless, useless wastrel. You will soon be dreaming of that cat food sitting in your foxhole on the Syrian front wolfing down "Minced Millennial" remains just to survive.

The Elephant is about to make it's appearance once more, and you are on the menu.

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Seems they mean a lot to you, and that comes as no surprise as the sum total of any achievements you most likely have are as an anonymous kiddie bloviator on ZH. Looks like "Fight Club" only applies when you aren't getting a mud hole stomped in you, snivelling, terminal loser. Wait until you get into boot camp.

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You know exactly who and where I am, pansy as I signed my name to my comments.

Indeed, cannon fodder would be the only meaningful contribution you and your fellow millennial coward shitheads could made to your country. Soon enough, you will have no choice in the matter so party on dude, it's almost nut-cutting time and there will be no escape.

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Fuck you. Your generation's total ineptitude at self-knowledge, emotional incompetence, global multilevel strategic failures, entitled selfish capital-based values, total incompetence at averting systematic psychocultural brainwashing as well as total failure .to harness, apply and transmit generational wisdom created the late 20th and early 21st century fuckfest we're inheriting.

Entitled? Fuck you. You're the ones who lived in the the most opportunistic phase of economic expansion, buying a house with 2-3 years of wages, fucking riding the economy up and leavng nothing for future generations - except a rotting corrupt dysfunctional mess, with automation, both mechanical and AI, trying to earn a living on real wages that collapsed over 50% since the 70s, and you're the one blaming us? What a fucking disgrace.

I've probably worked harder than you ever did, 70 hours a week for a dollar an hour in Guatemala, because that actually allowed me a living wage compared to trying to make it here (overcompetent/under-certified) renting and paying living costs into the most overheated/overvaluemarket of the last 90 years - feeding into your generations's greed. My options in 2010 was to keep going as a video game developer (did 16 months) feeding into an industry of diversion and non-relevance to reality while paying taxes to a warfaring, gaslighting government - or leave on a walkabout of the earth working my way through.


You are the owners, and the millenials among us who actually have character and know how to work are still picking up crumbs below the owners' table - your generation. After realizing how badly university was fucking me, i had to invest nearly the last 10 years of my life to build the fundamental lifeskills that the society you molded fails so significantly at teaching the young. I earned about 10k in the last 7 years - it was either sacrifices wages or sacrifice the potential to grow character. I dont regret that decision, even though i'm now 31 and still can't afford rent. But don't you fucking blame us for manifesting your dysfunction. I'm one of the integrated ones, but even the entitled/completely deluded segment of the millenials (maybe, probably most) are nothing but the effect of the pattern you, if not put, at least left in.

So shut up. You're humiliating yourself.

Lampreys sucking their hosts dry? Fucking look at yourself, a force to shape and impel causal forces resonating in time, molding circumstances, somehow evading self-examination by blaming the fruits further down the arrow of time... And you think millenials are entitled, and you're not? This lack of self-examination, not taking responsability, evading the uncomfortable/painful interconnections between inner and outer - that is the problem, which has both been the effect you see in this lost generation, and the cause in the previous one that set it up. So clean up your own damn room.

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Cry me a river, self-entitled mincing, prancing, nose-ringed snowflake. The only reason you are still sucking air is because of the boomer generation that so foolishly continues to keep your generation of mindless, coward wastrels on life support out of sheer pity.

Your contribution to society has been to bring it down to the lowest levels of morality and functionality since it's inception and I and others of my generation look very much forward to watching your worthless asses being sucked into the vortex of the upcoming military draft, to be used as cannon fodder and thus extract at least a modicum of repayment for an otherwise total loss on our investment.

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you're going to die a terrible death when my generation can no longer afford to pay your fucking pensions and the debt your government incurred. you'll probably starve to death or kill yourself in a psychotic rage after your prozac stops coming in the mail. I generate 100's of thousands in revenue and profits working in genetics to receive 35k a year in income (6k after rent and necessities is removed) those 100's of thousands go toward paying for your fucking meds (because your generation ate like shit and didn't take care of yourself); your fucking stupid children (because your generation abdicated it's responsibility to parent); and paying the trillions in debt you racked up doing god fucking knows what because our infrastructure is falling apart. good job man. good job.

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I rely on no pension, whining, snivelling little pansy and unlike you never have and never will made my own way in life and am gainfully retired on my own dime, sitting on the beach in Indonesia watching you slowly self-destruct for the good of America and mankind as a whole. The only revenue you generate is from public restroom tattooed tranny liaisons and donating your tainted blood plasma squeaked through substandard screening procedures you ineffectual, trifling, dysfunctional little fuck.

And thankfully I had the presence of mind to forgo siring any children lest they wind up like the ungrateful, worthless parasitic monstrosities of your generation that will eventually require complete eradication in order to preserve any future possibility of a return to a moral, decent society.


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Pension? can you please give your web site you were selling with your last alias. It was you were teaching in Indonesia, named the school and everything. A high school.

Or tell about how your heroically left your BMW behind and all the furniture, your entire belongs when you had a run in with the police, then the escape to Indonesia. I am sure all kinds of people care about you.

Can you give us your web site? or explain what happened to your previous alias?

Or can you go into an insane rant of how you were a marine. List your name, something Finnigan.

What value are you to a message board, you don't bring knowledge, ideas, only hate for posters you believe are what you believe them to be.

But lets make sure, you're not retired if you are teaching school to survive in Indonesia.

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Mtnrunnr Indo_Expat Sat, 04/21/2018 - 23:40 Permalink

Bold. So you do have a retirement? good one. USMC. My brother and father both served so good on you. I'm here to tell you though, your rage on my generation is misplaced. we did and have done everything that we could but we're being fucked by a system that the world has never seen the likes of before. blaming us because we somehow destroyed a country while we can't even vote is a bit backward don't you think? The smouldering bag of shit that is this country's foreign policy and economy was lit well before I was of working age EVEN if I was lazy it would have had nothing to do with 1999 or '08.

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Indo_Expat Mtnrunnr Sun, 04/22/2018 - 02:57 Permalink

A self-made retirement. If you are one of the few that has made it in life then that is a notable and rare accomplishment. Identifying with and defending an otherwise useless, doomed generation of purple-haired, branded freaks and tweaks is a disservice to yourself and those of your generation that have managed to make something of themselves despite the odds stacked against them which were never in question.

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If the the hellish life you fantasise I lead sitting on the beach here in a free country as a free man assuages the jealousy and envy you display at my success then so be it, you and the plight of your generation mean nothing to me other than tangible proof that the country of my birth and that which I served in uniform and in civilian life is well and truly fucked as are you.

I have a vested interest in the outcome of this ongoing debacle, having apparently wasted the best years of my life protecting and defending your right to trash my military and public service on this forum, and anonymously at that. 

The slow, inexorable demise of America is akin to watching a drug or alcohol addicted family member die a slow death after attempting and exhausting every possible means of assistance and treatment.

As for hating myself, I can look at my reflection in the mirror every day and am comfortable with what I see.

Can you say the same thing?

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As if we would stay behind to further support losers such as yourself and your wastrel ilk in the gulag. Nobody is hiding you little fuck, unlike you cowering behind the skirts of anonymity spewing jealousy and envious invective at our success in the real world.

That shit is old hat, get a new playbook and come up with something original. Oh wait... your a millennial. My bust.

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That's why you are whining and bouncing off the walls trying to find a way out, cunt. Already did my time serving my country both in and out of uniform unlike you, and chucked in the towel making a new life for myself in the real world, something you couldn't even fantasise about attempting. Your desperate envy and jealousy are most gratifying, the epitome of hypocrisy. 

Last time I checked Mexicans and Muslims were coming into America, not "running away." Misery loves company, coward. Enjoy perishing in the shithole of your own making as I watch you nutless millennial dirtbags devolve into chaos and ruin from 10,000 miles away on the beach a free man in a free country, with a nice cold beer in hand laughing my ass off at you.


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Hmmm....Thanks Indo, for notifying all that utilize this ZH site at the onset that you are indeed a "Troll".  Whew! Now we can effectively ignore and dismiss everything that you text, here and anywhere else you visit..  I just had to "reach out" to you for proudly showing us what an incredibly rude, low down and Satanic disposition you happily feed on.  That's great dude!  Since you've learned well enuf for me to put out this tender "bitch slap",  you're effectively offending "on target"!  Just as the guidelines state.  {Look at the great responses you're getting!}  You gotta' maintain that monthly paycheck from the result of that "soul selling", "Trolling" dude..Gotta be maintained.  It's necessary for your survival, especially since this is probably all that you have to offer from you existence. ...But and as they say, "Everybody's gotta eat."  Thanks for lettin' us meecha' Trolla'!

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The last refuge of mindless babbling cunts: denial. Where did you crib that paid troll bullshit from, HuffPost? You need to learn how to spell correctly, compose legible sentences and utilise basic English in your spew there, hallucinating fruitcake. The rapper taint sucks for any credibility - not that you had any to begin with - and makes you look like nothing more than a yapping, attention-seeking nigger.

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Finished giving your yappy dog a hand job mindless cunt? No doubt that's the only action you get these days if that mugshot is the real thing, that leering, pasty, well-fucked fucking face has no doubt broken more than a few mirrors. Ah, but wait, you must be one of the "exceptional" millennial minions that are entitled to sell both your STD ridden ass and your "soul" and quick cash. I would be willing to bet business is slow even in your methhead trailer park.

Your lot in life and your future, sleazy, branded snowflake slut and it's on a nosedive straight into the bowery, taking it in the ass for cheap cigarettes and a pint to T-Bird. You have no idea what the true definition of Satanic is.



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JBL Think for yourself Sat, 04/21/2018 - 20:22 Permalink

"clean up your own damn room"


your concluding statement contradicts your very profile & world view. in fact your entire rant reeks of a JP fan boy >.< what next? your gunna repeat his slogans like


"save yur fadder"     &       "slay da dragon"   


since your avatar name is "think for yourself," i'd suggest u start doing so instead of following false prophets

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I've been dedicated to the Work since 2009. Listening to JP, yes, he has a clean manner of articulating something I took years to integrate after realizing society wasn't providing it - meaning and purpose. I could just have well expressed it under the zen language as "weed your own garden" or gandhi's "be the change you want to see" or einstein's "no problem has ever been solved from the level of consciousness that created it". JP's wording is simply one that is now commonly spoken and understood, and in no way implies that apparent failure of integrity which you are claiming.

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You seem to think the boomers are responsible for your problems fella.   It's that attitude that is propelling your generation into the abyss.   Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the world a better place to live one person at a time.   Start with yourself.   No one owes you anything kid.   All that poison you are spewing will poison yourself too.

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Think for yourself HenryJonesJr Sun, 04/22/2018 - 09:08 Permalink

Nah. I don't think boomers are responsible, nor do i feel sorry for myself. Since 2010 i sacrificed over a million in wages to be responsible and not feed the beast while growing myself. No regrets. I've got perspective, it's been thousands of years. I've done the work of taking responsabilility and keep doing it every day; no hate on my side. Only answering to Indo in the only language he seems to understand - the vitriol comes from him, blaming the consequences further down the arrow of time (currently maturing generations) for circumstances he himself was a part of.


Who's being immature here? That's exactly what i mean. Indo, so you're living there? How about you visit a temple and learn to meditate? The selfish contentment you feel on the beach has nothing to do with happiness, and anyone who reads your words can feel this deeply.

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Indo_Expat Think for yourself Sun, 04/22/2018 - 14:08 Permalink

Nay, Mr. "perspective of a thousand years." What a howl. "Zen language..." You would not know maturity if it reared up and slapped you in your vacuous, pimpled face. True knowledge is attained through life experience, something you will never have.

Your failed attempt to project your misery and failures on expats and Boomers that have attained happiness and fulfilled lives highlights and brings into sharp focus your innermost fears, abject self-hatred and loathing for what you are and the completely meaningless life you lead. You and your kind are doomed as a result of your own failures that you refuse to take responsibility for and instead of attacking the machine as with all cowards you choose to go after those that have made it in life and are everything you cannot possibly hope to be.

Indeed, I have stood atop Borobudur, sat at the feet of the ancient Gods at Prambanan and Mendut and walked through temple complexes throughout the archipelago so old they remain unnamed as did their builders. You know nothing of life, nothing about me, nothing about true happiness and nothing about what it takes to survive in the real world. 

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Indo_Expat HenryJonesJr Sat, 04/21/2018 - 19:40 Permalink

Yeah however Boomer grandparents are very often also burdened with assisting and caring for these worthless, ungrateful little shitbags by feeding and housing them as the slime their way through their completely meaningless existence. 

The real awakening will be when their parents and grandparents die and they are left to fend for themselves on the streets that will eat them alive in short order.

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Midas Manipuflation Sat, 04/21/2018 - 22:45 Permalink

As a person assigned to generation X, I always tell people the defining characteristic is being overshadowed because of lack of numbers.  We are sandwiched between much larger generations and have never had, or never will have, numbers large enough to dominate the culture.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  And there are dudes like the above poster who doesn't even think we HAVE a generation!

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Manipuflation Midas Sun, 04/22/2018 - 00:39 Permalink

I hear you.  We are not a loud or large generation.  What is to say?  What I don't like is that those two large generations like to try to claim us as part of their own and we are not.  We are the generation that can't trust anyone and we learned that early on life.  We lived it. 

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