Hayward Bay Fault Line More Dangerous Than San Andreas: It's A "Ticking Time Bomb"

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Scientists are now saying that the “Big One” in California may not be caused by the San Andreas fault line, but by the Hayward Bay fault line. It is now thought to be the “ticking time bomb” fault line and more dangerous than the San Andreas.

The scariest scenario for the next major earthquake may not be from the San Andreas Fault (though that one still threatens), but from the Hayward Fault that runs along the east side of the San Francisco Bay. In fact, many say that the next earthquake on the Hayward Bay fault line would be “disastrous.” According to KTUV, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake along the Hayward Fault could kill as many as 800 people and injure 18,000, according to results of a new research released Wednesday.

The U.S. Geological Survey, citing findings from a simulated tremor with an epicenter in Oakland, said the disaster would cause 400 fires that could destroy 50,000 homes. Nearly half a million people would be displaced, authorities said.

The simulated quake in the video above, known as the “HayWired scenario,” was modeled to occur at 4:18 p.m. on April 18 (yesterday). It replicates a rupture along the fault’s entire 52-mile length, from San Pablo Bay in the north to just east of San Jose in the south. According to this model, the violent shaking from the earthquake could cause the two sides of the fault to split six feet apart in some places. Some of the aftershocks would continue for several months as well. Cities in the East Bay would be hit hard, including Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, and Hayward.

If a 7.0 magnitude quake occurred like the one simulated, researchers say that the East Bay residents could be without water from anywhere between six weeks to six months. Electricity could be out for up to four weeks in some locations.

According to Business Insider, the statistical chances of this type of an earthquake occurring are not very comforting either. There’s about a 76% chance that the San Francisco Bay Area could experience a 7.2 magnitude earthquake within the next 30 years, according to some recent reports.

The San Andreas Fault under San Francisco rumbled apart about 112 years ago, causing the devastating 1906 earthquake that swallowed city blocks, broke water mains, and triggered massive fires that burned for days.  However, the threat of another major quake for the Bay Area is “real and could happen at any time,” according to researchers for the US Geological Survey.

The Hayward Fault is a “tectonic time bomb, due any time for another magnitude 6.8 to 7.0 earthquake,” according to a 2008 USGS report. Since then, research has indicated that the likelihood of a Hayward quake is greater and more threatening to the 7 million Bay Area residents than a San Andreas quake would be.

“It’s just waiting to go off,” USGS earthquake geologist emeritus David Schwartz warned when speaking to the Los Angeles Times.


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Concord fault line is even more dangerous. There have not been any great earthquakes on it in recorded times but it is part of the subduction and thrust faults which created the coastal mountains ranges. Three of the five refineries which supply all of N. Cal and much of NV and OR are within two miles of the fault and the only pumping station for distillates is right on top of it.

en. wikipedia.org/wiki/Concord_Fault

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Yeah, I don't care which fault is more dangerous.  So long as it eliminates as many liberals as possible.  I'm gunning for everything east of the Sierras to sink into the sea instantly, with the resulting sea level rise causing the eastern coastline to retreat 50 miles.  All we need to do then is give everything within 100 miles of the Great Lakes back to Canada in exchange for a couple years of gas and shipping assistance until we get new facilities built, and all our liberal problems are solved.

I imagine California will make a great coral reef as well.  All that biodegradable stuff, corpses that ate strictly vegan diets, and so on.  The marine life will love their new home.

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It's nearer than you think:


We've been handed a new script on Earth...and none of the current script applies any longer.  Most people haven't got the memo yet but up in Canada and the Northern US it's Jan 120th or thereabouts. The change will be permanent and quickly deepening.

It may seem funny or outlandish at first but nobody will be laughing by end of year.....nobody.

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i was looking for some more mini ice age viewing. this is my favourite disaster porn right now. casey is right about global cooling - but do you know the effects on australian grain farming? casey et al always discuss north america/europe/canada getting their crops destroyed but what about the southern hemisphere? do we get more rain in australia? that is bullish for wheat growing here

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The Hayward fault already slipped - in 1989. <20 years ago. Remember the bridges that fell?  That WAS the Hayward fault.  What girl thought this stupid article up? 

The "NEW" New Madrid will be the next BIG news maker.  You'll see rubble in St Louis, and this time, in OKC, Springfield, and Tulsa too.  Fracking, schmracking.  New faults and extensions of old faults are the worst.  The Ozarks are apparently far from through moving north.  Remember Charleston, SC? To this day, "fault?  where?  And remember the rumblings for years previous to the 1811 New Madrid?  Exact same scenario - only now extending far westward.

For the San Andreas?  The Inland Empire, Riverside will be the next "Fort Tejon."  The S.A. fault is apparently now rerouting itself west of the San Gorgonios.  Very early in the game but definitely its new track - abandoning its original dogleg route to the Salton Sea.

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This native Arkie has visited New Madrid, MO and done quite a bit of research on the area over the years as there's an earthquake consortium in place from north 'Bama through central MO which could get a quick wakeup call! It's a sleepy area for the most part, but history is on it's side that this huge, failed rift will shift again. You left out Memphis, a huge metropolitan area not all that distant from the southern reaches of the fault extending into Poinsett County, AR which will likely get it way worse than upstream, but there are exceptions. Much of the Ohio River Basin was affected by those huge quakes from the early 1800's and it rang the bells in Baltimore. Literally about half of the city of New Madrid was sunk by the quakes. Reelfoot Lake in western TN was created by them. New Madrid was among the early cities on the Big Muddy, so the fault was appropriately named. The Ozarks could be a mixed bag. There's much limestone and not so much silt as you see in the Delta regions along the Mississippi. In the latter, in a severe quake, it's much like shaking a bowl of corn flakes. The seismic waves can be seen for a distance and there can be eruptions of sulfuric gases being let from the ground. 

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Memphis is awful close to whatever that is, but interestingly, the sharpest quakes east of the Big Muddy subsequent to and presumably associated with the New Madrid quake have occurred in SE Illinois and SW Indiana, and shook Evansville, Louisville, and Cinci way harder than Memphis has been shaken.  I think those areas would be more likely than Memphis to sustain severe damage.  But, then again, who knows?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Meh.  I could do without the Mason-Dixon line and the Ozarks about as easily as I could without California.  They still haven't gotten their comeuppance for Jim Crow IMO, and either way, the nation's collective IQ rises 10 points.  Although I do fear what would happen without the Southern Ivy schools, like Alabama and Mississippi State.  All those Physical Education, and Broadcasting majors gotta come from somewhere.

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a slow slip has been ongoing for about 18 months from below salton sea  and beyond peugot sound ie 1200 miles of it.

dutchsinse.com has been watching so as to warn before the big quake comes out of it. There was a much smaller slow slip like this  before fukishima.

When it goes the following pressure and quakes across the midwest IMO will shatter casings in the shale operations and then move across the USA to the east and north.

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Cascadia is set to go.  The USGS stopped reporting the Earthquakes at the west coast of Canada a few months ago.  That's where the pressure comes from onto the Cascadia fault zone.  There's a slow slip occuring in Oregon right now and another down south near Baja.  Everything in between is at risk.

Cascadia has a 80% chance for a mag 9 in the next few years.

ADDITIONALLY, it has a 90% chance to also have a mag 8 in that time.


We're also at a point in the solar cycle that is very conducive to earthquakes and volcanoes.

If you live there, move.

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The 6.9 The 1989 Loma Prieta Quake in 1989 was the San Andreas (Santa Cruz Mountains)

No bridges fell. The San Francisco Bay bridge had only a single section from the upper deck fall on one side to the lower deck.

The only person that died was an Asian woman who panicked and drove into it even though all these people we yelling at her to stop.

The bridge was only closed for 30 days for repair.

The Hayward fault biggest quake in 1889 was 6.3. and several 5.2-5.3 since then.

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